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2013A&A...551A..37M 41           X         1 9 36 Particle acceleration and non-thermal emission during the V407 Cygni nova outburst. MARTIN P. and DUBUS G.
2013PASP..125..313M 39           X         1 36 3 Radio stars and their lives in the Galaxy. (Conference summary). MATTHEWS L.D.
2013ApJ...768...49R 144 T K A     X C       2 7 41 Optical morphology, inclination, and expansion velocity of the ejected shell of nova Monocerotis 2012. RIBEIRO V.A.R.M., MUNARI U. and VALISA P.
2013ApJ...768L..26P 748   K       X C       18 7 24 The 7.1 hr X-ray-ultraviolet-near-infrared period of the γ-ray classical nova Monocerotis 2012. PAGE K.L., OSBORNE J.P., WAGNER R.M., et al.
2013A&A...553A.123S 1323 T   A S   X C       31 16 49 The spectroscopic evolution of the γ-ray emitting classical nova
Nova Mon 2012. I. Implications for the ONe subclass of classical novae.
2013AJ....146...55W 39           X         1 14 14 Novae ejecta as discrete adiabatically expanding globules. WILLIAMS R.
2012ATel.4224....1C 83 T                   1 2 20 Fermi LAT detection of a new gamma-ray transient in the Galactic Plane:
Fermi J0639+0548.
2012ATel.4310....1C 236 T         X         5 6 28 Possible association of the gamma-ray transient
Fermi J0639+0548 with
Nova Mon 2012.
2013MNRAS.435..771M viz 2557 T   A D     X C       64 17 20 Photometric evolution, orbital modulation and progenitor of
Nova Mon 2012.
2013A&A...556C...2M 39           X         1 14 5 U Scorpii 2010 outburst: observational evidence of an underlying ONeMg white dwarf (Corrigendum). MASON E.
2013A&A...559L...7S 80           X         2 8 19 A unified model for the spectrophotometric development of classical and recurrent novae. The role of asphericity of the ejecta. SHORE S.N.
2013A&A...559A..50N 134       D   O X         4 27 26 Obscuration effects in super-soft-source X-ray spectra. NESS J.-U., OSBORNE J.P., HENZE M., et al.
2014A&A...562A..28D 40           X         1 8 11 The spectroscopic evolution of the recurrent nova T Pyxidis during its 2011 outburst. III. The ultraviolet development from iron curtain through the post-X-ray turnoff. DE GENNARO AQUINO I., SHORE S.N., SCHWARZ G.J., et al.
2014ApJ...785L..11B 79           X         2 18 23 Near-IR studies of recurrent nova V745 Scorpii during its 2014 outburst. BANERJEE D.P.K., JOSHI V., VENKATARAMAN V., et al.
2014MNRAS.440.3402M viz 40           X         1 14 6 Study of three 2013 novae: V1830 Aql, V556 Ser and V809 Cep. MUNARI U., OCHNER P., DALLAPORTA S., et al.
2014AstL...40..309T 7 4 Spectroscopic study of the envelope of Nova Mon 2012, a γ-ray source. TARASOVA T.N.
2014Sci...345..554A 6 6 77 Fermi establishes classical novae as a distinct class of gamma-ray sources. ACKERMANN M., AJELLO M., ALBERT A., et al.
2014A&A...569A..84M 40           X         1 16 5 On the narrow emission line components of the LMC novae 2004 (YY Doradus) and 2009a. MASON E. and MUNARI U.
2014A&A...570A..37P 40           X         1 16 ~ X-ray and UV observations of V751 Cygni in an optical high state. PAGE K.L., OSBORNE J.P., BEARDMORE A.P., et al.
2014MNRAS.444.1683E 175       D S   X         4 86 5 A WISE view of novae - I. The data. EVANS A., GEHRZ R.D., WOODWARD C.E., et al.
2013A&ARv..21...64D 119           X         3 53 119 Gamma-ray binaries and related systems. DUBUS G.
2014Natur.514..339C 3 7 54 Binary orbits as the driver of γ-ray emission and mass ejection in classical novae. CHOMIUK L., LINFORD J.D., YANG J., et al.
2015MNRAS.448L..35O 42           X         1 9 18 A NuSTAR observation of the fast symbiotic nova V745 Sco in outburst. ORIO M., RANA V., PAGE K.L., et al.
