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1988IAUC.4653....0M 2 ~ GS 1826-24. MAKINO F.
1992PASP..104..775C 8 2 Optical observations of low-mass X-ray binaries and millisecond pulsars. CALLANAN P.J.
1992IAUS..151..215T 15 5 Outburst phenomena in X-Ray binaries. TANAKA Y.
1994A&A...289..763J 98 35 ROSAT PSPC observations of globular clusters. JOHNSTON H.M., VERBUNT F. and HASINGER G.
1994ApJS...92..405D 15 2 Annihilation and backscattered lines in the galactic center region. DUROUCHOUX P., WALLYN P. and CHAPUIS C.
1994IAUC.6101....1M 72 T                   1 7 GS 1826-24. MOTCH C., BARRET D., PIETSCH W., et al.
1995A&A...303..526B 108 T K                 7 21 ROSAT-PSPC X-ray observations and follow-up optical identification of GS1826-24. Discovery of a low-mass X-ray binary with a black hole primary? BARRET D., MOTCH C. and PIETSCH W.
1995ApJ...447L..33V 57 71 The galactic distribution of low-mass X-ray binaries. VAN PARADIJS J. and WHITE N.
1996A&AS..120C.149M 27 5 A search for galactic black hole candidates at MeV energies - preliminary results. McCONNELL M., BENNETT K., BLOEMEN H., et al.
1996A&AS..120C.217S 107 T K                 9 21 OSSE detection of the low mass X-ray binary GS 1826-24. STRICKMAN M., SKIBO J., PURCELL W., et al.
1996ApJ...473L..25W 1 27 88 The Galactic distribution of black hole candidates in low mass X-ray binary systems. WHITE N.E. and VAN PARADIJS J.
1996ApJ...473..963B 36 91 Luminosity differences between black holes and neutron stars. BARRET D., McCLINTOCK J.E. and GRINDLAY J.E.
1996MmSAI..67..239Z 113 0 X-ray binaries. ZIOLKOWSKI J.
1997ApJ...491..312C 2 45 380 The properties of X-ray and optical light curves of X-ray novae. CHEN W., SHRADER C.R. and LIVIO M.
1997IAUC.6611Q...1U 72 T                   1 ~ GS 1826-238. UBERTINI P., BAZZANO A., COCCHI M., et al.
1998MNRAS.298..497H 73 T                   6 25 Evidence for a 2-h optical modulation in GS 1826-24. HOMER L., CHARLES P.A. and O'DONOGHUE D.
1998MNRAS.301..435Z 2 18 135 Broad-band X-ray/gamma-ray spectra and binary parameters of GX 339-4 and their astrophysical implications. ZDZIARSKI A.A., POUTANEN J., MIKOLAJEWSKA J., et al.
1998AN....319..112I 10 1 A survey of transient X-ray activity in the Galactic bulge. IN'T ZAND J.J.M., HEISE J., MULLER J.M., et al.
1998NewAR..42..621M 10 2 Radio counterparts to GRANAT sources. MARTI J., MIRABEL I.F., CHATY S., et al.
1999A&A...345..100I 1 20 77 A new X-ray outburst in the globular cluster NGC 6440: SAX J1748.9-2021. IN'T ZAND J.J.M., VERBUNT F., STROHMAYER T.E., et al.
1999A&A...347..891I 110 T K                 6 28 Broad-band X-ray measurements of
GS 1826-238.
1999A&A...349L..77P 4 4 52 BeppoSAX observations of the atoll X-ray binary 4U 0614+091. PIRAINO S., SANTANGELO A., FORD E.C., et al.
1999ApJ...514L..27U 110 T K                 9 42 Bursts from
GS 1826-238: a clocked thermonuclear flashes generator.
1999ApJ...521..332P 4 8 111 The disk-magnetosphere interaction in the accretion-powered millisecond pulsar SAX J1808.4-3658. PSALTIS D. and CHAKRABARTY D.
