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1903ApJ....17..201M 1 11 A new variable star unusually short period. MULLER G. and KEMPF P.
1906ApJ....23...79P 4 5 Photographic photometry of short-period variable stars. PARKHURST J.A. and JORDAN F.C.
1912ApJ....36..133R 62 T                   1 3 5 Elements of the eclipsing variables W Delphini,
W Ursae Majoris, and W Crucis.
1913ApJ....38..158S 88 17 The orbits of eighty-seven eclipsing binaries—a summary. SHAPLEY H.
1914ApJ....40..417R 91 6 On the distribution of eclipsing variable stars in space. RUSSELL H.N. and SHAPLEY H.
1917ApJ....45..306R 6 3 Comparison of visual and photographic observations of eclipsing variables. RUSSELL H.N., FOWLER M. and BORTON M.C.
1917ApJ....46..281S 63 T                   1 6 1 Notes on the color-curve and light-elements of
W Ursae Majoris.
1919ApJ....49..186A 62 9 The orbits of three spectroscopic binaries. ADAMS W.S. and JOY A.H.
1919ApJ....49..249S 13 2 Studies based on the colors and magnitudes in stellar clusters. XI. A comparison of the distances of various celestial objects. SHAPLEY H.
1921ApJ....53...13A 6 21 The parallaxes of 1646 stars derived by the spectroscopic method. ADAMS W.S., JOY A.H., STROMBERG G., et al.
1926ApJ....64..215S 63 T                   1 3 19 Two new variables stars of the type of
W Ursae Majoris.
1932VeBB....9e...1G 346 ~ Die Bedeckungsveraenderlichen. GAPOSCHKIN S.
1938MNRAS..98..459L 4 2 On the ellipticity of close binaries. LUYTEN W.J.
1946AJ.....52...29P 39 0 Relation between components of binary stars. PAYNE-GAPOSCHKIN C. and GAPOSCHKIN S.
1950AJ.....55..209C 26 ~ Report. CHANDRASEKHAR S.
1950ApJ...111Q.658S 2 12 Bright lines of CaII in the spectrum of RW Comae Berenices. STRUVE O.
1950ApJ...112..178S 66 T                   1 1 15 Spectrographic observations of
W Ursae Majoris.
1950ApJ...112..216S 2 9 The spectrum of YY Geminorum (Castor C). STRUVE O., HERBIG G. and HORAK H.
1950PASP...62...47S 65 T                   1 5 1 Bright lines of CaII in the spectrum of
W Ursae Majoris.
1950PASP...62..115P 65 T                   1 2 11 The mass ratio of
W Ursae Majoris.
1950AnAp...13..164R 13 1 On the masses of stars belonging to an "extended class of the metallic-lines stars". RUDKJOBING M.
1950BAN....11..209B 3 9 Photographic light-curves of AH Tauri and a new variable He 556. BINNENDIJK L.
1950ZA.....27..193P 71 2 Zur Masse-Leuchtkraft-Beziehung und zur empirischen Festlegung einer Skala von effektiven Temperaturen. PILOWSKI K.
1951AJ.....56....1S 158 23 On (e cosω) for eclipsing binaries. SAVEDOFF M.P.
1951AJ.....56...35C 2 1 The photoelectric light-curve of TW Ceti. CILLIE G.G.
1951AJ.....56..206W 19 ~ Variable star notes. A small nebula. WHITNEY B.S.
1951PASP...63..138S 5 4 Notes on stellar spectra. STRUVE O.
1952ApJ...115...14L 3 16 A photoelectric study of U Pegasi in two colors. LAFARA R.
1952MNRAS.112..289S 3 1 Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope Report. STOY R.H.
1952PASP...64..200H 5 13 Flaring phenomena in U Pegasi. HURUHATA M.
1952ZA.....31..256K 64 0 The period-density law P*sqrt(rho)=const for spectroscopic binaries. KREIKEN E.A.
1953ApJ...118...55K 8 15 The system of alpha Coronae Borealis. KRON G.E. and GORDON K.C.
1953PASP...65..219H 3 0 Radial velocity observations of 61 Ursae Majoris. HAUPT H.
