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1971ApJ...170L..67L 2 7 92 X-ray emission from the Magellanic Clouds observed by Uhuru. LEONG C., KELLOGG E., GURSKY H., et al.
1972ApJ...173L..99G 79 94 X-ray emission from rich clusters of galaxies. GURSKY H., SOLINGER A., KELLOGG E.M., et al.
1972ApJ...178..281G 143 336 The UHURU catalog of X-ray souces. GIACCONI R., MURRAY S., GURSKY H., et al.
1973ApJ...186...91M 36 72 The luminosity function of galactic X-ray sources: a cutoff and a 'standard candle' ? MARGON B. and OSTRIKER J.P.
1973ApJ...186L.111R 16 21 Upper limits to the high-energy X-ray flux from 16 X-ray sources and 10 pulsars. RICKER G.R., GERASSIMENKO M., McCLINTOCK J.E., et al.
1974ApJ...190L...1J 13 34 Optical studies of UHURU sources. VIII. Observations of 92 possible counterparts of X-ray sources. JONES C.A., CHETIN T. and LILLER W.
1974ApJ...191L.113R 5 29 X-ray observations of the Large Magellanic Cloud by the Coppernicus satellite. RAPLEY C.G. and TUOHY I.R.
1974MNSSA..33..148W 67 T                   1 1 2 UBV observations of stars in the
LMC X-3 error box.
1975ApJ...196L..55M 1 6 37 Observations of X-ray sources in the Large Magellanic Cloud by the OSO-7 satellite MARKERT T.H. and CLARK G.W.
1975MNRAS.172p..41W 23 ~ Photometry of LMC X-ray candidates. WARREN P.R. and PENFOLD J.E.
1975PASP...87..769D 10 19 UBV photometry of stars in the direction of three LMC X-ray sources. DUFOUR R.J. and DUVAL J.E.
1976IAUC.2936Q...1D 5 0 X-ray sources. DELVAILLE J.P., LI F.K. and LILLER W.
1977MNRAS.180p..75G 7 ~ Observations of the LMC X-ray sources with the Ariel V sky survey instrument. GRIFFITHS R.E. and SEWARD F.D.
1978AJ.....83.1619C 49 31 Transmission grating spectroscopy of X-ray source fields. COWLEY A.P., CRAMPTON D. and HUTCHINGS J.B.
1978ApJ...225L..59J 68 T                   1 3 14 LMC X-1, X-2 and
X-3: precise positions from the HEAO 1 modulation collimator.
1978ApJS...38..357F viz 380 657 The fourth UHURU catalog of X-ray sources. FORMAN W., JONES C., COMINSKY L., et al.
1978MNRAS.182..489C viz 119 295 The Ariel V SSI catalogue of high galactic latitude (|b|>10) X-ray sources. COOKE B.A., RICKETTS M.J., MACCACARO T., et al.
1978MNRAS.183p..11W 5 ~ The recurrent X-ray transient A 0538-66. WHITE N.E. and CARPENTER G.F.
1978Natur.271...38W 2 3 37 Discovery of eclipsing nature of LMC X-4. WHITE N.E.
1979ApJ...230L..11J 3 2 30 Location of the recurrent (LMC?) X-ray transient A 0538-66 with the HEAO 1 scanning modulation collimator. JOHNSTON M.D., BRADT H.V., DOXSEY R.E., et al.
1979ApJ...233..514J 1 7 48 A six-month X-ray survey of the Large Magellanic Cloud with the HEAO 1 scanning modulation collimator. JOHNSTON M.D., BRADT H.V. and DOXSEY R.E.
1979ApJS...39..573M 142 77 The MIT/OSO 7 catalog of X-ray sources : intensities, spectra and long-term variability. MARKERT T.H., WINKLER P.F., LAIRD F.N., et al.
1979ApJS...41..327A 468 26 A catalog of X-ray sources. AMNUEL P.R., GUSEINOV O.H. and RAKHAMINOV S.Y.
