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1890MNRAS..51...11E 4 6 On the variation of the spectra od R Coronae and R Scuti and the spectra of R Aurigae and R Andromedae. ESPIN T.E.
1905ApJ....22..213F 7 0 Spectrographic observations of certain variable stars. FROST E.B.
1935AN....254..151L 70 T                   1 1 67 Nota sulle stelle variabili
R Coronidi.
1939ApJ....90..294O 75 T                   1 1 101 Remarks on Loreta's Hypothesis Concerning
R Coronae Borealis.
1950ApJ...111..333B 13 30 The peculiar star HD 30353. BIDELMAN W.P.
1951PASP...63..191H 8 0 Stellar radial velocity program of the Lick Observatory HERBIG G.H.
1952PASP...64...71G 22 5 Some emission-line G-type stars. GREENSTEIN J.L.
1952PASP...64..310G 23 0 High dispersion spectrophotometry of G-type stars. GREENSTEIN J.L.
1953ApJ...117...25B 17 45 The spectra of certain stars whose atmospheres may be deficient in Hydrogen. BIDELMAN W.P.
1953GCRV..C......0W viz 13       D               1 15129 835 General Catalogue of Stellar Radial Velocities WILSON R.E.
1955MNRAS.115..461F 5 2 The spectrum of Nova Sgr 1954 (Haro-Herraro). FEAST M.W.
1955JO.....38..285A 216 0 Observations d'etoiles variables a longues periodes ou irregulieres effectuees par les membres de l'Association Francaise d'Observateurs d'Etoiles Variables et recues durant les annees 1946 a 1952 a l'Observatoire de Lyon. ASSOCIATION FRANCAISE D'OBSERVATEURS D'ETOILES VARIABLES.
1956AJ.....61..324S 17 1 Reports of observatories SHANE C.D.
1956MNRAS.116..583F 16 15 A note on the spectra of some variable stars in the Magellanic Clouds. FEAST M.W.
1956JO.....39...12A 131 0 Observations d'etoiles variables. ASSOCIATION FRANCAISE D'OBSERVATEURS D'ETOILES VARIABLES.
1956JO.....39..207A 74 0 Observations d'etoiles variables a longues periodes ou irregulieres, effectuees par les membres de l'AFOEV. ASSOCIATION FRANCAISE D'OBSERVATEURS D'ETOILES VARIABLES.
1957MNRAS.117..315M 24 7 Reports on the progress of Astronomy: the determination of cosmic abundances. MINNAERT M.G.J.
1957SvA.....1..719G 17 3 The non-thermal component of the radiation of unstable stars and the main features of their spectra. GORDON I.M.
1958AJ.....63R..50H 6 3 Some peculiar variables in Sgr. HOFFLEIT D.
1958AJ.....63...78H 26 24 Confirmation of neglected variables in Sagittarius. HOFFLEIT D.
1958AJ.....63..361S 11 5 Lick Observatory SHANE C.D.
1958ApJS....3..141B 336 677 A catalog of magnetic stars. BABCOCK H.W.
1960AJ.....65..106C 54 0 Photographic determinations of the parallaxes of fifty-five stars with the Thaw refractor. CRISSMAN B.G.
1960ApJS....4..337H 2 63 894 The spectra of Be and Ae type stars associated with nebulosity. HERBIG G.H.
1960JO.....43...79P 8 1 Observations d'etoiles variables irregulieres. PETIT M.
1961ApJ...133..531S 73 T                   1 1 55 An abundance analysis of
R Coronae Borealis.
1963AJ.....68..637W 33 3 Lick Observatory Report. WHITFORD A.E.
1963ApJ...138..320P 68 T                   1 5 76 The 1960 minimum of
R Coronae Borealis.
1964ApJ...140.1317H 1 4 29 MV Sagittarii, a helium-rich variable star. HERBIG G.H.
1965MNRAS.129....1B 16 9 The hydrogen-deficient star HD 96446. BUSCOMBE W.