1999ApJ...523L..45N 9 20 A new bursting X-ray transient: SAX J1750.8-2900. NATALUCCI L., CORNELISSE R., BAZZANO A., et al.
1999ApJS..124..265R 1 9 44 Quasi-periodic oscillations in black hole candidates as an indicator of transition between low and high states. RUTLEDGE R.E., LEWIN W.H.G., VAN DER KLIS M., et al.
1999MNRAS.303L..11Z 2 33 218 Correlation between Compton reflection and X-ray slope in Seyferts and X-ray binaries. ZDZIARSKI A.A., LUBINSKI P. and SMITH D.A.
1999JApA...20..197S 38 3 Observational evidence for stellar mass black holes. SHAHBAZ T.
2000A&A...355..145I 18 21 The orbital period of the recurrent X-ray transient in Terzan 6. IN'T ZAND J.J.M., BAZZANO A., COCCHI M., et al.
2000A&A...358..617S 1 19 89 Fourier power spectra at high frequencies: a way to distinguish a neutron star from a black hole. SUNYAEV R. and REVNIVTSEV M.
2000A&A...361..121B 28 51 Low and high frequency quasi-periodic oscillations in 4U 1915-05. BOIRIN L., BARRET D., OLIVE J.F., et al.
2000A&AS..143..145S viz 256 80 The first COMPTEL source catalogue. SCHOENFELDER V., BENNETT K., BLOM J.J., et al.
2000ApJ...532..548L 8 21 Simultaneous observations of GRS 1758-258 in 1997 by VLA, IRAM, SEST, RXTE, and OSSE: spectroscopy and timing. LIN D., SMITH I.A., LIANG E.P., et al.
2000ApJ...533..329B 37   K                 30 159 Hard X-ray emission from low-mass X-ray binaries. BARRET D., OLIVE J.F., BOIRIN L., et al.
2000ApJ...542.1034D 1 7 39 The broadband spectrum of MXB 1728-34 observed by BeppoSAX. DI SALVO T., IARIA R., BURDERI L., et al.
2000MNRAS.311..405K 113 T K                 3 36 X-ray/optical bursts from
2000MNRAS.314..183W 2 8 65 Thermal synchrotron radiation and its Comptonization in compact X-ray sources. WARDZINSKI G. and ZDZIARSKI A.A.
2000ARA&A..38..717V 4 39 468 Millisecond oscillations in X-ray binaries. VAN DER KLIS M.
2000IBVS.4870....1K 922 40 The 75th name-list of variable stars. KAZAROVETS E.V., SAMUS N.N. and DURLEVICH O.V.
2001A&A...368.1021L viz 174 187 A catalogue of low-mass X-ray binaries. LIU Q.Z., VAN PARADIJS J. and VAN DEN HEUVEL E.P.J.
2001A&A...378..847B 8 19 Neutron star blackbody contraction during flaring in X 1624-490. BALUCINSKA-CHURCH M., BARNARD R., CHURCH M.J., et al.
2001ApJ...547..355P 4 6 78 Accretion disk boundary layers around neutron stars: X-ray production in low-mass X-ray binaries. POPHAM R. and SUNYAEV R.
2001ApJ...547..420N 7 19 ASCA observations of GX 354-0 and KS 1731-260. NARITA T., GRINDLAY J.E. and BARRET D.
2001ApJ...553..955F 1 9 33 Bardeen-Petterson effect and quasi-periodic oscillations in X-ray binaries. FRAGILE P.C., MATHEWS G.J. and WILSON J.R.
2001ApJ...560L.159W 3 8 88 A Chandra observation of the long-duration X-ray transient KS 1731-260 in quiescence: too cold a neutron star. WIJNANDS R., MILLER J.M., MARKWARDT C., et al.
2001PhRvL..86.3471S 47 2 282 End point of the rp process on accreting neutron stars. SCHATZ H., APRAHAMIAN A., BARNARD V., et al.