1953AnAp...16..321P 84 6 Contribution a l'etude de la zone convective des etoiles. PECKER Ch.
1953ZA.....32..125K 259 0 The density of stars of different spectral types. KREIKEN E.A.
1953GCRV..C......0W viz 13       D               1 15129 835 General Catalogue of Stellar Radial Velocities WILSON R.E.
1954ZA.....34...99W 4 10 Der Bedeckungsveranderliche UV Leonis. WELLMANN P.
1955AJ.....60..100H 4 11 Photoelectric light-curves of the eclipsing star TT Herculis. HOGG A.R. and KRON G.E.
1955AJ.....60..355B 5 23 The light variation and orbital elements of 44 iota Bootis. BINNENDIJK L.
1955AnAp...18..379K 82 107 The classification of close binary systems. KOPAL Z.
1955ZA.....37...73S 10 14 Untersuchungen an W Ursae Majoris-Sternen. I. SCHMIDT H. and SCHRICK K.W.
1955ZA.....37..149P 65 0 Uber das Zustandsdiagramm der Sterne. PILOWSKI K.
1956AJ.....61...49H 8 47 A dynamical problem in binary systems and its bearing on stellar evolution. HUANG S.S.
1956AJ.....61..300H 46 25 The radii and masses of eclipsing binary stars. HUANG S.S. and STRUVE O.
1956AJ.....61..320W 6 0 Reports of observatories. WOOD F.B.
1956AJ.....61..324S 17 1 Reports of observatories SHANE C.D.
1956ApJ...123...44C 16 103 An interpretation of AE Aquarii. CRAWFORD J.A. and KRAFT R.P.
1956MNRAS.116..208W 6 0 Proceedings of Observatories. Commenwealth Observatory, Mount Stromlo. WOOLLEY R.v.d.R.
1956PASP...68..452W 6 8 A new eclipsing binary: BD +10 2234a. WORLEY C.E. and EGGEN O.J.
1956BAN....12..330K 67 T                   1 2 17 Photoelectric observations of the short-period eclipsing variable
W Ursae Majoris.
1956ZA.....39...95P 21 0 Uber das Zustandsdiagram der Sterne. II. PILOWSKI K.
1956ZA.....41....1S 66 T                   1 2 12 Untersuchungen an
W Ursae Majoris-Sternen. II. Lichtelektrische Beobachtungen von
W Ursae Majoris.
1957ApJ...125..372B 4 17 Photoelectric observations of SW Lacertae. BROWNLEE R.R.
1957ZA.....43..165S 6 7 Untersuchungen an W Ursae Majoris Sternen. III. Licktelektrische Beobachtungen von i Bootis. SCHMIDT H. and SCHRICK K.W.
1958AJ.....63..504W 19 1 Flower and Cook Observatory WOOD F.B.
1958ApJ...127..211L 11 2 Atmospheric eclipses. I. LINNELL A.P.
1959AJ.....64..468C 5 25 New light elements of five eclipsing variables. CHOU C.-K.
1959ApJ...129..287K 29 15 Eclipsing binaries in galactic clusters and OB associations. KRAFT R.P. and LANDOLT A.U.
1959ZA.....47..106S 66 T                   1 8 17 Untersuchungen an
W UMa.
1959ZA.....48..249S 1 2 24 Der Hullenstern omicron And. SCHMIDT H.
1960JO.....43..161H 66 T                   1 13 62 Lichtelektrische Untersuchungen an
W Ursae Majoris-Sternen.
1961AJ.....66...24B 3 14 Observations and times of minima for three W Ursae Majoris systems. BOOKMYER B.B.
1961AJ.....66..418G 147 1 Mean densities of visual binary stars. GIANNUZZI M.A. and BIANCO L.
1961SvA.....5..709P 102 ~ Period variations of eclipsing variables. PRIKHOD'KO A.E.
1962PASP...74....5L 8 3 Proceedings of IAU Symposium No 17. Visual double stars. LIPPINCOTT S.L.