1965MNRAS.130..199D 2 3 46 A high dispersion spectral study of RY Sagittarii. DANZIGER I.J.
1966GeoOM..21....0C 13       D               677 93 Investigation of the magnetic and related stars through narrow-band photometry. CAMERON R.C.
1967AJ.....72..803H 3 ~ Period-luminosity relation for the Large Magellanic Cloud. HODGE P.W. and WRIGHT F.W.
1967AJ.....72.1084W 33 1 Lick Observatory report. WHITFORD A.E.
1967AJ.....72.1155B 9 0 University of Washington report. BOHM-VITENSE B.B. and WALLERSTEIN H.J.
1967AJ.....72.1158O 10 0 Yerkes Observatory University of Chicago, Williams Bay, Wisconsin. O'DELL C.R.
1967AJ.....72.1255W 20 2 Flower and Cook Observatory report. WOOD B.F.
1967AJ.....72.1259K 5 0 Leuschner Observatory report. KING I.R.
1967MNRAS.137..119W 32 141 The hydrogen-deficient carbon stars. WARNER B.
1967JO.....50..359H 160 0 Observations visuelles d'etoiles variables par les membres de l'A.F.O.E.V. pendant l'annee 1966. HEINTZ W.D.
1967JO.....50..381E 86 0 Observations d'etoiles variables effectuees a l'Observatoire National d'Athenes en 1960-1962. ELIAS P.D.
1968ApJ...153..421M 68 T                   1 2 16 A model atmosphere for
R Coronae Borealis.
1968PASP...80..318L 15 15 UBV observations of miscellaneous peculiar stars. LANDOLT A.U.
1968PASP...80..680L 36 7 UBV observations of long period variable stars. V. LANDOLT A.U.
1969ApJ...155L...3S 70 T                   1 4 81 Circumstellar infrared emission from two peculiar objects - R Aquarii and
R Coronae Borealis.
1969ApJ...155L..15S 1 2 19 Changes in polarization of the R Coronae Borealis star RY Sagittarii. SERKOWSKI K. and KRUSZEWSKI A.
1969ApJ...155..899S 227 34 Six-color photometry of stars. XII. Colors of Hyades and subdwarf stars. SEARS R.L. and WHITFORD A.E.
1969ApJ...157L.173L 2 2 26 Infrared excess of RY Sgr. LEE T.A. and FEAST M.W.
1969ApJ...158..619H 1 12 103 Observations of the infrared object VY Canis Majoris. HYLAND A.R., BECKLIN E.E., NEUGEBAUER G., et al.
1969ApJS...17..467H 29 43 Studies of the Large Magellanic Cloud. X. Photometry of variable stars. HODGE P. and WRIGHT F.W.
1969PASP...81..553E 207 127 Stellar groups in the old disk population. EGGEN O.J.
1970A&A.....7...91B 1 7 68 The atmospheres of Helium-rich white dwarfs of spectral type DB. BUES I.
1970A&A.....9....1Q 1 4 42 N14/C12, C12/C13, N14/N15 in the carbon star UU Aur. QUERCI M. and QUERCI F.
1970ApJ...159..485K 12 62 The unusual composition of BD +39 4926. KODAIRA K., GREENSTEIN J.L. and OKE J.B.
1970ApJ...160L.101M 2 5 76 The 10-microns emission peak of Comet Bennett 1969 (I). MAAS R.W., NEY E.P. and WOOLF N.J.
1970ApJ...161L.105G 57 101 Infrared excesses - low-excitation emission lines and mass loss. GEISEL S.L.
1970ApJ...162L..11B 7 11 A highly reddened R Coronaae Borealis star in NGC 6231. BESSELL M.S., RODGERS A.W., EGGEN O.J., et al.
1970ApJ...162L..21G 7 35 89 Herculis: an F2 supergiant with large circumstellar infrared emission. GILLETT F.C., HYLAND A.R. and STEIN W.A.
1970PASP...82..851E 4 10 RY Sagittarii. EGGEN O.J.