2001NewAR..45...17C 3 0 Supporting space science projects. CHARLES P.A. and MASON K.O.
2002A&A...390..199B 1 7 24 A low/hard state outburst of XTE J1550-564. BELLONI T., COLOMBO A.P., HOMAN J., et al.
2002ApJ...568L..35M 1 14 81 How do Z and atoll X-ray binaries differ? MUNO M.P., REMILLARD R.A. and CHAKRABARTY D.
2002ApJ...568..912V 2 12 83 A multi-lorentzian timing study of the atoll sources 4U 0614+09 and 4U 1728-34. VAN STRAATEN S., VAN DER KLIS M., DI SALVO T., et al.
2002ApJ...572..392B 7 12 269 A unified description of the timing features of accreting X-ray binaries. BELLONI T., PSALTIS D. and VAN DER KLIS M.
2002ApJ...578..374L 13 13 Power spectra of X-ray binaries. LI T.P. and MURAKI Y.
2002MNRAS.337.1373G 2 8 60 The X-ray spectrum of the atoll source 4U 1608-52. GIERLINSKI M. and DONE C.
2002PASJ...54..609T 9 4 Energy spectra and normalized power spectral densities of X-ray nova GS 2000+25. TERADA K., KITAMOTO S., NEGORO H., et al.
2002NewA....7...21C         O           13 16 X-ray and UV variability in the core of M15 : the nature of X2127+119 /AC211. CHARLES P.A., CLARKSON W.I. and VAN ZYL L.
2003A&A...400..633D 9 17 Burst-properties as a function of mass accretion rate in GX 3+1. DEN HARTOG P.R., IN'T ZAND J.J.M., KUULKERS E., et al.
2003A&A...400..643B 1 3 14 Simultaneous BeppoSAX and Rossi X-ray timing explorer observations of 4U 1812-12. BARRET D., OLIVE J.F. and OOSTERBROEK T.
2003A&A...402.1021F 36 8 BeppoSAX observations of two unclassified LMXBs: X1543-624 and X1556-605. FARINELLI R., FRONTERA F., MASETTI N., et al.
2003A&A...404..301R viz 1 70 343 Catalogue of cataclysmic binaries, low-mass X-ray binaries and related objects (Seventh edition). RITTER H. and KOLB U.
2003A&A...405.1033C 3 10 102 Six years of BeppoSAX Wide Field Cameras observations of nine galactic typeI X-ray bursters. CORNELISSE R., IN'T ZAND J.J.M., VERBUNT F., et al.
2003A&A...407.1039P viz 3         O           14 148 Long term variability of Cygnus X-1. I. X-ray spectral-temporal correlations in the hard state. POTTSCHMIDT K., WILMS J., NOWAK M.A., et al.
2003A&A...411L..59E viz 1015 40 High-energy sources before INTEGRAL. INTEGRAL reference catalog. EBISAWA K., BOURBAN G., BODAGHEE A., et al.
2003A&A...411L.363P 16 8 First INTEGRAL observations of eight persistent neutron star low mass X-ray binaries. PAIZIS A., BECKMANN V., COURVOISIER T.J.-L., et al.
2003A&A...411L.447S 1 4 13 Diffuse continuum emission from the inner Galaxy: First results from INTEGRAL/SPI. STRONG A.W., BOUCHET L., DIEHL R., et al.
2003A&A...411L.487I 1 13 41 A superburst from 4U 1254-69. IN'T ZAND J.J.M., KUULKERS E., VERBUNT F., et al.
2003ApJ...583..416O 1 6 27 Correlated timing and spectral behavior of 4U 1705-44. OLIVE J.-F., BARRET D. and GIERLINSKI M.
2003ApJ...595.1058T 26 13 X-ray bursts in neutron star and black hole binaries from unconventional stellar aspect experiment and Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer data: detections and upper limits. TOURNEAR D., RAFFAUF E., BLOOM E.D., et al.