2012ATel.4320....1M 235 T         X         5 3 9 High resolution spectroscopy and BVRI photometry of
Fermi J0639+0548 =
Nova Mon 2012.
2012ATel.4321....1N 239 T         X         5 1 11 X-ray and UV observations of
Nova Mon 2012.
2012ATel.4352....1C 161 T         X         3 1 11 Dramatic brightening of
Nova Mon 2012 at high radio frequencies.
2012ATel.4365....1G 161           X         4 1 11 The progenitor of Nova Monocerotis 2012. GREIMEL R., DREW J., STEEGHS D., et al.
2012ATel.4376....1F 196 T         X         4 2 5 Follow-up radio observations of
Nova Mon 2012 at 10 - 142 GHz.
2012ATel.4408....1O 196 T         X         4 4 11
Nova Mon 2012 resolved as a double radio source.
O'BRIEN T.J., YANG J., PARAGI Z., et al.
2012ATel.4542....1B 158 T         X         3 1 5 Infrared observations show that
Nova Mon 2012 is now in the coronal line phase.
2012ATel.4569....1N 158 T         X         3 1 5 X-ray high-resolution Chandra spectrum and optical observations of
nova Monocerotis 2012.
NESS J.-U., SHORE S.N., DRAKE J.J., et al.
2012ATel.4572....1V 117 T         X         2 1 1 Near infrared photometric monitoring observations of
Nova Mon 2012.
2012ATel.4590....1N 120 T         X         2 1 7 Supersoft X-ray emission detected from
Nova Mon 2012.
2012ATel.4614....1L 156 T         X         3 1 1 Supersoft X-ray rebrightening of
Nova Mon 2012.
LI K.L. and KONG A.K.H.
2012ATel.4631....1P 39           X         1 2 ~ Swift discovery of a new X-ray and UV Transient. PAGE K.L., EVANS P.A. and BEARDMORE A.P.
2012ATel.4633....1O 118 T         X         2 1 2 New Chandra observation of
Nova Mon 2012.
2013ATel.4709....1M 159 T         X         3 1 5
Nova Mon 2012 is a neon nova.
2013ATel.4727....1O 199 T         X         4 3 14
Nova Mon 2012 : high soft X-ray variability and probable 7.1 hour UV/X-ray period.
2013ATel.4737....1W 238 T         X         5 2 8 Optical confirmation of the 7.1 hour UV/X-ray period in
Nova Mon 2012.
2013ATel.4764....1B 157 T         X         3 3 2 The possible cause of the initial gamma ray emission from
Nova Mon 2012 ; continued infrared observations.
2013ATel.4803....1H 239 T         X         5 1 6 BVRI time series observations of the 7.1 hour period in
Nova Mon 2012.
2015ApJ...805..136L 2273 T K A     X C       55 15 21 The distance to nova V959 Mon from VLA imaging. LINFORD J.D., RIBEIRO V.A.R.M., CHOMIUK L., et al.
2015ApJS..218...23A viz 40           X         1 3129 1151 Fermi Large Area Telescope third source catalog. ACERO F., ACKERMANN M., AJELLO M., et al.
2015ApJ...806...27P 41           X         1 4 6 Simulations of the symbiotic recurrent nova V407 Cyg. I. Accretion and shock evolutions. PAN K.-C., RICKER P.M. and TAAM R.E.
2015A&A...578A..39N 16       D   O           1 24 12 Short-period X-ray oscillations in super-soft novae and persistent super-soft sources. NESS J.-U., BEARDMORE A.P., OSBORNE J.P., et al.
2013ATel.4845....1P 157 T         X         3 3 4 The decline of the super-soft X-ray source in
Nova Mon 2012.
2013ATel.4853....1P 39           X         1 2 2 Nova SMC 2012 (OGLE-2012-NOVA-002) is an ONe nova, which is now a super-soft X-ray source. PAGE K.L., WALTER F.M., SCHWARZ G.J., et al.
2013ATel.4907....1V 118 T         X         2 1 ~ Near infrared photometric observations of
Nova Mon 2012.
2013ATel.4920....1P 39           X         1 4 2 Nova SMC 2012 : a probable 20.4 hour period detected by Swift in the UV and X-ray. PAGE K.L., OSBORNE J.P., BEARDMORE A.P., et al.
