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1984IBVS.2490....1D 69 T                   1 4 8 Improved outburst lightcurves of the novae EY Aql, BC Cas, MT Cen, and
V745 Sco
1987SSRv...45....1D 270 194 A reference catalogue and atlas of galactic novae. DUERBECK H.W.
1988BICDS..34..127D 268 1 A reference catalogue of galactic novae. DUERBECK H.W.
1989BAAS...21.1079S 70 T                   1 2 0 UV spectroscopy of Nova Sco 1989 and
V745 Sco in outburst.
1989IAUC.4820....0L 70 T                   1 1 ~
V745 Scorpii.
1989IAUC.4821....0M 70 T                   1 1 ~
V745 Scorpii.
1989IAUC.4822....0W 70 T                   1 2 ~
V745 Scorpii.
1989IAUC.4825....0M 70 T                   1 2 ~
V745 Scorpii.
1989IAUC.4826....0S 70 T                   1 1 ~
V745 Scorpii.
1989IAUC.4829....0K 70 T                   1 3 ~
V745 Scorpii.
1989IAUC.4835....0M 70 T                   1 1 ~
V745 Scorpii.
1989IAUC.4836....0T 70 T                   1 1 ~
V745 Scorpii.
1989IAUC.4844....0D 70 T                   1 1 ~
V745 Scorpii.
1989IAUC.4850....0L 70 T                   1 1 ~
V745 Scorpii.
1989IAUC.4853....0H 70 T                   1 1 ~
V745 Scorpii.
1989IAUC.4885....0S 70 T                   1 1 ~
V745 Scorpii.
1989Msngr..58...34D 70 T                   1 7 7
V745 Sco - a new member of the elusive group of recurrent novae.
1990ApJ...358..551I 6 10 X-ray decline and rejuvenation of a recurrent nova. ITOH H. and HACHISU I.
1990MNRAS.245p..28S 7 ~ Recurrent nova in the Large Magellanic Cloud - Nova LMC 1990 No 2. SEKIGUCHI K., STOBIE R.S., BUCKLEY D.A.H., et al.
1990MNRAS.246...78S 72 T                   1 3 28 The 1989 outburst of the recurrent nova
V745 Sco.
1990AGAb....4...23D 1 0 The outburst of the recurrent nova V 745 Scorpii. DUERBECK H.W., SCHWARZ H.E. and AUGUSTEIJN T.
1990IBVS.3517....1W 5 4 On the amplitude of the recurrent nova V 3890 Sagittarii. WENZEL W.
1990IAUC.5006....0W 2 ~ V3890 Sagittarii. WAGNER R.M., BERTRAM R. and STARRFIELD S.G.
1991ApJ...370..193S 1 5 28 Multiwavelength observations of nova LMC 1990 number 2 : the first extragalactic recurrent nova. SHORE S.N., SONNEBORN G., STARRFIELD S.G., et al.
1991ApJ...376..721W 2 12 130 The evolution and classification of postoutburst novae spectra. WILLIAMS R.E., HAMUY M., PHILLIPS M.M., et al.
1991BAAS...23.1324H 70 T                   1 2 0 Infrared observations of the recurrent novae
V745 Sco and V3890 Sgr.
1991RMxAA..22..310L 5 0 Results of a nova search : 1982-1991. LILLER W.
1992A&A...265...71G 7 13 The 1990 outburst of the recurrent nova V3890 Sgr observed with IUE. GONZALEZ-RIESTRA R.
1992AJ....104..725W 2 18 201 The formation of novae spectra. WILLIAMS R.E.
1992ApJ...389..695L 19 44 Type I supernovae and accretion-induced collapses from cataclysmic variables ? LIVIO M. and TRURAN J.W.
1992ApJS...81..321S 9 30 The photometric period of the recurrent nova T Pyxidis SCHAEFER B.E., LANDOLT A.U., VOGT N., et al.
1992Msngr..69...68P 2 2 A new 2048X2048 CCD for the CES Long Camera. PASQUINI L., DUERBECK H.W., DEIRIES S., et al.
1992QJRAS..33..111F 91 3 South African Astronomical Observatory. Research. FEAST M.W.
1993A&A...268..294W 13 6 Millimetre observations of old novae. WEIGHT A., EVANS A., ALBINSON J.S., et al.