2003ApJ...595.1077C 3 5 59 Models of type I X-ray bursts from 4U 1820-30. CUMMING A.
2003ApJ...596.1155V 1 17 89 The atoll source states of 4U 1608-52. VAN STRAATEN S., VAN DER KLIS M. and MENDEZ M.
2004ApJ...601..466G 117 T K                 3 62 Periodic thermonuclear X-ray bursts from
GS 1826-24 and the fuel composition as a function of accretion rate.
2004ApJ...606..424F 10 5 Diagnostics of neutron star and black hole X-ray binaries with X-ray shot widths. FENG H., LI T.P. and ZHANG S.N.
2004ApJ...607L..33B viz 126 106 The first IBIS/ISGRI soft gamma-ray galactic plane survey catalog. BIRD A.J., BARLOW E.J., BASSANI L., et al.
2004ApJ...608L.101H 5 9 The discovery of optical bursts from MS 1603.6+2600 (UW Coronae Borealis). HYNES R.I., ROBINSON E.L. and JEFFERY E.
2004ApJS..154..585H viz 181 41 The burst and transient source experiment (BATSE) earth occultation catalog of low-energy gamma-ray sources. HARMON B.A., WILSON C.A., FISHMAN G.J., et al.
2004SSRv..112....1G 335 9 The impact of space experiments on our knowledge of the physics of the Universe. GIOVANNELLI F. and SABAU-GRAZIATI L.
2004AstL...30..382R viz 60 103 A hard X-ray survey of the Galactic-center region with the IBIS telescope of the INTEGRAL observatory : a catalog of sources. REVNIVTSEV M.G., SUNYAEV R.A., VARSHALOVICH D.A., et al.
2004AstL...30..751M 75 T                   1 3 Optical and X-ray observations of thermonuclear bursts from
GS 1826-24 during September-October 2003.
2004RMxAC..20...10C 3 0 The global X-ray burst behaviour of KS 1731-260. CORNELISSE R.
2004AAS...20510202T 74 T                   1 0 Chandra and RXTE studies of the burster
GS 1826-238.
2005A&A...441..675I 3 8 63 On the possibility of a helium white dwarf donor in the presumed ultracompact binary 2S 0918-549. IN'T ZAND J.J.M., CUMMING A., VAN DER SLUYS M.V., et al.
2005ApJ...619..455V 1 15 57 Relations between timing features and colors in accreting millisecond pulsars. VAN STRAATEN S., VAN DER KLIS M. and WIJNANDS R.
2005ApJ...626.1020M 17 11 A lack of radio emission from neutron star low-mass X-ray binaries. MUNO M.P., BELLONI T., DHAWAN V., et al.
2005ApJ...629.1008J 20 18 State transition and flaring activity of IGR J17464-3213/H1743-322 with INTEGRAL SPI. JOINET A., JOURDAIN E., MALZAC J., et al.
2005ApJ...633..358A 15 21 The island state of the atoll source 4U 1820-30. ALTAMIRANO D., VAN DER KLIS M., MENDEZ M., et al.
2005ApJ...634.1250L 1 18 52 Discovery of kilohertz quasi-periodic oscillations and shifted frequency correlations in the accreting millisecond pulsar XTE J1807-294. LINARES M., VAN DER KLIS M., ALTAMIRANO D., et al.
2005ApJ...634.1261T 113 T K                 8 24 Chandra and RXTE spectra of the burster
GS 1826-238.
2005ApJ...635.1103B 65 24 INTEGRAL SPI observation of the Galactic central radian: contribution of discrete sources and implication for the diffuse emission. BOUCHET L., ROQUES J.P., MANDROU P., et al.
2005MNRAS.359.1336C 1 7 17 Discovery of absorption features of the accretion disc corona and systematic acceleration of the X-ray burst rate in XB1323-619. CHURCH M.J., REED D., DOTANI T., et al.