2015A&A...580A..45D viz 41         O X         1 40 56 A remarkable recurrent nova in M 31: Discovery and optical/UV observations of the predicted 2014 eruption. DARNLEY M.J., HENZE M., STEELE I.A., et al.
2015ApJ...809..160F 81           X         2 14 14 Distance and reddening of the enigmatic gamma-ray-detected nova V1324 Sco. FINZELL T., CHOMIUK L., MUNARI U., et al.
2015MNRAS.450.2739M 125           X         3 5 29 Gamma-ray novae as probes of relativistic particle acceleration at non-relativistic shocks. METZGER B.D., FINZELL T., VURM I., et al.
2015NewA...40...28M 80             C       1 10 5 500 days of Stromgren b, y and narrow-band [OIII], Hα photometric evolution of gamma-ray Nova Del 2013 (=V339 Del). MUNARI U., MAITAN A., MORETTI S., et al.
2013ATel.5499....1W 275 T         X         6 2 ~ Optical Spectroscopy of
V959 Mon (2012) in the Nebular Stage.
2013ATel.5500....1M 157 T         X         3 1 1 Observations of
Nova Mon 2012 after it emerged from the conjunction with the Sun.
2015A&A...581A.134D 122         O X C       2 2 4 High spectral resolution monitoring of Nova V339 Delphini with TIGRE. DE GENNARO AQUINO I., SCHROEDER K.-P., MITTAG M., et al.
2015MNRAS.451.2863S 16       D               1 104 6 Searching for nova shells around cataclysmic variables. SAHMAN D.I., DHILLON V.S., KNIGGE C., et al.
2015A&A...582A..67A 40           X         1 11 6 Very high-energy γ-ray observations of novae and dwarf novae with the MAGIC telescopes. AHNEN M.L., ANSOLDI S., ANTONELLI L.A., et al.
2015MNRAS.452.3696J 40           X         1 15 10 Infrared studies of Nova Scorpii 2014: an outburst in a symbiotic system sans an accompanying blast wave. JOSHI V., BANERJEE D.P.K., ASHOK N.M., et al.
2015MNRAS.453.2115A 80           X         2 19 15 Forming equatorial rings around dying stars. AKASHI M., SABACH E., YOGEV O., et al.
2015MNRAS.454.1297S 40           X         1 17 10 Near-infrared studies during maximum and early decline of Nova Cephei 2014 and Nova Scorpii 2015. SRIVASTAVA M.K., ASHOK N.M., BANERJEE D.P.K., et al.
2015MNRAS.454.3108P 80           X         2 16 14 Swift detection of the super-swift switch-on of the super-soft phase in nova V745 Sco (2014). PAGE K.L., OSBORNE J.P., KUIN N.P.M., et al.
2014ATel.6413....1S 40           X         1 4 4 First high resolution ultraviolet (HST/STIS) and supporting optical spectroscopy (CHIRON/SMARTS, HRS/SALT) of V1369 Cen = Nova Cen 2013 . SHORE S.N., SCHWARZ G.J., WALTER F.M., et al.
2016PASP..12851001S 41           X         1 30 ~ The thermonuclear runaway and the classical nova outburst. STARRFIELD S., ILIADIS C. and HIX W.R.
2016MNRAS.457..887W 594     A     X         15 18 20 Non-thermal radio emission from colliding flows in classical nova V1723 Aql. WESTON J.H.S., SOKOLOSKI J.L., METZGER B.D., et al.
2016MNRAS.457.1786M 44           X         1 4 12 Novae as Tevatrons: prospects for CTA and IceCube. METZGER B.D., CAPRIOLI D., VURM I., et al.
2015ATel.7744....1L 40           X         1 7 ~ First Radio Detections of the Two 2015 Novae in Sagittarius. LINFORD J., CHOMIUK L., NELSON T., et al.
2016A&A...590A.123S 82           X         2 6 7 The panchromatic spectroscopic evolution of the classical CO nova V339 Delphini (Nova Del 2013) until X-ray turnoff. SHORE S.N., MASON E., SCHWARZ G.J., et al.
2016PASJ...68S..11M 16       D               2 51 5 Search for soft X-ray flashes at the fireball phase of classical/recurrent novae using MAXI/GSC data. MORII M., YAMAOKA H., MIHARA T., et al.