1962AN....286..209B 40 2 Beobachtungsergebnisse der Berliner Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur Veranderliche Sterne (BAV) BRAUNE W. and QUESTER W.
1962JO.....45....7V 66 T                   1 7 0 Remarques et critiques sur l'interpretation des courbes de lumiere des etoiles a eclipse du type
W UMa.
1962JO.....45..117B 172 12 Catalogue d'etoiles doubles ayant une composante variable. BAIZE P.
1963AJ.....68...30B 12 14 Photoelectric light curves of FG Hydrae. BINNENDIJK L.
1963AJ.....68...39S 7 14 FG Hydrae, a completely eclipsing W UMa variable. SMITH H.J.
1963AJ.....68..257W 318 100 Ephemerides of eclipsing stars. WOOD B.D. and FORBES J.E.
1963AJ.....68..342K 5 1 Light curve variation of SW Lacertae. KYONG C.C.
1963AJ.....68..483E 271 110 Three-color photometry of the components in 228 wide double and multiple systems. EGGEN O.J.
1963AJ.....68..739W 22 0 Flower and Cook Observatory Report. WOOD B.F.
1963PASP...75..207S 4 16 The problem of U Cephei. STRUVE O.
1963BAICz..14...25O 12 1 Beobachtungen von Bedeckungsveranderlichen. OBURKA O.
1964AJ.....69..154B 2 12 The orbital elements of RZ Comae. BINNENDIJK L.
1964AJ.....69..316F 41 21 Minima of eclipsing stars. FITCH W.S.
1964AJ.....69..365B 66 T                   1 3 8 Times of minima and light curve variations of
W Ursae Majoris.
1964ApJ...139..457K 1 23 249 Binary stars among cataclysmic variables. III. Ten old novae. KRAFT R.P.
1964ApJ...140..921K 1 12 91 Binary stars among cataclysmic variables. V. Photoelectric and spectroscopic observations of the ultra-short period binary Nova WZ Sagittae. KRZEMINSKI W. and KRAFT R.P.
1964PASP...76...50W 3 4 On the period of UY Camelopardalis. WILLIAMS J.A.
1964PASP...76..430K 66 T                   1 3 15 A possible flare on
W Ursae Majoris.
1964BAICz..15...26O 22 0 Observations of eclipsing binaries. OBURKA O.
1964BAICz..15..156P 16 8 On the need for A two-parametric classification of close binaries. PLAVEC M.
1964BAICz..15..250O 29 11 Observations of eclipsing binaries in 1963. OBURKA O.
1964ZA.....59...29P 4 3 Lichtelektrische Beobachtungen des Bedeckungsveranderlichen V401 Cygni. PURGATHOFER A.
1965AJ.....70..201B 4 14 Light variation and orbital elements of AC Bootis. BINNENDIJK L.
1965AJ.....70..330R 1 2 On the fission theory of the origin of binary stars. ROXBURGH I.W.
1965AJ.....70..765L 13 0 Reports of observatories. LITTLE G.C.
1965PASP...77...36K 4 14 The light variation of the eclipsing binary BD +30 2163. KALISH S.M.
1965PASP...77...58W 3 3 An observed minimum of V839 Ophiuchi. WILSON R.E. and O'TOOLE W.
1965PASP...77..472L 4 3 New faint variables near the North Galactic Pole. LUYTEN W.J. and ERICKSON R.R.
1965AN....288..167D 80 28 Beobachtungsergebnisse der Berliner Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur Veranderliche Sterne e.V. (BAV). DUEBALL J. and LEHMANN P.B.
1965BAICz..16..212O 68 28 Observations of eclipsing binaries in 1964. OBURKA O.
1965ZA.....62..191C 99 14 The empirical mass-luminosity relations for spectrophotometric binary systems. CESTER B.
1966AJ.....71..340B 71 T                   1 1 28 The light variation and orbital elements of
W Ursae Majoris.
1966AJ.....71..943S 1 4 25 The ultraviolet dwarfs: a new class of degenerate stars. STOTHERS R.
1966ApJ...143..111R 9 1 59 On the fission theory of the origin of binary stars. ROXBURGH I.W.