2006ApJ...636..765B viz 211 111 The second IBIS/ISGRI soft gamma-ray survey catalog. BIRD A.J., BARLOW E.J., BASSANI L., et al.
2006ApJ...639.1018W 3 11 79 Exposing the nuclear burning ashes of radius expansion type I X-ray bursts. WEINBERG N.N., BILDSTEN L. and SCHATZ H.
2006ApJ...646..429C 4 11 108 Long type I X-ray bursts and neutron star interior physics. CUMMING A., MacBETH J., IN'T ZAND J.J.M., et al.
2006ApJ...646..965T 120 28 A comprehensive search for gamma-ray lines in the first year of data from the INTEGRAL spectrometer. TEEGARDEN B.J. and WATANABE K.
2006ApJ...648.1156H 2 5 20 Multiwavelength observations of EXO 0748-676. I. Reprocessing of X-ray bursts. HYNES R.I., HORNE K., O'BRIEN K., et al.
2006ApJ...649L...9B viz 57 20 INTEGRAL IBIS census of the sky beyond 100 keV. BAZZANO A., STEPHEN J.B., FIOCCHI M., et al.
2006MNRAS.370.1303G 1 5 12 A transient I-band excess in the optical spectrum of the accreting millisecond pulsar SAX J1808.4-3658. GREENHILL J.G., GILES A.B. and COUTURES C.
2006MNRAS.372..479C 1 24 73 Cooling of the quasi-persistent neutron star X-ray transients KS 1731-260 and MXB 1659-29. CACKETT E.M., WIJNANDS R., LINARES M., et al.
2004AstL...30..737S 7 1 23 Dynamics and radiation of young Type-Ia Supernova Remnants: Important physical processes SOROKINA E.I., BLINNIKOV S.I., KOSENKO D.I., et al.
2006ApJ...650.1063T 4 1 Geometric distance determination using type I X-ray bursts. THOMPSON T.W.J., ROTHSCHILD R.E. and TOMSICK J.A.
2006ApJ...652..559G 6 5 61 Helium-rich thermonuclear bursts and the distance to theaccretion-powered millisecond pulsar SAX J1808.4-3658. GALLOWAY D.K. and CUMMING A.
2006AstL...32..456C viz 24 20 Hard X-ray bursts detected by the IBIS telescope onboard the INTEGRAL Observatory in 2003-2004. CHELOVEKOV I.V., GREBENEV S.A. and SUNYAEV R.A.
2006ApJ...653..536F 66 12 A comparison of ultraluminous X-ray sources in NGC 1399 and the Antennae galaxies (NGC 4038/4039). FENG H. and KAARET P.
2007ApJ...657..448F 9 13 The first detection of Compton reflection in the low-mass X-ray binary 4U 1705-44 with INTEGRAL and BeppoSax. FIOCCHI M., BAZZANO A., UBERTINI P., et al.
2007A&A...465..559B 227           X         6 9 22 Discovery of X-ray burst triplets in EXO0748-676. BOIRIN L., KEEK L., MENDEZ M., et al.
2007A&A...465..953I 15       D               2 65 95 Six new candidate ultracompact X-ray binaries. IN'T ZAND J.J.M., JONKER P.G. and MARKWARDT C.B.
2007ApJS..170..175B viz 15       D               425 239 The third IBIS/ISGRI soft gamma-ray survey catalog. BIRD A.J., MALIZIA A., BAZZANO A., et al.
2007A&A...466..595K 655       D     X C       17 106 72 The INTEGRAL Galactic bulge monitoring program: the first 1.5 years. KUULKERS E., SHAW S.E., PAIZIS A., et al.
2007MNRAS.377.1295J 38           X         1 34 9 The quasi-persistent neutron star soft X-ray transient 1M 1716-315 in quiescence. JONKER P.G., BASSA C.G. and WACHTER S.