1993A&A...274L..41O 1 4 19 The ROSAT detection of RS Ophiuchi at quiescence. ORIO M.
1993A&AS..102..401V viz 59 65 An atlas of high resolution line profiles of symbiotic stars. I. Coude echelle spectrometry of southern objects and a classification system of H-alpha line profile. VAN WINCKEL H., DUERBECK H.W. and SCHWARZ H.E.
1993AJ....105..320H 71 T                   10 26 Infrared observations of the recurrent novae V745 SCO and V3890 SGR. HARRISON T.E., JOHNSON J.J. and SPYROMILIO J.
1993PASP..105..127D viz 819 131 A catalog and atlas of cataclysmic variables. DOWNES R.A. and SHARA M.M.
1993Aster.121...23A 12 0 Novas: autenticas catastrofes estelares. ARRASTIA AVILA M.A.
1993RMxAA..26...41L 36 4 Tne Vina del Mar nova search : 1982-1992. LILLER W.
1994ApJ...426..279W 14 47 Extinction, ejecta masses and radial velocities of novae. WILLIAMS R.E.
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1994MNRAS.269..105A 3 10 Spectroscopy of the recurrent nova V3890 Sagitarii 18 d after the 1990 outburst. ANUPAMA G.C. and SETHI S.
1994Ap&SS.216..161L 9 1 The hydrodynamics of bipolar explosions. LLOYD H.M., O'BRIEN T.J., BODE M.F., et al.
1994IAUCo.151..237K 7 ~ Hydrogen and helium flashes in cataclysmic variables. KATO M.
1995A&AS..109..177W viz 2979 50 Radio continuum emission from stars: a catalogue update. WENDKER H.J.
1995Ap&SS.230...75S 9 11 Recurrent novae. SEKIGUCHI K.
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2000A&AS..146..407B viz 216 203 A catalogue of symbiotic stars. BELCZYNSKI K., MIKOLAJEWSKA J., MUNARI U., et al.
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2001A&A...373..542O 102 80 X-ray emission from classical and recurrent novae observed with ROSAT. ORIO M., COVINGTON J. and OEGELMAN H.
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2006A&A...450..233A 11 3 The OGLE-II event sc5_2859: a classical nova outburst? AFONSO C., GLICENSTEIN J.F., GOULD A., et al.
2003JAD.....9....3W 29 6 The CTIO nova survey: data. WILLIAMS R.E., HAMUY M., PHILLIPS M.M., et al.
2007MNRAS.376.1120P 15       D               1 222 20 2MASS near-infrared photometry of symbiotic stars. PHILLIPS J.P.
2007JBAA..117..136S 12 5 HR Lyrae (Nova Lyr 1919) : from outburst to active quiescence. SHEARS J. and POYNER G.
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2009ARep...53..203T 9 2 Spectroscopic monitoring of the recurrent nova RS Oph after its outburst in 2006. TARASOVA T.N.
2009ApJ...697..721S 496   K A D S   X C F     11 12 23 Orbital periods for three recurrent novae. SCHAEFER B.E.
2009ApJ...705.1056B 76             C       1 17 22 Optical and X-ray observations of M31N 2007-12b: an extragalactic recurrent nova with a detected progenitor? BODE M.F., DARNLEY M.J., SHAFTER A.W., et al.
2009ApJ...707.1168L 39           X         1 7 15 Chandra detection of extended X-ray emission from the recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi. LUNA G.J.M., MONTEZ R., SOKOLOSKI J.L., et al.
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2010ApJS..187..275S viz 3474       D S   X C       89 36 169 Comprehensive photometric histories of all known galactic recurrent novae. SCHAEFER B.E.
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2010A&A...516A.108M 194           X         5 10 58 The peculiar nova V1309 Scorpii/nova Scorpii 2008. A candidate twin of V838 Monocerotis. MASON E., DIAZ M., WILLIAMS R.E., et al.
2011MNRAS.410L..52M 42           X         1 7 50 The 2010 nova outburst of the symbiotic Mira V407 Cyg. MUNARI U., JOSHI V.H., ASHOK N.M., et al.
2011A&A...527A..98S 41           X         1 9 41 The spectroscopic evolution of the symbiotic-like recurrent nova V407 Cygni during its 2010 outburst. I. The shock and its evolution. SHORE S.N., WAHLGREN G.M., AUGUSTEIJN T., et al.
