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1992ApJ...394L..13S 4 2 32 Thermonuclear runaways in nova outbursts. SHANKAR A., ARNETT D. and FRYXELL B.A.
1992ApJ...401L.101H 72 T                   3 33 Another neon nova : early infrared photometry and spectroscopy of nova Cygni 1992. HAYWARD T.L., GEHRZ R.D., MILES J.W., et al.
1992BAAS...24.1189D 70 T                   1 ~ The evolving near-infrared spectrum of nova
Cyg 1992 : the transition to t
1992BAAS...24.1190S 70 T                   2 ~ Prediction of the 22Na and 26AI production and gamma-ray emission from nova
Cyg 1992 and nova Her 1991.
1992BAAS...24.1191P 70 T                   1 ~ Voyager observations of nova
Cygni 1992 below Lyman-alpha.
POLIDAN R.S., et al.
1992BAAS...24.1221S 70 T                   3 ~ Nova Cygni 1992 : the nearest neon nova. STARRFIELD S.
1992BAAS...24.1256S 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992 in the ultraviolet : letting the tanning rays through. SHORE S.N.
1992BAAS...24.1257G 70 T                   1 ~ Recent infrared observations of nova
Cygni 1992.
1992BAAS...24.1260M 2 ~ Nova Herculis 1991 : an anomalous ONeMg nova. MATHESON T., FILIPPENKO A.V. and HO L.C.
1992BAAS...24.1280H 70 T                   1 ~ Spherical expanding NLTE model atmosphere studies of nova
Cyg 1992.
1992BAAS...24.1284A 70 T                   1 ~ Optical spectrophotometry of the ONeMg nova
Cygni 1992.
1992IBVS.3783....1Z 70 T                   2 1 H-alpha spectroscopy of nova
Cygni 1992.
1992IAUC.5454....1C 79 T                   1 37 Nova Cygni 1992. COLLINS P. and SKIFF B.A.
1992IAUC.5455....1K 70 T                   1 2 Nova Cygni 1992. KOSAI H. and HOSHIMA O.
1992IAUC.5456....1S 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. SONNEBORN G., POLIDAN R. and STARRFIELD S.
1992IAUC.5457....1G 71 T                   1 6 Nova Cygni 1992. GARNAVICH P.
1992IAUC.5459....1M 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. MIKUZ H. and DINTINJANA B.
1992IAUC.5460....1M 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. MIKUZ H.
1992IAUC.5461....1S 70 T                   2 5 Nova Cygni 1992. SONNEBORN G., SHORE S.N., STARRFIELD S.G., et al.
1992IAUC.5463....1G 71 T                   1 7 Nova Cygni 1992. GEHRZ R.D., LAWRENCE G. and JONES T.J.
1992IAUC.5467....1A 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. ANDRILLAT Y. and HOUZIAUX L.
1992IAUC.5469Q...1M 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. MIKUZ H.
1992IAUC.5471....1B 70 T                   1 2 Nova Cygni 1992. BARUFFOLO A., RAFANELLI P. and ROSINO L.
1992IAUC.5475Q...1M 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. MIKUZ H.
1992IAUC.5476....1T 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. TUFFS R.
1992IAUC.5479....1K 70 T                   1 1 Nova Cygni 1992. KIDGER M., GALLEGO J. and ALONSO A.
1992IAUC.5480....1W 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. WOODWARD C.E. and LAWRENCE G.F.
1992IAUC.5482....1P 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. PIERSIMONI A. and DI PAOLANTONIO A.
1992IAUC.5487....1K 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. KASTURIRANGAN K., ASHOKA B.N. and KUTTY K.R.N.
1992IAUC.5490....1H 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. HANZL D., HROCH F. and NEUREITEROVA E.
1992IAUC.5501....1D 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. DAHLE H., GRANSLO B.H. and RAPAVY P.
1992IAUC.5502....1H 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. HJELLMING R.M.
1992IAUC.5511....1S 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. SCHWEITZER E., BOATTINI A., COLLINS P., et al.
1992IAUC.5516....1I 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. IVISON R.J., BANG M.K. and BODE M.F.
1992IAUC.5520....1H 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. HANTL D., HROCH F. and NEUREITEROVA E.
