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2006ApJ...644..100P viz 74 T                   293 43 Quasars in the
COSMOS field.
2007ApJS..172....9T 145 1 291 The cosmic evolution survey (COSMOS): Subaru observations of the HST cosmos field. TANIGUCHI Y., SCOVILLE N., MURAYAMA T., et al.
2007ApJS..172...29H viz 75 T                   1391 287 The XMM-Newton wide-field survey in the
COSMOS field. I. Survey description.
2007ApJS..172...46S viz 3647 280 The VLA-COSMOS survey. II. Source catalog of the large project. SCHINNERER E., SMOLCIC V., CARILLI C.L., et al.
2007ApJS..172...70L viz 75 T                   20803 835 zCOSMOS: a large VLT/VIMOS redshift survey covering 0 < z < 3 in the
COSMOS field.
2007ApJS..172..132B 76 T                   57 144 COSBO: the MAMBO 1.2 millimeter imaging survey of the
COSMOS field.
2007ApJS..172..150S 1 40 158 Large structures and galaxy evolution in COSMOS at z < 1.1. SCOVILLE N., AUSSEL H., BENSON A., et al.
2007ApJS..172..182F viz 76 T                   73 249 The XMM-Newton wide-field survey in the
COSMOS field: statistical properties of clusters of galaxies.
2007ApJS..172..295S 76 T                   11 30 A wide-angle tail radio galaxy in the
COSMOS field: evidence for cluster formation.
2007ApJS..172..341C 88 T                   4 109 The XMM-Newton wide-field survey in the
COSMOS field. II. X-ray data and the logN-logS relations.
2007ApJS..172..353B 153 T                   1 157 The XMM-Newton wide-field survey in the
COSMOS field. III. Optical identification and multiwavelength properties of a large sample of X-Ray-Selected sources.
2007ApJS..172..368M viz 75 T                   136 92 The XMM-Newton wide-field survey in the
COSMOS field. IV. X-ray spectral properties of active galactic nuclei.
2007ApJS..172..383T viz 75 T                   467 104 Magellan spectroscopy of AGN candidates in the
COSMOS field.
2007ApJS..172..396M 83 T                   3 48 The XMM-Newton wide-field survey in the
COSMOS field. V. Angular clustering of the X-ray point sources.
2007ApJS..172..456T viz 3469 37 The [O II] λ3727 luminosity function and star formation rate at z~1.2 in the COSMOS 2 square degree field and the Subaru deep field. TAKAHASHI M.I., SHIOYA Y., TANIGUCHI Y., et al.
2007ApJS..172..511S 75 T                   5 6 A potential galaxy threshing system in the
COSMOS field.
2007ApJS..172..518C 76 T                   4 13 Radio and millimeter properties of z∼5.7 Lyα emitters in the
COSMOS field: limits on radio AGNs, submillimeter galaxies, and dust obscuration.
2007ApJS..172..523M viz 75 T                   121 97 Lyα emitters at redshift 5.7 in the
COSMOS field.
2007MNRAS.380..113M 155       S   X         3 1 11 QSO lensing magnification: a comparison of 2QZ and Sloan Digital Sky Survey results. MOUNTRICHAS G. and SHANKS T.
2007A&A...474L...5Z 397 T   A     X C       9 22 12 Distant galaxy clusters in the
COSMOS field found by HIROCS.
2007A&A...474..473G viz 37           X         1 100 23 The XMM large scale structure survey: optical vs. X-ray classifications of active galactic nuclei and the unified scheme. GARCET O., GANDHI P., GOSSET E., et al.
2007A&A...475...83G 4 3 28 The spatial clustering of mid-IR selected star forming galaxies at z∼1 in the GOODS fields. GILLI R., DADDI E., CHARY R., et al.
2007A&A...476.1191B viz 37           X         1 343 35 The XMM-Newton serendipitous survey. IV. Optical identification of the XMM-Newton medium sensitivity survey (XMS). BARCONS X., CARRERA F.J., CEBALLOS M.T., et al.
2008ApJ...672..177L 108           X         2 6 406 The evolution of galaxy mergers and morphology at z < 1.2 in the Extended Groth Strip. LOTZ J.M., DAVIS M., FABER S.M., et al.