1966ApJ...143..615S 8 ~ The monochromatic reflection effect. SOBIESKI S.
1966BAICz..17...21L 4 5 Period variations of SW Lacertae. LANG K. and VETESNIK M.
1966BAICz..17...31J 67 T                   1 1 1 A study of the period variation of
W Ursae Majoris.
1966BAICz..17..123K 67 T                   1 4 7 Photoelectric minima of eclipsing variables TV Cas, RZ Cas, WW Aur and
W UMa.
1966IBVS..154....1R 37 12 Minima of eclipsing variables. ROBINSON L.J.
1966SvA.....9..752M 2 2 29 Gravitational radiation of double stars. MIRONOVSKII V.N.
1966SvA....10...64K 67 T                   1 7 4 Close binaries of the
W UMa type and some problems of stellar evolution.
1966ZA.....63..116H 2 8 Binary systems with decreasing mass. HADJIDEMETRIOU J.D.
1967AJ.....72..711H 4 2 Twelve new variable stars in Sagittarius. HOFFLEIT D.
1967AJ.....72.1028W 7 11 Photometry of V502 Ophiuchi. WILSON E.R.
1967AJ.....72.1255W 20 2 Flower and Cook Observatory report. WOOD B.F.
1967PASP...79...57K 4 21 Intensity variations of HD 50896. KUHI L.V.
1967PASP...79..395K 8 26 On the structure and evolution of W Ursae Majoris stars. KRAFT R.P.
1967PASP...79..500A 4 8 On the variability of P Cygni. ALEXANDER T. and WALLERSTEIN G.
1967BAICz..18..261K 4 9 Orbital period of the eclipsing binary RT And. KRISTENSON H.
1967IBVS..201....1C 4 7 Photoelectric heliocentric minima of eclipsing variables. CESTER B.
1967IBVS..221....1R 30 9 Minima of eclipsing variables - 7. ROBINSON L.J.
1967JO.....50...71K 67 T                   1 1 3 Period variability and principal minimum of
W UMa.
1967MmRAS..70..111E 1 40 248 Contact binaries. II. EGGEN O.J.
1967MmSAI..38..707C 8 11 Photoelectric minima of four eclipsing variables. CESTER B.
1967PDAO...13....3B 67 T                   1 3 ~ Radial velocity curves of 44i Boo B, VW Cep and
W UMa.
1968ApJ...151.1123L 7 8 379 The structure of contact binaries. LUCY L.B.
1968ApJ...152..109R 5 17 The rapidly rotating old disk star HD 6870. RODGERS A.W.
1968ApJ...153..877L 7 4 189 The light curves of W Ursae Majoris stars. LUCY L.B.
1968MNRAS.138..337S 8 27 The effects of accretion on white dwarf stars. SASLAW W.C.
1968PASP...80..220S 5 5 BD -8 6189, new W Ursae Majoris star. STEPIEN K.
1968Ap&SS...2...23K 3 1 21 Gravity-darkening in eclipsing binaries. I: W Ursae Majoris-type systems. KOPAL Z.
1968BAN....19..418K 67 T                   1 1 0 Photoelectric observations of the short-period eclipsing binary
W Ursae Majoris made on March 20, 1957.
1969AJ.....74..538B 9 16 Photoelectric observations of three W Ursae Majoris systems. BROWN B.M.K. and PINNINGTON E.H.
1970A&A.....4..253K 21 9 Etude photometrique en huit couleurs de la binaire a eclipse 44 i Bootis. KURPINSKA M. and VAN'T VEER F.
1970A&A.....5..355A 7 2 94 The evolution of a vibrationally unstable main-sequence star of 130 solar masses. APPENZELLER I.
1970ApJ...161.1025B 2 1 15 Intrinsic polarization in close-binary systems. BUERGER P.F. and COLLINS II G.W.
1970ApJ...162..363M 6 9 T Aurigae, EX Hydrae and U Geminorum: additional times of minima. MUMFORD G.S.
1970MNRAS.149..129H 8 43 The nature of contact binaries. HAZLEHURST J.
