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1931AN....242..201V 43 1 Spectral classification of the nuclei of planetary nebulae and of ancient novae. VORONTSOV-VELYAMINOV B.A.
1938ApJ....88..228H 18 45 The present spectral characteristics of sixteen old novae. HUMASON M.L.
1945AJ.....51..136M 100 8 The space distribution of the novae. McLAUGHLIN D.B.
1950MNRAS.110..621S 18 7 Observations of novae in 1948 and 1949. STEAVENSON W.H.
1951AnAp...14..199B 124 1 Repartition des etoiles temporaires galactiques. BERTAUD C.
1953ApJ...117..279M 9 16 The spectra of novae near minimum. McLAUGHLIN D.B.
1953MNRAS.113..258S 18 7 Observations of novae 1950, 1951 and 1952. STEAVENSON W.H.
1954AnAp...17..243Z 16 3 Remarques sur le phenomene de Nova VII. ZUCKERMANN M.C.
1957ApJ...126...23G 66 T                   1 11 46 Studies of the white dwarfs. III. The recurrent nova
WZ Sge as a probable white dwarf.
1957PZ.....12...18B 139 20 Atlas des etoiles variables du type U Geminorum. BRUN A. and PETIT M.
1959ApJ...130..110K 2 5 71 The binary system nova DQ Herculis. II. An interpretation of the spectrum during the eclipse cycle. KRAFT R.P.
1962PASP...74...66K 67 T                   1 3 22 Nova
WZ Sagittae, an extremely short period eclipsing binary.
1962SvA.....6..431E 2 0 On the cause of Nova outbursts. EMINADZE T.A.
1962SvA.....6..878A 45 ~ A list of Novae recommended for the determination of coordinates and proper motions. ARTYUKHINA N.M. and KHOLOPOV P.N.
1963AJ.....68..644H 19 0 Lowell Observatory Report. HALL J.S.
1963ApJ...137..485W 7 41 Photoelectric observations of RW Trianguli. WALKER M.F.
1963ApJ...138..146K 7 19 Photoelectric observations of UX Ursae Majoris, 1955-62. KRZEMINSKI W. and WALKER M.F.
1963ApJ...138..313W 10 33 Nova T Aurigae 1891: a new short-period eclipsing binary. WALKER M.F.
1963AnAp...26..331E 66 T                   1 7 6 Courbes de lumiere de RS Oph (1958) et de
WZ Sge (1946).
1964ApJ...139..457K 1 23 205 Binary stars among cataclysmic variables. III. Ten old novae. KRAFT R.P.
1964ApJ...140..921K 67 T                   1 12 84 Binary stars among cataclysmic variables. V. Photoelectric and spectroscopic observations of the ultra-short period binary Nova
WZ Sagittae.
1964BAICz..15...81K 7 1 Contribution to the problem of the origin of novae and planetary nebulae. KOHOUTEK L.
1965AJ.....70..581W 56 1 Reports of observatories, 1964-65. WAGMAN N.E.
1965ApJ...141...83E 194 387 Spectra, colors, luminosities and motions of the white dwarfs. EGGEN O.J. and GREENSTEIN J.L.
1965ApJ...142.1041K 25 84 Binary stars among cataclysmic variables. VI. On the mean absolute magnitude of U Geminorum variables. KRAFT R.P. and LUYTEN W.J.
1966ApJ...146..316S 3 8 182 On the optical identification of Sco X-1. SANDAGE A., OSMER P., GIACCONI R., et al.
1967ApJ...150L.183K 9 43 On the remarkable spectroscopic complexities of Cyg X-2. KRAFT R.P. and DEMOULIN M.H.
1967PASP...79..283M 33 68 Nova and nova-like variables. MUMFORD G.S.
1967PASP...79..395K 8 26 On the structure and evolution of W Ursae Majoris stars. KRAFT R.P.