1992IAUC.5522....1A 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. AUSTIN S.J., STARRFIELD S.G., WAGNER M., et al.
1992IAUC.5523....1S 72 T                   1 8 Nova Cygni 1992. SHORE S.N., STARRFIELD S.G. and AUSTIN S.J.
1992IAUC.5525....1R 71 T                   1 4 Nova Cygni 1992. RAFANELLI P.
1992IAUC.5526....1H 70 T                   2 ~ Nova Cygni 1992 HURST G.M.
1992IAUC.5533....1G 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. GRANSLO B.H., SCHWEITZER E. and TOMBELLI M.
1992IAUC.5534....1P 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. PAVELIN P.E. and DAVIS R.J.
1992IAUC.5537....1E 71 T                   1 4 Nova Cygni 1992. EMERSON J.P. and MANNINGS V.
1992IAUC.5544....1P 70 T                   1 2 Nova Cygni 1992. PENDLETON Y.J., GEHRZ R., KAMINSKI C., et al.
1992IAUC.5545....1H 70 T                   1 0 Nova Cygni 1992. HORA J.L., DEUTSCH L.K. and FAZIO G.G.
1992IAUC.5550....1K 72 T                   1 9 Nova Cygni 1992. KRAUTTER J. and OEGELMAN H.
1992IAUC.5552....1H 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. HANZL D. and NEUREITEROVA E.
1992IAUC.5571....1K 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. KAISER D.H.
1992IAUC.5582....1K 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. KAISER D.H.
1992IAUC.5584....1W 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. WOODWARD C.E. and HERMANN R.A.
1992IAUC.5595....1W 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. WOODWARD C.E., HERMANN R.A. and CALOVINI T.A.
1992IAUC.5598....1H 70 T                   1 0 Nova Cygni 1992. HANZL D.
1992IAUC.5605....1R 1 0 Nova Cygni 1992. ROSSANO G.S.
1992IAUC.5612....1W 70 T                   3 3 Nova Cygni 1992. WOODWARD C.E., VAN BUREN D., HOFNER P., et al.
1992IAUC.5614....1S 70 T                   1 3 Nova Cygni 1992. SHORE S.N., AKE III T.B. and SONNEBORN G.
1992IAUC.5617....1W 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. WOODWARD C.E. and GEHRZ R.D.
1992IAUC.5623....1H 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. HANZL D. and NEUREITOVA E.
1992IAUC.5634....1M 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. MONELLA R.
1992IAUC.5635....1W 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. WOODWARD C.E., GEHRZ R.D. and LAWRENCE G.F.
1992IAUC.5638....1R 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. ROSSANO G.S., RUDY R.J., PUETTER R.C., et al.
1992IAUC.5651....1D 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. DILLON W.
1992IAUC.5665....1H 70 T                   2 ~ Nova Cygni 1992 HANZL D.
1992IAUC.5674....1G 70 T                   1 3 Nova Cygni 1992. GREENHOUSE M.A., WOODWARD C.E., FISHER J., et al.
1992IAUC.5681....1H 70 T                   1 1 Nova Cygni 1992. HAYWARD T.
1992IAUC.5683....1W 70 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. WOODWARD C.E. and GREENHOUSE M.A.
1992JBAA..102..124H 70 T                   1 0 Nova Cygni 1992. HURST G.M.
1993A&A...269L...5A 71 T                   3 10 Nova Cygni 1992 in the post-maximum period. ANNUK K., KOLKA I. and LEEDJAERV L.
1993A&A...277..103C 73 T                   5 54 Spectroscopic and photometric behavior of Nova Cygni 1992 in the first nine months following outburst CHOCHOL D., HRIC L., URBAN Z., et al.
1993A&AS...97..299L 1 2 13 Hard emission from classical novae. LEISING M.D.
1993AJ....106.1118Q 5 1 21 Observations of nova Cygni 1992 with a long-baseline optical interferometer. QUIRRENBACH A., ELIAS II N.M., MOZURKEWICH D., et al.
1993AJ....106.2408S 72 T                   12 79 The early ultraviolet spectral evolution of
nova Cygni 1992.