2008ApJ...672..198L 194 T         X C       3 1 12 The faint-end slopes of galaxy luminosity functions in the COSMOS field. LIU C.T., CAPAK P., MOBASHER B., et al.
2008MNRAS.383.1319G 890 T   A     X C       22 8 21 A deep I-selected multiwaveband galaxy catalogue in the
COSMOS field.
2008A&A...479..283B viz 113           X         3 414 52 XMM-Newton observations of the Lockman Hole: X-ray source catalogue and number counts. BRUNNER H., CAPPELLUTI N., HASINGER G., et al.
2008ApJ...674..660V 39           X         1 1 2 On the search for quasar light echoes. VISBAL E. and CROFT R.A.C.
2008ApJS..175..128S viz 113           X         3 983 49 The Hα luminosity function and star formation rate at z∼0.24 in the COSMOS 2 square degree field. SHIOYA Y., TANIGUCHI Y., SASAKI S.S., et al.
2008AJ....135.1624S viz 39           X         1 7 19 Emission-line galaxies from the PEARS Hubble ultra deep field: a 2D detection method and first results. STRAUGHN A.N., MEURER G.R., PIRZKAL N., et al.
2008ApJ...676..944G viz 39           X         1 91 225 UV/Optical detections of candidate tidal disruption events by GALEX and CFHTLS. GEZARI S., BASA S., MARTIN D.C., et al.
2008MNRAS.385.2225S viz 626 T   A     X C F     14 54 196 AzTEC millimetre survey of the
COSMOS field - I. Data reduction and source catalogue.
2008ApJS..176...19F viz 640 T         X C       15 202 107 First catalog of strong lens candidates in the COSMOS field. FAURE C., KNEIB J.-P., COVONE G., et al.
2008ApJ...678..744P 39           X         1 5 17 AEGIS: radio and mid-infrared selection of obscured AGN candidates. PARK S.Q., BARMBY P., FAZIO G.G., et al.
2008MNRAS.386..781M 215           X   F     4 2 108 Precision photometric redshift calibration for galaxy-galaxy weak lensing. MANDELBAUM R., SELJAK U., HIRATA C.M., et al.
2008MNRAS.386.1169T 38           X         1 5 9 Probing the slope of cluster mass profile with gravitational Einstein rings: application to Abell 1689. TU H., LIMOUSIN M., FORT B., et al.
2008A&A...483..107B 41           X         1 5 36 Star formation history of galaxies from z = 0 to z = 0.7. A backward approach to the evolution of star-forming galaxies. BUAT V., BOISSIER S., BURGARELLA D., et al.
2008ApJ...679..140T viz 75           X         2 220 106 Measuring the fraction of obscured quasars by the infrared luminosity of unobscured quasars. TREISTER E., KROLIK J.H. and DULLEMOND C.
2008ApJS..176..301O viz 2 96 529 The Subaru/XMM-Newton deep survey (SXDS). IV. Evolution of Lyα emitters from z=3.1 to 5.7 in the 1 deg2 field: luminosity functions and AGN. OUCHI M., SHIMASAKU K., AKIYAMA M., et al.
2008ApJ...679..942M 188           X         5 20 19 A Magellan IMACS spectroscopic search for Lyα-emitting galaxies at redshift 5.7. MARTIN C.L., SAWICKI M., DRESSLER A., et al.
2008A&A...484..143F 38           X         1 62 40 Global characteristics of GRBs observed with INTEGRAL and the inferred large population of low-luminosity GRBs. FOLEY S., McGLYNN S., HANLON L., et al.
2008ApJ...680..939C viz 701 T   A     X         18 141 29 The optical spectra of 24 µm galaxies in the COSMOS field. I. Spitzer MIPS bright sources in the zCOSMOS-bright 10k catalog. CAPUTI K.I., LILLY S.J., AUSSEL H., et al.
2008MNRAS.387.1323R viz 188     A D     X         6 1272 20 Luminous red galaxy clustering at z ≃ 0.7 - first results using AAOmega. ROSS N.P., SHANKS T., CANNON R.D., et al.
2008ApJS..177...14S 387           X         10 7 140 A new method to separate star-forming from AGN galaxies at intermediate redshift: the submillijansky radio population in the VLA-COSMOS survey. SMOLCIC V., SCHINNERER E., SCODEGGIO M., et al.