1967MmRAS..70..111E 40 221 Contact binaries. II. EGGEN O.J.
1969ApJ...157..709S 6 15 HDE 310376 a rapid variable star similar to Scorpius X-1. SCHILD R.E.
1969ApJ...158..589K 9 45 Binary stars among cataclysmic variables. XI. Photoelectric and spectroscopic observations of the dwarf nova Z Camelopardalis. KRAFT R.P., KRZEMINSKI W. and MUMFORD G.S.
1969ApJS...18..429M 8 24 Binary stars among cataclysmic variables X. Photoelectric observations of EM Cyg. MUMFORD G.S. and KRZEMINSKI W.
1970A&A.....7....1G 8 19 Two subluminous stars near the galactic plane. GREENSTEIN J.L., SARGENT A.I. and HAUG U.
1970BAICz..21..211K 4 10 Mass transfer in close binaries. I. Mass outflow from contact components. KRIZ S.
1970IBVS..467....1B 67 T                   1 1 2 Remark about
WZ Sge.
1971ApJ...165..369M 18 54 Binary stars among cataclysmic variables. XII. Photoelectric observations from the southern hemisphere. MUMFORD G.S.
1971ApJ...168..217V 2 3 44 Late evolution of close binaries. VILA S.C.
1971ApJ...170L..99F 85 T                   1 2 224 Ultrashort-period binaries, gravitational radiation and mass transfer. I. The standard model, with applications to
WZ Sagittae and Z Camelopardalis.
1971ATsir.606....5P 10 0 Possible ancient flares of V603 Aql and GK Per. PSKOVSKII Y.P.
1971ATsir.637....7L 4 0 A remarkable eclipsing star in Lyncis - SVS 1740. LANGE G.A. and MANDEL O.E.
1971Natur.230...39V 67 T                   1 1 ~ Gravitational waves - Effect on evolution of binary
WZ Sge.
1972ApJ...174...91S 1 3 33 X-ray emission from white dwarfs. STRITTMATTER P.A., BRECHER K. and BURBIDGE G.R.
1972ApJ...175L..69E 8 14 Optical studies of UHURU sources. II. IM Normae, a possible X-ray source. ELLIOT J.L. and LILLER W.
1972ApJ...176L..27C 5 20 The unusual hot star BD -7 3007. COWLEY A.P. and MacCONNELL D.J.
1972ApJ...176L..31H 4 17 High-frequency stellar oscillations. IX. The peculiar blue variable BD -7 3007. HESSER J.E., LASKER B.M. and OSMER P.S.
1972MNRAS.156..297W 67 T                   1 6 33 Observations of rapid blue variables. IV.
WZ Sge.
1972MNRAS.156..305W 1 5 43 Observations of rapid blue variables. V. VV Pup. WARNER B. and NATHER R.E.
1972MNRAS.159..101W 2 5 78 Observations of rapid blue variables.- IX.- AM CVn (HZ 29). WARNER B. and ROBINSON E.L.
1972MNRAS.159..429W 9 48 Observations of rapid blue variables. XII. UX Ursae Majoris. WARNER B. and NATHER R.E.
1972SvA....16...23P 11 11 Survey of stellar outbursts of the pre-telescopic era. PSKOVSKII Y.P.
1973ApJ...180L.107B 1 3 24 Rapidly rotating degenerate dwarfs as X-ray sources in binaries. BRECHER K. and MORRISON P.
1973ApJ...180..121R 1 8 71 High-speed photometry of Z Camelopardalis. ROBINSON E.L.
1973MNRAS.162..189W 18 101 On the masses of cataclysmic variable stars. WARNER B.
1973PASP...85...70L viz 13       D               1 82 36 A finding list of faint UV-bright stars in the galactic plane. LANNING H.H.
1974A&AS...15..215O 399 17 On the relationship between the apparent magnitudes given in several catalogues and the UBV system. OCHSENBEIN F.
