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1969CoLic.299.1045H 19 2 Emission-line objects projected upon the galactic bulge. HERBIG G.H.
1969PNAS...63.1045H 2 2 26 Emission-line objects projected upon the galactic bulge. HERBIG G.H.
1975MNRAS.173..437W 77 52 A survey of planetary nebulae towards the galactic bulge. WEBSTER B.L.
1976MNRAS.174..513W 15 60 The masses and chemical composition of planetary nebulae in the galactic bulge and Magellanic clouds. WEBSTER B.L.
1980A&A....88..354G 68 T                   1 18 6 Radio observations of globular clusters and
Galactic Bulge X-ray sources.
1981ApJ...247..540P 1 2 15 A planetary nebula with high oxygen abundance in the galactic bulge. PRICE C.M.
1981SSRv...28....3L 2 19 203 X-ray bursters and the X-ray sources of the galactic bulge. LEWIN W.H.G. and JOSS P.C.
1981SSRv...30..353P 4 10 Periodic behaviour in three galactic bulge sources. PONMAN T.J.
1982MNRAS.201..769P 16 41 A survey of the bright galactic bulge X-ray sources. PONMAN T.
1983ApJ...265..748W 27 69 Long-period variables in the galactic bulge : evidence for a young super-metal-rich population. WOOD P.R. and BESSELL M.S.
1984A&A...138..311L 7 17 Spectroscopy of five Wolf-Rayet star candidates including a Wolf-Rayet star in the galactic bulge. LUNDSTROM I. and STENHOLM B.
1984BAAS...16..501J 3 0 The dynamics of galactic bulges. JARVIS B.J.
1984PASAu...5..535W 8 3 Carbon abundances in planetary nebulae in the galactic bulge. WEBSTER B.L.
1985A&A...144..327S 69 T                   4 0 Field giants : selection efficiency from photometry and metallicity gradient in the galactic
1985A&A...145L...4A 70 T                   5 27 Discovery of carbon stars in the galactic
1985AJ.....90.1486R 2 3 Studies of the galactic bulge. I. Photometric sequences for bulge fields. RODGERS A.W. and HARDING P.
1985BAAS...17..584K 69 T                   2 0 IUE high dispersion spectra of interacting binary mu Sagitarii. KONDO Y., BRUHWEILER F.C. and McCLUSKEY G.E.
1985BAAS...17..590V 69 T                   4 0 High-resolution X-ray spectroscopy of three galactic Bulge sources. VRTILEK S.D., CHANAN G.A., HELFAND D.J., et al.
1986AJ.....92..600R 4 14 Studies of the galactic bulge. II. Star counts, color distributions, and color-luminosity arrays. RODGERS A.W., HARDING P. and RYAN S.
1986ApJ...308..644V 70 T                   4 20 X-ray emission lines from three galactic bulge sources. VRTILEK S.D., HELFAND D.J., HALPERN J.P., et al.
1986ApJ...310..172G 69 T                   21 54 Radio observations of
galactic bulge and globular cluster X-ray sources.
1986MNRAS.222....1W 47 28 JHKL observations of IRAS sources. III. The galactic bulge. WHITELOCK P., FEAST M. and CATCHPOLE R.
1987A&A...172L...1M 1 2 14 Why is the rapid burster different from all other galactic-bulge X-ray sources ? MILGROM M.
1987A&A...177..163K 8 10 Are the galactic-bulge X-ray sources magnetized ? KUNDT W., OEZEL M.E. and ERCAN E.N.
1987AJ.....93..321B 4 8 M type giants in a galactic bulge window at l=0, b=-8. BLANCO V.M.
1987MNRAS.229..691S 24 56 The nature of 'box' and 'peanut' shaped galactic bulges. SHAW M.A.
1987ARA&A..25..603F 9 6 224 The galactic spheroid and old disk. FREEMAN K.C.
1988AJ.....95..804K 70 T                   1 113 60 New planetary nebulae in the galactic bulge. KINMAN T.D., FEAST M.W. and LASKER B.M.
1988ApJ...325..563F 3 7 A spectroscopic determination of the velocity dispersion in the galactic bulge. FREEMAN K.C., DE VAUCOULEURS G., DE VAUCOULEURS A., et al.
1988ApJ...331..124R 2 5 42 Box-shaped galactic bulges. I. Equilibrium models. ROWLEY G.
1988MNRAS.230..377W 70 T                   1 66 59 The abundances and mass distribution of planetary nebulae in the galactic bulge. WEBSTER B.L.