2007A&A...467..585B viz 15       D               506 79 A description of sources detected by INTEGRAL during the first 4 years of observations. BODAGHEE A., COURVOISIER T.J.-L., RODRIGUEZ J., et al.
2007A&A...469..807L viz 15       D               1 202 151 A catalogue of low-mass X-ray binaries in the Galaxy, LMC, and SMC (Fourth edition). LIU Q.Z., VAN PARADIJS J. and VAN DEN HEUVEL E.P.J.
2007MNRAS.378...13G 15       D               1 60 53 Analysing the atolls: X-ray spectral transitions of accreting neutron stars. GLADSTONE J., DONE C. and GIERLINSKI M.
2007MNRAS.380..301K 76           X         2 23 55 The variability plane of accreting compact objects. KORDING E.G., MIGLIARI S., FENDER R., et al.
2007A&A...475..775K viz 15       D               420 117 INTEGRAL/IBIS all-sky survey in hard X-rays. KRIVONOS R., REVNIVTSEV M., LUTOVINOV A., et al.
2007ApJ...670L..17K 116 T K                 2 15 Nondetection of gravitationally redshifted absorption lines in the X-ray burst spectra of
GS 1826-24.
2007ApJ...671L.141H 417 T K A     X         10 1 36 Models of type I X-ray bursts from

GS 1826-24
: a probe of rp-process hydrogen burning.
2008ApJS..174..261F 214           X         5 1 50 Explosive hydrogen burning during type I X-ray bursts. FISKER J.L., SCHATZ H. and THIELEMANN F.-K.
2008ApJ...675.1407K 38           X         1 30 40 Identification of black hole power spectral components across all canonical states. KLEIN-WOLT M. and VAN DER KLIS M.
2008AN....329..198J 6 0 Constraining the neutron star equation of state using XMM-Newton. JONKER P.G., KAASTRA J., MENDEZ M., et al.
2008ApJ...679.1315B 15       D               1 174 42 INTEGRAL SPI all-sky view in soft gamma rays: a study of point-source and galactic diffuse emission. BOUCHET L., JOURDAIN E., ROQUES J.-P., et al.
2008ApJ...681..506T 1161 T K A     X C       29 5 12 Deviations from the flux-recurrence time relationship in
GS 1826-238: potential transient spectral changes.
2008ApJ...685..436A viz 303           X C       7 26 38 X-ray time variability across the atoll source states of 4U 1636-53. ALTAMIRANO D., VAN DER KLIS M., MENDEZ M., et al.
2008A&A...489..725R 114           X C       2 15 13 Rapid spectral and timing variability of Be/X-ray binaries during type II outbursts. REIG P.
2008ApJ...687..488A 114           X C       2 18 8 Discovery of kilohertz quasi-periodic oscillations and state transitions in the low-mass X-ray binary 1E 1724-3045 (Terzan 2). ALTAMIRANO D., VAN DER KLIS M., MENDEZ M., et al.
2008A&A...491..209R 76           X         2 72 38 Low-mass X-ray binaries in the bulge of the Milky Way. REVNIVTSEV M., LUTOVINOV A., CHURAZOV E., et al.
2008ApJS..179..360G viz 1115       D     X C       29 95 288 Thermonuclear (Type I) X-ray bursts observed by the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer. GALLOWAY D.K., MUNO M.P., HARTMAN J.M., et al.
2009A&A...496..333F 191           X         5 6 9 The new intermediate long-bursting source XTE J1701-407. FALANGA M., CUMMING A., BOZZO E., et al.
2009A&A...497..469I 1854   K A     X C       48 13 12 Long tails on thermonuclear X-ray bursts from neutron stars: a signature of inward heating? IN'T ZAND J.J.M., KEEK L., CUMMING A., et al.
2009ApJ...698.1020B 46           X         1 7 112 Mapping crustal heating with the cooling light curves of quasi-persistent transients. BROWN E.F. and CUMMING A.