1974ApJ...194..141M 12 17 Rapid light variations of YZ Cancri: an unusual SS Cygni star. MOFFETT T. and BARNES T.G.
1974ApJS...28..157G 209 344 The nature of faint blue stars in the halo. II. GREENSTEIN J.L. and SARGENT A.I.
1974MNRAS.168..235W 1 15 112 Observations of rapid blue variables. XIV. Z Chameleontis. WARNER B.
1974Ap.....10..163G 6 3 Why relativistic stars avoid binaries. GUSEINOV O.K. and NOVRUZOVA K.I.
1974IBVS..889....1M 6 19 Eclipse timings of cataclysmic variables. MUMFORD G.S.
1974JBAA...84..203I 6 3 Two recurrent novae : T CrB 1948-71 and RS Oph 1963-71. ISLES J.E.
1975ApJ...196L.117G 60 46 A further list of degenerate stars. GREENSTEIN J.L.
1975ApJ...201..661F 1 5 33 Gas flow in cataclysmic variable stars. FLANNERY B.P.
1975MNRAS.170..325F 3 5 97 The location of the hot spot in cataclysmic variable stars as determined from particle trajectories. FLANNERY B.P.
1975MNRAS.170..379L 10 5 The optical properties of binary star systems with accretion discs. LIN D.N.C.
1975MNRAS.170..633P 2 10 131 Period changes in eruptive binaries. PRINGLE J.E.
1975MNRAS.173p..37W 6 ~ Observations of rapid blue variables. XVII. V436 Centauri. WARNER B.
1975AcA....25..371S 1 2 14 Light variability of AM CVn = HZ 29. SMAK J.
1976AJ.....81..323G 183 134 Multichannel spectrophotometry and the luminosities of white dwarfs. GREENSTEIN J.L.
1976ApJ...203L..17E 1 9 47 Optical observations of the recurrent Nova associated with A0620-00: 1917-1975. EACHUS L.J., WRIGHT E.L. and LILLER W.
1976ApJ...210..524G 38 34 Degenerate stars with He atmospheres. GREENSTEIN J.L.
1976MNRAS.175..279R 1 9 69 On the masses and the evolution of cataclysmic binaries. RITTER H.
1976PASP...88..598G 8 9 A blue variable at high latitude. GREEN R.F., GREENSTEIN J.L. and BOKSENBERG A.
1976AcA....26..277S 4 3 68 Eruptive binaries.6 Rediscussion of U Gem. SMAK J.
1976ARA&A..14..119R 1 31 306 The structure of cataclysmic variables. ROBINSON E.L.
1976Natur.261..208H 4 12 Search for X-ray emission from Nova Cyg 1975. HOFFMAN J.A., LEWIN W.H.G., BRECHER K., et al.
1976Natur.262..271W 3 3 51 Outburst of the recurrent Nova T CrB. WEBBINK R.F.
1976Obs....96...33S 5 ~ Meeting of the royal astronomical Society. SMITH F.G.
1976Obs....96...49W 21 18 Stellar accretion disks. WARNER B.
1977AJ.....82..665P 54 8 Henry Norris Russel prize lecture of the American Astronomical society fifty years of novae. PAYNE-GAPOSCHKIN C.H.
1977ApJ...212L.113S 3 4 60 AM Herculis: a unique X-ray binary as revealed through the optical light curve. SZKODY P. and BROWNLEE D.E.
1977ApJ...214..540C 1 2 19 Evolution of a (1+0.75) solar mass close binary system with mass exchange and gravitational radiation losses. CHAU W.Y. and LAUTERBORN D.
1977ApJ...218..801M 39 52 Observations of galactic X-ray sources by OSO-7. MARKERT T.H., CANIZARES C.R., CLARK G.W., et al.
1977AcA....27..429S 16 17 Theoretical UBV colours of accretion discs in cataclysmic variables. SCHWARZENBERG-CZERNY A. and ROZYCZKA M.