1988MNRAS.231..379V 6 22 Quasi-periodic oscillations in the bright galactic bulge X-ray source GX 340+0. VAN PARADIJS J., HASINGER G., LEWIN W.H.G., et al.
1988ARA&A..26...51F 72 T                   1 15 154 The galactic nuclear
bulge and the stellar content of spheroidal systems.
1988Ap&SS.147..145E 2 2 The X-ray spectrum of the bright galactic bulge source X 1813-14 = GX17+2. ERCAN E.N.
1989A&A...221..123P 12 1 51 Evolution of planetary nebulae in the galactic bulge. POTTASCH S.R. and ACKER A.
1989AJ.....97.1036R 11 14 Studies of the galactic bulge. III. Indications of an extensive young stellar population of the bulge. RODGERS A.W. and HARDING P.
1989IAUS..136...71A 9 2 The nature of the carbon stars in the galactic bulge. AZZOPARDI M., LEQUEUX J., REBEIROT E., et al.
1990A&A...231..404V 38 57 Far evolved AGB stars in the galactic bulge. VAN DER VEEN W.E.C.J. and HABING H.J.
1990ApJ...353..494F viz 70 T                   1 33 89
Galactic bulge M giants. II. Content and structure of the bulge between b=-3 and -12.
1990ApJ...354..267H 3 11 Search for millisecond X-ray pulsations from the galactic bulge X-ray source GX 9+1. HERTZ P., NORRIS J.P., WOOD K.S., et al.
1990ApJ...357..453T 70 T                   1 61 102
Galactic bulge M giants. III. Near-infrared spectra and implications for the stellar content of E and S0 galaxies.
1990ApJ...365..539M 16 4 263 Metallicity distribution and abundance ratios in the stars of the galactic bulge. MATTEUCCI F. and BROCATO E.
1990BAAS...22.1340T 2 0 The abundance gradient and distribution in the galactic bulge. TYSON N.D. and RICH R.M.
1990Msngr..62....6B 4 2 Stellar evolution in the galactic bulge. BLOMMAERT J.A., BROWN A.G., HABING H.J., et al.
1990PASJ...42L..83Y 70 T                   5 10 New X-ray sources near the galactic bulge region. YAMAUCHI S. and KOYAMA K.
1991A&A...246..221T 96 31 An extensive study of planetary nebulae in the galactic bulge. III. The observed central star mass distribution. TYLENDA R., STASINSKA G., ACKER A., et al.
1991A&AS...88..265A 35 29 Carbon stars in the galactic bulge-identification, spectrophotometric and infrared photometric data. AZZOPARDI M., LEQUEUX J., REBEIROT E., et al.
1991A&AS...89..237A 291 61 An extensive study of planetary nebulae in the galactic bulge. I. Spectrophotometric data. ACKER A., KOEPPEN J., STENHOLM B., et al.
1991ApJ...367..547T 71 T                   5 39 Radial velocity distribution and line strengths of 33 carbon stars in the galactic bulge. TYSON N.D. and RICH R.M.
1991ApJ...378..742T 70 T                   37 65 Galactic bulge M giants. IV. 0.5-2.5 micron spectrophotometry and abundances for stars in Baade's Window. TERNDRUP D.M., FROGEL J.A. and WHITFORD A.E.
1991MNRAS.248..276W 70 T                   1 145 197 IRAS sources and the nature of the
Galactic Bulge.
1991PASP..103..487T 70 T                   7 1 New planetary nebulae in the direction of the
galactic bulge.
1991Natur.353..140N 78 T                   3 99 Is the
bulge of our Galaxy triaxial ?
1992A&A...256..251P 70 T                   7 14 Shklovsky distances to
galactic bulge planetary nebulae.
1992A&A...257...85P 70 T                   34 28 Multiband analysis of the surface brightness distributions of Sb and Sc spirals from CCD images. II. Bulge disc decomposition. PRIETO M., BECKMAN J.E., CEPA J., et al.
1992A&A...264..217A 71 T                   3 12 New planetary nebulae in the
galactic bulge.
1992AJ....103.1872B 70 T                   122 14 RR Lyrae variables in a
galactic bulge window.
1992AJ....104.1780L 3 7 105 Evidence for an old galactic bulge from RR Lyrae stars in Baade's window: implications for the formation of the galaxy and the age of the Universe. LEE Y.-W.
1992ApJ...387..181K 28 2 229 Galactic structure from the Spacelab Infrared Telescope. II. A dynamical model for the Milky Way bulge. KENT S.M.