1970MNRAS.149..147M 2 3 50 The structure of W Ursae Majoris systems. MOSS D.L. and WHELAN A.J.
1970PASP...82..574B 31 30 Observations of circumstellar matter in close binary systems. BATTEN A.H.
1970BAICz..21..211K 4 10 Mass transfer in close binaries. I. Mass outflow from contact components. KRIZ S.
1970IBVS..456....1P 73 74 Photoelectric minima of eclipsing binaries. POHL E. and KIZILIRMAK A.
1970PZ.....17..412P 2 1 16 Statistical investigation of close binary systems. POPOV W.V.
1970VA.....12..217B 3 20 417 The orbital elements of W Ursae Majoris systems. BINNENDIJK L.
1971A&AS....4..253P 57 24 Binaires spectroscopiques - 11eme catalogue complementaires. PEDOUSSAUT A. and GINESTET N.
1971PASP...83..449C 13 4 Monochromatic reflection effect of close binary stars. CHEN K.-Y. and RHEIN W.J.
1971AcA....21..365K 138 56 Investigation of changes in periods of eclipsing variables. KREINER J.M.
1971IBVS..508....1P 13 28 Photoelectric minima of eclipsing variables. POPOVICI C.
1971IBVS..530....1K 51 57 Photoelectric minima of eclipsing binaries. KIZILIRMAK A. and POHL E.
1972A&A....19..337V 4 6 Mass flow and period changes of contact binaries. VAN'T VEER F.
1972A&A....20..131V 10 15 A statistical method for the determination of the rate of changes of period for eclipsing binaries. VAN'T VEER F.
1972AJ.....77..230R 67 T                   1 3 17 A numerical analysis of the variations in the light curve of
W Ursae Majoris.
1972MNRAS.156...51M 16 2 192 A model for the totally eclipsing W Ursae Majoris system AW UMa. MOCHNACKI S.W. and DOUGHTY N.A.
1972MNRAS.156..115W 3 2 42 Contact binary systems: why the secondary might be hotter. WHELAN J.A.J.
1972MNRAS.156..243M 1 7 58 Models for five W Ursae Majoris systems. MOCHNACKI S.W. and DOUGHTY N.A.
1972MNRAS.156..297W 6 33 Observations of rapid blue variables. IV. WZ Sge. WARNER B. and NATHER R.E.
1972MNRAS.157..433M 1 1 9 Angular momemtum loss from contact binary systems. MOSS D.L.
1972MNRAS.160...63W 3 1 23 Contact binaries: opacity rotation. WHELAN J.A.J.
1972IBVS..647....1P 49 57 Photoelectric minima of eclipsing binaries. POHL E. and KIZILIRMAK A.
1972IBVS..659....1C 67 T                   1 1 3
W UMa. Photoelectric minima and a new period variation.
1973A&A....23....1G 10 27 A highly evolved, low-mass binary, HZ 22. GREENSTEIN J.L.
1973A&A....24..379H 4 2 55 The evolution of a contact binary. HAZLEHURST J. and MEYER-HOFMEISTER E.
1973A&A....25..249M 4 10 W Ursae Majoris stars: a model for the W-systems. MOCHNACKI S.W. and WHELAN J.A.J.
1973ApJ...179..539H 69 T                   1 4 54 The synthesis of close-binary light curves. V. The contact systems
W Ursae Majoris, AM Leonis, V566 Ophiuchi, and GK Cephei.
1973ApJ...180..501H 7 40 The distortion of line profiles and velocities in the spectra of contact binaries. HUTCHINGS J.B.
1973MNRAS.163..391W 68 T                   1 3 22
W Ursae Majoris: the parameters of a contact binary.
1973AcA....23...79R 1 28 241 The W UMa-type systems as contact binaries. I. Two methods of geometrical elements determination. Degree of contact. RUCINSKI S.M.
1974A&A....36...49H 1 2 23 The instability of two-colour contact binaries. HAZLEHURST J.
1974AJ.....79..391S 2 10 Radial velocity curves of HD 101799. SISTERO R.F. and CASTORE DE SISTERO M.E.
1974ApJ...190..675W 2 3 47 Toroidal figures of equilibrium. WONG C.Y.