1977Ap&SS..48....3C 4 6 A few observations and remarks on V1500 Cyg. CHIA T.T., MILONE F. and ROBB R.
1978A&A....68..455R 70 T                   1 1 11 Physical parameters, present state, past and future evolution of
WZ Sge.
1978ApJ...219..168R 79 T                   1 2 118 A photometric study of the recurrent Nova
WZ Sagittae at minimum light.
1978ApJ...219.1038C 3 10 Orbital angular momentum loss via gravitational radiation and mass-transfer rates in close binary systems. CHAU W.Y.
1978ApJ...226..427P 23 0 Spectrophotometric estimate of electron density in rapidly rotating disks. PANEK R.J.
1978MNRAS.184p..79W 46 ~ Hard X-ray emission from dwarf novae. WATSON M.G., SHERRINGTON M.R. and JAMESON R.F.
1978MNRAS.184..835F 73 T                   1 1 28 The determination of the orbital parameters of
WZ Sagittae.
1978PASP...90...57W 8 15 Probable identification of the recurrent Nova U Scorpii at minimum. WEBBINK R.F.
1978PASP...90..477N 29 19 Ultra-short variability: the vibrating white dwarf stars. NATHER R.E.
1978PASP...90..557W 26 15 Identifications and astrometric positions of old novae. WYCKOFF S. and WEHINGER P.A.
1978IAUC.3313Q...1B 68 T                   1 1 0
WZ Sagittae.
1979A&A....76..168R 72 T                   1 1 21 The physical parameters of
WZ Sge. II. Eclipse analysis.
1979AJ.....84..804P 1 11 77 Eruptions and superhumps in dwarf novae. PATTERSON J.
1979ApJ...234..182C 70 T                   1 1 14 Spectroscopic observations of
WZ Sagittae during the 1978 outburst.
1979ApJ...234..978P 5 7 179 Rapid oscillations in cataclysmic variables. III. An oblique rotator in AE Aquari. PATTERSON J.
1979MNRAS.186..799L 57 1 289 Tidal torques on accretion discs in binary systems with extreme mass ratios. LIN D.N.C. and PAPALOIZOU J.
1979MNRAS.189p..41B 68 T                   1 3 ~ Two cataclysmic variables similar to
WZ Sagittae.
1979MNRAS.189..293P 3 3 57 A model for the superhumps in cataclysmic variables. PAPALOIZOU J. and PRINGLE J.E.
1979AcA....29..665T 1 19 144 On the influence of emission of gravitational waves on the evolution of low-mass close binary stars. TUTUKOV A.V. and YUNGELSON L.R.
1979ATsir1034....8B 68 T                   1 1 ~ Nova
WZ Sagittae.
1979IBVS.1539....1T 69 T                   1 2 11 Photometry of
WZ Sagittae during its 1978 outburst.
1979IBVS.1559....1H 69 T                   1 1 7 Recent photometry of
WZ Sge.
1979IBVS.1583....1B 70 T                   1 2 20 Photometry of the recurrent Nova
WZ Sge at outburst.
1979IBVS.1693....1B 69 T                   1 1 8 The development of the 1978 outburst of
WZ Sge.
1980A&A....87...31O 68 T                   1 5 18 The recent outburst of the dwarf nova
WZ Sagittae.
1980ApJ...236L..29B 69 T                   1 1 7 A spectroscopic study of
WZ Sagittae during the 1978 outburst.
1980ApJ...236..854G 70 T                   1 2 22
WZ Sagittae: recent observations leading to a model for superhump phenomena.
1980ApJ...237...89W 70 T                   1 1 11 Image-tube spectroscopic studies of rapid variables. II. Spectroscopic observations of
WZ Sagittae during the 1978 december outburst.
1980ApJ...241..235P 77 T                   1 1 46 Rapid oscillations in cataclysmic variables. IV.
WZ Sagittae.