1992ApJ...392L..67W 2 2 21 Constraints on the galactic bulge using IRAS variable point sources. WEINBERG M.D.
1992ApJ...393L..47M 75 T                   2 46 Rotation of the
galactic bulge.
1992Natur.357..665S 80 T                   2 81 Extreme gas pressures in the
galactic bulge.
1993A&A...277..203C 3 3 Two new planetary nebulae in the galactic bulge. CUISINIER F., TERZAN A. and ACKER A.
1993A&A...280...33S 7 10 The stellar dynamics of "box/peanut" galactic bulges. II. NGC 1055. SHAW M.
1993MNRAS.261..718S 16 ~ The photometric properties of 'box/peanut' galactic bulges. SHAW M.
1993PASP..105..977M 73 T                   2 17 The
galactic bulge and halo.
1993AcA....43...69U 78 T                   3 84 The optical gravitational lensing experiment. Color-magnitude diagrams of the Galactic Bulge. UDALSKI A., SZYMANSKI M., KALUZNY J., et al.
1993AcA....43..289U 116 T                   2 365 The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment. Discovery of the first candidate microlensing event in the direction of the
galactic bulge.
1993AcA....43..381S 71 T                   3 2 A Monte-Carlo study of the population of planetary nebulae in the
galactic bulge.
1993AcA....43..419A 71 T                   2 3 Expansion velocities of galactic bulge planetary nebulae preliminary results. ACKER A.
1993BAAS...25.1407F 2 ~ The globular cluster NGC 6723 and the age of the Galactic Bulge. FULLTON L.K. and CARNEY B.W.
1993Gemin..39....6S 3 0 The stellar dynamics of box/peanut galactic bulges. SHAW M.
1994A&A...285L...5R 75 T                   3 57 A hint on the age and helium content of the Galactic Bulge. RENZINI A.
1994A&A...285..868B 71 T                   15 4 Discovery of an obscured globular cluster candidate in the bulge BICA E.
1994A&A...287..227C 71 T                   3 2 Discovery of two new planetary nebulae in the direction of the
galactic bulge.
1994A&A...289..225S 71 T                   83 16 An extensive study of planetary nebulae in the Galactic bulge V. Monte-Carlo simulations of an observed sample. STASINSKA G. and TYLENDA R.
1994ApJ...426L..69U 76 T                   4 86 The optical gravitational lensing experiment : the discovery of three further microlensing events in the direction of the
galactic bulge.
1994ApJ...429L..73S 27 2 219 Color-magnitude diagram distribution of the bulge red clump stars : evidence for the galactic bar. STANEK K.Z., MATEO M., UDALSKI A., et al.
1994ApJ...437L..31E 75 T                   2 32 Microlensing maps for the
galactic bulge.
1994ApJ...437..419I 93 42 SiO maser survey of the galactic bulge IRAS sources. I. The 7 < B < 8 strips. IZUMIURA H., DEGUCHI S., HASHIMOTO O., et al.
1994ApJS...91..749M 9 17 623 The first detailed abundance analysis of galactic bulge K giants in Baade's window. McWILLIAM A. and RICH R.M.
1994AcA....44....1U 6 1 25 The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment. Journal of the 1993 season observations. UDALSKI A., SZYMANSKI M., KALUZNY J., et al.
1994AcA....44..165U 7 11 328 The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment. UDALSKI A., SZYMANSKI M., STANEK K.Z., et al.
1994AcA....44..227U 9 5 189 The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment. The early warning system : real time microlensing. UDALSKI A., SZYMANSKI M., KALUZNY J., et al.
1994AcA....44..317U viz 71 T                   2862 77 The optical gravitational lensing experiment. The catalog of periodic variable stars in the Galactic Bulge. I. Periodic variables in the center of the Baade's Window. UDALSKI A., KUBIAK M., SZYMANSKI M., et al.
1994AcA....44..387S 71 T                   4 7 The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment. Follow-up observations of the MACHO microlensing event in the Galactic Bulge. SZYMANSKI M., UDLASKI A., KALUZNY J., et al.
1994AcApS..14..287Y 71 T                   5 0 Oscillation phenomena in the Galactic bulge X-ray source GX 9+1. YU W.-F., LI T.-P., CHENG L.-X., et al.
1994AN....315..235K 128 23 New planetary nebulae towards the galactic bulge. I. Objects in the central area. KOHOUTEK L.