1970AN....292..185B 120 15 Beobachtungsergebnisse der Berliner Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur Veranderliche Sterne e.V. (BAV). BRAUNE W., HUEBSCHER J. and MUNDRY E.
1971A&A....14...32B 1 3 31 Stars with He envelopes. BIERMANN P. and KIPPENHAHN R.
1971ApJ...164...77G 8 44 Infrared studies of galactic nebulae. II. B stars associated with nebulosity. GILLETT F.C. and STEIN W.A.
1971ApJ...165..285G 111 363 Mass loss from M stars. GEHRZ R.D. and WOOLF N.J.
1971ApJ...167...85H 13 7 Search for 3.5-millimeter continuum radiation from infrared stars, and related objects. HOBBS R.W. and MARIONNI P.
1971ApJ...170L..29F 70 T                   1 1 22 Variability of radiation from circumstellar grains surrounding
R Coronae Borealis.
1971PASP...83...77W 17 5 Observations of emission-line stars in the near infrared. WALLERSTEIN G.
1971PASAu...2...14H 24 1 Galactic infrared astronomy. HYLAND A.R.
1972A&A....17..385W 449 160 Characteristics of OH emission from infrared stars. WILSON W.J. and BARRETT A.H.
1972A&A....21..239H 58 115 Long wavelength spectrometry and photometry of M, S and C-stars. HACKWELL J.A.
1972AJ.....77..576W 58 21 A search for elliptical polarization in starlight. WOLF G.W.
1972ApJ...172..383F 13 52 A photometric study of selected R Coronae Borealis variables. FERNIE J.D., SHERWOOD V. and DUPUY D.L.
1972ApJ...174L..89H 3 6 A highly reddened star near NGC 6231. HERBIG G.H.
1972ApJ...178..715G 72 105 Infrared radiation from RV Tauri stars. I. An infrared survey of RV Tauri stars and related objects. GEHRZ R.D.
1972MNRAS.156..411T 1 4 35 Pulsating Helium stars. TRIMBLE V.
1972MNRAS.158..305A 6 4 155 A spectroscopic and photometric study of the pulsating R Coronae Borealis type variable, RY Sagittarii. ALEXANDER J.B., ANDREWS P.J., CATCHPOLE R.M., et al.
1972MNRAS.158..383S 3 5 The structure and evolution of Helium stars. ST CLAIR DINGER A.
1972PASP...84...64K 67 T                   1 2 7 Dust models for
R Coronae Borealis and RY Sagittarii.
1972PASP...84R.646W 69 T                   1 1 13 Infrared photometry of
R CrB during its recent decline.
1972PASP...84..768G 16 37 Infrared observations of southern RV Tauri stars. GEHRZ R.D. and NEY E.P.
1972IBVS..742....1O 67 T                   1 1 5 Polarimetric observations of
R Coronae Borealis.
1973A&A....22....9T 3 1 18 Helium red giants. TRIMBLE V. and PACZYNSKI B.
1973ApJ...179..493K 5 3 Infrared observations of a highly reddened star near NGC 6231. KNACKE R.F., STROM K.M. and STROM S.E.
1973ApJ...180..631M 5 1 Spectroscopic observations of the Sanduleak-Seggewiss star. MILONE L.A.
1973ApJ...183..871W 60 67 Carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide millimeter-wave emission from stars. WILSON W.J., SCHWARTZ P.R. and EPSTEIN E.E.
1973ApJ...186..193M 76 73 Broad-band 20-micron photometry of 76 stars. MORRISON D. and SIMON T.
1973ApJ...186..961C 69 T                   1 2 31 Polarimetry of
R Coronae Borealis at visual light minimum.
1973MNRAS.161..293F 24 77 Infra-red photometry of R Coronae Borealis type variables and related objects. FEAST M.W. and GLASS I.S.
1973PASP...85..590S 9 19 A search for diffuse bands in circumstellar shells. II. SNOW P.T.
1973PASP...85..625L 35 3 UBV observations of long-period variable stars. VIII. LANDOLT A.U.
