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2001PASP..113..764D viz 1714 277 A catalog and atlas of cataclysmic variables: the living edition. DOWNES R.A., WEBBINK R.F., SHARA M.M., et al.
2002BAVSR..51...84L         O           11 0 Aus der Sektion Eruptive: Aktivitaten im ersten Quartal 2002. LANGE T.
2002BAVSR..51..151L         O           11 0 Aus der Sektion Eruptive: Aktivitaten im zweiten Quartal 2002. LANGE T.
2002IBVS.5309....1K 73 T       O           4 7
V2540 Oph (
Nova Oph 2002): large-amplitude slow nova with strong post-outburst oscillations.
2002IAUC.7808....1H 2 ~ Possible nova in Ophiuchus. HASEDA K., NAKAMURA Y., SOMA M., et al.
2002IAUC.7809....1R 74 T                   1 5
Nova Ophiuchi 2002.
2002IAUC.7809....2S 74 T                   1 4
Nova Ophiuchi 2002.
SEKI T., SATO H., KATO T., et al.
2002IAUC.7810....2S 73 T                   1 0
V2540 Ophiuchi = Nova Ophiuchi 2002.
2002IAUC.7828....3P 73 T                   1 0
V2540 Ophiuchi.
2002IAUC.7938....2P 73 T                   1 2
V2540 Ophiuchi.
2002IAUC.7938....3A 73 T                   1 0
V2540 Ophiuchi.
2002AAS...201.4006R 75 T                   1 8 The near-infrared Fe II lines of Nova Ophiuchi 2002 (
V2540 Oph).
RUDY R.J., LYNCH D.K., MAZUK S., et al.
2003IBVS.5422....1K 1154 24 The 77th name-list of variable stars. KAZAROVETS E.V., KIREEVA N.N., SAMUS N.N., et al.
2003JAVSO..31..183M 48 0 Annual report of the director for fiscal year 2001-2002. MATTEI J.A.
2004IAUC.8449....3A 74 T                   1 1
V2540 Ophiuchi.
2004MNSSA..63...89M 75 0 Bronberg Observatory (CBA Pretoria) annual report for 2003. MONARD B.
2004PASJ...56S...1K 288 70 Variable Star Network : World center for transient object astronomy and variable stars. KATO T., UEMURA M., ISHIOKA R., et al.
2004PASJ...56S.193K 42 12 Light curves of novae on VSNET. KIYOTA S., KATO T. and YAMAOKA H.
2006AJ....132..608K 13 8 Nova V4743 Sagittarii 2002: an intermediate polar candidate. KANG T.W., RETTER A., LIU A., et al.
2006ApJ...638..987L 20 12 Early infrared spectral development of V1187 Scorpii (Nova Scorpii 2004 no. 2). LYNCH D.K., WOODWARD C.E., GEBALLE T.R., et al.
2006MNRAS.371..459D 6 5 V4745 Sgr - a nova above the period gap and an intermediate polar candidate. DOBROTKA A., RETTER A. and LIU A.
2005PASA...22..298A 1779 T   A D     X C F     46 12 9 The orbital period of nova

V2540 Ophiuchi
2008A&A...478..815D 203       D     X         6 52 10 Nova V5116 Sagittarii and searching for superhumps in nova remnants. DOBROTKA A., RETTER A. and LIU A.
2008AstL...34..241B viz 69 5 Determining the interstellar extinction and distances for Galactic novae. BURLAK M.A. and HENDEN A.A.
2008AstL...34..249B viz 64 5 Determining the interstellar extinction and distances for Galactic novae. BURLAK M.A.
2008AstL...34..468B 64 1 Distribution of novae in height above the galactic plane. BURLAK M.A.
2009ApJ...701L.119P 341           X C F     7 10 4 Time-dependent rebrightenings in classical nova outbursts: a late-time episodic fuel burning? PEJCHA O.R.
2009MNRAS.398..375D 38           X         1 16 16 Detection and evolution of the CO (Δv = 2) emission in nova V2615 Ophiuchi. DAS R.K., BANERJEE D.P.K. and ASHOK N.M.
2009MNRAS.399..357B 39           X         1 10 20 Near-infrared h- and k-band studies of the 2006 outburst of the recurrent nova RSOphiuchi. BANERJEE D.P.K., DAS R.K. and ASHOK N.M.
