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1900ApJ....12R..52H 21 ~ Variable star observations with the 12-inch and 40-inch refractors. HALE G.E.
1950AJ.....55..206B 9 0 Report. BROOWER D.
1951AJ.....56R..44M 2 0 AE Aqr. MAYALL M.
1951AJ.....56...88A 5 0 Observations of variables. ASHBROOK J.
1952ZA.....31..123W 6 7 Lichtkurve und Maximumspektrum des U Gem-veranderlichen SW UMa. WELLMANN P.
1954AnAp...17..243Z 16 3 Remarques sur le phenomene de Nova VII. ZUCKERMANN M.C.
1955JO.....38..285A 216 0 Observations d'etoiles variables a longues periodes ou irregulieres effectuees par les membres de l'Association Francaise d'Observateurs d'Etoiles Variables et recues durant les annees 1946 a 1952 a l'Observatoire de Lyon. ASSOCIATION FRANCAISE D'OBSERVATEURS D'ETOILES VARIABLES.
1956ApJ...123...44C 16 103 An interpretation of AE Aquarii. CRAWFORD J.A. and KRAFT R.P.
1956MNRAS.116..216P 2 0 Proceedings of Observatories. Eastbourne, Sussex. PATSTON G.E.
1956JO.....39....1L 14 14 Observations photoelectriques. LENOUVEL F. and DAGUILLON J.
1956JO.....39...12A 131 0 Observations d'etoiles variables. ASSOCIATION FRANCAISE D'OBSERVATEURS D'ETOILES VARIABLES.
1956JO.....39...37P 7 4 UV Per, variable a long cycle du type U Gem. PETIT M. and BRUN A.
1956JO.....39...92A 86 0 Observations d'etoiles variables a longues periodes ou irregulieres. ASSOCIATION FRANCAISE D'OBSERVATEURS D'ETOILES VARIABLES.
1956JO.....39..207A 74 0 Observations d'etoiles variables a longues periodes ou irregulieres, effectuees par les membres de l'AFOEV. ASSOCIATION FRANCAISE D'OBSERVATEURS D'ETOILES VARIABLES.
1956ZA.....39...95P 21 0 Uber das Zustandsdiagram der Sterne. II. PILOWSKI K.
1956ZA.....41..182S 42 ~ Die Lichtkurven-Leuchtkraft-Beziehung neuer Sterne. SCHMIDT T.
1957ApJ...126...23G 11 46 Studies of the white dwarfs. III. The recurrent nova WZ Sge as a probable white dwarf. GREENSTEIN J.L.
1957JO.....40...88P 66 T                   1 9 0 Observations de variables a long cycle du type
U Gem.
1957PZ.....12...18B 66 T                   1 139 20 Atlas des etoiles variables du type
U Geminorum.
1957SvA.....1..719G 17 3 The non-thermal component of the radiation of unstable stars and the main features of their spectra. GORDON I.M.
1957SvA.....1..783P 10 0 On the international cooperation for the study of flare variable stars. PETIT M.
1958AJ.....63R..50H 6 3 Some peculiar variables in Sgr. HOFFLEIT D.
1958ApJ...127..625K 1 11 89 The binary system Nova T Coronae Borealis. KRAFT R.P.
1959PASP...71..316W 66 T                   1 5 6 Three-color photometry of
U Geminorum during an outburst.
1959BOTT....2r...3C 263 8 Estrellas azules en el casquete galactico norte II. CHAVIRA E.
1960ApJ...131..632H 113 65 Spectral classifications for 112 variable stars. HERBIG G.H.
1960JO.....43...17P 66 T                   1 126 7 Catalogue des etoiles variables du type
U Geminorum.
1960JO.....43...24P 66 T                   1 8 1 Observations d'etoiles du type
U Geminorum.
1961AnAp...24..431Z 20 39 Observations et interpretation de l'etoile variable SS Cyg. ZUCKERMANN M.C.
1961JO.....44....6P 66 T                   1 92 5 Supplement au catalogue des etoiles variables du type
U Gem.
1962ApJ...135..408K 2 9 185 Binary stars among cataclysmic variables. I. U Geminorum stars (dwarf novae). KRAFT R.P.