2008ApJS..177..131C 928 T   A     X C       23 4 8 Optical selection of faint active galactic nuclei in the COSMOS field. CASEY C.M., IMPEY C.D., TRUMP J.R., et al.
2008ApJ...681.1129B 222     A     X         6 4 91 The VLA-COSMOS survey. III. Further catalog analysis and the radio source counts. BONDI M., CILIEGI P., SCHINNERER E., et al.
2008A&A...487....7M 41           X         1 2 13 The VIMOS VLT Deep Survey. Testing the gravitational instability paradigm at z ∼ 1. MARINONI C., GUZZO L., CAPPI A., et al.
2008A&A...487..119D viz 39           X         1 17 64 The cosmological properties of AGN in the XMM-Newton Hard Bright Survey. DELLA CECA R., CACCIANIGA A., SEVERGNINI P., et al.
2008A&A...487..539W viz 38           X         1 198 4 A slitless spectroscopic survey for quasars near quasars. WORSECK G., WISOTZKI L. and SELMAN F.
2008MNRAS.388.1473G 328           X C       7 3 163 HiZELS: a high-redshift survey of Hα emitters - I. The cosmic star formation rate and clustering at z = 2.23. GEACH J.E., SMAIL I., BEST P.N., et al.
2008MNRAS.389..333Y 115           X C       2 10 42 Spitzer IRAC infrared colours of submillimetre-bright galaxies. YUN M.S., ARETXAGA I., ASHBY M.L.N., et al.
2008ApJ...684...34K 399     A     X C       10 9 16 A comparison of weak-lensing measurements from ground- and space-based facilities. KASLIWAL M.M., MASSEY R., ELLIS R.S., et al.
2007PASJ...59.1175T 1 1 2 Survey for a small asteroid population in the cosmic evolution survey field. TERAI T., ITOH Y. and MUKAI T.
2008ApJ...684..905E viz 38           X         1 123 230 Clusters of galaxies in the first half of the universe from the IRAC Shallow Survey. EISENHARDT P.R.M., BRODWIN M., GONZALEZ A.H., et al.
2008ApJ...684..933G 40           X         1 15 60 The complex structure of the Cl 1604 supercluster at z ∼ 0.9. GAL R.R., LEMAUX B.C., LUBIN L.M., et al.
2008MNRAS.389.1311J 153 T           C       2 7 29 Gravitational lenses and lens candidates identified from the
COSMOS field.
2008ApJS..179...19L viz 151           X C       3 586 273 The Chandra Deep Field-South survey: 2 Ms source catalogs. LUO B., BAUER F.E., BRANDT W.N., et al.
2008ApJ...687L..57V 8 2 34 Off-nuclear AGNs as a signature of recoiling massive black holes. VOLONTERI M. and MADAU P.
2008ApJ...687..959B 44           X         1 18 248 Revealing the properties of dark matter in the merging cluster MACS J0025.4-1222. BRADAC M., ALLEN S.W., TREU T., et al.
2008A&A...490..905H 58           X         1 8 331 Absorption properties and evolution of active galactic nuclei. HASINGER G.
2008A&A...491..173A 188 T         X         4 16 24 Properties of the molecular gas in a starbursting QSO at z = 1.83 in the
COSMOS field.
2008ApJ...688...59Y 78           X         2 15 109 The physical scale of the far-infrared emission in the most luminous submillimeter galaxies. YOUNGER J.D., FAZIO G.G., WILNER D.J., et al.
2008ApJ...688..128Y 38           X         1 21 6 The reddest DR3 SDSS/XMM-Newton quasars. YOUNG M., ELVIS M. and RISALITI G.
2008ApJ...689L...5S 53           X         1 3 91 Molecular gas in a submillimeter galaxy at z = 4.5: evidence for a major merger at 1 billion years after the Big Bang. SCHINNERER E., CARILLI C.L., CAPAK P., et al.
2008ApJ...689..883C 329 T   A     X         8 5 53 Star formation rates in Lyman break galaxies: radio stacking of LBGs in the COSMOS field and the sub-µJy radio source population. CARILLI C.L., LEE N., CAPAK P., et al.
2008MNRAS.391..435F 97           X         1 1 118 The onion universe: all sky lightcone simulations in spherical shells. FOSALBA P., GAZTANAGA E., CASTANDER F.J., et al.
