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1994BAAS...26.1483O 71 T                   4 ~ Optical observations of black hole binaries: improved parameters for X-ray Nova Muscae 1991: outburst lightcurves for X-ray Nova Vela 1993 and X-ray Nova Sco 1994. OROSZ J.A., et al.
1994BAAS...26.1505H 71 T                   2 ~ VLBA and VLA observations of the relativistic radio jets of GRO J1655-40. HJELLMING R.M. and RUPEN M.P.
1994BAAS...26.1518M 71 T                   1 ~ A relativistically expanding radio source associated with GRO J1655-40. MURPHY D.W., et al.
1994BAAS...26.1519W 71 T                   1 ~ BATSE discovery of X-ray nova Scorpii 1994 (GRO J1655-40). WILSON C.A., et al.
1994C&E...295...16F 2 0 Deux mini-quasars dans la Voie Lactee. FEVRE O.
1994IAUC.6046....1Z 83 T                   2 98 X-ray
nova in Scorpius.
1994IAUC.6050....1B 72 T                   1 6
X-ray nova in Scorpius.
1994IAUC.6051....1K 72 T                   1 5
X-ray nova in Scorpius.
1994IAUC.6052....1D 71 T                   1 ~
X-ray nova in Scorpius.
1994IAUC.6055....1H 73 T                   2 17
X-ray nova in Scorpius.
1994IAUC.6056....1W 71 T                   1 ~
X-ray nova in Scorpius.
1994IAUC.6060....1B 72 T                   1 5
X-ray nova in Scorpius.
1994IAUC.6062....1H 71 T                   1 ~
X-ray nova in Scorpius.
1994IAUC.6063....1R 73 T                   1 11
X-ray nova in Scorpius.
1994IAUC.6073....1H 72 T                   1 7
X-ray nova in Scorpius.
1994IAUC.6075....1P 71 T                   1 ~
X-ray nova in Scorpius.
1994IAUC.6077....1H 1 1 4 X-ray nova in Scorpius. HJELLMING R.M. and RUPEN M.
1994IAUC.6078....1G 73 T                   1 9
X-ray nova in Scorpius.
1994IAUC.6079....1W 71 T                   1 1
X-ray nova in Scorpius.
1994IAUC.6080....1G 71 T                   1 ~
X-ray nova in Scorpius.
1994IAUC.6084....1H 1 ~ X-ray nova in Scorpius. HARMON B.A., WILSON C.A., PACIESAS W.S., et al.
1994IAUC.6086....1H 72 T                   1 4
X-ray nova in Scorpius.
1994IAUC.6087....1A 71 T                   3 ~
X-ray nova in Scorpius.
1994IAUC.6094....1N 2 ~ GRS 1915+105 and X-ray nova in Scorpius. NAGASE F., INOUE H., KOTANI T., et al.
1994IAUC.6101....1Z 71 T                   1 ~
X-ray nova in Scorpius.
1994IAUC.6106....1Z 72 T                   1 6
X-ray nova in Scorpius.
1994IAUC.6107....1H 71 T                   1 ~
X-ray nova in Scorpius.
1994SciN..146..168. 71 T                   1 0 All aglow over an
X-ray nova.
1995A&A...297L..67G 109 T K                 3 20 ROSAT observations of
GRO J1655-40.
1995A&A...298L..45L 3 2 19 On relativistic ejections from GRS 1915+105. LIANG E.P. and LI H.
1995ApJ...454..880C 4 7 91 The accretion disk limit cycle instability in black hole X-ray binaries. CANNIZZO J.K., CHEN W. and LIVIO M.
1995MNRAS.277L..35B 74 T                   7 77 On the high space velocity of X-ray Nova Sco 1994 : implications for the formation of its black hole. BRANDT W.N., PODSIADLOWSKI P. and SIGURDSSON S.
1995MNRAS.277L..45C 1 13 44 Dynamical evidence for a black hole in the X-ray transient QZ Vul (=GS 2000+25). CASARES J., CHARLES P.A. and MARSH T.R.
1995PASP..107....1T 65 5 Astrophysics in 1994. TRIMBLE V. and LEONARD P.J.T.
