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1987Natur.330..426S 6 7 Ever more distant quasars ? SHAVER P.
1988Msngr..51...15W 2 3 26 High resolution CASPEC observations of the z=4.11 QSO 0000-26. WEBB J.K., PARNELL H.C., CARSWELL R.F., et al.
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1992AJ....104..941S 71 T                   38 222 Deep imaging of high redshift QSO fields below the Lyman limit. I. The field of Q0000-263 and galaxies at Z = 3.4. STEIDEL C.C. and HAMILTON D.
1992MNRAS.255..319W 18 1 72 The Gunn-Peterson effect and the HI column density distribution of Lyman-alpha forest clouds at z = 4. WEBB J.K., BARCONS X., CARSWELL R.F., et al.
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1992PASP..104..843S 1 3 12 The redshift evolution of QSO heavy-element absorption systems. STEIDEL C.C.
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1992BAAS...24..752G 1 ~ A radio quiet, Lyman-alpha galaxy at z=3.428: a primeval galaxy? GIAVALISCO M., MACCHETTO F. and SPARKS W.B.
1992BAAS...24..806T 70 T                   1 ~ A radio quiet galaxy at redshift z = 3.428 along the line-of-sight to Q0000-2619. TURNSHEK D.A., HAZARD C., MACCHETTO F., et al.
1993A&A...270...43M 3 11 148 Emission from a damped Ly-alpha absorber at z = 2.81. MOLLER P. and WARREN S.J.
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1993ApJS...87..451H viz 14       D               7278 328 A revised and updated catalog of quasi-stellar objects. HEWITT A. and BURBIDGE G.
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1994A&A...288..103G 106 T K                 14 23 Narrow-band imaging of fields around optically-thick absorption systems: the line-of-sight towards
Q 0000-2619.
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1994AJ....107.1937T 71 T                   3 8 A search for HI 21cm emission from a damped Ly-alpha absorption line system and possible cluster of galaxies at redshift z=3.4 in the direction of Q0000-2619. TARAMOPOULOS A., BRIGGS F.H. and TURNSHEK D.A.
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1995AJ....110..963T 24 67 A narrowband imaging survey for primeval galaxies. THOMPSON D., DJORGOVSKI S. and TRAUGER J.
1995AJ....110.1551M 5 12 GB 1508+5714, the first z>4 radio-selected quasar in X rays. MATHUR S. and ELVIS M.
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1996ApJ...472..509L 131 T K                 2 148 The Lyman-alpha forest at z ∼ 4: Keck HIRES observations of
LU L., SARGENT W.L.W., WOMBLE D.S., et al.
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2000A&A...360..846G 109 T K                 3 2 Constraints on the physical properties of the damped Lyα system of
Q0000-2619 at z=3.054.
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