Sorting references

Sorting references

If you choose to "display" "reference summary", (in section References in a Simbad object) buttons are availables to sort references depending on where the object is cited (by default references are sorted by Year and Journal) :

Inside each group, references are sorted by date.

Simbad displays after the bibliographical code all the locations of citations we have (the choice of sort is in bold format). At the end of the line, you can see between brackets the number of citations of the object in this article.

These additional information have been collected in the Simbad database since 2008. Since this year, we have the location of the object name in each article (title, abstract, keywords, subtitle, caption, table, ...) mainly in the major journals (A&A, AJ, ApJ, ApJS, MNRAS). Before 2008, the information is not complete.

The list of tags :