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1901ApJ....13..226P 75 5 Sixty-four new variable stars. PICKERING E.C., COLSON H.R., FLEMING W.P., et al.
1904ApJ....19..287P 20 1 Stars having peculiar spectra. PICKERING E.C., FLEMING W.P., BRESLIN S.E., et al.
1905ApJ....22R..90P 62 T                   1 1 ~ A probable new star,
RS Ophuichi.
1933ApJ....78...87M 417 209 Catalogue and bibliography of stars classes B and A whose spectra have bright hydrogen lines. MERRILL P.W. and BURWELL C.G.
1938ApJ....88..228H 18 45 The present spectral characteristics of sixteen old novae. HUMASON M.L.
1943ApJ....97..194S 9 40 Spectrographic observations of peculiar stars. V. SWINGS P. and STRUVE O.
1945AJ.....51..136M 100 8 The space distribution of the novae. McLAUGHLIN D.B.
1946AJ.....52...29P 39 0 Relation between components of binary stars. PAYNE-GAPOSCHKIN C. and GAPOSCHKIN S.
1950PASP...62...65P 5 0 The light-curves of T Coronae Borealis. PETTIT E.
1951AJ.....56...74H 16 3 Observations of three novae in Scorpius. HENIZE K.G. and McLAUGHLIN D.B.
1951PASP...63..255M 65 T                   1 1 3 The spectrum of
RS Oph in May 1951.
1951AnAp...14..199B 124 1 Repartition des etoiles temporaires galactiques. BERTAUD C.
1952AnAp...15....7G 8 5 Le spectre de la Nova (RT) Ser 1909 en 1950. GRANDJEAN J.
1953ApJ...117..279M 9 16 The spectra of novae near minimum. McLAUGHLIN D.B.
1953ApJ...118...27M 13 10 The red coronal line in the spectra of novae. McLAUGHLIN D.B.
1953AnAp...16...73B 6 1 Spectrophotometrie de T CrB de 1946 a 1952. BLOCH M. and TCHENG M.L.
1953GCRV..C......0W viz 13       D               1 15129 835 General Catalogue of Stellar Radial Velocities WILSON R.E.
1954PASP...66....5J 19 6 Variable stars of low luminosity. JOY A.H.
1954AnAp...17..243Z 16 3 Remarques sur le phenomene de Nova VII. ZUCKERMANN M.C.
1955ApJ...122...62A 1 6 81 The spectrum of NGC 7027. ALLER L.H., BOWEN I.S. and MINKOWSKI R.
1955JO.....38..285A 216 0 Observations d'etoiles variables a longues periodes ou irregulieres effectuees par les membres de l'Association Francaise d'Observateurs d'Etoiles Variables et recues durant les annees 1946 a 1952 a l'Observatoire de Lyon. ASSOCIATION FRANCAISE D'OBSERVATEURS D'ETOILES VARIABLES.
1956JO.....39...12A 131 0 Observations d'etoiles variables. ASSOCIATION FRANCAISE D'OBSERVATEURS D'ETOILES VARIABLES.
1957PZ.....12...18B 139 20 Atlas des etoiles variables du type U Geminorum. BRUN A. and PETIT M.
1958PASP...70..537W 69 T                   1 1 21 Sharp lines in the spectrum of Nova
RS Ophiuchi.
1958PASP...70..600C 67 T                   1 1 7 Photoelectric observations of
RS Ophiuchi.
1959MNRAS.119..382E 2 0 Proceedings of Dunsink Observatory ELLISON M.A.
1959MNRAS.119..389F 2 0 Proceedings of Union Observatory, Johannesburg. FINSEN W.S.
1959MNRAS.119..391T 17 1 Proceedings of Radcliffe Observatory, Pretoria. THACKERAY A.D.
1959MNRAS.119..402B 3 0 Proceedings of Mount Stromlo Observatory of the Australian National University. BOK B.J.
1959PASP...71...47C 66 T                   1 1 2 A light curve of the recent outburst of
RS Ophiuchi.
1959BAICz..10..171A 66 T                   1 1 0 Nova
RS Oph.
1960MmSAI..31..251R 1 1 Lo spettro della Nova ricorrente RS Ophuchi nel massimo del 1958. ROSINO L., TAFFARA S. and PINTO G.