1963AJ.....68..286M 8 4 Photometry of some cataclysmic variables. MUMFORD G.S.
1963AJ.....68..637W 33 3 Lick Observatory Report. WHITFORD A.E.
1963AJ.....68..644H 19 0 Lowell Observatory Report. HALL J.S.
1963PASP...75..278P 3 11 Three-colour observations of 2.1937 Ceti. PACZYNSKI B.
1963ARA&A...1..145G 4 ~ Novae and novalike stars. GAPOSCHKIN C.P.
1964AJ.....69..262M 16 2 Kitt Peak National Observatory MAYALL N.U.
1964AJ.....69..549K 66 T                   1 3 ~ Eclipsing binary
U Geminorum.
1964AJ.....69..553M 6 ~ Recent photometry of U Geminorum stars. MUMFORD G.S.
1964AJ.....69..675W 42 2 Lick Observatory Report. WHITFORD A.E.
1964ApJ...139..457K 1 23 249 Binary stars among cataclysmic variables. III. Ten old novae. KRAFT R.P.
1964ApJ...139..476M 66 T                   1 6 20 Binary stars among cataclysmic variables. IV. Photoelectric observations of
U Geminorum near the stars of an outburst.
1964ApJ...140..921K 1 12 91 Binary stars among cataclysmic variables. V. Photoelectric and spectroscopic observations of the ultra-short period binary Nova WZ Sagittae. KRZEMINSKI W. and KRAFT R.P.
1964PASP...76...57M 4 13 The color variation of EX Hydrae. MUMFORD G.S.
1964JRASC..58..163S 6 4 A photographic nova in the globular cluster Messier 14. SAWYER HOGG H. and WEHLAU A.
1964SvA.....8..680G 4 ~ Disk-like envelopes in close binary systems and their effect on stellar spectra. GORBATSKII V.G.
1965ApJ...141.1560S 24 2 288 The existence of a major new constituent of the Universe: the quasi-stellar galaxies. SANDAGE A.
1965ApJ...142.1041K 67 T                   1 25 84 Binary stars among cataclysmic variables. VI. On the mean absolute magnitude of
U Geminorum variables.
1965ApJ...142.1051K 69 T                   1 8 129 The eclipsing binary
U Geminorum.
1965PASP...77..468M 4 5 Observations of Rosino's star near M 88. MOORHEAD J.M.
1965SvA.....9..526P 4 7 The radio-source 3C 386, a supernova remnant. PSKOVSKII Y.
1966AJ.....71..943S 1 4 25 The ultraviolet dwarfs: a new class of degenerate stars. STOTHERS R.
1966SvA.....9..752M 2 2 29 Gravitational radiation of double stars. MIRONOVSKII V.N.
1967ApJ...150L.183K 9 43 On the remarkable spectroscopic complexities of Cyg X-2. KRAFT R.P. and DEMOULIN M.H.
1967PASP...79..283M 33 68 Nova and nova-like variables. MUMFORD G.S.
1967PASP...79..395K 8 26 On the structure and evolution of W Ursae Majoris stars. KRAFT R.P.
1967PASP...79..500M 3 1 addendum. MUMFORD G.S.
1967BAN....19..199O 2 0 Variable stars in the galactic window Sagittarius II at alpha = 18h 09m, delta = -27 degres 55'. OOSTERHOFF P.T., PONSEN J. and SCHUURMAN M.C.
1967JO.....50..359H 160 0 Observations visuelles d'etoiles variables par les membres de l'A.F.O.E.V. pendant l'annee 1966. HEINTZ W.D.
1967MmRAS..70..111E 1 40 248 Contact binaries. II. EGGEN O.J.
1967PDAO...13..119B 1 15 175 Sixth catalogue of the orbital elements of spectroscopic binary systems. BATTEN A.H.
1968ApJ...152..245R 4 3 72 A model for the nova outburst. ROSE W.K.
1968MNRAS.138..337S 8 27 The effects of accretion on white dwarf stars. SASLAW W.C.
1968PASP...80..482W 8 2 A search for rapid light variations in Wolf-Rayet stars. WALLERSTEIN G.
