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1976A&A....51..185K 95 20 Radial velocities of double galaxies. KARACHENTSEV I.D., PRONIK V.I. and CHUVAEV K.K.
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1995MNRAS.276.1281P 1 4 18 Optical X-ray observations of the EUV-selected Seyfert galaxy REJ2248-511: a true "soft X-ray excess" AGN ? PUCHNAREWICZ E.M., BRANDUARDI-RAYMONT G., MASON K.O., et al.
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1997A&A...317...25F 4 10 Soft X-ray properties of the narrow line QSO Ton S180 k. (RX J0057.3-2222). FINK H.H., WALTER R., SCHARTEL N., et al.
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1999A&A...341..662G 131 T K A   O           3 11 The emission-line spectrum of
KUG 1031+398 and the intermediate line region.
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2000NewAR..44..403C 8 10 The BeppoSAX view of NL1s. COMASTRI A.
2000NewAR..44..419H 15 32 ASCA observations of NLS1s : BH mass estimation from X-ray variability and X-ray spectra. HAYASHIDA K.
2000NewAR..44..487O 10 1 NLS1s and Sy1s : a comparison of ionized X-ray absorber properties. ORR A.
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2001ApJ...550..644P 113 T K                 3 40 Constraining the black hole mass and accretion rate in the narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxy
RE J1034+396.
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RE J1034+396.
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RE 1034+39: dependence of broad emission line strengths on the shape of the photoionizing spectrum.
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2009MNRAS.394..250M 868 T   A     X C       21 2 51
RE J1034+396: the origin of the soft X-ray excess and quasi-periodic oscillation.
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RE J1034+396, with X-ray quasi-periodic oscillations.
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