1995PASP..107..606S 33 4 Recent results from the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory. SHRADER C.R. and GEHRELS N.
1995Ap&SS.231..191F 12 18 Precessing gamma jets, GRB and the twin rings around SN1987A. FARGION D. and SALIS A.
1995Ap&SS.231..411G 4 3 Unsteady plasma ejections from hollow accretion columns of galactic neutron stars as a trigger for gamma-ray bursts. GVARAMADZE V.V.
1995BAAS...27.1327K 71 T                   1 ~ Soft gamma-ray emission from the galactic X-ray transient GRO J1655-40. KAARET P., et al.
1995BAAS...27.1327O 2 ~ Optical observations of black hole X-ray novae. OROSZ J.A., et al.
1995BAAS...27.1366L 2 ~ Physics of galactic superluminal sources. LEVINSON A. and BLANDFORD R.
1995BAAS...27.1366Z 3 ~ high energy observations of galactic jet sources. ZHANG S.N., et al.
1995BAAS...27.1434K 5 ~ Precursor, outburst and irradiated companion in the unstable irradiated disks in black hole X-ray novae. KIM S.W., WHEELER J.C. and MINESHIGE S.
1995BAAS...27.1450P 1 ~ Positrons in charge : e+e- in astrophysics. PHINNEY E.S.
1995BASI...23R.513B 71 T                   1 0 Radio observations of X-ray
nova in Scorpius.
1995ExA.....6d..57Z 2 ~ Hard X-ray all-sky imaging with BATSE/CGRO. ZHANG S.N., HARMON B.A., FISHMAN G.J., et al.
1995IAUC.6128....1H 71 T                   1 1 X-ray
nova in Scorpius.
1995IAUC.6143....1A 71 T                   1 ~ X-ray
nova 1994 in Scorpius.
1995IAUC.6147....1H 72 T                   1 4 X-ray
nova 1994 in Scorpius.
1995IAUC.6152....1W 71 T                   1 ~ X-ray
nova 1994 in Scorpius.
1995IAUC.6173....1B 6 1 19 X-ray nova 1994 in Scorpius. BAILYN C., OROSZ J., McCLINTOCK J., et al.
1995IAUC.6196....1H 72 T                   1 4 X-ray
nova 1994 in Scorpius.
1995IAUC.6201....1S 71 T                   2 ~ X-ray Nova 1994 in Scorpius and GRS 1915+105. SASONOV S. and SUNYAEV R.
1995IAUC.6203....1O 71 T                   1 ~ X-ray
Nova 1994 in Scorpius.
1995IAUC.6205....1H 74 T                   1 9 X-ray
Nova 1994 in Scorpius.
1995IAUC.6209....1S 5 1 15 X-ray nova 1994 in Scorpius. SAZONOV S., SUNYAEV R., ZHANG S.N., et al.
1995IAUC.6210....1I 71 T                   1 ~ X-ray
nova 1994 in Scorpius.
1995JAVSO..23..117O 71 T                   1 0 Discovery of the optical counterpart of the X-ray nova GRO J1655-40. OROSZ J.A.
1995Natur.374..141T 13 6 250 Relativistic motion in a nearby bright X-ray source. TINGAY S.J., JAUNCEY D.L., PRESTON R.A., et al.
1995Natur.374..677G 3 0 A second superluminal source. GISLER G.
1995Natur.374..701B 98 T                   1 82 The optical couterpart of the superluminal source GRO J1655-40. BAILYN C.D., OROSZ J.A., GIRARD T.M., et al.
1995Natur.374..703H 94 T                   2 138 Correlations between X-ray outbursts and relativistic ejections in the X-ray transient GRO J1655-40. HARMON B.A., WILSON C.A., ZHANG S.N., et al.
1995Natur.375..464H 94 T                   6 424 Episodic ejection of relativistic jets by the X-ray transient GRO J1655-40. HJELLMING R.M. and RUPEN M.P.
1995Natur.378..157B 84 T                   3 122 Dynamical evidence for a black hole in the eclipsing X-ray nova GRO J1655-40. BAILYN C.D., OROSZ J.A., McCLINTOCK J.E., et al.