1968JRASC..62..141M 42 5 Variables star notes. MAYALL M.W.
1969ApJ...158..589K 9 45 Binary stars among cataclysmic variables. XI. Photoelectric and spectroscopic observations of the dwarf nova Z Camelopardalis. KRAFT R.P., KRZEMINSKI W. and MUMFORD G.S.
1969ApJS...18..429M 8 24 Binary stars among cataclysmic variables X. Photoelectric observations of EM Cyg. MUMFORD G.S. and KRZEMINSKI W.
1969MNRAS.143..145N 1 6 45 Synchronous photometry of DQ Her. NATHER R.E. and WARNER B.
1969PASP...81..105H 89 8 Identification list of spectroscopic and eclipsing binaries subject to occultations by the moon. HERR R.B.
1970ApJ...162..363M 67 T                   1 6 9 T Aurigae, EX Hydrae and
U Geminorum: additional times of minima.
1970ApJ...162..621O 4 20 A mechanism for the outbursts of U Geminorum stars. OSAKI Y.
1970ApJS...19..387A 3102 190 Catalog of individual radial velocities, 0h-12h, measured by astronomers of the Mount Wilson Observatory. ABT H.A.
1970MNRAS.147...21W 5 18 Quasi-periodic outbursts in the white dwarf Haro-Luyten Taurus no 76. WARNER B. and NATHER R.E.
1970PASP...82..574B 31 30 Observations of circumstellar matter in close binary systems. BATTEN A.H.
1970BAICz..21..211K 4 10 Mass transfer in close binaries. I. Mass outflow from contact components. KRIZ S.
1971AJ.....76..544L 216 609 Spectroscopic binaries with circular orbits. LUCY L.B. and SWEENEY M.A.
1971ApJ...165L..67L 11 37 Discovery of circular polarizatiom in the white dwarf G 99-37. LANDSTREET J.D. and ANGEL J.R.P.
1971ApJ...165..369M 18 54 Binary stars among cataclysmic variables. XII. Photoelectric observations from the southern hemisphere. MUMFORD G.S.
1971MNRAS.152..209N 19 1 114 Observations of rapid blue variables. I. Techniques. NATHER R.E. and WARNER B.
1971MNRAS.152..219W 72 T                   1 7 227 Observations of rapid blues variables. II.
U Geminorum.
1971MNRAS.152..307S 3 2 47 On the cause of the Nova outburst. STARRFIELD S.
1972A&A....17...97L 22 3 Brightness gradients for intrinsically variable celestial objects. LUKATSKAYA F.I.
1972MNRAS.156..297W 6 33 Observations of rapid blue variables. IV. WZ Sge. WARNER B. and NATHER R.E.
1972MNRAS.156..305W 1 5 43 Observations of rapid blue variables. V. VV Pup. WARNER B. and NATHER R.E.
1972MNRAS.158..425W 6 14 Observations of rapid blue variables- VII. EX Hydrae. WARNER B.
1972MNRAS.159..429W 9 48 Observations of rapid blue variables. XII. UX Ursae Majoris. WARNER B. and NATHER R.E.
1972MNRAS.160...15W 2 2 32 The location and size of the hot spot in cataclysmic variable star. WARNER B. and PETERS W.L.
1972MNRAS.160p..35W 9 ~ On the outbursts of cataclysmic variables. WARNER B.
1972PASP...84..671I 5 7 Spectroscopic observations of EZ Pegasi. IRVINE N.J.
1972SvA....15..536G 5 1 Origin of the outbursts of U Gem stars. GORBATSKII V.G.
1973A&A....23....1G 10 27 A highly evolved, low-mass binary, HZ 22. GREENSTEIN J.L.
1973A&A....27..249B 1 14 85 A model to explain alternate period changes in Algol-like binaries. BIERMANN P. and HALL D.S.
1973ApJ...180..121R 1 8 71 High-speed photometry of Z Camelopardalis. ROBINSON E.L.
1973ApJ...183..193R 1 8 49 High-speed photometry of three dwarf novae during eruption. ROBINSON E.L.