1994BAAS...26.1411H 2 ~ Molecular gas in the high-pressure environments of galactic bulges. HELFER T.T.
1995A&A...294L..37B 74 T                   2 25 First spectroscopic confirmation of a microlensing event towards the
galactic bulge.
1995A&A...300..109M 71 T                   10 28 The helium abundance of the Galactic bulge. MINNITI D.
1995A&A...302..704T 72 T                   6 32 Abundance gradients in the star-forming viscous disk and chemical properties of the
1995A&AS..111..493K 71 T                   72 7 Planetary nebulae in the direction of the
galactic bulge. I. New radial velocities based on image-tube spectra.
1995AJ....109.1770M 71 T                   46 21 Spectral classification and HR diagram for symbiotic stars in the
galactic bulge.
1995AJ....110.2788T viz 71 T                   108 96 Implications of new JHK photometry and a deep infrared luminosity function for the
galactic bulge.
1995ApJ...445..133A 75 T                   7 120 Probable gravitational microlensing toward the Galactic bulge. ALCOCK C., ALLSMAN R.A., AXELROD T.S., et al.
1995ApJ...453..837I 71 T                   130 60 SiO maser survey of the Galactic bulge IRAS sources. III. Kinematics of the bulge stars. IZUMIURA H., DEGUCHI S., HASHIMOTO O., et al.
1995ApJS...98..271I 94 26 SiO maser survey of the galactic bulge IRAS sources. II. The 4 deg. < b < 5 deg. strips. IZUMIURA H., CATCHPOLE R., DEGUCHI S., et al.
1995MNRAS.273..383G 71 T                   67 90 Long-period variables in the Sgr I field of the Galactic Bulge. GLASS I.S., WHITELOCK P.A., CATCHPOLE R.M., et al.
1995MNRAS.275..591I viz 71 T                   1510 39 The outer regions of the Galactic Bulge: I. Observations. IBATA R.A. and GILMORE G.
1995MNRAS.275..605I 74 T                   8 106 The outer regions of the Galactic bulge. II. Analysis. IBATA R.A. and GILMORE G.F.
1995MNRAS.277.1293M 71 T                   71 64 The metallicity gradient of the Galactic bulge. MINNITI D., OLSZEWSKI E.W., LIEBERT J., et al.
1995AcA....45....1U viz 71 T                   765 65 The optical gravitational lensing experiment. The catalog of periodic variable stars in the Galactic Bulge. II. Periodic variables in four Baade's Window fields: BW1, BW2, BW3 and BW4. UDALSKI A., SZYMANSKI M., KALUZNY J., et al.
1995AcA....45..433U viz 71 T                   577 50 The optical gravitational lensing experiment. The catalog of periodic variable stars in the Galactic Bulge. III. Periodic variables in four Baade's Window fields : BW5, BW6, BW7 and BW8. UDALSKI A., OLECH A., SZYMANSKI M., et al.
1995BAAS...27.1333M 71 T                   3 ~ Chemistry of the Galactic bulge and halo. McWILLIAM A.
1995IAUC.6177....1U 71 T                   2 0 Microlensing event in the
galactic bulge.
1995Msngr..80...31A 3 2 28 The DUO programme : first results of a microlensing investigation of the Galactic Disk and Bulge conducted with the ESO Schmidt telescope. ALARD C., GUIBERT J., BIENAYME O., et al.
1995Natur.377..701O 91 T                   4 323 Near-coeval formation of the Galactic bulge and halo inferred from globular cluster ages. ORTOLANI S., RENZINI A., GILMOZZI R., et al.
1995PASJ...47..815J 71 T                   57 20 SiO maser survey of the Galactic bulge IRAS sources. IV. Observational properties of SiO masers. JIANG B.W., DEGUCHI S., IZUMIURA H., et al.
1995RMxAA..31..115R 71 T                   2 4 Research note: luminosity function of the stars in the Galactic bulge. Determination from a magnitude-limited sample. RUELAS-MAYORGA A. and NORIEGA-MENDOZA H.
1996A&A...310..115B 71 T                   12 22 Where are the hot horizontal branch stars in the Galactic Bulge? BERTELLI G., BRESSAN A., CHIOSI C., et al.
1996A&A...310..857G 71 T                   16 20 SIGMA hard X-ray observations of the Galactic Bulge source SLX 1735-269. GOLDWURM A., VARGAS M., PAUL J., et al.
1996AJ....111.1169I 74 T                   3 32 Metallicity indices for multipopulation models. I. The
galactic bulge.