1995PAZh...21..243B 16 ~ The bright X-ray transient KS 1730-312 in Scorpius. BOROZDIN K.N., ALEKSANDROVICH N.L., AREF'EV V.A., et al.
1995PAZh...21..486A 13 ~ Detection of the X-ray sources KS J1748-248 and KS J1716-389. ALEKSANDROVICH N.L., AREF'EV V.A., BOROZDIN K.N., et al.
1995PASJ...47..317N 3 6 Winds from the inner region of accretion disks. NAKAMURA K.E., NAMAKURA F.E., FUKUE J., et al.
1995SSRv...74..313C 24 3 Highly evolved close binary stars. CHEREPASHCHUK A.M.
1996A&A...308..321F 39   K                 12 110 Galactic jet sources and the AGN connection. FALCKE H. and BIERMANN P.L.
1996A&A...309..781O 8 11 On the origin of the iron line in GS 2023+338. OOSTERBROEK T., VAN DER KLIS M., VAUGHAN B., et al.
1996A&A...314..123M 8 19 The superhump phenomenon in GRS 1716-249 (=X-Ray Nova Ophiuchi 1993). MASETTI N., BIANCHINI A., BONIBAKER J., et al.
1996A&AS..120C...5K 41 7 Key results from the Oriented Scintillation Spectrometer Experiment. KURFESS J.D.
1996A&AS..120C.117K 107 T K                 8 18 Gamma-ray observations of
GRO J1655-40.
1996A&AS..120C.121B 29 8 BATSE observations of hard X-ray emission from X-ray bursters. Presentation of a CGRO/BATSE investigation and first results. BARRET D., GRINDLAY J.E., BLOSER P.F., et al.
1996A&AS..120C.129L 36   K                 6 6 Observations and physics of galactic superluminal sources. LEVINSON A. and BLANDFORD R.
1996A&AS..120C.141V 12 6 Low-frequency quasi-periodic oscillations in the X-ray transient GRO J1719-24. VAN DER HOOFT F., KOUVELIOTOU C., VAN PARADIJS J., et al.
1996A&AS..120C.145G 15 2 BATSE survey for faint transients and black hole candidates. GRINDLAY J.E., BARRET D., BLOSER P.F., et al.
1996A&AS..120C.149M 27 5 A search for galactic black hole candidates at MeV energies - preliminary results. McCONNELL M., BENNETT K., BLOEMEN H., et al.
1996A&AS..120C.191B 8 8 BATSE observations of the ultra-soft X-ray transient 4U 1630-47. BLOSER P.F., BARRET D., GRINDLAY J.E., et al.
1996A&AS..120C.201T 36   K                 4 1 On galactic superluminal transients. TAVANI M.
1996A&AS..120C.205P 1 3 12 Observations of the unusual X-ray source GRS 1915+105 in Aquila. PACIESAS W.S., DEAL K.J., HARMON B.A., et al.
1996A&AS..120C.217S 9 21 OSSE detection of the low mass X-ray binary GS 1826-24. STRICKMAN M., SKIBO J., PURCELL W., et al.
1996A&AS..120C.227Z 10 16 Periodic transient hard X-ray emission from GRO 1849-03. ZHANG S.N., HARMON B.A., PACIESAS W.S., et al.
1996A&AS..120C.239G 107 T K                 3 2 Two ROSAT HRI observations of
GRO J1655-40.
1996A&AS..120C.261S 36   K                 2 4 Reprocessing of hard X-ray emission in X-ray novae. SHRADER C.R., WAGNER R.M., HJELLMING R.M., et al.
1996A&AS..120C.275B 7 9 BATSE observations of two X-ray bursters: 4U 1820-30 and 4U 1915-05. BLOSER P.F., BARRET D., GRINDLAY J.E., et al.
1996A&AS..120C.279Z 3 4 36 Low state hard X-ray outburst from the X-ray burster 4U 1608-522 observed by BATSE/CGRO. ZHANG S.N., HARMON B.A., PACIESAS W.S., et al.