1980MNRAS.190..801W 46 83 Comments on the evolution and origin of cataclysmic binaries. WHYTE C.A. and EGGLETON P.P.
1980MNRAS.191..457F 73 T                   1 1 26 Ultraviolet observations of
WZ Sagittae in outburst.
1980BAAS...12...60O 47 0 Lick Observatory - Santa Cruz Campus. OSTERBROCK D.E.
1980IBVS.1805....1B 11 29 UBV-observations of some cataclysmic variables. BRUCH A.
1980IUE80......415H 54 ~ Highly-evolved stars. HEAP S.R.
1981A&A....95..138G 66 9 Classification of cosmic sources: a statistical approach. GIOVANNELLI F., CORADINI A., LASOTA J.P., et al.
1981A&A....99..226F 70 T                   1 1 7 A study of the spectrum of
WZ Sge during its 1978 outburst.
1981AJ.....86..747M 24 18 Emission-line objets in the Lanning ultraviolet survey. MARGON B. and DOWNES R.A.
1981ApJ...247..960Y 1 13 82 A quest for the red companion in six cataclysmic binaries. YOUNG P. and SCHNEIDER D.P.
1981ApJ...248.1067P 70 T                   1 13 117 A photometric study of the dwarf nova
WZ Sagittae in outburst.
1981ApJ...251..214L 70 T                   1 1 8 Generation of an external ring during the 1978 outburst of
WZ Sagittae.
1981ApJ...251..626B 12 31 X-ray observations of cataclysmic variables. BECKER R.H.
1981MNRAS.194p..17B 5 ~ Spectrophotometry of the eclipsing dwarf nova OY Carinae. BAILEY J. and WARD M.
1981AcA....31..241S 18 26 Radiation from the discs in cataclysmic variables : the chromosphere. SCHWARZENBERG-CZERNY A.
1981IBVS.1925....1H 69 T                   1 1 2 Photometry of
WZ Sge.
1981MitAG..52...34B 11 12 Die rekurrierende nova T Pyx. BRUCH A., DUERBECK H.W. and SEITTER W.C.
1981Natur.293..204B 5 7 The X-ray cataclysmic. BAILEY J., HOUGH J.H., SCHWARZENBERG-CZERNY A., et al.
1982A&A...114L..11B 8 19 PS 74: the discovery of a new SU UMa type dwarf nova with high orbital inclination. BARWIG H., HUNGER K., KUDRITZKI R.P., et al.
1982AJ.....87..670O 27 68 A spectrophotometric survey of cataclysmic variable stars. OKE J.B. and WADE R.A.
1982AJ.....87.1558W 33 60 Analysis of cataclysmic variable star energy distributions. WADE R.A.
1982ApJ...252..653V 7 4 156 Z Chamaeleontis: evidence for an eccentric disk during supermaximum ? VOGT N.
1982ApJ...255..585M 11 25 The colors of the pulsations and flickering of SY Cancri during outburst. MIDDLEDITCH J. and CORDOVA F.A.
1982ApJ...257L..71M 1 8 56 Two-second variability in AM Herculis binaries. MIDDLEDITCH J.
1982ApJ...258..209G 2 4 55 RW Sextantis, a disk with a hot, high-velocity wind. GREENSTEIN J.L. and OKE J.B.
1982MNRAS.199..601A 9 2 Reappraisal of the polarimetric data for seven binaries. ASPIN C. and SIMMONS J.F.L.
1982PASP...94..916B 25 26 A spectroscopic study of the old nova HR Del. BRUCH A.
1982Ap&SS..81....5A 478 18 Catalogue of white dwarfs. AGAYEV A.G., GUSEINOV O.H. and NOVRUZOVA H.I.
1982Ap&SS..86...91A 50 3 On the evolution of low mass binary systems. AMNUEL P.R. and GUSEINOV O.H.