1979MNRAS.187..567D 92 14 Radio identifications of 11 X-ray sources at 2 cm. DULDIG M.L., GREENHILL J.G., THOMAS R.M., et al.
1980ApJ...240..619S 1 8 64 Observations of outbursts from the recurrent X-ray; transient A 0538-66 and LMC X-4. SKINNER G.K., SHULMAN S., SHARE G., et al.
1981ApJ...248..925L 101 432 A soft X-ray study of the Large Magellanic Cloud. LONG K.S., HELFAND D.J. and GRABELSKY D.A.
1981MNRAS.197..893M 140 144 The Ariel V (3A) catalogue of X-ray sources. II. Sources at high galactic latitude (|b| > 10 deg). McHARDY I.M., LAWRENCE A., PYE J.P., et al.
1982Ap&SS..82....3A 472 20 Second catalogue of X-ray sources. AMNUEL P.R., GUSEINOV O.H. and RAKHAMINOV S.Y.
1983A&A...126..265V 72 T                   1 1 19 UBV photometry of the optical candidate for
LMC X-3.
1983ApJ...272..118C 104 T                   1 1 178 Discovery of a massive unseen star in
LMC X-3.
1983ApJ...273L..59M 3 3 51 Shocks in spherically accreting black holes : a model for classical quasars. MESZAROS P. and OSTRIKER J.P.
1983ApJ...273L..81P 71 T                   3 35 Mass of Large Magellanic Cloud
1983ApJ...274L..13M 5 21 A thermal interpretation of the X-ray spectra of quasars, active galactic nuclei and Cygnus X-1. MESZAROS P.
1983ApJ...274L..65W 69 T                   1 2 8 X-ray observations of
LMC X-3 with the monitor counter aboard the HEAO 2 Einstein Observatory: a comparison with Cygnus X-1.
1983ApJ...275..645C 1 6 53 Evidence for X-ray scattering by interstellar dust. CATURA R.C.
1983ApJS...51....1N 118 78 HEAO A-2 soft X-ray source catalog. NUGENT J.J., JENSEN K.A., NOUSEK J.A., et al.
1983BAAS...15.1005M 69 T                   1 2 0 The unusually soft X-ray spectra of the black hole candidates
LMC X-3 and LMC X-1.
1983IAUC.3765....0V 69 T                   1 1 ~
LMC X-3.
1983IAUC.3806....0W 14 ~ Potential black-hole candidates. WHITE N.E. and MARSHALL F.E.
1983JRASC..77..103C 5 0 Searching for black holes. CRAMPTON D., HUTCHINGS J.B. and COWLEY A.P.
1984A&A...133L...9W 2 4 50 X-ray spectral signatures of accreting black holes. WHITE N.E., FABIAN A.C. and MUSHOTZKY R.F.
1984A&A...139..313P 69 T                   1 2 0 The accretion disk spectrum of
LMC X-3.
1984A&A...139..375A 3 7 Cyclotron emission near stellar mass black holes. APPARAO K.M.V.
1984A&AS...56..415B 91 12 A catalogue of X-ray spectra observed with the Ariel V proportional counter (Experiment C). BELL BURNELL S.J. and CHIAPPETTI L.
1984ApJ...278..288M 2 4 47 Millisecond variability of Cygnus X-1. MEEKINS J.F., WOOD K.S., HEDLER R.L., et al.
1984ApJ...281..354W 80 T                   1 3 171 The unusually soft X-ray spectrum of
LMC X-3.
1984ApJ...286..196C 50 63 Optical counterparts of the Large Magellanic Cloud X-ray point sources. COWLEY A.P., CRAMPTON D., HUTCHINGS J.B., et al.
1984ApJS...56..507W viz 900 396 The HEAO A-1 X-ray source catalog. WOOD K.S., MEEKINS J.F., YENTIS D.J., et al.
1984AZh....61..299K 70 T                   1 2 11 On the nature of
LMC X-3.
1984BAAS...16..469P 69 T                   1 1 0 The accretion disk spectrum of
LMC X-3.