1996A&AS..120C.571B 6 9 Production of gamma-rays by inverse Compton scattering in jets. BEDNAREK W., KIRK J.G. and MASTICHIADIS A.
1996A&AS..120C.653S 4 2 Gamma-ray observations with the Transient Gamma-Ray Spectrometer (TGRS). SEIFERT H., TEEGARDEN B.J., CLINE T.L., et al.
1996AJ....112.2690W 3 3 32 Quenched radio emission in Cygnus X-3. WALTMAN E.B., FOSTER R.S., POOLEY G.G., et al.
1996ApJ...456L..29L 3 7 72 On the jets associated with Galactic superluminal sources. LEVINSON A. and BLANDFORD R.
1996ApJ...456..106D 3 7 64 Stochastic particle acceleration near accreting black holes. DERMER C.D., MILLER J.A. and LI H.
1996ApJ...458..514L 2 2 17 Formation and radiation acceleration of pair plasmoids near galactic black holes. LI H. and LIANG E.P.
1996ApJ...459...89E 5 4 64 The resolved Fe K alpha line of the broad-line radio galaxy 3C 390.3 and its implications. ERACLEOUS M., HALPERN J.P. and LIVIO M.
1996ApJ...459..185M 74 T                   4 24 On the anticorrelation between high accretion luminosity and radio jet ejection in GRO J1655-40 and other objects. MEIER D.
1996ApJ...460..199K 1 5 16 Resistive magnetohydrodynamic accretion disks around black holes. KUDOH T. and KABURAKI O.
1996ApJ...460..932G 1 7 22 Observations of the X-ray nova GRO J0422+32. II. Optical spectra approaching quiescence. GARCIA M.R., CALLANAN P.J., McCLINTOCK J.E., et al.
1996ApJ...461L..99C 15 33 Infrared spectroscopy of the superluminal galactic source GRS 1915+105 during the 1994 September outburst. CASTRO-TIRADO A.J., GEBALLE T.R. and LUND N.
1996ApJ...462L..67L 4 7 EGRET upper limits on the high-energy gamma-ray emission of X-ray novae. LEVINSON A. and MATTOX J.R.
1996ApJ...462L..87K 1 10 48 SXTs and TOADs: close encounters of the same kind. KUULKERS E., HOWELL S.B. and VAN PARADIJS J.
1996ApJ...463L..79C 72 T                   6 7 Search for rapid X-ray variability from the black hole candidate GRO J1655-40. CRARY D.J., KOUVELIOTOU C., VAN PARADIJS J., et al.
1996ApJ...464L.139V 3 21 245 On the accretion instability in soft X-ray transients. VAN PARADIJS J.
1996ApJ...465L...5B 1 4 16 Hubble space telescope observations of obscuration rings in Hercules A: implications for energy transport in powerful radio galaxies. BAUM S.A., O'DEA C.P., DE KOFF S., et al.
1996ApJ...467L..57V 1 8 34 Knots in simulations of magnetized relativistic jets. VAN PUTTEN M.H.P.M.
1996ApJ...467L..81F 6 4 83 Radio and X-ray variability of the galactic superluminal source GRS 1915+105. FOSTER R.S., WALTMAN E.B., TAVANI M., et al.
1996ApJ...467..546L 1 2 9 Constraints on the dynamics of electron-positron jets in active galactic nuclei. LEVINSON A.
1996ApJ...469L..33L 9 18 509 First results from the all-sky monitor on the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer. LEVINE A.M., BRADT H., CUI W., et al.
1996ApJ...470L.105H 1 5 18 Radio and X-ray flaring events in X-ray Nova Ophiuchi 1993. HJELLMING R.M., RUPEN M.P., SHRADER C.R., et al.
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1996ApJ...471..783S 7 11 All-sky search for transient sources near 0.5 MeV with the Burst and Transient Source Experiment (BATSE). SMITH D.M., LEVENTHAL M., CAVALLO R., et al.
1996ApJ...473L..25W 1 27 88 The Galactic distribution of black hole candidates in low mass X-ray binary systems. WHITE N.E. and VAN PARADIJS J.