2009MNSSA..68..231M 56 0 CCD activities at the Bronberg Observatory (CBA Pretoria) in 2008. MONARD B.
2011A&A...530A..81H 77           X         2 9 6 A very luminous, highly extinguished, very fast nova - V1721 Aquilae. HOUNSELL R., DARNLEY M.J., BODE M.F., et al.
2011ApJ...735...94K 77           X         2 38 61 Discovery of a new photometric sub-class of faint and fast classical novae. KASLIWAL M.M., CENKO S.B., KULKARNI S.R., et al.
2011ApJ...742..113S viz 40           X         1 8 17 Eclipses during the 2010 eruption of the recurrent nova U Scorpii. SCHAEFER B.E., PAGNOTTA A., LACLUYZE A.P., et al.
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2012A&A...540A..55S 79           X         2 7 17 The spectroscopic evolution of the symbiotic-like recurrent nova V407 Cygni during its 2010 outburst. II. The circumstellar environment and the aftermath. SHORE S.N., WAHLGREN G.M., AUGUSTEIJN T., et al.
2012AJ....144...98W 55       D     X         2 48 41 Origin of the "He/N" and "Fe II" spectral classes of novae. WILLIAMS R.
2012NewAR..56..122W 40           X         1 61 190 Progenitors of type Ia supernovae. WANG B. and HAN Z.
2012PASJ...64..120I 289       D     X C F     6 15 12 Observational report of the classical nova KT Eridani. IMAMURA K. and TANABE K.
2013AcA....63...21S viz 16       D               1 40482 57 The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment. The OGLE-III Catalog of Variable Stars. XV. Long-period variables in the Galactic Bulge. SOSZYNSKI I., UDALSKI A., SZYMANSKI M.K., et al.
2012MmSAI..83..820I 16       D               1 6 0 High galactic latitude classical nova KT Eridani: spectroscopic and photometric observational report. IMAMURA K. and TANABE K.
2012MmSAI..83..835I 39           X         1 4 2 Spectroscopic observations of the symbiotic recurrent nova V407 Cygni. IIJIMA T.
2013ApJ...770...28H 39           X         1 25 7 Infrared spectroscopy of symbiotic stars. IX. D-type symbiotic novae. HINKLE K.H., FEKEL F.C., JOYCE R.R., et al.
2013MNRAS.433.2657R 118           X         3 15 9 Nova KT Eri 2009: infrared studies of a very fast and small amplitude He/N nova. RAJ A., BANERJEE D.P.K. and ASHOK N.M.
2014ApJ...785L..11B 993 T K A D     X C       24 18 23 Near-IR studies of recurrent nova
V745 Scorpii during its 2014 outburst.
2014AJ....147..107S 40           X         1 15 16 A detailed photometric and spectroscopic study of the 2011 outburst of the recurrent nova T Pyxidis from 0.8 to 250 days after discovery. SURINA F., HOUNSELL R.A., BODE M.F., et al.
2014ApJ...788..164P viz 135       D     X         4 265 33 Identifying and quantifying recurrent novae masquerading as classical novae. PAGNOTTA A. and SCHAEFER B.E.
2014ApJS..213...10W 40           X         1 57 17 On the progenitors of local group novae. I. The M31 catalog. WILLIAMS S.C., DARNLEY M.J., BODE M.F., et al.
2014MNRAS.443..784M 794   K A D S   X C F     18 27 13 Recurrent and symbiotic novae in data from the Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment. MROZ P., POLESKI R., UDALSKI A., et al.
2014MNRAS.444.1683E 214       D S   X C       4 86 5 A WISE view of novae - I. The data. EVANS A., GEHRZ R.D., WOODWARD C.E., et al.
2014ATel.6565....1H 40           X         1 2 3 Recurrent nova M31N 2008-12a: Swift XRT spectrum confirms supersoft X-ray emission. HENZE M., NESS J.-U., DARNLEY M.J., et al.
2015ApJS..216...34S 16       D               1 130 30 Recurrent novae in M31. SHAFTER A.W., HENZE M., RECTOR T.A., et al.
2015AJ....149...95S viz 80           X         2 17 7 Pan-chromatic observations of the remarkable nova Large Magellanic Cloud 2012. SCHWARZ G.J., SHORE S.N., PAGE K.L., et al.
