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1977ApJ...211L..67L 71 T                   1 1 19 Accretion disk corona and the nature of X-ray burster
3U 1820-30.
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1983BAAS...15..980P 69 T                   1 2 1 Discovery of a 176 day period in
4U 1820-30.
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1984ApJ...284L..17P 73 T                   1 3 71 Discovery of a 176 day period in
4U 1820-30.
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1985ApJ...298..581C 69 T                   1 3 2 An absorption event in 4U/
MXB 1820-30.
1985BAAS...17..590V 4 0 High-resolution X-ray spectroscopy of three galactic Bulge sources. VRTILEK S.D., CHANAN G.A., HELFAND D.J., et al.
1985IAUC.4117....0S 69 T                   1 2 ~
4U 1820-30.
1985PhR...121..317H 51 46 X-rays from accreting neutron stars. HAYAKAWA S.
1985IAUS..113...43G 11 22 X-raying the dynamics of globular clusters. GRINDLAY J.E.
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1986MNRAS.220..339V 81 T                   1 1 50 Eddington luminosities and photospheric radius expansion during X-ray bursts from 4U/
MXB 1820-30.
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1986BAAS...18.1048W 69 T                   1 2 1 The discovery of a 685 second orbital period from the X-ray source
4U 1820-30 in the globular cluster NGC 6624.
1986IAUC.4247....0P 69 T                   2 2 ~
4U 1820-30
4U 1820-30.
1986IAUC.4254....0M 69 T                   1 2 ~
4U 1820-30.
1986IAUC.4257....0N 69 T                   1 1 ~
4U 1820-30.
1986IAUC.4259....0G 69 T                   1 3 ~
4U 1820-30.
1986IAUC.4261Q...0M 69 T                   1 1 ~
4U 1820-30
1986Natur.323..105K 2 4 The shortest period binary star ? KING A.R. and WATSON M.G.
1987A&A...172L..20V 73 T                   1 2 26 Constraints on the mass-radius relation for the neutron star in the X-ray burst source 4U/
MXB 1820-30 located in the globular cluster NGC 6624.
1987A&A...183L..21S 3 7 Doppler-effect modulation of the observed radiation flux from ultracompact binary stars. SHAKURA N.I. and POSTNOV K.A.
1987ApJ...312L..17S 101 T                   1 2 251 The discovery of a 685 second orbital period from the X-ray source
4U1820-30 in the globular cluster NGC 6624.
1987ApJ...312..727M 8 16 A search for millisecond periodic and quasi-periodic pulsations in low-mass X-ray binaries. MEREGHETTI S. and GRINDLAY J.E.
1987ApJ...312..732N 1 7 28 Discovery of 5 Hz quasi-periodic oscillations in Cygnus X-2. NORRIS J.P. and WOOD K.S.
1987ApJ...312..748B 1 4 21 Compact X-ray binaries in hierarchical triples. I. Tidal angular momentum loss and GX 17+2. BAILYN C.D. and GRINDLAY J.E.
1987ApJ...314..266H 119 T K                 1 1 63 EXOSAT observations of double-peaked bursts with radius expansion from 4U/
MXB 1820-30.
1987ApJ...315L..49S 74 T                   1 3 57 The discovery of 15-30 Hertz quasi-periodic oscillations in the X-ray flux of
4U 1820-30.
1987ApJ...316L..25B 3 4 60 On the evolution of tidal capture X-ray binaries: 4U 2127+12 (M 15) to 4U 1820-30 (NGC 6624). BAILYN C.D. and GRINDLAY J.E.
1987ApJ...320L..47K 70 T                   1 2 6
4U 1820-30 as a potential test of the nonsymmetric gravitational theory of Moffat.
1987ApJ...322..842R 87 T                   1 2 140 The evolutionary status of
4U 1820-30.
1987ApJ...323..129E 5 5 106 Degenerate dwarf binaries as promising, detectable sources of gravitational radiation. EVANS C.R., IBEN I.Jr and SMARR L.
1987MNRAS.225p...7S 70 T                   1 1 ~ The period of the globular cluster X-ray source
X 1820-303; confirmation from Ariel V data.
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1987BAAS...19..721M 70 T                   1 2 0 The origin of the ultra-compact binary
4U 1820-30.
1987BAAS...19.1116P 2 0 A tidal instability for long-term cycles in low-mass X-ray binaries. PRIEDHORSKY W.C. and VERBUNT F.
1987BAAS...19.1135B 3 0 Formation of bound hierarchical triple systems by single star - binary encounters. BAILYN C.D.
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1987PAZh...13..780T 70 T                   1 10 5 The evolutionary status of
MXB 1820-30 and other short-period low-mass X-ray binaries.
1987PAZh...13.1007B 2 0 Influence of spectrum shape on effect of relativistic searchlight in close binaries. BOCHKAREV N.G.
1987PASJ...39..619H 1 10 56 Iron emission line from low-mass X-ray binaries. HIRANO T., HAYAKAWA S., NAGASE F., et al.
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1987IAUS..125..321V 10 6 Quasi-periodic oscillations in low-mass X-ray binaries. VAN DER KLIS M.
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1988ApJ...324..851M 77 T                   1 1 28 SAS 3 and EINSTEIN observations of the 11 minute orbital period of the globular cluster X-ray source
4U 1820-30.
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1988PAZh...14..537T 1 3 Comptonization of free-free radiation and spectra of X-ray bursters. TITARCHUK L.G.
1988QJRAS..29....1K 10 6 254 The evolution of compact binaries. KING A.R.
1988SSRv...46..273L 1 20 154 A review opf quasi-periodic oscillations in low-mass X-ray binaries. LEWIN W.H.G., VAN PARADIJS J. and VAN DER KLIS M.
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1989ApL....27..347J 70 T                   1 2 ~ Gamma-rays above 184 keV from
4U 1820-30 associated with 685 second period.
1989Ap&SS.151..125F 4 2 33 Evolution of binaries with ultra-short periods : systematic study. FEDOROVA A.V. and ERGMA E.V.
1989MmSAI..60..221P 4 2 Variability of the X-ray sources in M 33. PERES G., REALE F., COLLURA A., et al.
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4U 1820-30 in NGC 6624 : the 11-minute flux modulation.
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1990BAAS...22..804F 70 T                   1 1 0 A VLA study of
4U 1820-30 over its 176-days cycle.
1990Natur.347..513G 5 1 X-R-ray burster is theory burster. GARCIA M.
1991A&A...242..125E 1 2 10 Is it possible to evaporate the companion stars of ultra-rapid pulsars? ERGMA E.V. and FEDOROVA A.V.
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