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1996ApJ...473L.107G 12 4 148 Rossi X-ray timing explorer observations of GRS 1915+105. GREINER J., MORGAN E.H. and REMILLARD R.A.
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1996PASP..108....8T 34 1 Astrophysics in 1995. TRIMBLE V. and LEONARD P.J.T.
1996ARA&A..34..607T 3 35 349 X-ray novae. TANAKA Y. and SHIBAZAKI N.
1996Ap&SS.242...17B 13 4 Instabilities in astrophysical jets. BIRKINSHAW M.
1996ComAp..18..223T 46 0 Binaries with neutron star or black hole components and related systems. TRIMBLE V.
1996IAUC.6393Q...1R 72 T                   1 ~ GRO J1655-40. REMILLARD R., BRADT H., CUI W., et al.
1996IAUC.6406R...1H 72 T                   1 ~ GRO J1655-40. HOME K., HARLAFTIS E.T., BAPTISTA R., et al.
1996IAUC.6410S...1H 72 T                   1 ~ GRO J1655-40. HUNSTEAD R. and CAMPBELL-WILSON D.
1996IAUC.6411R...1H 72 T                   1 ~ GRO J1655-40. HIELLMING R.M. and RUPEN M.P.
1996IAUC.6436Q...1H 72 T                   2 ~ GRO J1655-40 and GRS 1915+105. HARMON B.A., WILSON C.A., McCOLLOUGH M., et al.
1996IAUC.6501Q...1H 72 T                   1 ~ GRO J1655-40. HARMON B.A., ROBINSON C.R., FISHMAN G.J., et al.
1996MmSAI..67...73G 25 0 The Compton Gamma Ray Observatory : highlights from the first four years of the mission. GEHRELS N. and SHRADER C.R.
1996MmSAI..67..127G 34 0 OSSE highlights of the low-energy gamma-ray sky. GROVE J.E.
1996MmSAI..67..239Z 113 0 X-ray binaries. ZIOLKOWSKI J.
1996MmSAI..67..353G 72 T                   3 2 ROSAT observations of GRO J1655-40. GREINER J.
1996Natur.382...47S 2 10 78 Near-infrared jets in the galactic microquasar GRS 1915+105. SAMS B.J., ECKART A. and SUNYAEV R.
1996PAZh...22..413G 16 ~ Study of the X-ray nova V518 Per (GRO J0422+32) at optical wavelengths. GORANSKII V.P., KARITSKAYA E.A., KUROCHKIN N.E., et al.
1996S&T....91e..38C 9 ~ Black holes in binary stars: weighing the evidence. CHARLES P.A. and WAGNER R.M.
1997A&A...317..769M 11 7 GRS 1009-45 (=X-Ray Nova Velorum 1993): a `hybrid' soft X-ray transient? MASETTI N., BIANCHINI A. and DELLA VALLE M.
1997A&A...318..179D 11 22 The optical counterpart of GRS 1009-45 (X-ray Nova Velorum 1993). DELLA VALLE M., BENETTI S., CAPPELLARO E., et al.
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1997A&A...319.1025F 6 3 55 Collimated jet magnetospheres around rotating black holes. General relativistic force-free 2D equilibrium. FENDT C.
1997A&A...321..477B 108 T K                 8 12 Spectroscopic study of
GRO J1655-40: the outburst and the decline.
1997A&A...325L..29S 110 T K                 3 20 Optical polarization properties of
GRO J1655-40.
1997ApJ...474L..47K 1 6 21 Evidence for an anomalous state in the black hole candidate 4U 1630-47. KUULKERS E., VAN DER KLIS M. and PARMAR A.N.
1997ApJ...474L..57C 10 3 93 Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer observation of Cygnus X-1 in its high state. CUI W., HEINDL W.A., ROTHSCHILD R.E., et al.
1997ApJ...477L..41C 3 7 64 The pattern of correlated X-ray timing and spectral behavior in GRS 1915+105. CHEN X., SWANK J.H. and TAAM R.E.
1997ApJ...477L..45M 2 5 41 The superluminal source GRS 1915+105: a high mass X-ray binary? MIRABEL I.F., BANDYOPADHYAY R., CHARLES P.A., et al.