2016ApJ...825...95D 41           X         1 12 4 Collimation and asymmetry of the hot blast wave from the recurrent nova V745 Sco. DRAKE J.J., DELGADO L., LAMING J.M., et al.
2016ApJ...826..142C 58       D     X         2 19 25 Fermi-LAT gamma-ray detections of classical novae V1369 Centauri 2013 and V5668 Sagittarii 2015. CHEUNG C.C., JEAN P., SHORE S.N., et al.
2016MNRAS.460.2687W 877     A     X         22 18 15 Shock-powered radio emission from V5589 Sagittarii (Nova Sgr 2012 #1). WESTON J.H.S., SOKOLOSKI J.L., CHOMIUK L., et al.
2016MNRAS.460.2822B 41           X         1 13 3 Discovery of a long-lived, high-amplitude dusty infrared transient. BRITT C.T., MACCARONE T.J., GREEN J.D., et al.
2016ApJ...829....2P 893 T K A D S   X C       20 14 3 Chemical and physical parameters from X-ray high-resolution spectra of the galactic nova V959 Mon. PERETZ U., ORIO M., BEHAR E., et al.
2016MNRAS.461.1177O 260       D     X   F     6 159 10 The distances of the Galactic novae. OZDONMEZ A., GUVER T., CABRERA-LAVERS A., et al.
2016RAA....16..152Z 41           X         1 4 ~ The γ-ray emission produced by protons that escape from supernova remnant G349.7+0.2. ZHANG X., LI H. and CHEN Y.
2016ApJ...831..106K 41           X         1 16 3 Fermi/LAT study of gamma-ray emission in the direction of the Monoceros Loop supernova remnant. KATAGIRI H., SUGIYAMA S., ACKERMANN M., et al.
2016MNRAS.462.2074S 41           X         1 29 2 Near-infrared studies of V2944 Ophiuchi (Nova Ophiuchi 2015). SRIVASTAVA M.K., BANERJEE D.P.K., ASHOK N.M., et al.
2016MNRAS.463..394V 139       D     X         4 6 8 Shocks in nova outflows - II. Synchrotron radio emission. VLASOV A., VURM I. and METZGER B.D.
2016ApJ...833..149D viz 42           X         1 34 49 M31N 2008-12a - the remarkable recurrent nova in M31: panchromatic observations of the 2015 eruption. DARNLEY M.J., HENZE M., BODE M.F., et al.
2017ApJ...834..196S viz 16       D               1 244 15 The Galactic nova rate revisited. SHAFTER A.W.
2017ApJ...842...73L 165           X         4 27 3 The peculiar multiwavelength evolution of V1535 Sco. LINFORD J.D., CHOMIUK L., NELSON T., et al.
2017PASP..129f2001M 41           X         1 153 29 X-ray emissions from accreting white dwarfs: a review. MUKAI K.
2017ApJ...846...34A viz 41           X         1 39 13 The second catalog of flaring gamma-ray sources from the Fermi All-sky Variability Analysis. ABDOLLAHI S., ACKERMANN M., AJELLO M., et al.
2017MNRAS.469.3976H 2165 T K A     X C       51 5 3 Multi-epoch radio imaging of γ-ray Nova
V959 Mon.
2017MNRAS.469.4341M viz 329           X C       7 20 7 Photometric evolution of seven recent novae and the double-component characterizing the light curve of those emitting in gamma rays. MUNARI U., HAMBSCH F.-J. and FRIGO A.
2017MNRAS.465.1218M 346       D S   X C       7 10 8 Gamma-ray novae: rare or nearby? MORRIS P.J., COTTER G., BROWN A.M., et al.
2017ApJ...847...35D 42           X         1 7 7 No neon, but jets in the remarkable recurrent nova M31N 2008-12a? - Hubble Space Telescope spectroscopy of the 2015 eruption. DARNLEY M.J., HOUNSELL R., GODON P., et al.
2018ApJ...852...62V 84           X         2 9 7 High-energy emission from nonrelativistic radiative shocks: application to gamma-ray novae. VURM I. and METZGER B.D.
2018ApJ...852..108F viz 502           X         12 34 6 A detailed observational analysis of V1324 Sco, the most gamma-ray-luminous classical nova to date. FINZELL T., CHOMIUK L., METZGER B.D., et al.
