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1934HarCi.384....1B 1 1 18 The stability of moving clusters. BOK B.J.
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1960PASP...72..387S 66 T                   1 11 14 A spectroscopic search for white dwarfs in the
Ursa Major cluster.
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Ursa Major.
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1984ApJ...281..815W 69 T                   19 47 Stellar chromospheres and coronae in the
Ursa Major cluster stars.
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1987AJ.....93..864J 80 T                   18 775 Calculating galactic space velocities and their uncertainties, with an application to the
Ursa Major Group.
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1988PASP..100R1224P 70 T                   1 5 1 Th distances to the Virgo and
Ursa Major clusters and a determinationof Ho.
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Ursa Major cluster.
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Ursa Major cluster of galaxies. II. Bimodality of the distribution of central surface brightnesses.
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2001ApJ...563..694V 111 T K                 51 383 The
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2001MNRAS.325..385T 109 T K                 114 54 The
Ursa Major cluster of galaxies - III. Optical observations of dwarf galaxies and the luminosity function down to MR=-11.
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2002A&A...390..829S 1 82 258 The Westerbork HI survey of spiral and irregular galaxies. I. HI imaging of late-type dwarf galaxies. SWATERS R.A., VAN ALBADA T.S., VAN DER HULST J.M., et al.
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