2009A&A...493...39M 128           X         3 1 29 The zCOSMOS redshift survey: the three-dimensional classification cube and bimodality in galaxy physical properties. MIGNOLI M., ZAMORANI G., SCODEGGIO M., et al.
2009A&A...493..339W viz 45           X         1 30 467 The XMM-Newton serendipitous survey. V. The Second XMM-Newton serendipitous source catalogue. WATSON M.G., SCHROEDER A.C., FYFE D., et al.
2009ApJ...690..295K viz 227           X C F     4 29 30 Chandra observations of the CL1604 supercluster at z = 0.9: evidence for an overdensity of active galactic nuclei. KOCEVSKI D.D., LUBIN L.M., GAL R., et al.
2009ApJ...690..610S 1845 T   A S   X C       46 7 45 The dust-unbiased cosmic star-formation history from the 20 CM
VLA-COSMOS survey.
2009ApJ...690.1074M 197           X         5 2 32 Relation between stellar mass and star-formation activity in galaxies. MOBASHER B., DAHLEN T., HOPKINS A., et al.
2009ApJ...690.1236I viz 499     A     X C       8 3 1041 COSMOS photometric redshifts with 30-Bands for 2-deg2. ILBERT O., CAPAK P., SALVATO M., et al.
2009ApJ...690.1250S 149     A     X         3 3 301 Photometric redshift and classification for the XMM-COSMOS sources. SALVATO M., HASINGER G., ILBERT O., et al.
2009ApJ...691...91C 295 T   A     X         7 1 15 The close environment of 24 µm galaxies at 0.6 < z < 1.0 in the cosmos field. CAPUTI K.I., KOVAC K., BOLZONELLA M., et al.
2009ApJ...691..241B 61           X         1 3 142 Measuring baryon acoustic oscillations along the line of sight with photometric redshifts: the PAU survey. BENITEZ N., GAZTANAGA E., MIQUEL R., et al.
2009ApJ...691..705G viz 136     A     X         4 361 183 Active galactic nucleus host galaxy morphologies in COSMOS. GABOR J.M., IMPEY C.D., JAHNKE K., et al.
2009ApJS..180...67R viz 195           X C       3 3 261 Efficient photometric selection of quasars from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. II. ∼1,000,000 quasars from Data Release 6. RICHARDS G.T., MYERS A.D., GRAY A.G., et al.
2008PASP..120.1307M 42           X         1 1 8 Diagnosing space telescope misalignment and jitter using stellar images. MA Z., BERNSTEIN G., WEINSTEIN A., et al.
2009PASP..121....2V 40           X         1 19 76 The NEWFIRM medium-band survey: filter definitions and first results. VAN DOKKUM P.G., LABBE I., MARCHESINI D., et al.
2009A&A...494...33G 523 T   A     X         13 5 88 The spatial clustering of X-ray selected AGN in the XMM-
COSMOS field.
2009ApJ...693....8B viz 153           X         4 41 97 High-redshift quasars in the COSMOS survey: the space density of z > 3 X-ray selected QSOs. BRUSA M., COMASTRI A., GILLI R., et al.
2009ApJ...693..447F 426 T         X         10 11 207 Chasing highly obscured QSOs in the COSMOS field. FIORE F., PUCCETTI S., BRUSA M., et al.
2009ApJ...693.1579Y 39           X         1 22 87 Extended Lyα nebulae at z ≃ 2.3: an extremely rare and strongly clustered population? YANG Y., ZABLUDOFF A., TREMONTI C., et al.
2009AJ....137.3884R viz 118           X         3 4 39 Eight-dimensional mid-infrared/optical Bayesian quasar selection. RICHARDS G.T., DEO R.P., LACY M., et al.
2009MNRAS.393.1235C 82           X         2 5 69 A new look at massive clusters: weak lensing constraints on the triaxial dark matter haloes of A1689, A1835 and A2204. CORLESS V.L., KING L.J. and CLOWE D.
2009MNRAS.393.1573A 862 T   A S   X         21 4 49 AzTEC millimetre survey of the
COSMOS field - II. Source count overdensity and correlations with large-scale structure.
2009MNRAS.394....3D 49           X         1 6 142 The star formation history of K-selected galaxies. DUNNE L., IVISON R.J., MADDOX S., et al.