1984JApA....5..389T 7 9 Binary progenitors of supernovae. TRIMBLE V.
1984Mercu..13..106H 69 T                   1 2 0
LMC X-3 : a black hole in a neighbor galaxy.
1984Natur.309..598V 6 2 65 Observational lower mass limit for black hole formation derived from massive X-ray binaries. VAN DEN HEUVEL E.P.J. and HABETS G.M.H.J.
1984Sci...225..275P 7 0 Binary stars. PACZYNSKI B.
1985A&A...148..309K 3 14 Black hole accretion disks. Electrodynamic coupling of accretion-disk coronae and the partitioning of soft and hard X-ray emission. KUPERUS M. and IONSON J.A.
1985A&A...151..322V 75 T                   1 1 32 The optical binary light curve of
1985AbaOB..58..337C 3 0 Massive close binary systems on the late stages of evolution. CHEREPASHCHUK A.M.
1985AZh....62.1124T 4 10 Black holes in massive close binary systems : observational data and evolutional status. TUTUKOV A.V. and CHEREPASHCHUK A.M.
1985BAICz..36..327H 40 17 Non-canonical insights into the evolution of stars. I. An alternative model of massive X-ray binaries. HARMANEC P.
1985Natur.315..205P 13 64 First observation of ultra-high-energy gamma rays from LMC X-4. PROTHEROE R.J. and CLAY R.W.
1985PASAu...6..186G 14 1 An australian broad-band satellite for X-ray astronomy. GREENHILL J.G., FENTON K.B., SOOD R.K., et al.
1985SSRv...40..219M 3 3 52 An IR, optical and X-ray study of the two state behaviour of GX 339-4. MOTCH C., ILOVAISKY S.A., CHEVALIER C., et al.
1985SSRv...40..317I 1 21 107 Tenma observations of bright binary X-ray sources. INOUE H.
1986A&A...157..113M 71 T                   1 2 17 The lower mass limit of the compact object in
LMC X-3.
1986ApJ...302..371M 6 6 158 Measurements of X-ray scattering from interstellar grains. MAUCHE C.W. and GORENSTEIN P.
1986ApJ...304..664P 3 4 48 The evolution of the 1984 outburst of the transient X-ray source 4U 1630-47. PARMAR A.N., STELLA L. and WHITE N.E.
1986BAAS...18..920S 2 1 A luminous X-ray binary and black hole candidate in M 82. STOCKE J.T. and KUHR H.
1986NIA86......451T 69 T                   1 1 ~ Far UV observations of
LMC X-3, an X-ray binary containing a black hole.
1987A&A...183...47D 7 2 58 An evolutionary scenario for the black hole binary A0620-00. DE KOOL M., VAN DEN HEUVEL E.P.J. and PYLYSER E.
1987A&A...184..201V 72 T                   1 2 18 The relation between optical and X-ray flux variations of the black-hole candidate
LMC X-3.
1987ApJ...321..438N 7 19 The HeII lambda 4686 and H-alpha emission lines of Cygnus X-1. NINKOV Z., WALKER G.A.H. and YANG S.
1987ApJ...321..745C 1 8 58 CAL 83 : a puzzling X-ray source in the Large Magellanic Cloud. CRAMPTON D., COWLEY A.P., HUTCHINGS J.B., et al.
1987AZh....64...90L 2 1 On the nature of the high and low states of accretion disks around black holes. LYUBARSKIJ Y.E.
1987IAUC.4309....0T 70 T                   1 1 ~
LMC X-3.
1987PhR...148..309A 76 28 Extragalactic magnetic fields. ASSEO E. and SOL H.
1987PhT....40i..28B 5 11 The birth of neutron stars and black holes. BURROWS A.
1987PAZh...13.1027S 4 12 Detection of hard X-ray emission from SN 1987A. Preliminary results from the Kvant module on the Mir Space Station. SUNYAEV R., KANIOVSKIJ A., EFREMOV V., et al.
1988A&A...203L..27P 3 4 53 LHG 87, a new low-mass eclipsing X-ray binary in the LMC. PAKULL M.W., BEUERMANN K., VAN DER KLIS M., et al.