1973PASP...85..627B 7 15 VY Sculptoris, a new rapid blue variable. BURRELL J.F. and MOULD J.R.
1973PROE....9...55S 2 0 Infrared astronomy at Edinburgh. SMYTH M.J.
1974A&A....31..303G 3 3 59 Chemical compositions of cool He and carbon white dwarfs. GRENFELL T.C.
1974AJ.....79...34K 332 16 Blue CN-absorption measurements of close binary stars. KOCH R.H.
1974ApJ...187L..75H 14 30 Supergiant binary stars. HUMPHREYS R.M. and NEY E.P.
1974ApJ...190L.117D 7 29 Vibrationally excited silicon monoxide in the Orion nebula. DAVIS J.H., BLAIR G.N. and VAN TILL H.
1974ApJ...190..339H 16 62 Infrared stars in binary systems. HUMPHREYS R.M. and NEY E.P.
1974MNRAS.168..249G 17 27 JHKL photometry of LMC stars. GLASS I.S.
1974IBVS..914....1C 5 3 Polarimetric observations of R Coronae Borealis stars. COYNE G.V.
1974JBAA...84..251G 7 0 Ordinary meeting of the association. GOODMAN N.J., STONE E.G. and HATFIELD H.R.
1974JRASC..68..112M 56 2 Variable star notes. MATTEI J.A.
1974JRASC..68..221M 4 0 Variable star notes. MATTEI J.A.
1975A&A....44..117E 6 17 Variable blue object with a peculiar spectrum. ELVIUS A.
1975A&A....44..383S 3 5 96 Fine analysis of three R Coronae Borealis stars. SCHOENBERNER D.
1975AJ.....80..451S 68 T                   1 4 21 Variability of
R CrB and NML Cyg at 3,5 mu.
1975ApJ...195..423F 1 25 205 Circumstellar grains and the intrinsic polarization of starlight. FORREST W.J., GILLETT F.C. and STEIN W.A.
1975ApJ...198L.139W 71 T                   1 1 19 Coarse photospheric convection and the ejection of dust by
R Coronae Borealis.
1975IBVS..989....1M 3 7 A note on V CrA and W Men. MILONE L.A.
1975JRASC..69..261M 2 1 Variable star notes. MATTEI J.A.
1975JRASC..69..265W 19 1 Current trends in astronomical spectroscopy. WRIGHT K.O.
1975MitVS...6..201W 226 0 Beobachtungen der Nova Persei 1974. WENZEL W.
1975MitVS...7...30B 68 T                   1 38 0 Visuelle Beobachtungen von
R CrB 1972 bis 1974.
1975PASJ...27..379N 68 T                   1 1 1 UBV photometry of
R CrB during the brief minimum of 1974-74.
1975IAUS...67..161T 68 T                   1 2 2 Observations of
R CRB and XX Cam.
1976A&A....46...11A 121 72 A search for radio emission from stars. ALTENHOFF W.J., BRAES L.L.E., OLNON F.M., et al.
1976A&A....46..303S 8 19 The low excitation spectrum of the peculiar star with infrared excess RX Puppis in 1972 and 1975. SWINGS J.P. and KLUTZ M.
1976A&A....53...23F 3 5 The nature of the envelope of the hydrogen deficient variable MV Sagittarii. FRIEDJUNG M. and VIOTTI R.
1976AJ.....81..993G 40 6 Spectrophotometry of barium, CH and R type carbon stars. GOW C.E.
1976ApJ...203..600F 23 9 Carbon star photometry: CO and 3.2 micron bands. FAY T.D. and RIDGWAY S.T.
1976ApJ...203..610H 70 T                   2 20 Interpretation of the spectral and photometric variations of
R Coronae Borealis.
1976ApJ...204..838P 68 T                   2 4 Spectrophotometry of
R Coronae Borealis during the minimum of 1974.
1976ApJ...205L..15Z 2 11 120 CRL 2688: a post-carbon star object and probable planetary nebulae progenitor. ZUCKERMAN B., GILRA D.P., TURNER B.E., et al.