2010MNRAS.404..367N 38           X         1 11 11 Near-infrared observations of nova V574 Puppis. NAIK S., BANERJEE D.P.K., ASHOK N.M., et al.
2010AJ....140...34S viz 740       D     X C F     18 100 193 Catalog of 93 nova light curves: classification and properties. STROPE R.J., SCHAEFER B.E. and HENDEN A.A.
2011PASJ...63..159T 1114     A D S   X C F     27 19 12 On the rebrightenings of classical novae during the early phase. TANAKA J., NOGAMI D., FUJII M., et al.
2011PASJ...63..911T 77           X         2 11 13 Spectral evolution of the unusual slow nova V5558 Sagittarii. TANAKA J., NOGAMI D., FUJII M., et al.
2011ApJS..197...31S viz 15       D               1 77 141 Swift X-ray observations of classical novae. II. The super soft source sample. SCHWARZ G.J., NESS J.-U., OSBORNE J.P., et al.
2012A&A...543A..86N viz 116         O X C       2 24 14 Five-year optical and near-infrared observations of the extremely slow nova V1280 Scorpii. NAITO H., MIZOGUCHI S., ARAI A., et al.
2013ApJ...779...19K 39           X         1 36 4 Novae in globular clusters. KATO M., HACHISU I. and HENZE M.
2014ApJ...788..164P viz 16       D               1 265 39 Identifying and quantifying recurrent novae masquerading as classical novae. PAGNOTTA A. and SCHAEFER B.E.
2015MNRAS.447..806D 40           X         1 15 3 Near-infrared studies of V5558 Sgr: an unusually slow nova with multiple outbursts. DAS R., BANERJEE D.P.K., NANDI A., et al.
2015MNRAS.447.1661M viz 40           X         1 23 8 The hybrid, coronal lines nova V5588 Sgr (2011 N.2) and its six repeating secondary maxima. MUNARI U., HENDEN A., BANERJEE D.P.K., et al.
2017ApJ...834..196S viz 16       D               1 244 77 The Galactic nova rate revisited. SHAFTER A.W.
2017ApJ...835..274R viz 41           X         1 16 3 Optical and near-infrared study of nova V2676 Oph 2012. RAJ A., DAS R.K. and WALTER F.M.
2018MNRAS.476.4162O 16       D               1 297 5 A new catalogue of Galactic novae: investigation of the MMRD relation and spatial distribution. OZDONMEZ A., EGE E., GUVER T., et al.
2018ApJ...860..110S 16       D               1 97 45 The masses and accretion rates of white dwarfs in classical and recurrent novae. SHARA M.M., PRIALNIK D., HILLMAN Y., et al.
2018MNRAS.481.3033S 41           X         1 96 67 The distances to Novae as seen by Gaia. SCHAEFER B.E.
2019ApJ...874...82H viz 84             C       1 57 4 PTF14jg: the remarkable outburst and post-burst evolution of a previously anonymous galactic star. HILLENBRAND L.A., MILLER A.A., CARPENTER J.M., et al.
2020MNRAS.492L..40A viz 17       D               1 1220 31 Disentangling cataclysmic variables in Gaia's HR diagram. ABRIL J., SCHMIDTOBREICK L., EDEROCLITE A., et al.
2020MNRAS.492.3323S 43           X         1 30 ~ Sudden and steady orbital period changes across the classical nova eruptions of DQ Her and BT Mon. SCHAEFER B.E.
2020MNRAS.495.2075P 43           X         1 11 ~ Spectroscopic and geometrical evolution of the ejecta of the classical nova ASASSN-18fv. PAVANA M., RAJ A., BOHLSEN T., et al.
2021A&A...650A.187S 17       D               1 109 ~ Nucleosynthesis constraints through γ-ray line measurements from classical novae. Hierarchical model for the ejecta of 22Na and 7Be. SIEGERT T., GHOSH S., MATHUR K., et al.
2022MNRAS.516.4805M 45           X         1 18 ~ Multiple flares caused by mass ejection episodes during the advanced nebular phase of Nova Scuti 2019. MUNARI U., RIGHETTI G.L. and DALLAPORTA S.
2022MNRAS.517.3640S 18       D               1 184 8 Comprehensive listing of 156 reliable orbital periods for novae, including 49 new periods. SCHAEFER B.E.
2022MNRAS.517.6150S 18       D               1 421 10 Comprehensive catalogue of the overall best distances and properties of 402 galactic novae. SCHAEFER B.E.

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