1993ApJ...418L..29M 2 3 27 Nova Herculis 1991 : thermonuclear runaway on a massive ONeMg white dwarf. MATHESON T., FILIPPENKO A.V. and HO L.C.
1993ApJ...419L..85B 77 T                   1 25 A hot neon nova : optical spectrophotometry and the physics of
nova Cygni 1992.
1993MNRAS.261L...1A 72 T                   1 7 Nova Cygni 1992: spectral development in the near-infrared at maximum light. ANDRILLAT Y. and HOUZIAUX L.
1993MNRAS.263L..43I 71 T                   4 9 Millimetre and submillimetre continuum observations of Nova Cygni 1992: a new test of mass ejection models. IVINSON R.J., HUGHES D.H., LLOYD H.M., et al.
1993PASP..105..127D viz 819 152 A catalog and atlas of cataclysmic variables. DOWNES R.A. and SHARA M.M.
1993Aster.121...23A 12 0 Novas: autenticas catastrofes estelares. ARRASTIA AVILA M.A.
1993Ast....21g..36B 71 T                   1 0
Neon nova.
1993BAAS...25..832B 71 T                   1 ~ Interpreting the optical nebular spectrum of Nova Cygni 1992. BARGER A.J., et al.
1993BAAS...25..833A 71 T                   2 ~ Modeling the optical and UV nebular spectra of Nova Cygni 1992. AUSTIN S.J., et al.
1993BAAS...25..864S 71 T                   1 ~ Bolometric evolution of Nova Cygni 1992 and prediction of the EUV flux from the hot remnant. SHORE S.N., et al.
1993BAAS...25.1250S 71 T                   1 ~ EUVE detection of
nova Cygni 1992 during the coronal line phase.
1993BAAS...25Q1378W 3 ~ IR spectrophotometry of Novae Aquilae 1993 and Ophiuchi 1993. WOODWARD C.E., COLE J., GEHRZ R.D., et al.
1993C&E...286...34G 11 0 Hubble, la renaissance. GUERIN F.
1993IBVS.3840....1K viz 434 43 The 71st name-list of variable stars. KAZAROVETS E.V., SAMUS N.N. and GORANSKIJ V.P.
1993IBVS.3860....1E 71 T                   41 5 The differential extinction toward
nova Cygni 1992.
1993IAUC.5704....1L 71 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. LAUVSTAD A., SCHMEER P., GRANSLO B.H., et al.
1993IAUC.5720....1G 1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992. GRANSLO B.H., DAHLE H., TOMBELLI M., et al.
1993IAUC.5746....1G 71 T                   2 ~ V1974 Cygni (Nova Cygni 1992). GARNAVICH P.
1993IAUC.5747....1S 71 T                   1 1 V1974 Cygni. SHORE S., STARRFIELD S. and SONNEBORN G.
1993IAUC.5757....1D 71 T                   1 2
V 1974 Cygni.
1993IAUC.5785....1L 71 T                   1 ~
V 1974 Cygni.
1993IAUC.5793....1R 71 T                   1 ~
V 1974 Cygni.
1993IAUC.5803....1S 71 T                   2 ~
V 1974 Cygni.
1993IAUC.5810....1D 71 T                   1 ~
V 1974 Cygni.
1993IAUC.5814....1P 71 T                   1 ~
V 1974 Cygni.
1993IAUC.5815....1R 71 T                   1 ~
V 1974 Cygni.
1993IAUC.5880....1D 71 T                   1 ~
V 1974 Cygni.
1993Natur.361..331O 3 7 87 Detection of supersoft X-ray emission from GQ Muscae nine years after a nova outburst. OEGELMAN H., ORIO M., KRAUTTER J., et al.
1993Natur.363..424P 72 T                   5 23 Radio observations of the classical
nova Cygni 92 eighty days after outburst.
1993RMxAA..26...41L 36 4 Tne Vina del Mar nova search : 1982-1992. LILLER W.
1993RMxAA..27...33D 5 4 The evolution of the infrared spectra of classical novae. DINERSTEIN H.L. and BENJAMIN R.A.
1993Sci...259..458F 1 0 News flash-stellar couple in explosive breakup ! FLAM F.