1976ApJ...207..680T 68 T                   1 10 9 The infrared emission of upsilon Sagittarii, 89 Herculis, and
R Coronae Borealis.
1976ApJ...208..399M 59 117 Infrared observations and the structure of the lower main sequence. MOULD J.R. and HYLAND A.R.
1976MNRAS.174..531W 1 7 53 Pulsation of high luminosity He stars. WOOD P.R.
1976JBAA...86..327I 8 3 U Gem, 1956-69. ISLES J.
1976MmSAI..46..443T 68 T                   1 0 Photoelectric observations of
R CrB during its 1972 minimum.
1976MmSAI..46..451T 68 T                   1 0 A Statistical study of the light curve of
R CrB.
1976S&T....52..259A 2 1 New future for UU Sagittae. ASHBROOK J.
1976SvA....20..192G 1 1 Polarized radiation from stars with a nonuniform surface-brightness distribution. GNEDIN Yu.N. and SILANT'EV N.A.
1977MNRAS.178..415F 1 2 18 The RCB variables. VII. The infrared variability of RY Sgr. FEAST M.W., CATCHPOLE R.M., LLOYD EVANS T., et al.
1977AcA....27...65H 69 T                   1 2 10 The light-curves of
R Coronae Borealis and SU Tauri.
1977AN....298..121B 249 18 Beobachtungsergebnisse der Berliner Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur veranderliche Sterne e.V.(BAV). BRAUNE W., HUEBSCHER J. and MUNDRY E.
1977IBVS.1319....1K 25 0 Data on the variable star studies in the USSR during 1972-1975. KUKARKIN B.V.
1977JBAA...87..509M 68 T                   1 0
R CrB 1971-1975.
1977MitVS...8....9S 68 T                   1 3 ~ Visuelle Beobachtungen von NQ Vul, Nova Sgr 1977 und
R CrB.
1977MitVS...8...33B 68 T                   1 4 0 Visuelle Beobachtungen von NQ Vul, Nova Sge 1977, HM Sge.,
R CrB.
1977Obs....97..144S 68 T                   2 ~
R CrB and the graphite feature at lam 2200 angstroms.
1977PZ.....20..391P 20 6 On some photometric features of R CrB-type stars. PUGACH A.F.
1978A&A....70L..45Q 69 T                   2 16 Observation of the lam 10830 He line in
R CrB at a 1978 pre-maximum phase.
1978ApJ...225..212W 1 6 53 Type I supernovae, R Coronae Borealis stars, and the Crab nebula. WHEELER J.C.
1978MNRAS.183..211R 17 12 Equivalent width of O I lam 7774 and absolute magnitude relation for F and G supergiants. RAO N.K. and MALLIK S.G.V.
1978MNRAS.185...23G 15 31 The long-term infrared behavior of RCB stars. GLASS I.S.
1978PASP...90..191A 5 5 A new Nova-like variable-LS 55-8. AFRICANO J. and QUIGLEY R.
1978ATsir.987....2P 1 0 On the selective absorption of R CrB envelope. PUGACH A.F.
1978ATsir1010....6V 10 0 Positions of nine variable stars. VOLYANSKAYA M.Y.
1978JBAA...88..145H 4 3 The light-curve of RY Sgr. HOWARTH I.D.
1978MitVS...8...60B 68 T                   1 0 Photographische Beobachtungen von
R CrB 1974 bis 1977.
1979A&A....80...61S 5 15 Spectra of RY Sgr near minimum light. SPITE F. and SPITE M.
1979AJ.....84..345S 71 21 A survey of infrared stars and planetary nebulae for circumstellar OH emission. SILVERGLATE P., ZUCKERMAN B., TERZIAN Y., et al.
1979PASP...91..830S 126 ~ Molecular line observations of AFGL sources. ST CLAIR DINGER A., DICKINSON D.F., GOTTLIEB C.A., et al.
1979AcA....29..199S 44 9 Infrared photometry of late type stars. SMAK J. and WING R.F.
