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2011MNRAS.410..525M 3792 T   A D S   X C F     95 13 36 Properties, evolution and morpho-kinematical modelling of the very fast nova
V2672 Oph (
Nova Oph 2009), a clone of U Sco.
2011IBVS.5969....1K viz 15       D               1 2040 17 The 80th name-list of variable stars. Part I - RA 0h to 6h. KAZAROVETS E.V., SAMUS N.N., DURLEVICH O.V., et al.
2010BAVSR..59...65L 17 0 Kataklysmische Sterne: Aktivitaeten zwischen August und Dezember 2009. LANGE T.
2011MNRAS.412.1701R 40           X         1 12 26 The morphology of the expanding ejecta of V2491 Cygni (2008 N.2). RIBEIRO V.A.R.M., DARNLEY M.J., BODE M.F., et al.
2011A&A...530A..70D 39           X         1 12 19 On the progenitor system of nova V2491 Cygni. DARNLEY M.J., RIBEIRO V.A.R.M., BODE M.F., et al.
2011A&A...530A..81H 39           X         1 9 6 A very luminous, highly extinguished, very fast nova - V1721 Aquilae. HOUNSELL R., DARNLEY M.J., BODE M.F., et al.
2009IAUC.9064....1N 40 T       O X         1 5 V2672 Ophiuchi = nova Ophiuchi 2009. NAKANO S., YAMAOKA H., ITAGAKI K., et al.
2009IAUC.9064....2A 40 T       O X         1 4 V2672 Ophiuchi = nova Ophiuchi 2009. AYANI K., MURAKAMI N., HATA K., et al.
2009CBET.1910....1N 40 T       O X         1 4 Nova Ophiuchi 2009. NAKANO S., YAMAOKA H. and KADOTA K.
2009CBET.1910....2N 38 T       O X         1 1 Nova Ophiuchi 2009. NISSINEN M., HENTUNEN V.-P., KIYOTA S., et al.
2009CBET.1911....1A 40 T       O X         1 4 Nova Ophiuchi 2009. AYANI K., MURAKAMI N., HATA K., et al.
2009CBET.1912....1M 39 T       O X         1 3 Nova Ophiuchi 2009. MUNARI U., SAGUNER T., OCHNER P., et al.
2010JAVSO..38..193K 361       D   O X   F     9 8 2 Absolute magnitudes and distances of recent novae. KOK Y.
2011ApJS..197...31S viz 402       D     X C       10 76 95 Swift X-ray observations of classical novae. II. The super soft source sample. SCHWARZ G.J., NESS J.-U., OSBORNE J.P., et al.
2012A&A...537A..34J 40           X         1 9 21 Historical light curve and search for previous outbursts of nova KT Eridani. JURDANA-SEPIC R., RIBEIRO V.A.R.M., DARNLEY M.J., et al.
2012ApJ...746...61D 39           X         1 46 54 On the progenitors of galactic novae. DARNLEY M.J., RIBEIRO V.A.R.M., BODE M.F., et al.
2009ATel.2173....1S 77 T                   1 2 7 Early X-ray detection of Nova Ophiuchi 2009 /
V2672 Oph.
2009ATel.2195....1K 2 1 5 Radio synchrotron emission from V2672 Oph. KRAUSS HARTMAN M.I., RUPEN M.P. and MIODUSZEWSKI A.J.
2012PASP..124.1057W 94       D S             5 74 54 The Stony Brook/SMARTS Atlas of (mostly) southern novae. WALTER F.M., BATTISTI A., TOWERS S.E., et al.
2013ApJ...768...49R 120           X         3 7 41 Optical morphology, inclination, and expansion velocity of the ejected shell of nova Monocerotis 2012. RIBEIRO V.A.R.M., MUNARI U. and VALISA P.
2012MmSAI..83..624T 39           X         1 12 0 The impact of Suzaku on the knowledge of cataclysmic variables. TAKEI D.
2013A&A...554A.123S viz 94       D       C       3 149 13 A near-infrared catalogue of the Galactic novae in the VVV survey area. SAITO R.K., MINNITI D., ANGELONI R., et al.
2013AJ....146...55W 39           X         1 14 14 Novae ejecta as discrete adiabatically expanding globules. WILLIAMS R.
2013A&A...559A.121A viz 39           X         1 8 6 The 2010 outburst and pre-outburst optical spectrum of the recurrent nova U Scorpii. ANUPAMA G.C., KAMATH U.S., RAMAPRAKASH A.N., et al.
2014ApJ...788..164P viz 477     A D S   X         12 265 33 Identifying and quantifying recurrent novae masquerading as classical novae. PAGNOTTA A. and SCHAEFER B.E.
2014PASJ...66...37T 1136 T   A     X C       27 8 1 X-ray development of the classical nova

V2672 Ophiuchi
with Suzaku.