1994A&A...282L..13P 77 T                   1 25 Imaging the shell of
nova Cygni 1992 with HST.
1994AJ....107..751M viz 360 106 Extreme ultraviolet Explorer bright source list. MALINA R.F., MARSHALL H.L., ANTIA B., et al.
1994AJ....107.1546S 7 17 Masses of white dwarfs in O-NE-MG novae: observational constraints. Galactic AL, NA gamma-rays, and M31 novae. SHARA M.M.
1994AJ....108.1008H 1 7 39 The early spectral evolution of nova Cassiopeiae 1993. HAUSCHILDT P.H., STARRFIELD S., SHORE S.N., et al.
1994ApJ...421..344S 107 T K                 7 55 The early bolometric evolution of
nova Cygni 1992.
1994ApJ...421..762G 72 T                   3 18 The temporal evolution of the 4-14 micron spectrum of V1974 Cygni (Nova Cygni 1992). GEHRZ R.D., WOODWARD C.E., GREENHOUSE M.A., et al.
1994ApJ...422..831H 114 T K                 2 67 Non-LTE model atmosphere analysis of
nova Cygni 1992.
1994ApJ...424L..45T 35   K                 3 3 Ultraviolet photometry of nova Cygni 1992 obtained with the high speed photometer. TAYLOR M., BLESS R.C., OEGELMAN H., et al.
1994ApJ...425..247B 108 T K                 2 16 Spectropolarimetry of
nova Cygni 1992 : evidence for an asymmetric geometry.
1994ApJ...431L..47D 108 T K                 2 23 The photometric period of
V1974 Cygni (Nova Cygni 1992).
1994ApJ...432L.123P 2 5 Laser action in far-infrared astrophysical sources. PENG J. and PRADHAN A.K.
1994ApJ...437..794P 6 2 The heating of nova ejecta by radioactive decays of the beta-unstable nuclei. PISTINNER S., SHAVIV G. and STARRFIELD S.
1994ApJS...93..569B viz 410 136 The first Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer source catalog. BOWYER S., LIEU R., LAMPTON M., et al.
1994AcA....44..277S 72 T                   2 9 CCD photometry of nova V1974 Cygni. SEMENIUK I., PYCH W., OLECH A., et al.
1994AZh....71..618K viz 71 T                   4 1 UBVJHKLM photometry of
nova Cygni 1992.
1994Ap&SS.216..161L 9 1 The hydrodynamics of bipolar explosions. LLOYD H.M., O'BRIEN T.J., BODE M.F., et al.
1994Ap&SS.216..167O 10 1 Shock-heated gas in the outbursts of classical novae. O'BRIEN T.J. and LLOYD H.M.
1994BAAS...26..936H 3 ~ CCD light curves of 3 recent novae. HAGEMANN K. and BENSON P.J.
1994BAAS...26..937A 71 T                   4 ~ Abundance determinations for Nova V1974 Cygni 1992 using the Metropolis algorithm. AUSTIN S.J., STARRFIELD S., WAGNER R.M., et al.
1994BAAS...26..937M 71 T                   1 ~ Analysis of the EUVE survey observations of Nova Cyg 1992. MacDONALD J. and VENNES S.
1994BAAS...26..946G 2 ~ Nova Cygni 1992 and Nova Vul 1984#2 (Qu Vul) as prototypes for infrared studies of the contributions of ONeMg Novae to the ISM. GEHRZ R.D.
1994BAAS...26..946H 71 T                   1 ~ Radio light curves and images of Nova Cygni 1992. HJELLMING R.M.
1994BAAS...26..946S 1 ~ Rosat observations of V1974 Cyg: the brightest super soft X-ray source. STARRFIELD S., KRAUTTER J., OEGELMAN H., et al.
1994BAAS...26Q.946S 71 T                   1 ~ GHRS and IUE observations of Nova Cygni 1992: watching the veil lift. SHORE S.N., STARRFIELD S., SONNEBORN G., et al.
1994BAAS...26..947B 71 T                   1 ~ Nova Cygni 1992: results of the McDonald Observatory monitoring program. BENJAMIN R.A.