1974MNRAS.167p..61W 5 ~ On the evolutionary scheme W UMa CV type I SN. WARNER B.
1974MNRAS.168...31W 68 T                   1 4 18
W Ursae Majoris: mass-ratio discrepancy, third body and age.
1974PASP...86...56W 6 5 LX Persei, an eclipsing binary with H and K emission. WEILER E.J.
1974AcA....24..119R 33 150 The W Uma-type systems as contact binaries. II. A-and W-type systems. RUCINSKI S.M.
1974IBVS..888....1C 3 2 UZ Oct. CASTORE DE SISTERO M.E. and SISTERO R.F.
1974IBVS..937....1K 75 94 Photoelectric minima of eclipsing binaries. KIZILIRMAK A. and POHL E.
1974MNSSA..33....6B 9 0 Reports from the universities: 1973. BAART E.E., WARNER B., JARRETT A.H., et al.
1974PASJ...26...65S 8 3 Variations of line profiles of eclipsing binary systems during the eclipse. SATO K.
1975A&A....45..107A 3 2 30 The close 0-type eclipsing binary TU Muscae. ANDERSEN J. and GRONBECH B.
1975ApJ...198..563M 1 15 119 On the possibility of magnetic starspots on the primary components of W Ursae Majoris type binaries. MULLAN D.J.
1975ApJ...200...95L 4 6 Search for polarimetric variations in the close binary GK Cephei. LESTER D.F., WOODS N.E., KEMP J.C., et al.
1975IBVS.1009....1B 3 4 Photographic observations of EE Cephei at the 1969 minimum. BALDINELLI L., GHEDINI S. and TUBERTINI C.
1975IBVS.1030....1A 10 3 Revised elements of eclipsing stars. AHNERT P.
1975IBVS.1053....1P 43 43 Photoelectric minima of eclipsing binaries. POHL E. and KIZILIRMAK A.
1975JBAA...85..443I 42 4 Minima of eclipsing binaries, 1973-74. ISLES J.E.
1975MmRAS..79..101H 314 169 Stromgren four-colour observations of northern hemisphere binary systems. HILDITCH R.W. and HILL G.
1975MmRAS..79..131H 188 172 MK classifications of some northern hemisphere binary systems. HILL G., HILDITCH R.W., YOUNGER F., et al.
1975MitVS...7...30B 38 0 Visuelle Beobachtungen von R CrB 1972 bis 1974. BLASBERG H.-J.
1975MitVS...7...38A 22 ~ Photographische Reihenbeobachtungen von Bedeckungsveranderlichen. AHNERT P.
1975PASJ...27..469Y 1 3 Models for W UMa stars. YAMASAKI A.
1976A&AS...24..399G 4 15 Four-colour light curves of the eclipsing binary AE Phe. GRONBECH B.
1976ApJ...203..694B 1 1 On the detectability of gravitational waves from W Ursae Majoris binary stars. BURKE W.L.
1976MNRAS.176..625W 1 8 40 SV Cen: an unusual example of mass transfer. WILSON R.E. and STARR T.C.
1976AcA....26..227R 71 T                   1 18 OAO-2 ultraviolet photometry of
W UMa.
1976AcA....26..319P 1 2 15 Evidence on circumstellar matter in VW Cep. PUSTYLNIK I. and SORGSEPP L.
1976AcA....26..341K 43 6 Visual minima of eclipsing binaries from Cracow observations in 1920-1950. KREINER J.M.
1976ATsir.918....7Z 3 6 Two-colour photometry of CC Comae. ZHUKOV G.V.
1976IBVS.1085....1S 2 1 Star on position of PKS 1925-524 variable. SMITH C.J.
1976IBVS.1114....1C 68 T                   1 3
W UMa : a new period variation.
1976IBVS.1143....1B 4 8 Photoelectric minima of eclipsing variables. BALDINELLI L. and GHEDINI S.
1976IBVS.1163....1P 30 40 Photoelectric minima of eclipsing binaries. POHL E. and KIZILIRMAK A.