1961ApJ...133..493J 68 T                   1 1 18 The emission spectrum of
RS Ophiuchi in 1958.
1962SvA.....6..878A 45 ~ A list of Novae recommended for the determination of coordinates and proper motions. ARTYUKHINA N.M. and KHOLOPOV P.N.
1963PASP...75...26W 66 T                   1 3 14 Observations of Nova
RS Ophiuchi during 1960-62.
1963AnAp...26..331E 66 T                   1 7 6 Courbes de lumiere de
RS Oph (1958) et de WZ Sge (1946).
1963SvA.....7..522A 10 ~ Positions and proper motions of several Novae. ARTYUKHINA N.M.
1964AJ.....69..675W 42 2 Lick Observatory Report. WHITFORD A.E.
1964ApJ...139..457K 1 23 249 Binary stars among cataclysmic variables. III. Ten old novae. KRAFT R.P.
1964AnAp...27..249F 66 T                   1 1 1 The Balmer line profiles in Nova
RS Ophiuchi 1958.
1964AnAp...27..252F 66 T                   1 1 2 The narrow emission and absorption lines in nova
RS Ophiuchi 1958.
1964AnAp...27..462D 66 T                   1 1 4 temperature de couleur, decrement de Balmer et rougissement interstellaire dans le spectre de Nova
RS Ophiuchi.
1964AnAp...27..555D 69 T                   1 1 21 Evolution du spectre de Nova
RS Ophiuchi apres l'explosion de 1958.
1966ApJ...144.1135F 9 50 A peculiar emission star in Cygnus: MH-alf 328-116. FITZGERALD M.P., HOUK N., McCUSKEY S.W., et al.
1966MNRAS.132..143F 5 11 Physics of the Nova Phenomenon. II. FRIEDJUNG M.
1966PASP...78..157S 67 T                   1 8 7 Six-color observations of
RS Ophiuchi.
1967BAN....19..227P 74 T                   1 1 44 An interpretation of the spectrum of the recurrent Nova
RS Ophiuchi.
1968PASP...80..177B 2 1 Coronal lines in the shell of T Coronae Borealis. BOCHONKO D.R. and MALVILLE J.M.
1968PASP...80..589W 67 T                   1 2 11 Pre-outburst spectra of nova
RS Ophiuchi 1967.
1969MNRAS.142..119C 2 2 35 Nova T Pyxdis. CATCHPOLE R.M.
1969PASP...81..672W 67 T                   1 4 5 The postmaximum spectrum of nova
RS Ophiuchi 1967.
1970ApJ...160.1083S 132 123 Intrinsic polarization of early-type stars with extended atmospheres. SERKOWSKI K.
1970ApJ...161L.101G 4 5 127 Infrared emission of novae. GEISEL S.L., KLEINMANN D.E. and LOW F.J.
1970PASP...82.1231H 5 7 Observational confirmation of a mecanism for the production of extended stellar atmospheres. HILLENDAHL R.W.
1971ApJ...167...85H 13 7 Search for 3.5-millimeter continuum radiation from infrared stars, and related objects. HOBBS R.W. and MARIONNI P.
1971PASP...83...66G 3 1 Scanner observations of Nova Aquilae 1970. GRENFELL T.C.
1971ATsir.606....5P 10 0 Possible ancient flares of V603 Aql and GK Per. PSKOVSKII Y.P.
1972ApJ...175L..69E 8 14 Optical studies of UHURU sources. II. IM Normae, a possible X-ray source. ELLIOT J.L. and LILLER W.
1972ApJS...24..375L 364 73 Near-infrared photometry of Mira variables. LOCKWOOD G.W.
1972PASP...84..523S 49 116 Photometry of symbiotic and VV Cephei stars in the near infrared (with anote on MWC 56). SWINGS J.P. and ALLEN A.
1972SvA....16...23P 11 11 Survey of stellar outbursts of the pre-telescopic era. PSKOVSKII Y.P.
1972SvA....16...32G 4 16 Formation of coronal lines in the spectra of novae 1. GORBATSKII V.G.
1973ApJ...185..899S 180 162 Low-dispersion spectra galactic distribution of various interesting strong- emission-line objects in the Southern Milky Way. SANDULEAK N. and STEPHENSON C.B.