1997ApJ...477L..85H 3 5 54 Hard X-ray signature of plasma ejection in the galactic jet source GRS 1915+105. HARMON B.A., DEAL K.J., PACIESAS W.S., et al.
1997ApJ...477..876O 119 T K                 8 271 Optical observations of
GRO J1655-40 in quiescence. I. A precise mass for the black hole primary.
1997ApJ...478L..83O 115 T K                 4 88 An optical precursor to the recent X-ray outburst of the black hole binary
GRO J1655-40.
1997ApJ...479L.109T 16 29 Discovery of a nonblazar gamma-ray transient source near the Galactic plane: GRO J1838-04. TAVANI M., MUKHERJEE R., MATTOX J.R., et al.
1997ApJ...479..381Z 111 T K                 7 71 Broadband high-energy observations of the superluminal jet source
GRO J1655-40 during an outburst.
1997ApJ...480L.129F 1 9 29 The changing stucture of the radio nebula around the soft gamma-ray repeater Sgr 1806-20. FRAIL D.A., VASISHT G. and KULKARNI S.R.
1997ApJ...482L.155Z 9 12 334 Black hole spin in X-ray binaries: observational consequences. ZHANG S.N., CUI W. and CHEN W.
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1997ApJ...484..844K 1 9 51 Transients among binaries with evolved low-mass companions. KING A.R., FRANK J., KOLB U., et al.
1997ApJ...485L..33K 112 T K                 2 29 The transient nature of
GRO J1655-40 and its evolutionary state.
KOLB U., KING A.R., RITTER H., et al.
1997ApJ...485..533H 2 7 50 Dynamics and structure of three-dimensional poloidally magnetized supermagnetosonic jets. HARDEE P.E., CLARKE D.A. and ROSEN A.
1997ApJ...485..839W 7 13 Recovery of the X-ray transient QX Normae (=X1608-52) in outburst and quiescence. WACHTER S.
1997ApJ...488L.109B 34 2 209 A unified model for the spectral variability in GRS 1915+105. BELLONI T., MENDEZ M., KING A.R., et al.
1997ApJ...489L..51S 14 36 X-ray timing in 1E 1740.7-2942 and GRS 1758-258. SMITH D.M., HEINDL W.A., SWANK J., et al.
1997ApJ...489..234H 119 T K                 3 106 Advection-dominated flows around black holes and the X-ray delay in the outburst of
GRO J1655-40.
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1997ApJ...491..303I 39 8 On space velocities of binary stars in which one component has experienced a supernova explosion. IBEN I. and TUTUKOV A.V.
1997ApJ...491..312C 2 45 380 The properties of X-ray and optical light curves of X-ray novae. CHEN W., SHRADER C.R. and LIVIO M.
1997ApJ...491..381R 12 29 Long-term flux monitoring of LSI +61 degrees 303 at 2.25 and 8.3 GHz. RAY P.S., FOSTER R.S., WALTMAN E.B., et al.
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1997MNRAS.286..349R 19 44 ASCA observations of the nearby galaxies Dwingeloo 1 and Maffei 1. REYNOLDS C.S., LOAN A.J., FABIAN A.C., et al.
1997MNRAS.289..175M 27 1 82 Geometrical and chemical dependence of K-shell X-ray features. MATT G., FABIAN A.C. and REYNOLDS C.S.
1997MNRAS.291...81K 1 8 40 Complex outburst behaviour from the black hole candidate 4U 1630-47. KUULKERS E., PARMAR A.N., KITAMOTO S., et al.
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GRO J1655-40?
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GRO J1655-40 flux is rising (slowly).
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2005ATel..436....1M 75 T                   1 3
GRO J1655-40 rising again.
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GRO J1655-40.
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GRO J1655-40 rapidly evolving.
2005ATel..441....1R 77 T                   1 7
GRO J1655-40 radio counterpart fades.
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GRO J1655-40 above 20 keV.
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GRO J1655-40 enters a highly-variable, high-luminosity state.
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GRO J1655-40 returning to the hard state.
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