2009ApJ...694.1099M 203           X         5 1 28 The dependence of star formation activity on stellar mass surface density and sersic index in zCOSMOS galaxies at 0.5 < z < 0.9 compared with SDSS galaxies at 0.04 < z < 0.08. MAIER C., LILLY S.J., ZAMORANI G., et al.
2009ApJ...694.1517D 78           X         2 65 309 Two bright submillimeter galaxies in a z = 4.05 protocluster in GOODS-North, and accurate radio-infrared photometric redshifts. DADDI E., DANNERBAUER H., STERN D., et al.
2009ApJ...695..171S 373           X C       8 1 64 The environments of active galactic nuclei within the zCOSMOS density field. SILVERMAN J.D., KOVAC K., KNOBEL C., et al.
2009ApJ...695.1233F 1056     A S   X C       26 1 21 On the contribution of large-scale structure to strong gravitational lensing. FAURE C., KNEIB J.-P., HILBERT S., et al.
2009ApJ...695.1559D 38           X         1 26 18 2MASS/SDSS close major-merger galaxy pairs. DOMINGUE D.L., XU C.K., JARRETT T.H., et al.
2009AJ....137.4487B 38           X         1 30 26 Do bars drive spiral density waves? BUTA R.J., KNAPEN J.H., ELMEGREEN B.G., et al.
2009ApJ...696...24S 243 T         X         5 4 129 Cosmic evolution of radio selected active galactic nuclei in the cosmos field. SMOLCIC V., ZAMORANI G., SCHINNERER E., et al.
2009ApJ...696..396S 165           X         3 2 207 Ongoing and co-evolving star formation in zCOSMOS galaxies hosting active galactic nuclei. SILVERMAN J.D., LAMAREILLE F., MAIER C., et al.
2009ApJ...696..546S viz 152           X C       3 86 28 Photometric properties of Lyα emitters at z∼4.86 in the COSMOS 2 square degree field. SHIOYA Y., TANIGUCHI Y., SASAKI S.S., et al.
2009A&A...497..635C viz 379 T         X C       8 1896 242 The XMM-Newton wide-field survey in the
COSMOS field. The point-like X-ray source catalogue.
2009ApJ...696.1103C 288 T   A     X         7 10 13 Low-power radio galaxies in the distant universe: a search for FR I at 1 < z < 2 in the COSMOS field. CHIABERGE M., TREMBLAY G., CAPETTI A., et al.
2009ApJ...696.1195T viz 152           X         4 682 127 The COSMOS active galactic nucleus spectroscopic survey. I. XMM-Newton counterparts. TRUMP J.R., IMPEY C.D., ELVIS M., et al.
2009MNRAS.394.1631A 40           X         1 1 4 Recovering the real-space correlation function from photometric redshift surveys. ARNALTE-MUR P., FERNANDEZ-SOTO A., MARTINEZ V.J., et al.
2009MNRAS.394.1956C 959           X C F     23 6 155 The structures of distant galaxies - III. The merger history of over 20000 massive galaxies at z < 1.2. CONSELICE C.J., YANG C. and BLUCK A.F.L.
2008ARA&A..46..201S 38           X         1 53 58 The Spitzer view of the extragalactic universe. SOIFER B.T., HELOU G. and WERNER M.
2009A&A...498...67L 38           X         1 57 34 Revealing X-ray obscured quasars in SWIRE sources with extreme mid-IR/optical flux ratios. LANZUISI G., PICONCELLI E., FIORE F., et al.
2009A&A...497..743H 233 T         X         5 2 27 A robust morphological classification of high-redshift galaxies using support vector machines on seeing limited images. II. Quantifying morphological k-correction in the
COSMOS field at 1 < z < 2: ks band vs. I band.
2009ApJ...697.1634R 111           X         2 3 214 Clustering of low-redshift (z ≤ 2.2) quasars from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. ROSS N.P., SHEN Y., STRAUSS M.A., et al.
2009ApJ...697.1842K viz 174     A     X         5 3109 98 An optical group catalog to z = 1 from the zCOSMOS 10 K sample. KNOBEL C., LILLY S.J., IOVINO A., et al.
2009ApJ...697.1971J 65           X         1 4 216 History of galaxy interactions and their impact on star formation over the last 7 gyr from GEMS. JOGEE S., MILLER S.H., PENNER K., et al.