2018ApJ...853...27M 1112   K A     X C       26 14 2 V1369 Cen high-resolution panchromatic late nebular spectra in the context of a unified picture for nova ejecta. MASON E., SHORE S.N., DE GENNARO AQUINO I., et al.
2018AJ....155...58H viz 42           X         1 4 ~ The photometric evolution of the classical nova V723 Cassiopeia from 2006 through 2016. HAMILTON-DRAGER C.M., LANE R.I., RECINE K.A., et al.
2018A&A...609A.120F 585           X C       13 82 3 Search for gamma-ray emission from Galactic novae with the Fermi -LAT. FRANCKOWIAK A., JEAN P., WOOD M., et al.
2018MNRAS.474.2679A 125           X         3 19 4 Multiwavelength observations of nova SMCN 2016-10a - one of the brightest novae ever observed. AYDI E., PAGE K.L., KUIN N.P.M., et al.
2018ApJ...858...78G 84           X         2 18 1 The temporal development of dust formation and destruction in nova Sagittarii 2015#2 (V5668 SGR): a panchromatic study. GEHRZ R.D., EVANS A., WOODWARD C.E., et al.
2018ApJ...858..108H 4472 T K A D S   X C       105 14 ~ A light-curve analysis of gamma-ray nova
V959 Mon: distance and white dwarf mass.
2018MNRAS.476.4162O 17       D               1 297 1 A new catalogue of Galactic novae: investigation of the MMRD relation and spatial distribution. OZDONMEZ A., EGE E., GUVER T., et al.
2018A&A...612A..38M 359     A     X C       8 7 3 Gamma-ray emission from internal shocks in novae. MARTIN P., DUBUS G., JEAN P., et al.
2018MNRAS.473.1895B 84           X         2 27 1 Near-infrared and optical studies of the highly obscured nova V1831 Aquilae (Nova Aquilae 2015). BANERJEE D.P.K., SRIVASTAVA M.K., ASHOK N.M., et al.
2018A&A...613A...8F 42           X         1 5 1 Three-dimensional simulations of the interaction between the nova ejecta, accretion disk, and companion star. FIGUEIRA J., JOSE J., GARCIA-BERRO E., et al.
2017NatAs...1..697L 12 7 A nova outburst powered by shocks. LI K.-L., METZGER B.D., CHOMIUK L., et al.
2018ApJS..237....4H 42           X         1 30 1 A light curve analysis of recurrent and very fast novae in our Galaxy, Magellanic Clouds, and M31. HACHISU I. and KATO M.
2018ApJ...862..164O 42           X         1 17 ~ What we learn from the X-ray grating spectra of Nova SMC 2016. ORIO M., NESS J.-U., DOBROTKA A., et al.
2018MNRAS.480L..54D 42           X         1 2 ~ The structure of a recent nova shell as observed by ALMA. DIAZ M.P., ABRAHAM Z., RIBEIRO V.A.R.M., et al.
2018MNRAS.480..572A 42           X         1 30 1 Multiwavelength observations of V407 Lupi (ASASSN-16kt) - a very fast nova erupting in an intermediate polar. AYDI E., ORIO M., BEARDMORE A.P., et al.
2018ApJ...867...99B 251           X C       5 14 ~ Unraveling the infrared transient VVV-WIT-06: the case for the origin as a classical nova. BANERJEE D.P.K., HSIAO E.Y., DIAMOND T., et al.
2018A&A...619A.104S 42           X         1 20 ~ Spectroscopic diagnostics of dust formation and evolution in classical nova ejecta. SHORE S.N., KUIN N.P., MASON E., et al.
2018PASJ...70...29K 125           X C       2 12 ~ Evidence for GeV cosmic rays from white dwarfs in the local cosmic ray spectra and in the gamma-ray emissivity of the inner Galaxy. KAMAE T., LEE S.-H., MAKISHIMA K., et al.
2019ApJ...872...86N 43           X         1 10 ~ NuSTAR detection of X-rays concurrent with gamma-rays in the nova V5855 Sgr. NELSON T., MUKAI K., LI K.-L., et al.
2019PASP..131a6001M 85           X         2 61 ~ Radio Stars: from kHz to THz. MATTHEWS L.D.