2014MNRAS.440.3402M viz 40           X         1 14 6 Study of three 2013 novae: V1830 Aql, V556 Ser and V809 Cep. MUNARI U., OCHNER P., DALLAPORTA S., et al.
2014ApJ...792...57R 40           X         1 12 8 Radio frequency models of novae in eruption. I. The free-free process in bipolar morphologies. RIBEIRO V.A.R.M., CHOMIUK L., MUNARI U., et al.
2014A&A...569A..84M 40           X         1 16 5 On the narrow emission line components of the LMC novae 2004 (YY Doradus) and 2009a. MASON E. and MUNARI U.
2015AJ....149...95S viz 80           X         2 17 7 Pan-chromatic observations of the remarkable nova Large Magellanic Cloud 2012. SCHWARZ G.J., SHORE S.N., PAGE K.L., et al.
2015NewA...39...64T 80             C       2 15 ~ A search and modeling of peculiar narrow transient line components in novae spectra. TAKEDA L. and DIAZ M.
2016PASJ...68S..11M 16       D               2 51 5 Search for soft X-ray flashes at the fireball phase of classical/recurrent novae using MAXI/GSC data. MORII M., YAMAOKA H., MIHARA T., et al.
2016MNRAS.461.1177O 138       D     X   F     3 159 10 The distances of the Galactic novae. OZDONMEZ A., GUVER T., CABRERA-LAVERS A., et al.
2016ApJ...833..149D viz 17       D               1 34 49 M31N 2008-12a - the remarkable recurrent nova in M31: panchromatic observations of the 2015 eruption. DARNLEY M.J., HENZE M., BODE M.F., et al.
2016A&A...595A..64H 41           X         1 7 3 Modelling the structure and kinematics of the Firework nebula: The nature of the GK Persei nova shell and its jet-like feature. HARVEY E., REDMAN M.P., BOUMIS P., et al.
2017ApJ...834..196S viz 16       D               1 244 15 The Galactic nova rate revisited. SHAFTER A.W.
2017MNRAS.469.4341M viz 165           X         4 20 7 Photometric evolution of seven recent novae and the double-component characterizing the light curve of those emitting in gamma rays. MUNARI U., HAMBSCH F.-J. and FRIGO A.
2018A&A...609A.120F 167           X C       3 82 3 Search for gamma-ray emission from Galactic novae with the Fermi -LAT. FRANCKOWIAK A., JEAN P., WOOD M., et al.
2018MNRAS.475..508M 125           X         3 12 1 Infrared spectroscopy of the remnant of Nova Sco 2014: a symbiotic star with too little circumstellar matter to decelerate the ejecta. MUNARI U. and BANERJEE D.P.K.
2018MNRAS.476.4162O 100       D         F     2 297 1 A new catalogue of Galactic novae: investigation of the MMRD relation and spatial distribution. OZDONMEZ A., EGE E., GUVER T., et al.
2020MNRAS.495.2075P 44           X         1 11 ~ Spectroscopic and geometrical evolution of the ejecta of the classical nova ASASSN-18fv. PAVANA M., RAJ A., BOHLSEN T., et al.
2020A&A...639L..10M viz 87           X         2 13 ~ The sustained post-outburst brightness of Nova Per 2018, the evolved companion, and the long orbital period. MUNARI U., MORETTI S. and MAITAN A.
2021A&A...650A.187S 18       D               1 109 ~ Nucleosynthesis constraints through γ-ray line measurements from classical novae. Hierarchical model for the ejecta of 22Na and 7Be. SIEGERT T., GHOSH S., MATHUR K., et al.
2021ApJS..257...49C viz 466       D S   X C       9 56 ~ Classical novae at radio wavelengths. CHOMIUK L., LINFORD J.D., AYDI E., et al.
2022ApJ...932...39N 19       D               1 16 ~ Morpho-kinematic Modeling of the Expanding Ejecta of the Extremely Slow Nova V1280 Scorpii. NAITO H., TAJITSU A., RIBEIRO V.A.R.M., et al.
2022MNRAS.517.6150S 19       D               1 421 ~ Comprehensive catalogue of the overall best distances and properties of 402 galactic novae. SCHAEFER B.E.
2022A&A...667A...7M viz 93           X         2 8 ~ Persistent nuclear burning in Nova Sgr 2016 N.4 (=V5856 Sgr = ASASSN-16ma) six years past its outburst. MUNARI U., MASETTI N., WALTER F.M., et al.
2022ApJ...941..138W 47           X         1 16 ~ V5856 Sagittarii/2016: Broad Multiepoch Spectral Coverage of a Sustained High-luminosity Nova. WILLIAMS R., WALTER F.M., RUDY R.J., et al.

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