2009ApJ...698L.116P 232           X         2 1 313 Star formation and dust obscuration at z ~ 2: galaxies at the dawn of downsizing. PANNELLA M., CARILLI C.L., DADDI E., et al.
2008MmSAI..79.1267B 38           X         1 1 0 Optically selected type-2 AGN: preliminary results from the COSMOS survey. BONGIORNO A., MIGNOLI M., ZAMORANI G., et al.
2009ApJ...699..603A viz 38           X         1 249 174 The evolution of Swift/BAT blazars and the origin of the MeV background. AJELLO M., COSTAMANTE L., SAMBRUNA R.M., et al.
2009ApJ...699.1307B 118           X         3 1 8 Studying large- and small-scale environments of ultraviolet luminous galaxies. BASU-ZYCH A.R., SCHIMINOVICH D., HEINIS S., et al.
2009ApJ...700...20L 38           X         1 25 20 Serendipitous discovery of an overdensity of Lyα emitters at z ∼ 4.8 in the CL1604 supercluster field. LEMAUX B.C., LUBIN L.M., SAWICKI M., et al.
2009ApJ...700..799W 41           X         1 5 39 Color distributions, number, and mass densities of massive galaxies at 1.5 < z < 3: comparing observations with merger simulations. WUYTS S., FRANX M., COX T.J., et al.
2009A&A...500..749E 115           X         3 10 20 High-precision multi-band measurements of the angular clustering of X-ray sources. EBRERO J., MATEOS S., STEWART G.C., et al.
2008Msngr.134...35L 302           X         8 2 5 The zCOSMOS Data Release 2: the "zCOSMOS-bright 10k-sample" and structure in the Universe out to redshifts of order unity. LILLY S. (The zCOSMOS Team)
2009ApJ...700..971I 429 T         X C       9 1 25 Environmental effects on the star formation activity in galaxies at z ≃ 1.2 in the COSMOS field. IDEUE Y., NAGAO T., TANIGUCHI Y., et al.
2009ApJ...701...86Z 119           X C       2 3 34 The [O II] λ3727 luminosity function at z ∼ 1. ZHU G., MOUSTAKAS J. and BLANTON M.R.
2009ApJ...701..787P 217     A     X         6 6 70 The evolution of early- and late-type galaxies in the cosmic evolution survey up to z ~ 1.2. PANNELLA M., GABASCH A., GORANOVA Y., et al.
2009ApJ...701..915T 402 T   A     X         10 127 18 Hubble space Telescope/Advanced camera for surveys morphology of Lyα emitters at redshift 5.7 in the COSMOS field. TANIGUCHI Y., MURAYAMA T., SCOVILLE N.Z., et al.
2009MNRAS.396.1404M 78           X         2 3 16 The spatial distribution of X-ray selected AGN in the Chandra Deep Fields: a theoretical perspective. MARULLI F., BONOLI S., BRANCHINI E., et al.
2009MNRAS.397..208C 304           X C F     6 7 27 The structures of distant galaxies - II. Diverse galaxy structures and local environments at z = 4-6: implications for early galaxy assembly. CONSELICE C.J. and ARNOLD J.
2009ApJ...702L..82C 163 T         X         3 5 111 1.75 h–1 kpc separation dual active galactic nuclei at z = 0.36 in the cosmos field. COMERFORD J.M., GRIFFITH R.L., GERKE B.F., et al.
2009MNRAS.398...75S 373           X C       7 1 140 HiZELS: a high-redshift survey of Hα emitters - II. The nature of star-forming galaxies at z = 0.84. SOBRAL D., BEST P.N., GEACH J.E., et al.
2009ApJ...702.1458K 754 T   A     X C       18 1 22 Classification of extremely red objects in the cosmos field. KONG X., FANG G., ARIMOTO N., et al.
2009A&A...503..379T viz 378           X         9 2 149 The zCOSMOS redshift survey: the role of environment and stellar mass in shaping the rise of the morphology-density relation from z ∼1. TASCA L.A.M., KNEIB J.-P., IOVINO A., et al.
2009PASJ...61..833H 152           X C       3 24 26 Subaru Weak-Lensing Survey II: Multi-object spectroscopy and cluster masses. HAMANA T., MIYAZAKI S., KASHIKAWA N., et al.
2009Msngr.137...41R 1 3 7 Wandering in the redshift desert. RENZINI A. and DADDI E.
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