2019ApJS..241....4H 17       D               4 50 ~ The UBV color evolution of classical novae. III. Time-stretched color-magnitude diagram of novae in outburst. HACHISU I. and KATO M.
2019ApJ...878...28S 128           X C       2 14 ~ Multiwavelength modeling of the SED of nova V339 Del: stopping the wind and long-lasting super-Eddington luminosity with dust emission. SKOPAL A.
2019ApJS..242...18H 613       D     X C       14 81 ~ A light-curve analysis of 32 recent galactic novae: distances and white dwarf masses. HACHISU I. and KATO M.
2019ApJ...879L...5H 128           X         3 16 ~ The supersoft X-ray transient ASASSN-16oh as a thermonuclear runaway without mass ejection. HILLMAN Y., ORIO M., PRIALNIK D., et al.
2019MNRAS.490.3691D 43           X         1 11 ~ Early multiwavelength analysis of the recurrent nova V745 Sco. DELGADO L. and HERNANZ M.
2020MNRAS.491..655K viz 44           X         1 15 ~ The 2016 January eruption of recurrent Nova LMC 1968. KUIN N.P.M., PAGE K.L., MROZ P., et al.
2020MNRAS.492L..40A viz 17       D               1 1220 ~ Disentangling cataclysmic variables in Gaia's HR diagram. ABRIL J., SCHMIDTOBREICK L., EDEROCLITE A., et al.
2020ApJS..247...33A viz 87           X         2 5180 ~ Fermi Large Area Telescope fourth source catalog. ABDOLLAHI S., ACERO F., ACKERMANN M., et al.
2020A&A...635A.115M 20 ~ The ambiguous transient ASASSN-17hx. A possible nova impostor. MASON E., SHORE S.N., KUIN P., et al.
2020ApJ...895...80O 1106       D     X C       25 11 ~ Chandra High Energy Transmission Gratings spectra of V3890 Sgr. ORIO M., DRAKE J.J., NESS J.-U., et al.
2020MNRAS.497.2569S 322       D     X         8 29 ~ X-ray spectroscopy of the γ-ray brightest nova V906 Car (ASASSN-18fv). SOKOLOVSKY K.V., MUKAI K., CHOMIUK L., et al.
2020MNRAS.499.2959H 104       D       C       2 42 ~ Two new nova shells associated with V4362 Sagittarii and DO Aquilae. HARVEY E.J., REDMAN M.P., BOUMIS P., et al.
2020MNRAS.499.4814P 87           X         2 14 ~ The 2019 eruption of recurrent nova V3890 Sgr: observations by Swift, NICER, and SMARTS. PAGE K.L., KUIN N.P.M., BEARDMORE A.P., et al.
2020ApJ...905...62A 87           X         2 23 ~ Early spectral evolution of classical novae: consistent evidence for multiple distinct outflows. AYDI E., CHOMIUK L., IZZO L., et al.
2020ApJ...905..114L 17       D               1 17 ~ Fermi-LAT observations of V549 Vel 2017: a subluminous gamma-ray nova? LI K.-L., HAMBSCH F.-J., MUNARI U., et al.
2021MNRAS.500.2798N 2043 T K A S   X         44 10 ~ X-ray evolution of the nova
V959 Mon suggests a delayed ejection and a non-radiative shock.
2021MNRAS.501.1394N           X     *   6 13 ~ Radio light curves and imaging of the helium nova V445 Puppis reveal seven years of synchrotron emission. NYAMAI M.M., CHOMIUK L., RIBEIRO V.A.R.M., et al.
2021ApJS..253...27H 3960       D S   X C       87 69 ~ The UBV color evolution of classical novae. IV. Time-stretched U - B)0-(MB - 2.5 log fs) and V - I)0-(MI - 2.5 log fs) color-magnitude diagrams of novae in outbursts. HACHISU I. and KATO M.
2021ApJ...910..134G viz 421       D     X C       9 20 ~ Surveying the X-ray behavior of novae as they emit γ-rays. GORDON A.C., AYDI E., PAGE K.L., et al.
2021AJ....161..291R 45           X         1 21 ~ The coronal line spectrum of the iron nova V3666 Ophiuchi. RUDY R.J., SUBASAVAGE J.P., MAUERHAN J.C., et al.
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