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1962CoBos..17....0T 93 27 Faint Halpha-emission objects in nebulosities surrounding the star m Cen. THE P.-S.
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1991ApJS...76.1033D 666 40 UBV photometry of OB+ stars in the Southern Milky Way. DRILLING J.S.
1992ApJ...387L..37J 193 T K                 1 351
PSR 1259-63 : a binary radio pulsar with a Be star companion.
1992MNRAS.255..401J 124 256 A high-frequency survey of the southern galactic plane for pulsars. JOHNSTON S., LYNE A.G., MANCHESTER R.N., et al.
1993ApJ...405..727K 106 T K                 7 8 The evolutionary status of the pulsar-Be star binary
PSR 1259-63.
1993ApJ...406..638K 112 T K                 1 27 Some implications of
PSR 1259-63.
1993ApJS...88..529T viz 547 865 Catalog of 558 pulsars. TAYLOR J.H., MANCHESTER R.N. and LYNE A.G.
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1993BAAS...25.1434K 3 ~ PSR J0045-7314: a massive radio pulsar binary in the Small Magellanic Cloud. KASPI V.M., JOHNSTON S., MANCHESTER R.N., et al.
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1993SSRv...66..309V 32 6 Massive close binaries: observational characteristics. VAN DEN HEUVEL E.P.J.
1993SSRv...66..439P 4 5 SN 1987A and SN 1993J: testing stellar evolution theory? PODSIADLOWSKI P.
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1994ApJ...427..978C 112 T K                 2 52 Detection of X-ray emission from the
PSR 1259-63/SS 2883 binary system.
1994ApJ...433L..37T 118 T K                 1 50 Regimes of high-energy shock emission from the Be star/pulsar system PSR 1259-63. TAVANI M., ARONS J. and KASPI V.M.
1994ApJ...435..411K 108 T K                 3 25 X-ray emission of the pulsar-Be star binary
PSR 1259-63.
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1994BAAS...26.1485T 71 T                   1 ~ Hard X-ray emission from the pulsar system PSR B1259-63 near periastron. TAVANI M., et al.
1994MmSAI..65...21L 6 3 Scenario macMachine : cages of binaries. LIPUNOV V.M.
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1995ApJ...445L.137M 116 T K                 1 36 Period evolution of
PSR B1259-63 : evidence for propeller-torque spindown.
1995ApJ...447L.113G 110 T K                 4 48 Evidence for shock acceleration in the binary pulsar system
PSR B1259-63.
1995ApJ...449..294K 14 2 113 Tidal excitation of modes in binary systems with applications to binary pulsars. KUMAR P., AO C.O. and QUATAERT E.J.
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1995ApJ...453..411G 107 T K                 10 11 Spin-down of neutron stars in massive radio pulsar binaries : the periastron passage of
PSR B1259-63.
1995ApJ...453..424K 114 T K                 2 56 X-ray detection of
PSR B1259-63 at periastron.
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PSR B1259-63.
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PSR B1259-63 binary system.
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1999ApJ...521..718H 110 T K                 4 30 X-ray/gamma-ray observations of the
PSR B1259-63/
SS 2883 system near apastron.
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1999MNRAS.302..277J 113 T K                 3 53 Transient radio emission from the
PSR B1259-63 system near periastron.
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PSR B1259-63/
LS 2883 Binary Just After Periastron.
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2021ATel14540....1J 392 T         X         8 1 ~ Detection of enhanced emission above 100 MeV, using Fermi-LAT data, associated with the
PSR B1259-63/
LS 2883 binary system approximately 60 days after periastron.
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LS 2883 System 85 Days Post-periastron Detected with the Fermi-LAT.
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PSR B1259-63/
LS 2883 near its 2022 apastron.
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PSR B1259-63/
LS 2883 near the 2022 apastron.
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PSR B1259-63 do not show an increased X-ray activity at apastron.
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LS 2883 High Mass Gamma-Ray Binary Detected During the 2021-2024 Binary Cycle.
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LS 2883/
During the 2017-2021 Binary Cycle.
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