1974ApJ...189L.123G 7 38 Ultraviolet detection of the Nova variables V603 Aquilae and RR Pictoris. GALLAGHER J.S. and HOLM A.V.
1974MNRAS.167...81F 7 34 Infra-red photometry of some old novae. FEAST M.W. and GLASS I.S.
1974JBAA...84..203I 67 T                   1 6 3 Two recurrent novae : T CrB 1948-71 and
RS Oph 1963-71.
1974JBAA...85...54I 13 2 HR Del (Nova 1967) in 1967-71. ISLES J.E.
1974JRASC..68..112M 56 2 Variable star notes. MATTEI J.A.
1975IBVS..974....1T 68 T                   1 1 3 Nova
RS Ophiuchi as a semiregular variable.
1975IBVS..987....1O 5 0 Note on the Crab star at Andromedae. OLAH K.
1975JBAA...85..366H 68 T                   1 2 0 The recurrent Nova
RS Oph.
1975JRASC..69..101M 48 1 Variable star notes. MATTEI J.A.
1976ApJ...203L..17E 1 9 47 Optical observations of the recurrent Nova associated with A0620-00: 1917-1975. EACHUS L.J., WRIGHT E.L. and LILLER W.
1976Natur.261..208H 4 12 Search for X-ray emission from Nova Cyg 1975. HOFFMAN J.A., LEWIN W.H.G., BRECHER K., et al.
1976PZ.....20..277K 7 17 On the unity of the cycle-amplitude relation for the U Geminorum stars and the recurrent novae. KHOLOPOV P.N. and EFREMOV Y.N.
1976PASAu...3...78A 2 4 An unidentified emission line at 7090 A. ALLEN D.A.
1977A&A....58..105W 171 22 Observations of radio stars at 10.6 GHz. WOODSWORTH A.W. and HUGHES V.A.
1977AJ.....82..665P 54 8 Henry Norris Russel prize lecture of the American Astronomical society fifty years of novae. PAYNE-GAPOSCHKIN C.H.
1977ApJ...217..140S 22 77 Infrared photometry of dwarf novae and possibly related objects. SZKODY P.
1977ApJ...218..801M 39 52 Observations of galactic X-ray sources by OSO-7. MARKERT T.H., CANIZARES C.R., CLARK G.W., et al.
1977MNRAS.178..245W 3 7 Spectrophotometry of RR Telescopii. WALKER A.R.
1977MNRAS.179..587W 17 29 High-speed photometry of symbiotic stars and recurrent novae. WALKER A.R.
1977SvAL....3..119G 4 1 Explanation of the narrowed emission lines in the post maximum spectrum of Nova Cyg 1975. GORBATSKII V.G.
1978MNRAS.182...35B 2 6 67 Optically thick winds in classical novae. BATH G.T.
1978MNRAS.184..893W 91 34 Radio observations of symbiotic stars. WRIGHT A.E. and ALLEN D.A.
1978PASP...90...36W 1 5 32 Emission-line widths in the spectrum of the possible proto-planetary nebula HM Sagittae. WALLERSTEIN G.
1978PASP...90...57W 8 15 Probable identification of the recurrent Nova U Scorpii at minimum. WEBBINK R.F.
1979PASP...91..519B 13 10 A survey of symbiotic stars at 1612 MHz. BROCKA B.
1980A&A....87...31O 5 18 The recent outburst of the dwarf nova WZ Sagittae. ORTOLANI S., RAFANELLI P., ROSINO L., et al.
1980AJ.....85..451C 32 28 A radio molecular maser line study of symbiotic stars. COHEN N.L. and GHIGO F.D.
1980MNRAS.192..521A 71 114 On the late-type components of slow novae and symbiotic stars. ALLEN D.A.
1980Ap&SS..72..143M 6 0 Origine des raies coronales des novae. MALAKPOUR I.
1980IBVS.1738....1D 3 6 Notes on the spectrum of U Scorpii and on its position among the recurrent novae. DUERBECK H.W. and SEITTER W.C.
1980IBVS.1805....1B 11 29 UBV-observations of some cataclysmic variables. BRUCH A.