1988A&A...203...79K 8 1 33 Analysis of the optical light curve of LMC X-3. KUIPER L., VAN PARADIJS J. and VAN DER KLIS M.
1988ApJ...324..363W 4 17 275 The X-ray spectral properties of accretion disks in X-ray binaries. WHITE N.E., STELLA L. and PARMAR A.N.
1988ApJ...325..119T 3 2 29 X-ray spectrum and variability of the black hole candidate LMC X-3. TREVES A., BELLONI T., CHIAPPETTI L., et al.
1988ApJ...335..142T 1 3 16 The ultraviolet-optical-infrared energy distribution of LMC X-3: observation of an accretion disk around a black hole. TREVES A., BELLONI T., BOUCHET P., et al.
1988PASP..100..427T 20 41 Basic elements of the theory of accretion. TREVES A., MARASCHI L. and ABRAMOWICZ M.
1988AZh....65..778B 4 14 Radiation anisotropy of the accretion disk surrounding a black hole, the heating of the optical component, and the orbital parameters of the binary system LMC X-3. BOCHKAREV N.G., SUNYAEV R.A., KHRUZINA T.S., et al.
1988C&E...223...37L 8 0 Les trous noirs. LUMINET J.-P.
1988MmSAI..59..229I 4 1 Galactic black-hole candidates. ILOVAISKY S.A.
1988S&T....75...28M 7 1 Do black holes exist ? McCLINTOCK J.
1988IUE88...1..127T 6 ~ Far UV observations of black hole candidates : the case of LMC X-3. TREVES A., BELLONI T., BOUCHET P., et al.
1989A&A...226..343N 3 4 The X-ray spectrum of modified alpha-viscosity accretion disks. NANNURELLI M. and STELLA L.
1989ApJ...337L..19U 5 15 Hard X-ray spectrum of supernova 1987A on day 407. UBERTINI P., BAZZANO A., SOOD R., et al.
1989ApJ...337L..81T 1 8 61 Discovery of a bright X-ray nova, GS 2000+25. TSUNEMI H., KITAMOTO S., OKAMURA S., et al.
1989ApJ...344..320V 2 3 33 X-ray spectroscopy of the ultrasoft transient 4U 1543-47. VAN DER WOERD H., WHITE N.E. and KAHN S.M.
1989MNRAS.240p...1H 6 ~ Coded mask X-ray images of the Large Magellanic Cloud : hard X-ray emission from EXO 053109-6609.2 HANSON C.G., SKINNER G.K., EYLES C.J., et al.
1989A&ARv...1...85W 16 51 X-ray binaries. WHITE N.E.
1989JApA...10..119K 30 9 Is there a black hole among the black-hole candidates ? KUNDT W. and FISCHER D.
1989Msngr..57...61A 2 0 Optical observations of X-ray binaries. AUGUSTEIJN T.
1989PASAu...8...49C 13 1 Search for bursts of ultra-high-energy photons from astrophysical sources. CIAMPA D. and CLAY R.W.
1989PASJ...41..483K 43 25 Are there many Be star binary X-ray pulsars in the galactic ridge ? KOYAMA K., KONDO H., MAKINO F., et al.
1989PASJ...41..519E 2 6 65 Discovery of 0.08-Hz quasi-periodic oscillations from the black-hole candidate LMC X-1. EBISAWA K., MITSUDA K. and INOUE H.
1990A&A...230..103B 3 14 186 An atlas of aperiodic variability in HMXB. BELLONI T. and HASINGER G.
1990ApJ...350..288C 2 9 79 CAL 87: an eclipsing black hole binary ? COWLEY A.P., SCHMIDTKE P.C., CRAMPTON D., et al.
1990ApJ...360...75H 11 5 226 Gravitational radiation from the galaxy. HILS D., BENDER P.L. and WEBBINK R.F.