2009A&A...500..873B 38           X         1 8 6 Neutral absorber dips in the periodic burster LMXB XB 1323-619 from Suzaku. BALUCINSKA-CHURCH M., DOTANI T., HIROTSU T., et al.
2009A&A...501....1C 76             C       2 24 12 Detailed radio to soft γ-ray studies of the 2005 outburst of the new X-ray transient XTE J1818-245. CADOLLE BEL M., PRAT L., RODRIGUEZ J., et al.
2009A&A...503..889K 38         O X         1 21 20 Restless quiescence: thermonuclear flashes between transient X-ray outbursts. KUULKERS E., IN'T ZAND J.J.M. and LASOTA J.-P.
2009ApJS..184..138H viz 15       D               1 20665 30 XID II: statistical cross-association of ROSAT bright source catalog X-ray sources with 2MASS point source catalog near-infrared sources. HAAKONSEN C.B. and RUTLEDGE R.E.
2009A&A...507..549P 664       D S   X C       16 30 5 Soft gamma-ray sources detected by INTEGRAL. PETRY D., BECKMANN V., HALLOIN H., et al.
2010ApJS..186....1B viz 15       D               1 739 222 The fourth IBIS/ISGRI soft gamma-ray survey catalog. BIRD A.J., BAZZANO A., BASSANI L., et al.
2010ApJS..186..378T viz 15       D               1 471 178 The 22 month Swift-BAT all-sky hard X-ray survey. TUELLER J., BAUMGARTNER W.H., MARKWARDT C.B., et al.
2010A&A...509A...2C 1215 T K A S O X C       29 3 9 Wide band observations of the X-ray burster
GS 1826-238.
2010MNRAS.402L..16K 38           X         1 44 14 Very long-term X-ray variations in LMXBs: solar cycle-like variations in the donor ? KOTZE M.M. and CHARLES P.A.
2010A&A...510A...9F 92       D     X         3 87 7 Monitoring the hard X-ray sky with SuperAGILE. FEROCI M., COSTA E., DEL MONTE E., et al.
2010A&A...510A..48C viz 15       D               2 763 75 The Palermo Swift-BAT hard X-ray catalogue. II. Results after 39 months of sky survey. CUSUMANO G., LA PAROLA V., SEGRETO A., et al.
2010ApJ...715..947T 77             C       1 58 56 A Chandra survey of fluorescence Fe lines in X-ray binaries at high resolution. TORREJON J.M., SCHULZ N.S., NOWAK M.A., et al.
2010ApJS..189..204J 40           X         1 8 46 Hydrodynamic models of type I X-ray bursts: metallicity effects. JOSE J., MORENO F., PARIKH A., et al.
2010ApJS..189..240C 228           X         2 1 302 The JINA REACLIB database: its recent updates and impact on Type-I X-ray bursts. CYBURT R.H., AMTHOR A.M., FERGUSON R., et al.
2010ApJ...718..292K 269           X C F     5 27 44 Multi-instrument X-ray observations of thermonuclear bursts with short recurrence times. KEEK L., GALLOWAY D.K., IN'T ZAND J.J.M., et al.
2010ApJ...718..620W 323       D     X C       8 44 47 Orbital period and outburst luminosity of transient low mass X-ray binaries. WU Y.X., YU W., LI T.P., et al.
2010ApJ...718..947M 38           X         1 6 5 Ignition column depths of helium-rich thermonuclear bursts from 4U 1728-34. MISANOVIC Z., GALLOWAY D.K. and COOPER R.L.
2010ApJ...721.1843V viz 15       D               1 235 20 Swift-BAT survey of Galactic sources: catalog and properties of the populations. VOSS R. and AJELLO M.
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GS 1826-24.
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GS 1826-238: broad-band spectral nature of persistent and burst emission during soft state.
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GS 1826-238 in the High Soft State.
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