1980S&T....60..180M 27 4 Variable stars and the AAVSO. MATTEI J.A., MAYER E.H. and BALDWIN M.E.
1980IUE80......451S 20 ~ IUE observations of symbiotic stars. SAHADE J. and BRANDI E.
1981A&A...103L...3S 25 16 Line widths in peculiar emission line objects. SWINGS J.P. and ANDRILLAT Y.
1981ApJ...251..221W 5 3 87 Ultraviolet spectroscopy of the recurrent nova U Scorpii during outburst. WILLIAMS R.E., SPARKS W.M., GALLAGHER J.S., et al.
1981PASP...93..165D 92 163 Light curve types, absolute magnitudes, and physical properties of galactic novae. DUERBECK H.W.
1981MitAG..52...34B 11 12 Die rekurrierende nova T Pyx. BRUCH A., DUERBECK H.W. and SEITTER W.C.
1982A&A...108..243R 70 T                   1 4 26 The ultraviolet spectrum of the old novae HR Del, GK Per, RR Pic, and
RS Oph.
1982IAUCo..70...27A 101 ~ Infrared studies of symbiotic stars. ALLEN D.A.
1982IAUCo..70...61C 20 ~ Properties of symbiotic stars from studies in the optical region. CIATTI F.
1982IAUCo..70...71O 23 ~ Spectra of individual symbiotic stars. OLIVERSEN N.A. and ANDERSON C.M.
1983AJ.....88..666K 79 109 Infrared spectroscopy of symbiotic stars and the nature of their cool components. KENYON S.J. and GALLAGHER J.S.
1983ApJS...53..523W 69 237 Spectroscopy of cataclysmic variables. I. Observations. WILLIAMS G.
1983ApJS...53..573B 1 16 83 Spectrophotometric observations of symbiotic stars and related objects. BLAIR W.P., STENCEL R.E., FEIBELMAN W.A., et al.
1983MNRAS.205..265S 22 46 Simultaneous infrared and optical photometry of cataclysmic variables. SHERRINGTON M.R. and JAMESON R.F.
1983MmSAI..54..467S 45 ~ IUE observations of cataclysmic variables. SELVELLI P.L. and HACK M.
1983PVSS...11...51B 16 ~ Report on some novae and suspected recurrent novae. BATESON F.M.
1984A&AS...56...17S 21 31 IUE low dispersion observations of symbiotic objects. SAHADE J., BRANDI E. and FONTENLA J.M.
1984A&AS...56..441B 103 62 A catalogue of UBV colours of cataclysmic variables. BRUCH A.
1984ApJ...284..202S 60 205 A radio survey of symbiotic stars. SEAQUIST E.R., TAYLOR A.R. and BUTTON S.
1984MNRAS.206..879C 32 115 X-ray observations of a large sample of cataclysmic variable stars using the Einstein Observatory CORDOVA F.A. and MASON K.O.
1984Ap&SS..99..363D 69 55 Constraints for cataclysmic binary evolution as derived from space distributions. DUERBECK H.W.
1984IAUC.4010....0M 69 T                   1 1 ~
RS Ophiuchi.
1984PASAu...5..369A 145 247 A catalogue of symbiotic stars. ALLEN D.A.
1985A&A...142..333S 16 22 Linear polarization of symbiotic stars. SCHULTE-LADBECK R.
1985ApJ...292..535P 67 280 X-ray emission from cataclysmic variables with accretion disks. I. Hard X-rays. PATTERSON J. and RAYMOND J.C.
1985MNRAS.217..205B 87 T                   1 1 90 A model for the outburst of nova
RS Ophiuchi in 1985.
1985BAAS...17..886H 69 T                   1 1 1 The unusual radio source produced by the 1985 outburst of the recurrent nova
RS Ophiuchi.
1985IAUC.4031....0S 69 T                   1 2 ~
RS Ophiuchi.
1985IAUC.4036....0L 69 T                   1 1 ~
RS Ophiuchi.
LANEY D., PADIN S., DAVIS R.J., et al.
1985IAUC.4048....0M 69 T                   1 1 ~
RS Ophiuchi.
1985IAUC.4049....0C 69 T                   1 1 ~
RS Ophiuchi.
1985IAUC.4050....0F 2 ~ NGC 3031. FILIPPENKO A.V.