1990ApJ...361..590K 10 26 Outburst, identification, and X-ray light curve of GS 1354-64 (=MX 1353-64?, Centaurus X-2?). KITAMOTO S., TSUNEMI H., PEDERSEN H., et al.
1990ApJ...362..251B 6 2 50 New models for neutron stars. BAHCALL S., LYNN B.W. and SELIPSKY S.B.
1990ApJ...364..198S 3 6 TeV gamma-ray production in accreting black hole systems. SLANE P. and WAGH S.M.
1990ApJ...364..266T 105 T K                 1 7 18 Simultaneous X-ray, ultraviolet and optical observations of
LMC X-3.
1990Ast....18a..38M 4 0 The promise of the space telescope. MARAN S.P.
1990PAZh...16..124S 7 0 X-ray observations of the LMC field by the TTM instrument onboard the "Kvant" module : November 1988 - June 1989. SUNYAEV R., GILFANOV M., CHURAZOV E., et al.
1991ApJ...367..213E 75 T                   1 4 93 Application of a general relativistic accretion disk model to LMC X-1,
LMC X-3, X 1608-522 and X 1636-536.
1991ApJ...373..228C 20 24 The near-infrared spectra of low-mass X-ray binaries and related objects. COWLEY A.P., SCHMIDTKE P.C., CRAMPTON D., et al.
1991ApJ...374..475W 143 102 The detection of X-rays from the hot interstellar medium of the Large Magellanic Cloud. WANG Q., HAMILTON T., HELFAND D.J., et al.
1991ApJ...381..526C 107 T K                 1 6 48 Discovery of a long-term periodic variation in
LMC X-3.
1991AZh....68.1211K 4 6 The synthesis of light curves of close binary systems with a relativisticobject. Axisymmetric, geometrically thick disk around a relativistic object. KHRUZINA T.S.
1991NewSc1787...24C 3 0 Wobbing disc strengthens case for black hole. CROSWELL K.
1991RMxAA..22..307D 6 0 The early evolution of Nova Muscae 1991 : a candidate black hole ? DELLA VALLE M., JARVIS B.J. and WEST R.M.
1992A&A...260..268S 17 13 Precession in cataclysmic and X-ray binaries: star or disc ? SCHWARZENBERG-CZERNY A.
1992A&A...262...97V 18 8 580 Accreting white dwarf models for CAL 83, CAL 87 and other ultrasoft X-ray sources in the LMC. VAN DEN HEUVEL E.P.J., BHATTACHARYA D., NOMOTO K., et al.
1992ApJ...386..206C 2 5 57 The structure and evolution of Thorne-Zytkow objects. CANNON R.C., EGGLETON P.P., ZYTKOW A.N., et al.
1992ApJ...387..458L 4 0 Astrophysical jets and theories of gravitation. LIVIO M. and ROSEN N.
1992ApJ...399L.137K 13 2 105 Oriented scintillation spectrometer experiment observations of 57 CO in SN 1987A. KURFESS J.D., JOHNSON W.N., KINZER R.L., et al.
1992ApJ...399L.145R 2 13 123 Evidence for a black hole in the X-ray binary nova Muscae 1991. REMILLARD R.A., McCLINTOCK J.E. and BAILYN C.D.
1992ApJS...80..257E 823 245 The Einstein Slew Survey. ELVIS M., PLUMMER D., SCHACHTER J., et al.
1992PASP..104..775C 8 2 Optical observations of low-mass X-ray binaries and millisecond pulsars. CALLANAN P.J.
1992ARA&A..30..287C 18 55 Evidence for black holes in stellar binary systems. COWLEY A.P.
1992JApA...13....3R 25 10 Evolution of massive binary stars in the LMC and its applications for radio pulsar population. RATHNASREE N. and RAY A.
1992Natur.358..189P 8 8 The big accelerator in the sky. PHINNEY E.S.
1992Natur.360..628C 6 12 And still there is no pulsar. CHEVALIER R.A.
1992NewSc1829...16S 4 0 Black holes by the million litter the Galaxy. SCHILLING G.