1994BAAS...26..947H 71 T                   1 ~ The evolution of the 7.5 - 13 mu.m spectrum of Nova Cyg 1992. HAYWARD T.L., HOUCK J.R. and MILES J.W.
1994BAAS...26.1325S 71 T                   2 ~ CGRO observations of nova Herculis 1991 and
nova Cygni 1992.
SHRADER C.R., et al.
1994BAAS...26.1344H 3 ~ Updated CCD light curves of V1974 Cyg, V1419 Aql, and V705 Cas. HAGEMANN K. and BENSON P.
1994BAAS...26.1414A 1 ~ V1974 Cygni: optical and ultraviolet evolution and analysis. AUSTIN S.J.
1994BAAS...26.1414H 71 T                   1 ~ The structure and evolution of the Nova Cygni 1992 shell from HST observations. HACK W.J., et al.
1994IAUC.5979....0G 71 T                   1 ~
V 1974 Cygni.
1994IAUC.6049....1R 71 T                   1 1 V1974 Cygni. ROSINO L., RAFANELLI P., IIJIMA T., et al.
1994MmSAI..65..213F 6 0 Novae and their evolution. FRIEDJUNG M.
1994MmSAI..65..413C 71 T                   2 0 Is the white dwarf in nova Cygni 1992 (V1974 Cyg) evolutionary eroded ? CHOCHOL D., HRIC L., URBAN Z., et al.
1994Mercu..23a...7S 8 0 "We nailed it !". A first look at the new and improved Hubble Space Telescope. STEPHENS S.
1994Natur.369..539S 1 5 34 Dust formation in nova Cassiopeiae 1993 seen by ultraviolet absorption. SHORE S.N., STARRFIELD S., GONZALEZ-RIESTRA R., et al.
1994SciAm.271e..16H 2 0 Microquasars. HORGAN J.
1994SciAm.271e..16M 1 0 A nova burns out. MUKERJEE M.
1994S&T....87b..20S 71 T                   3 ~ Nova Cygni 1992 : nova of the century. STARRFIELD S. and SHORE S.N.
1995A&A...294..488R 108 T K                 2 15 Optical spectral evolution of Nova Cygni 1992 =
V 1974 Cygni.
1995A&A...296..439S 13 7 A multiwavelength study of the classical nova V4169 Sagittarii. SCOTT A.D., DUERBECK H.W., EVANS A., et al.
1995A&A...299..823P 110 T K                 4 52 The structure and evolution of the Nova
V1974 Cygni shell from HST observations.
1995A&A...300..422I 1 14 94 COMPTEL search for 22Na line emission from recent novae. IYUDIN A.F., BENNETT K., BLOEMEN H., et al.
1995A&A...304..227K 1 7 30 Recurrent supersoft X-ray sources. KAHABKA P.
1995A&AS..109..177W viz 2981 67 Radio continuum emission from stars: a catalogue update. WENDKER H.J.
1995A&AS..112..475A viz 76 34 An atlas of the infrared spectral region. I. The early type stars (O-G0). ANDRILLAT Y., JASCHEK C. and JASCHEK M.
1995A&AS..114..465K viz 335 14 A ROSAT XUV pointed phase source catalogue. KREYSING H.-C., BRUNNER H. and STAUBERT R.
1995AJ....110..325G 12 11 The neon nova. III. The infrared light curves of nova QU Vulpeculae (Nova Vul 1984 no. 2). GEHRZ R.D., JONES T.J., MATTHEWS K., et al.
1995ApJ...438L..95S 7 2 58 The soft X-ray turnoff of nova Muscae 1983. SHANLEY L., OEGELMAN H., GALLAGHER J.S., et al.
1995ApJ...438..921W 108 T K                 5 21 The temporal evolution of the 1-5 micron spectrum of V1974 Cygni (nova Cygni 1992). WOODWARD C.E., GREENHOUSE M.A., GEHRZ R.D., et al.
1995ApJ...439..322S 74 13 Gamma-ray emission from cataclysmic variables. I. The Compton Observatory EGRET survey. SCHLEGEL E.M., BARRETT P.E., DE JAGER O.C., et al.
1995ApJ...441L..77F 5 3 61 The homunculus of eta Carinae: an interacting stellar winds paradigm. FRANK A., BALICK B. and DAVIDSON K.
