SIMBAD4 : The new simbad release

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Last modification: July , 2007


You will find below some information about this release since october, 2006.

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1. SIMBAD4: a new SIMBAD release

The current Simbad database and software release is running since 1990. Several considerations, including VO developments, the need for new features, better evolution possibilities, leaded to develop from scratch a new release of the Simbad database and software.

The new software is entirely developped in Java language. The database system is PostgresQL

SIMBAD4 is distributed on three biprocessor PCs, running 1. the PostgreSQL database, 2. the SIMBAD main server application and 3. the web access tools apache, tomcat/axis and the simbad servlets and web services.

2. New Data

Provision is made in Simbad4 for new data:

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