SIMBAD: Object types

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The Object Type in Simbad is defined as a hierarchical classification, which emphasizes the physical nature of the object. To have more details, please read the explanation page.

Since now (2022-07), the historical list of object types is replaced by this reorganized list, based on physical properties, and on the evolutionary stage for stars. It enable a more interactive search, and provide minimal definitions. The hierarchies between object types evolve: for instance, a RR Lyrae Star still be in the hierarchy of Variable Stars, and also in the hierarchy of Horizontal Branch Stars. If you are using the hierarchies in scripts, you might have to adapt your scripts to the new description.

Each class has normally a standard designation, a condensed one (used in tables) and an extended explanation. The "hierarchy" column gives the list of types used behind selection criteria queries/TAP/Aladin.

This description of object types is presented as the following table, downloadable in text files, or viewed as graphical representations (tree, bubbles, sunburst). Please use the menu/icons just bellow.

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