1996AJ....112..590M 62 5 Background giants in the field of the globular cluster M22 : kinematics of the galactic bulge. MINNITI D., LIEBERT J., OLSZEWSKI W., et al.
1996ApJ...459..175M 74 T                   6 69 Field stars and clusters of the Galactic bulge: implications for galaxy formation. MINNITI D.
1996ApJ...459..606S viz 71 T                   196 27 The distances of planetary nebulae and the Galactic bulge. SCHNEIDER S.E. and BUCKLEY D.
1996ApJ...464..233W 15 1 45 Variations of the selective extinction across the galactic bulge: implications for the galactic bar. WOZNIAK P.R. and STANEK K.Z.
1996ApJ...470..506Z 73 T                   3 18 Proper-motion anisotropy, rotation, and the shape of the Galactic bulge. ZHAO H., RICH R.M. and BIELLO J.
1996MNRAS.279.1005B 74 T                   2 20 On the deprojection of the Galactic bulge. BINNEY J. and GERHARD O.
1996PASP..108..828H 71 T                   3 6 The cool stellar populations of early-type galaxies and the Galactic bulge. (Dissertation summary) HOUDASHELT M.L.
1996AcA....46....1S viz 1318 13 The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment. The general catalog of stars in the Galactic Bulge. I. The stars in the central Baade's Window OGLE field BWC. SZYMANSKI M., UDALSKI A., KUBIAK M., et al.
1996AcA....46...51U viz 71 T                   633 31 The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment. The general catalog of stars in the Galactic Bulge. IV. Periodic variables in three Baade's Window fields : BW9, BW 10, BW 11. UDALSKI A., OLECH A., SZYMANSKI M., et al.
1996AcA....46..389O viz 71 T                   415 8 The miscellaneous stars in OGLE catalog of periodic variable stars in the Galactic bulge. OLECH A.
1997A&A...321..424A 78 T                   2 41 Lensing of unresolved stars towards the Galactic Bulge. ALARD C.
1997A&A...322..229D 72 T                   11 14 ASCA X-ray observations of the Galactic bulge source SLX 1735-269. DAVID P., GOLDWURM A., MURAKAMI T., et al.
1997A&A...328..211N 5 13 Are the Bulge C-stars related to the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy? NG Y.K.
1997A&AS..122...79S viz 72 T                   390 131 The ATCA/VLA OH 1612 MHz survey. I. Observations of the Galactic bulge region. SEVENSTER M.N., CHAPMAN J.M., HABING H.J., et al.
1997A&AS..125..289Z viz 72 T                   72 9 Radial velocities of planetary nebulae towards the Galactic bulge. ZIJLSTRA A.A., ACKER A. and WALSH J.R.
1997AJ....114.2596B viz 68 4 RR Lyrae variables in a new galactic bulge window. BLANCO B.M. and BLANCO V.M.
1997ApJ...476L..23V 72 T                   13 20 SIGMA/GRANAT discovery of GRS 1739-278, a hard X-ray transient in the Galactic bulge. VARGAS M., GOLDWURM A., LAURENT P., et al.
1997ApJ...476L..77P 73 T                   6 19 Evidence for an X-ray-emitting Galactic bulge: shadows cast by distant molecular gas. PARK S., FINLEY J.P. and SNOWDEN S.L.
1997ApJ...476..829M 73 T                   5 19 ASCA observations of the Galactic bulge hard X-ray source GRS 1758-258. MEREGHETTI S., CREMONESI D.I., HAARDT F., et al.
1997ApJ...477..152G 77 T                   2 35 Satellite parallaxes of lensing events toward the Galactic bulge. GAUDI B.S. and GOULD A.
1997ApJ...480..188G 75 T                   3 31 Extreme microlensing toward the Galactic bulge. GOULD A.
1997ApJ...482..782B 75 T                   2 21 Rates for parallax-shifted microlensing events from ground-based observations of the
galactic bulge.
1997ApJ...484..555H 4 2 28 The effects of amplification bias in gravitational microlensing experiments. HAN C.
1997ApJ...485..125S 29 6 522 ROSAT survey diffuse X-ray background maps. II. SNOWDEN S.L., EGGER R., FREYBERG M.J., et al.
1997MNRAS.292L..15L 79 T                   1 23 The morphology and luminosity function of the Galactic bulge from TMGS star counts. LOPEZ-CORREDOIRA M., GARZON F., HAMMERSLEY P., et al.