1976IAUS...73...75P 42 4 856 Common envelope binaries. PACZYNSKI B.
1977A&A....56..105P 4 12 Polarization observations of four W UMa-type eclipsing binaries. PIIROLA V.
1977A&A....58..105W 171 22 Observations of radio stars at 10.6 GHz. WOODSWORTH A.W. and HUGHES V.A.
1977A&AS...27...47H 280 10 Uvby beta photometry of equatorial and southern bright stars. HECK A.
1977A&AS...27...55P 90 12 Binaires spectroscopiques - 13e catalogue complementaire. PEDOUSSAUT A. and NADAL R.
1977AJ.....82..734P 21 4 Survey of selected spectroscopic and eclipsing binaries for intrinsic linear polarization. PFEIFFER R.J.
1977AJ.....82..989S 151 102 Radio survey of close binary stars. SPANGLER S.R., OWEN F.N. and HULSE R.A.
1977ApJ...214..798A 13 1 68 On the light curves of W Ursae Majoris stars. ANDERSON L. and SHU F.H.
1977PASP...89..402K 2 7 Motion of the W Ursae Majoris type star CC Comae. KLEMOLA A.R.
1977AN....298..121B 249 18 Beobachtungsergebnisse der Berliner Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur veranderliche Sterne e.V.(BAV). BRAUNE W., HUEBSCHER J. and MUNDRY E.
1977IBVS.1249....1M 48 38 Minima of eclipsing variables. MALLAMA A.D., SKILLMAN D.R., PINTO P.A., et al.
1977IBVS.1316....1B 68 T                   1 3 Photoelectric minima of
W UMa.
1977IBVS.1335....1S 3 1 Minima of eclipsing variables. SURKOVA L.P.
1977IBVS.1358....1P 36 42 Photoelectric minima of eclipsing binaries. POHL E. and KIZILIRMAK A.
1977JBAA...87...79I 29 1 Variable star section minima of eclipsing binaries 1975. ISLES J.E.
1977MmSAI..48...83B 68 T                   1 3 Nuove variazioni di periodo e di curva di luce del sistema binario
W UMa.
1977RMxAA...3...21B 24 8 The discovery and observation of multiple stellar systems. BATTEN A.H. and SCARFE C.D.
1977VA.....21..359B 39 55 Synthetic light curves for contact binaries. BINNENDIJK L.
1978A&A....70...91V 27 19 The mass ratio function of W UMa type binaries. VAN'T VEER F.
1978ApJ...219..168R 12 2 128 A photometric study of the recurrent Nova WZ Sagittae at minimum light. ROBINSON E.L., NATHER R.E. and PATTERSON J.
1978Ap&SS..54..239S 101 5 Period-mass ratio relations for eclipsing binaries with periods not exceeding 5 days. SINVHAL S.D. and SRIVASTAVA J.B.
1978IBVS.1426....1E 50 79 F, G and K type dwarf and subgiant, close binaries with H and K emission. EGGEN O.J.
1978IBVS.1449....1E 30 36 Photoelectric minima of eclipsing binaries. EBERSBERGER J., POHL E. and KIZILIRMAK A.
1978IBVS.1480....1B 68 T                   1 2
W UMa photoelectric minima : a new period increase.
1978Obs....98...70W 8 0 Panoptikum der Sterne. WALDMEIER M.
1978PDAO...15..121B 973 284 Seventh catalogue of the orbital elements of spectroscopic binary systems. BATTEN A.H., FLETCHER J.M. and MANN P.J.
1979A&AS...36...25Y 307 4 Ein Vergleich der Bahnneigungen der raumlich Eng benachbarten spektroskopischen Doppelsternsysteme. YAVUZ I.
1979A&AS...36...33L 68 T                   2 2 Four-colour uvby observations of
W UMa.
1979AN....300..165B 191 19 Beobachtungsergebnisse der Berliner Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur Veranderliche Sterne eV.(BAV). BRAUNE W., HUEBSCHER J. and MUNDRY E.
1979Ap&SS..64..177C 94 10 Loss of orbital angular momentum in close binary systems during their evolution. CHAUBEY U.S.
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