1979ATsir1059....1S 68 T                   1 0 Longperiodical variability of
R CrB on lambda = 3.5 mkm.
1979ATsir1062....1S 68 T                   1 0 The variability of
R CrB in the infrared band.
1979Ap&SS..65..199M 9 12 The observed infrared properties of grains in space. MERRILL K.M.
1979IBVS.1640....1C 5 2 Infrared observations of LR Sco, an R CrB star. CARTER B.S., ROBERTS G. and FEAST M.W.
1979JRASC..73...50M 68 T                   3 0 Nova Serpentis 1978, the minimum of
R Coronae Borealis during 1977-1978 .
1979SvA....23..567S 68 T                   3 7 Optical and infrared photometry of
R CrB at the 1977 minimum.
1980A&AS...41..405C 530 74 A catalogue of Fe/H determinations. CAYREL DE STROBEL G., BENTOLILA C., HAUCK B., et al.
1980ApJ...242L..43D 10 18 Three new hydrogen-deficient B-type stars. DRILLING J.S.
1980ApJS...43..501C viz 541 38 Ultraviolet photometry from the orbiting astronomical observatory. XXXIV. Filter photometry of 531 stars of diverse types. CODE A.D., HOLM A.V. and BOTTEMILLER R.L.
1980ATsir1098....1K 6 1 Star activity circles of R Coronae Borealis type variables. KHRUZINA T.S.
1980ATsir1131....1R 12 1 Broad emissions in the R CrB stars spectra. ROSENBUSH A.E.
1980Ap&SS..70..489R 8 7 UBV observations of R CrB-type variables and related objects. RAO K.N.
1980IzKry..61..110E 68 T                   1 2 Polarimetric observations of
R CrB.
1980S&T....60..180M 27 4 Variable stars and the AAVSO. MATTEI J.A., MAYER E.H. and BALDWIN M.E.
1981AJ.....86..392S 172 80 First observations with the Effelsberg radio telescope at 7-mm wavelength. II. A survey of stars in the vibrationally excited J=1-0 Sio lines. SPENCER JONES H., WINNBERG A., OLNON F.M., et al.
1981MNRAS.195p..71R 68 T                   2 ~ Presence of MG II emission in
R Coronae Borealis at maximum light.
1981ATsir1150....3K 68 T                   1 1 About infrared excess temperature variability of
R Coronae Borealis.
1981AN....302...53B 209 12 Beobachtungsergebnisse der Berliner Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur Veranderliche Sterne e.V.(BAV). BRAUNE W., HUEBSCHER J. and MUNDRY E.
1981IBVS.1917....1G 68 T                   1 1 3 Photoelectric observations of
R Crb.
1981JBAA...92....1B 8 3 The variable infrared emission of cosmic dust sources. BODE M.
1981MitVS...9...22A 68 T                   1 ~ Beobachtungen von
R CrB 1978 bis 1980.
1981PZ.....21..465K 60 3 On the classification of variable stars. KHOLOPOV P.N.
1981SvAL....7...98M 68 T                   1 2 0 The infrared emission of rho Cassiopeiae and
R Coronae Borealis.
1982A&A...107...93H 69 T                   1 2 9 Lithium and barium in
R CrB and XX Cam.
1982A&AS...47..341K 546 10 Picture gallery : a structured presentation of DAO-2 photometric data supported by OAO-2 spectrophotometric data and UBV, and TD1 observations. KOORNNEEF J., MEADE M.R., WESSELIUS P.R., et al.
1982ApJ...254..136D 187 33 A different type of maser star ? DICKINSON D.F. and ST CLAIR DINGER A.
1982ApJ...260..655Z 416 84 Lambda 10830 He I observations of 455 stars. ZIRIN H.
1982ApJ...261..595C 75 T                   1 3 97 The chemical composition of
R Coronae Borealis and XX Camelopardalis.
1982MNRAS.200.1019K 2 5 53 On the period of the pulsating R Coronae Borealis variable, RY Sgr. KILKENNY D.
1982PASP...94..172F 76 T                   1 37 R Coronaae Borealis near maximum light. FERNIE J.D.
