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1975ApJ...197L..95W 28 22 Absorption-line redshifts of galaxies in remote clusters obtained with a sky-subtraction spectrograph using an SIT televison detector. WESTPHAL J.A., KRISTIAN J. and SANDAGE A.
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Cl 0024+1654 and 3C 295.
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1985ApJ...294...70D 70 T                   1 25 125 Spectroscopy of galaxies in distant clusters. III. The population of
Cl 0024+1654.
1985MNRAS.213..215C 1 4 24 CCD photometry of a cluster of galaxies at a redshift of 0.57. COUCH W.J., SHANKS T. and PENCE W.D.
1985MNRAS.217..551L 71 T                   1 14 Infrared photometry of galaxies in the Butcher-Oemler cluster
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1986AJ.....92..523S 69 T                   1 13 34 Three-color CCD photometry of the distant cluster of galaxies
Cl 0024+1654.
1986ApJ...300..639T 75 T                   1 1 26 High-resolution imaging from Mauna Kea : surface photometry of galaxies in
CL 0024+16.
1986ApJ...303..154L 2 11 104 Photometric redshifts of galaxies. LOH E.D. and SPILLAR E.J.
1986ApJ...304L...5L 3 7 94 Spectroscopy of three Butcher-Oemler clusters of galaxies at a redshift of 0.2. LAVERY R.J. and HENRY J.P.
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1988ApJ...324..112T 2 2 23 High-resolution imaging from Mauna Kea : morphology of Butcher-Oemler galaxies. THOMPSON L.A.
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1988ApJ...329...24L 4 1 16 The redshift-volume measurement of the cosmological parameters. LOH E.D.
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1988ApJ...332...81L 15 32 X-ray observations of distant blue clusters of galaxies. LEA S.M. and HENRY J.P.
1988ComAp..12..233B 3 1 On the giant arcs in clusters of galaxies : can they be shells ? BRAUN E. and DEKEL A.
1989BAAS...21.1170K 70 T                   1 1 0 Multiple arcs in
Cl 0024+16 (z=0.39).
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1991ApJ...380..334M 71 T                   1 9 60 Spectroscopy of the gravitational arcs in Cl 2244-02, A 370 (arclet A5), and
Cl 0024+1654.
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1994ApJ...429L...9K 71 T                   24 6 Conspicuous tangential alignment of faint blue and red objects in
cluster 0024+1654.
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1996ApJ...461L..83C 110 T K                 7 72 Unlensing multiple arcs in
0024+1654: reconstruction of the source image.
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Cl 0024+17.
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Cl 0024+17.
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