1985IAUC.4066....0E 69 T                   1 1 ~
RS Ophiuchi.
1985IAUC.4067....0S 69 T                   1 1 ~
RS Ophiuchi.
1985IAUC.4074....0B 2 ~ OH maser in Markarian 273. BOTTINELLI L., FRAIX-BURNET D., GOUGUENHEIM L., et al.
1985IAUC.4091....0A 69 T                   1 2 ~ PW Vulpeculae and
RS Ophiuchi.
1985Natur.315..306P 75 T                   1 1 32
RS Ophiuchi - first radio detection of a recurrent nova outburst.
1986A&A...167...91B 70 T                   1 2 14 Optical observations of
RS Ophiuchi in quiescence.
1986AJ.....91.1400G 1 17 81 Spectroscopic orbits of symbiotic stars : preliminary results. GARCIA M.R.
1986AJ.....92.1118K 9 31 Far-infrared data for symbiotic stars. I. The IRAS pointed observations. KENYON S.J., FERNANDEZ-CASTRO T. and STENCEL R.E.
1986ApJ...305L..71H 129 T K                 1 1 103 Radio observations of the 1985 outburst of

RS Ophiuchi
1986ApJ...308..736L 108 T K                 1 2 39 A model for the outbursts of the recurrent nova

RS Ophiuchi
1986PASP...98..556S 47 14 IRAS observations of binaries with compact objects. SCHAEFER B.E.
1986PASP...98..875W 70 T                   1 3 17 Coronal lines in the postmaximum spectrum of nova
RS Ophiuchi 1985.
1986Afz....24..265L 22 4 Characteristics of the cold components of symbiotic stars. LUUD L. and LEEDJAERV L.
1986AN....307..221R 18 19 Cataclysmic variables and the amplitude-cycle length relationship. RICHTER G.A.
1986IBVS.2879....1S 69 T                   1 1 2 The spectrum of
RS Ophiuchi 2-1/2 years prior to its recent outburst.
1986IrAJ...17..330C 69 T                   1 1 2 Circumstellar matter in the recurrent nova
RS Ophiuchi.
1986NIA86......239S 24 ~ A review of the ultraviolet studies of galactic novae. STARRFIELD S.
1987AJ.....93..938K 132 198 The cool components of symbiotic stars. I. Optical spectral types. KENYON S.J. and FERNANDEZ-CASTRO T.
1987ApJ...314..653W 3 12 187 The nature of the recurrent novae. WEBBINK R.F., LIVIO M., TRURAN J.W., et al.
1987MNRAS.224..791S 72 T                   1 1 10 Pointers to conditions in the remnant of
RS Ophiuchi from radio observations.
1987MNRAS.227...23W 183 480 Absolute magnitudes of cataclysmic variables. WARNER B.
1987MNRAS.228..277O 4 1 16 Models for the remnants of recurrent novae - II. Dynamical effect of radiative heat loss. O'BRIEN T.J. and KAHN F.D.
1987PASP...99..606L 29 33 The rate of nova production in the galaxy. LILLER W. and MAYER B.
1987Afz....26..457L 72 11 Symbiotic stars observed fom the IRAS satellite. LUUD L. and TUVIKENE T.
1987Ap&SS.130...53C 12 25 Radio emission from cataclysmic variables. CHANMUGAM G.
1987Ap&SS.130..243S 76 T                   1 1 24 Multi-frequency obserations of the 1985 outburst of
RS Ophiuchi.
1987Ap&SS.131..467D 26 39 A survey of nova remnants. DUERBECK H.W. and SEITTER W.C.
1987Ap&SS.131..493W 10 7 The nature of recurrent novae. WEBBINK R.F., LIVIO M., TRURAN J.W., et al.
1987Ap&SS.138...41A 13 9 The luminosity oscillation of X-ray bursters and recurrent novae. AQUILANO R., CASTAGNINO M. and LARA L.
1987MmSAI..58..147V 14 0 The dwarf component of symbiotic binaries. VIOTTI R.
1987Msngr..50....8D 8 17 The large intractable nova shells. DUERBECK H.W.
1987SSRv...45....1D 270 223 A reference catalogue and atlas of galactic novae. DUERBECK H.W.