1992NewSc1841...32G 7 0 Black holes reveal themselves. GRIBBIN J.
1992IAUS..151..215T 15 5 Outburst phenomena in X-Ray binaries. TANAKA Y.
1993A&A...270..275V 7 10 Accretion disk flares in energetic radiation fields. A model for hard X-rays from black hole candidates. VAN OSS R.F., VAN DEN OORD G.H.J. and KUPERUS M.
1993A&A...273L..11P 8 20 A ROSAT observation of the black hole candidate GRO J0422+32. PIETSCH W., HABERL F., GEHRELS N., et al.
1993A&A...279..179P 8 13 The discovery and properties of the ultra-soft X-ray transient EXO 1846-031. PARMAR A.N., ANGELINI L., ROCHE P., et al.
1993A&AS...97..249M 9 6 X-ray variability of galactic black hole candidates. MEREGHETTI S.
1993ApJ...403..684E 91 T                   1 80 Spectral variations of LMC X-3 observed with GINGA. EBISAWA K., MAKINO F., MITSUDA K., et al.
1993ARA&A..31...93V 1 28 190 Origin and evolution of X-ray binaries and binary radio pulsars. VERBUNT F.
1993AZh....70..307T 19 5 Black holes in binary stars: observations and evolutionary status. TUTUKOV A.V. and CHEREPASHCHUK A.M.
1993AZh....70..804A 4 3 The best candidate to a black hole-X-ray nova V 404 Cygni : the lighcurve and the parameters. ANTOKHINA E.A., CHEREPASHCHUK A.M., PAVLENKO E.P., et al.
1993AZh....70.1157C 3 1 13 Parametric models in inverse problems of astrophysics. CHEREPASHCHUK A.M.
1993BAAS...25.1392D 71 T                   2 ~ The polarization of Cyg XR-1 and LMC X-3 in the UV. DOLAN J.F., WOLINSKI K.G. and BOYD P.T.
1993Natur.364..421K 10 6 240 Stellar black holes in globular clusters. KULKARNI S.R., HUT P. and McMILLAN S.
1993PAZh...19..172F 12 ~ Hard X-ray observations of the LMC field with Sigma telescope on board "Granat". Upper limits on the flux from SN 1987A. FINOGUENOV A., GILFANOV M., GREBENEV S., et al.
1994A&A...283.1037B 5 1 20 Procedures for the interactive analysis of point sources from the ROSAT XRT/PSPC all-sky survey. BELLONI T., HASINGER G. and IZZO C.
1994A&A...288..665I 31 19 The optimum open fraction of coded apertures. With an application to the wide field X-ray cameras of SAX. IN'T ZAND J.J.M., HEISE J. and JAGER R.
1994ApJ...421..753S 1 4 19 X-ray spectral study of two X-ray binaries: 4U 1957+11 and 2S 1543-624. SINGH K.P., APPARAO K.M.V. and KRAFT R.P.
1994ApJ...422..118B 13 16 Einstein observations of ultrasoft X-ray sources in the Magellanic Clouds. BROWN T., CORDOVA F., CIARDULLO R., et al.
1994ApJ...423..659B 13 7 385 A scenario for a large number of low-mass black holes in the galaxy. BROWN G.E. and BETHE H.A.
1994ApJ...429..826C 106 T K                 4 13 Ultraviolet observations of the accretion disk in
LMC X-3.
1994ApJ...433L..25I 1 10 61 The discovery of 8.7 second pulsations from the ultrasoft X-ray source 4U 0142+61. ISRAEL G.L., MEREGHETTI S. and STELLA L.
1994ApJS...92..405D 15 2 Annihilation and backscattered lines in the galactic center region. DUROUCHOUX P., WALLYN P. and CHAPUIS C.
1994Ast....22j..36P 8 0 Where have all the black holes gone ? PARKER B.
1994MmSAI..65..417R 5 0 EXOSAT observations of the ultra-soft X-ray binary 4U 1957+11. RICCI D., ISRAEL G.L. and STELLA L.