1995ApJ...447..829H 5 3 69 The physics of early nova spectra. HAUSCHILDT P.H., STARRFIELD S., SHORE S.N., et al.
1995ApJ...448L..33S 14 13 QU Vulpeculae : an eclipsing neon nova in the period gap. SHAFTER A.W., MISSELT K.A., SZKODY P., et al.
1995ApJ...448L..37P 5 5 On the origin of the observed knots in novae. PISTINNER S. and SHAVIV G.
1995ApJ...448..807P 2 15 131 Hydrodynamic studies of accretion onto massive white dwarfs: ONeMg-enriched nova outbursts. I. Dependence on white dwarf mass. POLITANO M., STARRFIELD S., TRURAN J.W., et al.
1995ApJ...449..320M 111 T K                 2 37 The X-ray halo of Nova
V1974 Cygni (Nova Cygni 1992) and the nature of interstellar dust.
1995ApJ...452..704D 103 285 The calibration of novae as distance indicators. DELLA VALLE M. and LIVIO M.
1995MNRAS.275..195C 6 14 RS Oph at day 201: a test case for shocks in nova shells. CONTINI M., ORIO M. and PRIALNIK D.
1995MNRAS.276..353S 2 17 148 A deep optical imaging study of the nebular remnants of classical novae. SLAVIN A.J., O'BRIEN T.J. and DUNLOP J.S.
1995PASP..107..606S 33 4 Recent results from the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory. SHRADER C.R. and GEHRELS N.
1995AcA....45..365S 72 T                   3 18 Two short-term periodicities of Nova V1974 Cygni. SEMENIUK I., DE YOUNG J.A., PYCH W., et al.
1995IAUC.6158....1R 71 T                   1 ~ V1974 Cygni. RETTER A., OFEK E.O. and LEIBOWITZ E.M.
1995IAUC.6171Q...1E 71 T                   1 ~ V1974 Cygni. ELKIN V.
1995SciAm.272...56S 72 T                   1 4 The birth and death of nova V1974 Cygni. STARRFIELD S. and SHORE S.N.
1995IAUS..163..363B 8 4 Episodic dust formation in astrophysical sources. BODE M.F.
1995BaltA...4..453L 36   K                 3 4 Classical novae as WET objects. LEIBOWITZ E.M., MENDELSON H., GEFEN G., et al.
1996A&A...306..795K 8 19 Orbital modulation in X-rays in supersoft sources. KAHABKA P.
1996A&A...310..477F 8 1 Absorption line profiles in the early development of nova V1500 Cygni. FRIEDJUNG M., MIKOLAJEWSKA J. and MIKOLAJEWSKI M.
1996A&A...315L.209S 112 T K                 1 16 ISO observations of the classical nova
V1974 Cygni.
1996A&A...315..463R 110 T K                 1 11 The final decline of Nova (V1974)
Cygni 1992 and discovery of an associated extended emission nebulosity.
1996AJ....111..869A 73 T                   8 58 V1974 Cygni 1992: optical and ultraviolet evolution and analysis. AUSTIN S.J., WAGNER R.M., STARRFIELD S., et al.
1996ApJ...456..717S 1 11 49 On the interpretation of the ultraviolet spectra of symbiotic stars and recurrent novae. II. The 1985 outburst of RS Ophiuchi. SHORE S.N., KENYON S.J., STARRFIELD S., et al.
1996ApJ...456..788K 118 T K                 5 165 ROSAT X-ray observations of Nova
V1974 Cygni: the rise and fall of the brightest supersoft X-ray source.
1996ApJ...459..671I 7 5 108 Equatorial wind compression effects across the H-R diagram. IGNACE R., CASSINELLI J.P. and BJORKMAN J.E.
1996ApJ...463L..21S 73 T                   4 30 The ultraviolet and X-ray view of the demise of nova V1974 Cygni. SHORE S.N., STARRFIELD S. and SONNEBORN G.
1996ApJ...466..410O 1 6 25 X-ray emission of Nova Puppis 1991: accretion or a shocked shell? ORIO M., BALMAN S., DELLA VALLE M., et al.
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