1988A&A...197..148D 17 12 V394 CrA : outburst light curves and notes on its position among the recurrent novae. DUERBECK H.W.
1988A&A...197..182W 6 10 Observations of (Fe VII) and (Fe X) in the symbiotic star HM Sge during the interval of 1983-1985. WALLERSTEIN G. and BRUGEL E.W.
1988A&A...198..179N 36 88 Relative C, N, O abundances in red giants, planetary nebulae, novae and symbiotic stars. NUSSBAUMER H., SCHILD H., SCHMID H.M., et al.
1988A&AS...75..441P viz 399 13 Binaires spectroscopiques. 15e catalogue complemetaire. PEDOUSSAUT A., CARQUILLAT J.M., GINESTET N., et al.
1988AJ.....95.1817K 62 115 Far-infrared data for symbiotic stars. II. The IRAS survey observations. KENYON S.J., FERNANDEZ-CASTRO T. and STENCEL R.E.
1988AJ.....96..337K 165 69 The cool components of symbiotic stars. II. Infrared photometry. KENYON S.J.
1988ApJ...327..347S 8 18 Light echoes: novae. SCHAEFER B.E.
1988ApJ...335..383S 36   K                 1 7 Accretion onto main-sequence stars. I. The transient phase. SHAVIV G. and STARRFIELD S.
1988MNRAS.234..755E 10 1 40 Infrared observations of the 1985 outburst of RS Ophiuchi. EVANS A., CALLUS C.M., ALBINSON J.S., et al.
1988PASP..100.1178B 2 2 22 An infrared spectrometer for the Anglo-Australian telescope. BAILEY J., BARTON J.R., CONROY P., et al.
1988Ap&SS.150...31M 7 10 A nova outburst scenario for GX 1+4 spin-down episode. MANCHANDA R.K.
1988BICDS..34..127D 268 1 A reference catalogue of galactic novae. DUERBECK H.W.
1988MmSAI..59....7W 1 16 74 The EXOSAT Observatory. WHITE N.E. and PEACOCK A.
1988IAUS..129..277D 1 2 RS Ophiuchi - A recurrent nova with twin jets. DAVIS R.J., TAYLOR A.R., BODE M.F., et al.
1988IUE88...1....9C 21 ~ Cataclysmic variables. CASSATELLA A. and SELVELLI P.L.
1988IUE88...1..167S 6 ~ Observations and simulations of recurrent novae : U Sco and V394 CrA. STARRFIELD S., SONNEBORN G., SPARKS W.M., et al.
1988IUE88...2...27S 133 ~ IUE and stars with composite spectra. STICKLAND D.J.
1989A&A...211L..31S 18 3 217 Identification of the emission bands at lambda lambda 6830, 7088. SCHMID H.M.
1989ApJ...337..720S 1 6 28 Slow expansion of the shell of the recurrent nova T Pyxidis and detection of a faint extended envelope. SHARA M.M., MOFFAT A.F.J., WILLIAMS R.E., et al.
1989ApJ...341..299L 13 40 Accretion onto hot white dwarfs in relation to symbiotic novae. LIVIO M., PRIALNIK D. and REGEV O.
1989MNRAS.236..611S 1 6 26 The recurrent nova V394 Coronae Austrinae - the 1987 outburst. SEKIGUCHI K., CATCHPOLE R.M., FAIRALL A.P., et al.
1989MNRAS.237...81T 78 T                   1 2 65 VLBI observations of
RS Oph - a recurrent nova with non-spherical ejection.
1989MNRAS.238.1395B 73 T                   1 2 28 Spectrophotometry of
RS Oph during the nebular phase.
1989PASP..101....5S 1 22 142 Recent progress in understanding the eruptions of classical novae. SHARA M.M.
1989IBVS.3364....1H 28 22 Call for a campaign of long-term photometry of symbiotic stars. HRIC L. and SKOPAL A.
1989JApA...10..237A 74 T                   1 1 16 The 1985 outburst of
RS Ophiuchi : spectroscopic results.
1989Msngr..58...34D 7 7 V745 Sco - a new member of the elusive group of recurrent novae. DUERBECK H.W.