1982PASP...94..548H 2 2 28 The circumstellar extinction of RY Sagittarii. HOLM A.V., WU C.C. and DOHERTY L.R.
1982BICDS..23...53H 441 0 Variable stars in the General Catalogue of trigonometric parallaxes. HOFFLEIT D.
1982Obs...102..149C 1 2 15 The peculiar spectroscopic behaviour of the R CrB star RY Sgr. COTTRELL P.L. and LAMBERT D.L.
1982IUE82......429H 5 ~ Ultraviolet spectra of R Coronae Borealis stars. HOLM A.V. and WU C.C.
1982IUE3r......225H 5 ~ UV observations of V348 Sgr. HECK A., HOUZIAUX L., CASSATELLA A., et al.
1982IUE3r......313H 6 ~ The metallicity of the extreme helium star BD +10 2179. HEBER U.
1983ApJ...272L..25S 1 2 15 Pulsational constraints on the mass and luminosity of R Coronae Borealis stars. SAIO H. and WHEELER J.C.
1983ApJ...273..633B 8 18 Neutral carbon in the Egg nebula (AFGL 2688). BEICHMAN C.A., KEENE J., PHILLIPS T.G., et al.
1983ApJS...53..553P 95 41 Ultraviolet and optical studies of binaries with luminous cool primaries and hot companions. III. Reticon radial velocities. PARSONS S.B.
1983MNRAS.204..841M 174 15 The Wolf 630 moving group of stars. McDONALD A.R.E. and HEARNSHAW J.B.
1983Afz....19..279C 69 T                   1 0 Connection of the
R CrB cyclic light variations with the total light fadings.
1983AAfz...50....5R 15 0 Energy distribution in the spectra of R Coronae Borealis type variable stars. ROSENBUSH A.E.
1983BAAS...15..662H 2 0 The dust around R CrB type stars. HECHT J.H., HOLM A.V., DONN B., et al.
1983IBVS.2442....1B 69 T                   3 5 Photoelectric observations of
R CrB.
1983IAUC.3857....0M 69 T                   1 ~
R Coronae Borealis.
1983IAUC.3859....0H 69 T                   1 ~
R Coronae Borealis.
1983IAUC.3884....0B 69 T                   1 ~
R Coronae Borealis.
1983IAUC.3900....0V 69 T                   1 ~
R Coronae Borealis.
1983MitVS...9..171A 69 T                   1 ~ Minimum von
R Coronae Borealis 1982.
1984ApJ...277..648D 2 2 29 The spectrum of V348 Sagittarii. DAHARI O. and OSTERBROCK D.E.
1984ApJ...280..228H 8 2 89 The dust around R Coronae Borealis type stars. HECHT J.H., HOLM A.V., DONN B., et al.
1984ApJ...281..318S 3 3 58 Very nonadiabatic radial pulsations in luminous helium stars. SAIO H., WHEELER J.C. and COX J.P.
1984PASP...96..613W 6 12 A search for evidence of the neon-sodium cycle in the Cepheid X Cygni. WALLERSTEIN G., PILACHOWSKI C.A. and HARRIS H.C.
1984ATsir1343....6R 1 3 Mass loss by R Coronae Borealis type stars. ROZENBUSH A.E.
1984AZh....61..491P 6 6 A phenomenological model of variability of R CrB stars. PUGACH A.F.
1984Ap&SS.100..329F 2 2 25 Nonlinear pulsations of a very luminous star. FADEYEV Y.A.
1984BAAS...16..733H 69 T                   2 0 Ultraviolet spectrophotometry of the fading of
R Coronae Borealis.
HOLM A.V., HECHT J., WU C.C., et al.
1984BAAS...16Z.897H 69 T                   1 ~ Ultraviolet spectroscopy of
R Coronae Borealis.
1984IBVS.2510....1A 69 T                   1 2 Infrared photometry of
R CrB.
1984IBVS.2646....1B 69 T                   1 2 Photoelectric obervations of
R CrB.
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