1997AcA....47....1U viz 72 T                   576 44 The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment. The catalog of periodic variable stars in the Galactic Bulge. V. Periodic variables in fields: MM5-A, MM5-B, MM7-A and MM7-B. UDALSKI A., OLECH A., SZYMANSKI M., et al.
1997AcA....47..183O 72 T                   213 10 Photometric parameters of RR Lyr variable stars in the Galactic Bulge. OLECH A.
1997AcA....47..319U 21 7 455 Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment. OGLE-2 - The second phase of the OGLE project. UDALSKI A., KUBIAK M. and SZYMANSKI M.
1997ARA&A..35..503M 8 22 593 Abundance ratios and galactic chemical evolution. McWILLIAM A.
1997ARA&A..35..637W 5 11 184 Galactic bulges. WYSE R.F.G., GILMORE G. and FRANX M.
1997IAUC.6720Q...1B 2 ~ Microlensing event. BECKER A.C., BENNETT D.P., BUTLER N., et al.
1997Msngr..90...30L 72 T                   7 13 Real-time spectroscopy of gravitational microlensing events - Probing the evolution of the Galactic Bulge. LENNON D.J., MAO S., REETZ J., et al.
1997PASA...14Q.288B 72 T                   1 1 Dynamics of the Galactic Bulge using planetary nebulae. (Thesis abstract). BEAULIEU S.F.
1998A&A...336..667S viz 316 93 The planetary nebulae populations in five galaxies: abundance patterns and evolution. STASINSKA G., RICHER M.G. and McCALL M.L.
1998AJ....115.1476T 11 23 The proper motion of NGC 6522 in Baade's window. TERNDRUP D.M., POPOWSKI P., GOULD A., et al.
1998AJ....115.1946H 93 T                   3 191 The luminosity function and initial mass function in the Galactic bulge. HOLTZMAN J.A., WATSON A.M., BAUM W.A., et al.
1998AJ....115.2374D 73 T                   3 10 The near-infrared photometric properties of bright giants in the central regions of the Galactic bulge. DAVIDGE T.J.
1998AJ....116..754F 72 T                   20 30 Luminous long-period variables in globular clusters and the Galactic Bulge: their dependence on metallicity. FROGEL J.A. and WHITELOCK P.A.
1998AJ....116.1736Z 22 3 The horizontal branches of globular clusters. II. The color-magnitude diagram of NGC 6139. ZINN R. and BARNES S.
1998ApJ...492..190A 98 T                   1 78 The RR Lyrae population of the Galactic bulge from the MACHO database: mean colors and magnitudes. ALCOCK C., ALLSMAN R.A., ALVES D.R., et al.
1998ApJ...495L..55R 4 8 Microlensing of globular clusters as a probe of galactic structure. RHOADS J.E. and MALHOTRA S.
1998ApJ...497...62G 72 T                   3 7 Pixel lensing search for bright microlensing events and variables in the Galactic Bulge. GOULD A. and DEPOY D.L.
1998ApJ...499L.175M 1 6 31 Detection of lithium in a main sequence bulge star using Keck I as a 15M diameter telescope. MINNITI D., VANDEHEI T., COOK K.H., et al.
1998ApJ...500..569H 2 2 13 The effect of luminous lens blending in gravitational microlensing experiments. HAN C.
1998ApJ...505L..31C 72 T                   3 7 The nature of the mid-infrared background radiation in the Galactic Bulge from the IRTS observations. CHAN K.-W., ROELLIG T.L., ONAKA T., et al.
1998ApJ...505..659F 2 2 An attempt to detect the galactic bulge at 12 microns with IRAS. FROGEL J.A.
1998ApJ...509..203P 73 T                   3 9 Evidence for the galactic X-ray
bulge. II.
1998MNRAS.296L..20H 2 3 The direct detection of non-baryonic dark matter in the Galaxy ? HAWKINS M.R.S.
1998MNRAS.299.1040H 72 T                   5 6 An inventory of gravitational microlenses toward the Galactic bulge. HAN C. and CHANG K.
1998PASP..110..888W 11 4 135 Abundance ratio trends and nucleosynthesis in elliptical galaxies and spheroids. WORTHEY G.
1998AcA....48..113U viz 72 T                   315 65 The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment. The distance scale: Galactic Bulge - LMC - SMC. UDALSKI A.
1998AcA....48..563U viz 958 69 The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment. Eclipsing binary stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud. UDALSKI A., SOSZYNSKI I., SZYMANSKI M., et al.
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