2015MNRAS.448L..35O 708 T   A     X C       16 9 18 A NuSTAR observation of the fast symbiotic nova
V745 Sco in outburst.
ORIO M., RANA V., PAGE K.L., et al.
2015MNRAS.449...25C 16       D               1 11 1 The slow decline of the Galactic recurrent novae T Pyxidis, IM Normae, and CI Aquilae. CALEO A. and SHORE S.N.
2015ApJ...806...27P 41           X         1 4 6 Simulations of the symbiotic recurrent nova V407 Cyg. I. Accretion and shock evolutions. PAN K.-C., RICKER P.M. and TAAM R.E.
2015AJ....150...20I 161           X         4 11 4 New features of the symbiotic recurrent nova V407 Cygni found in the outburst in 2010. IIJIMA T.
2015ApJS..219...26M 257       D     X         7 154 19 OGLE atlas of classical novae. I. Galactic bulge objects. MROZ P., UDALSKI A., POLESKI R., et al.
2015A&A...580A..45D viz 81         O X         2 40 56 A remarkable recurrent nova in M 31: Discovery and optical/UV observations of the predicted 2014 eruption. DARNLEY M.J., HENZE M., STEELE I.A., et al.
2015A&A...580A..46H 47           X         1 8 58 A remarkable recurrent nova in M 31: The predicted 2014 outburst in X-rays with Swift. HENZE M., NESS J.-U., DARNLEY M.J., et al.
2015MNRAS.450.2739M 45           X         1 5 29 Gamma-ray novae as probes of relativistic particle acceleration at non-relativistic shocks. METZGER B.D., FINZELL T., VURM I., et al.
2015A&A...582A..67A 40           X         1 11 6 Very high-energy γ-ray observations of novae and dwarf novae with the MAGIC telescopes. AHNEN M.L., ANSOLDI S., ANTONELLI L.A., et al.
2015MNRAS.452.3696J 345     A     X         9 15 10 Infrared studies of Nova Scorpii 2014: an outburst in a symbiotic system sans an accompanying blast wave. JOSHI V., BANERJEE D.P.K., ASHOK N.M., et al.
2015MNRAS.454.1297S 201           X         5 17 10 Near-infrared studies during maximum and early decline of Nova Cephei 2014 and Nova Scorpii 2015. SRIVASTAVA M.K., ASHOK N.M., BANERJEE D.P.K., et al.
2015MNRAS.454.3108P 3355 T K A     X C       82 16 14 Swift detection of the super-swift switch-on of the super-soft phase in nova
V745 Sco (2014).
PAGE K.L., OSBORNE J.P., KUIN N.P.M., et al.
2014ATel.5862....1M 120           X         3 2 6 Evolving early, hard X-ray emission of V745 Sco. MUKAI K., PAGE K.L., OSBORNE J.P., et al.
2014ATel.5865....1B 200 T         X         4 1 2 Near-infrared observations of recurrent nova
V745 Sco.
2014ATel.5870....1P 160 T         X         3 2 6 Nova
V745 Sco shows fastest rise of super-soft X-ray emission: 3-4 days after eruption.
2014ATel.5871....1A 121 T         X         2 1 4 Optical observations of the recurrent nova
V745 Sco.
2014ATel.5874....1W 199 T         X         4 1 1 Early Optical Spectroscopic Evolution of
V745 Sco.
2014ATel.5877....1P 278 T         X         6 2 2 The symbiotic recurrent nova
V745 Sco is confirmed as a bright super-soft source.
2014ATel.5879....1C 122 T         X         2 2 15 Fermi-LAT Gamma-ray Observations of Recurrent Nova
V745 Sco.
2014ATel.5881....1L 159 T         X         3 2 3 XMM-Newton observation of the symbiotic recurrent nova
V745 Sco in quiescence.
2014ATel.5884....1R 160 T         X         3 2 7 Detection of Rising Radio Emission from
V745 Sco.
2014ATel.5897....1B 199 T         X         4 6 3 Fading and probable quasi-periodic oscillation in the Swift X-ray observations of symbiotic recurrent nova
V745 Sco.
2014ATel.5913....1R 120 T         X         2 1 3 NuSTAR observation of
V475 Sco.
2014ATel.5920....1D 119 T         X         2 2 2 Chandra detection of X-ray emission lines from the blast wave of
V745 Sco .
