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1959AJ.....64..254A 57 74 Southern Hemisphere Photometry VII. The color-magnitude diagram of NGC 330 and the adjoining region of the Small Magellanic Cloud. ARP H.
1974A&AS...15..261R 125 153 Color-magnitude diagrams for eleven young clusters in the Magellanic Clouds. ROBERTSON J.W.
1980MNRAS.191..285F 26 21 The cluster NGC 330 in the SMC: radial velocities of individual stars. FEAST M.W. and BLACK C.
1991A&A...242L..17B 1 21 101 Concerning the reddening of the Magellanic clouds. BESSELL M.S.
1992A&A...253..359G 22 51 Metallicities from CCD Stromgren photometry of the young cluster NGC 330 and nearby field stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud. GREBEL E.K. and RICHTLER T.
1993A&A...271..109C 12 31 A far UV investigation of luminous hot stars in the SMC cluster NGC 330. CALOI V., CASSATELLA A., CASTELLANI V., et al.
1993SSRv...66..169L 20 15 A spectroscopic analysis of B stars in the SMC cluster NGC 330. LENNON D.J., MAZZALI P.A., PASIAN F., et al.
1994IAUS..162..269M 19 2 Spectroscopy of Be stars in NGC 330. MAZZALI P.A., PASIAN F., LENNON D.J., et al.
1996A&A...311..470G 44 42 On the nature of the blue giants in NGC 330. GREBEL E.K., ROBERTS W.J. and BRANDNER W.
1998A&A...340..397K 31 16 Spectroscopy of Be stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud cluster NGC 330. KELLER S.C. and BESSELL M.S.
1999AJ....117.2286G 12 35 Elemental abundances in evolved supergiants. I. NGC 330, a young SMC cluster. GONZALEZ G. and WALLERSTEIN G.
2000A&A...353..655K 34 49 Chemical abundances from Magellanic cloud B stars. KORN A.J., BECKER S.R., GUMMERSBACH C.A., et al.
2000AJ....119.1748K viz 16 36 Wide field planetary camera 2 imaging of young clusters in the Magellanic clouds. KELLER S.C., BESSELL M.S. and DA COSTA G.S.
2003A&A...398..455L 11 32 More nitrogen rich B-type stars in the SMC cluster, NGC 330. LENNON D.J., DUFTON P.L. and CROWLEY C.
2003IAUS..212..755V 5 0 The stellar population in the dwarf starburst galaxy NGC 1705. VAZQUEZ G.A., LEITHERER C., DE MELLO D., et al.
2004ApJ...600..162V 26 33 Characterizing the stellar population in NGC 1705-1. VAZQUEZ G.A., LEITHERER C., HECKMAN T.M., et al.
2004PASP..116..909E 48 15 The ultraviolet and optical spectra of luminous B-type stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud. EVANS C.J., LENNON D.J., WALBORN N.R., et al.
2008AJ....135.1350S viz 15       D               4 158 6 Hot variable stars in the SMC cluster NGC 330. SCHMIDTKE P.C., CHOBANIAN J.B. and COWLEY A.P.
2010ApJS..187..149A viz 15       D               1 535 80 StarCAT: a catalog of space telescope imaging spectrograph ultraviolet echelle spectra of stars. AYRES T.R.
2012ApJ...745..173W viz 15       D               1 307 56 Interstellar H I and H2 in the Magellanic Clouds: an expanded sample based on ultraviolet absorption-line data. WELTY D.E., XUE R. and WONG T.
2013PASJ...65...55T 117           X         3 28 4 Paschen alpha Observations of Be stars toward the SMC Ccuster NGC 330. TANABE T., MOTOHARA K., TATEUCHI K., et al.
2020AJ....159..152C 85           X         2 24 ~ MUSE observations of NGC330 in the Small Magellanic Cloud: helium abundance of bright main-sequence stars. CARINI R., BIAZZO K., BROCATO E., et al.
2021A&A...652A..70B viz 17       D               1 352 19 The young massive SMC cluster NGC 330 seen by MUSE. II. Multiplicity properties of the massive-star population. BODENSTEINER J., SANA H., WANG C., et al.

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