1982BICDS..23...53H 441 0 Variable stars in the General Catalogue of trigonometric parallaxes. HOFFLEIT D.
1982IBVS.2246....1B 151 32 IAU archives of unpublished observations of variable stars. BREGER M.
1982SvAL....8..198T 32 22 The evolution of dwarf binaries. TUTUKOV A.V., FEDOROVA A.V. and YUNGEL'SON L.R.
1983A&A...125L..12L 2 3 35 Star-planet systems as progenitors of cataclysmic binaries : tidal effects. LOVIO M. and SOKER N.
1983AJ.....88.1034W 18 13 New spectral types for white dwarfs previously thought to be of class DC. WEGNER G.
1983ApJ...273...99O 2 3 44 Viscous drag on an accretion disk due to an embedded stellar system. OSTRIKER J.P.
1983ApJ...273..255R 1 3 23 Cessation of the 63 second periodicity in the light curve of V533 Herculis. ROBINSON E.L. and NATHER R.E.
1983ApJS...53..523W 69 221 Spectroscopy of cataclysmic variables. I. Observations. WILLIAMS G.
1983AZh....60..938V 69 T                   1 1 2 The recurrent nova
WZ Sge.
1983IBVS.2354....1S 2 6 A new ultra-short period dwarf nova : SW Ursae Majoris. SHAFTER A.W.
1983MmSAI..54..467S 45 ~ IUE observations of cataclysmic variables. SELVELLI P.L. and HACK M.
1983MitAG..60..474B 2 2 Ein neuartiges Lichtleiterphotometer fur simultane Mehrstern-Vielfarben-Photometrie. BARWIG H. and SCHOEMBS R.
1983RMxAA...5..301E 36 11 A photometric study of dwarf novae. ECHEVARRIA J. and JONES D.
1983S&W....22..278V 62 0 Zwergnovae : Beobachtungsergebnisse und ihre Interpretation. VOGT N.
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1984A&AS...56..441B 103 62 A catalogue of UBV colours of cataclysmic variables. BRUCH A.
1984A&AS...57..385R 128 70 Catalogue of cataclysmic binaries, low-mass X-ray binaries and related objects. (Third edition). RITTER H.
1984A&AS...58..601P 346 13 Binaires spectroscopiques - 14e catalogue complementaire. PEDOUSSAUT A., GINESTET N. and CARQUILLAT J.M.
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1984ApJS...54..443P 1 123 988 The evolution of cataclysmic and low-mass X-ray binaries. PATTERSON J.
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1984AcA....34..317S 11 32 Temperatures and luminosities of white dwarf novae. SMAK J.
1984Ap&SS..99..363D 69 55 Constraints for cataclysmic binary evolution as derived from space distributions. DUERBECK H.W.
1984BICDS..26...41M 110 0 White dwarf candidates for trigonometrical parallax determination. MOFFETT T.J., BARNES T.G. and EVANS D.S.
1984RMxAA...9...99E 75 19 UBVRI Catalogue of dwarf novae. ECHEVARRIA J.
1985A&A...144..369O 4 14 230 Irradiation-induced mass-overflow instability as a possible cause of superoutbursts in SU UMa stars. OSAKI Y.
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1986ApJ...301..252G 118 T K                 1 1 58
WZ Sagittae : time-resolved spectroscopy during quiescence.
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1987AcApS...7..189H 70 T                   1 1 0 The outburst of the recurrent nova
WZ Sge in 1978.
HAO X.-L. and MEI B.
1987Ap&SS.130...39H 7 3 The periods of cataclysmic variables. HERCZEG T.J.
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1987Ap&SS.130..151S 71 T                   1 1 4 Mass transfer and line profiles -
WZ Sge.
1987Ap&SS.130..351H 16 14 Accretion disk structure in SS Cygni. HESSMAN F.V.
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1988BICDS..34..127D 268 1 A reference catalogue of galactic novae. DUERBECK H.W.
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