1994RMxAA..29...54P 15 1 The clumpy accretion in Herbig Ae/Be stars. PEREZ M. and THE P.S.
1994IAUCo.151..334P 4 ~ TTM observations of X 1755-338. PAN H.C., SKINNER G.K., SUNYAEV R.A., et al.
1994IAUCo.151..336P 71 T                   1 ~ Irregular X-ray variation of LMC X-3. PAN H.C., SKINNER G.K., SUNYAEV R.A., et al.
1994BSAO...37...26S 5 0 On properties of strong gravitational field of a collapsar in gravidynamics. SOKOLOV V.V.
1994BSAO...37...61S 4 0 Masses of quark configuration. SOKOLOV V.V. and ZHARIKOV S.V.
1995A&A...293L...1B 2 6 52 New COMPTEL gamma-ray source (GRO J0516-609) near PKS 0506-612/0522-611: first evidence for "MeV Blazars". BLOEMEN H., BENNETT K., BLOM J.J., et al.
1995A&A...293..889P 10 29 1173 X-raying the interstellar medium: ROSAT observations of dust scattering halos. PREDEHL P. and SCHMITT J.H.M.M.
1995A&A...296L..33V 8 25 The black-hole candidate GRO J0422+32: MeV emission measured with COMPTEL. VAN DIJK R., BENNETT K., COLLMAR W., et al.
1995A&A...297..141O 1 9 41 Circinus X-1 revisited: fast-timing properties in relation to spectral state. OOSTERBROEK T., VAN DER KLIS M., KUULKERS E., et al.
1995A&A...299..731R 10 7 EXOSAT observations of the ultra-soft X-ray binary 4U 1957+11. RICCI D., ISRAEL G.L. and STELLA L.
1995A&AS..109....9G viz 108 28 The EXOSAT GSPC iron line catalog. GOTTWALD M., PARMAR A.N., REYNOLDS A.P., et al.
1995A&AS..114..269D viz 14       D               1 20881 157 Vitesses radiales. Catalogue WEB: Wilson Evans Batten. Radial velocities: The Wilson-Evans-Batten catalogue. DUFLOT M., FIGON P. and MEYSSONNIER N.
1995AJ....110.2394H 6 14 UV spectra of the eclipsing LMC X-ray binary CAL 87. HUTCHINGS J.B., COWLEY A.P., SCMIDTKE P.C., et al.
1995ApJ...445..780S 17 7 498 On the spectral hardening factor of the X-ray emission from accretion disks in black hole candidates. SHIMURA T. and TAKAHARA F.
1995ApJ...446L..59O 1 7 46 Orbital parameters of the candidate black hole binary GRO J0422+32. OROSZ J.A. and BAILYN C.D.
1995ApJ...453..783W 19 34 Two X-ray sources in 30 Doradus : Wolf-Rayet + black hole binaries ? WANG Q.D.
1995MNRAS.274L..15P 11 10 X-ray spectrum of the black hole candidate X 1755-338. PAN H.C., SKINNER G.K., SUNYAEV R.A., et al.
1995PASP..107..145C 1 4 31 Determination of the optical counterpart of LMC X-1. COWLEY A.P., SCHMIDTKE P.C., ANDERSON A.L., et al.
1995PASP..107.1207N 3 8 126 Toward a unified view of black-hole high-energy states. NOWAK M.A.
1995Ap&SS.231..377D 4 12 Cosmological models of gamma-ray bursts. DERMER C.D. and WEILER T.J.
1995BAAS...27.1409S 27 ~ Long-term IPC light curves of X-ray binaries, AGN, and other variable sources. SCHACHTER J.F., et al.
1995C&E...298...29M 6 0 Les trous noirs existent-ils vraiment ? MARK J.-A.
1995RMxAA..31...63C 5 13 Spectral variations and a classical curve-of-growth analysis of HDE 226868 (Cyg X-1). CANALIZO G., KOENIGSBERGER G., PENA D., et al.
1995SSRv...74..313C 24 3 Highly evolved close binary stars. CHEREPASHCHUK A.M.
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