1990ApJ...349..313S 109 122 The collective radio properties of symbiotic stars. SEAQUIST E.R. and TAYLOR A.R.
1990ApJ...358..551I 6 10 X-ray decline and rejuvenation of a recurrent nova. ITOH H. and HACHISU I.
1990ApJ...362L..17K 1 2 14 Theoretical predictions for the next outburst of the recurren nova T Pyxidis. KATO M.
1990MNRAS.243..144C 71 T                   1 1 5 Polarimetry of the recurrent nova
RS Oph during its 1985 outburst.
1990MNRAS.246...78S 2 3 28 The 1989 outburst of the recurrent nova V745 Sco. SEKIGUCHI K., WHITELOCK P.A., FEAST M.W., et al.
1990Ap&SS.174..321S 24 2 A discussion on the classification and evolution of symbiotic stars. SEAL P.
1990BICDS..38..175K 661 7 Close binaries observed polarimetrically. KOCH R.H.
1990BAAS...22..837K 70 T                   1 1 0 Theoretical light curve for the recurrent nova
RS Ophiuchi.
1990BAAS...22.1211K 3 0 Efficiency of tidal torque acceleration in novae and recurrent novae. KATO M. and HACHISU I.
1990IAUC.5047Q...1S 3 ~ V3890 Sagittarii. SEKIGUCHI K.
1991ApJ...369..471K 107 T K                 1 3 32 Theoretical light curve for the recurrent nova

RS Ophiuchi
- determination of the white dwarf mass, composition and distance.
1991ApJ...370..193S 1 5 28 Multiwavelength observations of nova LMC 1990 number 2 : the first extragalactic recurrent nova. SHORE S.N., SONNEBORN G., STARRFIELD S.G., et al.
1991ApJ...373..620K 36   K                 3 15 Is drag luminosity effective in recurrent novae ? KATO M. and HACHISU I.
1991ApJ...373..649F 34 17 Ultraviolet high-excitation Fe II fluorescence lines excited by O VI, C IV and HI resonance as seen in IUE spectra. FEIBELMAN W.A., BRUHWEILER F.C. and JOHANSSON S.
1991ApJS...76..359S 23 16 The interoutburst behavior of cataclysmic variables. SZKODY P., MATTEI J.A., WAAGEN E.O., et al.
1991BAAS...23..942S 4 4 O I fluorescence in symbiotic stars and novae. SHORE S.N. and AUFDENBERG J.
1991CoSka..21..303H 49 30 Photometry of symbiotic stars - an international campaign. HRIC L., SKOPAL A., URBAN Z., et al.
1991IAUC.5302....1I 70 T                   1 1 ~
RS Ophiuchi.
1991IAUC.5370....1A 70 T                   1 1 1
RS Ophiuchi.
1991QJRAS..32..471R 14 0 Lancashire polytechnic department of physics and astronomy. ROBSON E.I.
1991RMxAA..22..310L 5 0 Results of a nova search : 1982-1991. LILLER W.
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RS Ophiuchi.
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RS Ophiuchi.
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RS Ophiuchi.
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RS Ophiuchi.
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RS Ophiuchi.
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V2575 Ophiuchi = Nova Ophiuchi 2006.
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RS Ophiuchi.
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RS Ophiuchi.
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RS Ophiuchi.
2006IAUC.8683....3W 74 T                   1 0
RS Ophiuchi.
2006IAUC.8684....2O 76 T                   1 4
RS Ophiuchi.
2006IAUC.8687....2A 75 T                   1 2
RS Ophiuchi.
2006IAUC.8688....2O 75 T                   1 3
RS Ophiuchi.
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RS Ophiuchi.
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V2575 Ophiuchi, V2576 Ophiuchi, and V2362 Cygni.
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RS Ophiuchi.
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V2575 Ophiuchi.
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RS Ophiuchi.
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RS Oph - disappearance of optical flickering after the outburst.
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RS Ophiuchi.
1974MNRAS.167....0. 2 ~ ???
1990MNRAS.245....0. 1 ~ ???
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RS Ophiuchi.
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RS Ophiuchi
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RS Ophiuchi
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RS Ophiuchi
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RS Ophiuchi
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RS Ophiuchi
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RS Ophiuchi
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RS Ophiuchi
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RS Ophiuchi
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