2014ATel.5962....1K 200 T         X         4 3 6 Rapid rise in the radio synchrotron emission from the recurrent nova system
V745 Sco.
2014ATel.6032....1J 40           X         1 4 4 Near-infrared observations of Nova Sco 2014; a likely symbiotic nova. JOSHI V., BANERJEE D.P.K., VENKATARAMAN V., et al.
2014ATel.6034....1M 40           X         1 4 2 Optical photometry of the rapidly declining Nova Scorpii 2014 . MUNARI U., DALLAPORTA S., CASTELLANI F., et al.
2016ApJ...817..143W 41           X         1 28 11 On the progenitors of local group novae. II. The red giant nova rate of M31. WILLIAMS S.C., DARNLEY M.J., BODE M.F., et al.
2016ApJ...818..145B 41           X         1 16 15 Pan-chromatic observations of the recurrent nova LMC 2009a (LMC 1971b). BODE M.F., DARNLEY M.J., BEARDMORE A.P., et al.
2016MNRAS.456L..49K 1300 T   A D S   X C       30 5 4 Insights into the evolution of symbiotic recurrent novae from radio synchrotron emission:

V745 Scorpii
and RS Ophiuchi.
2016ApJ...819..168H 44           X         1 9 34 Growing white dwarfs to the Chandrasekhar limit: the parameter space of the single degenerate SNIa channel. HILLMAN Y., PRIALNIK D., KOVETZ A., et al.
2016ApJS..223...21H 950       D S   X C       22 52 13 The UBV color evolution of classical novae. II. Color-magnitude diagram. HACHISU I. and KATO M.
2015ATel.7060....1W 41           X         1 3 5 Nova Sco 2015 = PNV J17032620-3504140. WALTER F.
2015ATel.7085....1N 41           X         1 4 4 Early X-ray and radio observations of Nova Sco 2015 implicate strong shocks against a red giant wind. NELSON T., LINFORD J., CHOMIUK L., et al.
2015ATel.7236....1S 40           X         1 7 3 Near-infrared observations of Nova Sco 2015 and the luminous red variable in M31 . SRIVASTAVA M., ASHOK N.M., BANERJEE D.P.K., et al.
2015ATel.7744....1L 40           X         1 7 ~ First Radio Detections of the Two 2015 Novae in Sagittarius. LINFORD J., CHOMIUK L., NELSON T., et al.
2016PASJ...68S..11M 179       D     X C       4 51 5 Search for soft X-ray flashes at the fireball phase of classical/recurrent novae using MAXI/GSC data. MORII M., YAMAOKA H., MIHARA T., et al.
2016ApJ...825...95D 1665 T K A D S   X C       39 12 4 Collimation and asymmetry of the hot blast wave from the recurrent nova
V745 Sco.
2016ApJ...826..142C 42           X         1 19 25 Fermi-LAT gamma-ray detections of classical novae V1369 Centauri 2013 and V5668 Sagittarii 2015. CHEUNG C.C., JEAN P., SHORE S.N., et al.
2016MNRAS.460.2687W 41           X         1 18 15 Shock-powered radio emission from V5589 Sagittarii (Nova Sgr 2012 #1). WESTON J.H.S., SOKOLOSKI J.L., CHOMIUK L., et al.
2016NewA...47....7M 82             C       1 5 7 The 2015 super-active state of recurrent nova T CrB and the long term evolution after the 1946 outburst. MUNARI U., DALLAPORTA S. and CHERINI G.
2016ApJ...829....2P 41           X         1 14 3 Chemical and physical parameters from X-ray high-resolution spectra of the galactic nova V959 Mon. PERETZ U., ORIO M., BEHAR E., et al.
2016MNRAS.461.1177O 260       D     X   F     6 159 10 The distances of the Galactic novae. OZDONMEZ A., GUVER T., CABRERA-LAVERS A., et al.
2016ApJ...830...40K 42           X         1 8 10 X-ray flashes in recurrent novae: M31N 2008-12a and the implications of the Swift nondetection. KATO M., SAIO H., HENZE M., et al.
2016MNRAS.462.2074S 81           X         2 29 2 Near-infrared studies of V2944 Ophiuchi (Nova Ophiuchi 2015). SRIVASTAVA M.K., BANERJEE D.P.K., ASHOK N.M., et al.
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