1973MNRAS.162..189W 18 107 On the masses of cataclysmic variable stars. WARNER B.
1973PASP...85..627B 7 15 VY Sculptoris, a new rapid blue variable. BURRELL J.F. and MOULD J.R.
1973IBVS..840....1J 67 T                   1 3 4 A new
U Geminorum star in Cancer.
1974A&A....36..369V 6 3 109 Photometric study of the dwarf Nova VW Hydri. VOGT N.
1974ApJ...187L...5R 3 3 55 Possible detection of very soft X-rays from SS Cygni. RAPPAPORT S., CASH W., DOXSEY R., et al.
1974ApJ...194..141M 12 17 Rapid light variations of YZ Cancri: an unusual SS Cygni star. MOFFETT T. and BARNES T.G.
1974MNRAS.166..673W 5 29 Observations of rapid blue variables - XIII: rapid pulsations in VW Hyi during outburst. WARNER B. and BRICKHILL A.J.
1974MNRAS.167p..47W 5 ~ X-ray emission from cataclysmic variable stars. WARNER B.
1974MNRAS.168..235W 1 15 118 Observations of rapid blue variables. XIV. Z Chameleontis. WARNER B.
1974MNRAS.168..603L 392 1 2355 The evolution of viscous discs and the origin of the nebular variables. LYNDEN-BELL D. and PRINGLE J.E.
1974MNRAS.169..447B 13 2 166 The accretion model of dwarf novae with application to Z Chamaeleontis. BATH G.T., EVANS W.D., PAPALOIZOU J., et al.
1974PASP...86...38S 6 4 The light variations of RX Andromedae. SZKODY P.
1974IBVS..889....1M 6 19 Eclipse timings of cataclysmic variables. MUMFORD G.S.
1974JBAA...84..365I 4 5 SU UMa, 1926-54. ISLES J.E.
1974JBAA...84..451I 6 0 TZ Persei. ISLES J.E.
1974JRASC..68..169M 28 2 Variable star notes. MATTEI J.A.
1975ApJ...197L.117H 68 T                   1 5 12 Limits on the soft X-ray and extreme ultraviolet flux from RX Andromedae and
U Geminorum.
1975ApJ...201..661F 1 5 33 Gas flow in cataclysmic variable stars. FLANNERY B.P.
1975MNRAS.170..633P 3 10 160 Period changes in eruptive binaries. PRINGLE J.E.
1975MNRAS.172..433W 3 14 Observations of rapid blue variables- XVI. VZ Sculptoris. WARNER B. and THACKERAY A.D.
1975MNRAS.173p..37W 6 ~ Observations of rapid blue variables. XVII. V436 Centauri. WARNER B.
1975ApL....16...67N 68 T                   1 2 3 X-ray emission from
U Gem and the radio spur at l=200 degres.
1975IBVS.1043....1M 4 5 Eclipse timings of cataclysmic variables. MUMFORD G.S.
1975JBAA...85..528H 6 1 Two U Gem variables : UV Per 1926-29, and SW UMa 1963-69. HORNBY P.W.
1975JBAA...86...30B 1 8 67 The rate of decline from dwarf Nova outbursts. BAILEY J.
1975JBAA...86...84W 3 0 Dwarf novae. WARNER B.
1975JRASC..69..149M 28 3 Variable star notes. MATTEI J.A.
1975SvAL....1...11G 3 1 A model for the flares of U Gem stars. GORBATSKII V.G.
1976ApJ...203L..17E 1 9 47 Optical observations of the recurrent Nova associated with A0620-00: 1917-1975. EACHUS L.J., WRIGHT E.L. and LILLER W.
1976ApJ...203..485R 1 10 57 The masses of cataclysmic variables. ROBINSON E.L.
1976ApJ...205L..87W 1 4 31 On the nature of sigma Orionis E. WALBORN N.R. and HESSER J.E.
1976ApJ...205..226L 5 22 On the ultrasoft X-ray background. LEVINE A., RAPPAPORT S., DOXSEY R., et al.
1976ApJ...206..790A 74 T                   1 1 30 Eclipses of
U Geminorum.
1976ApJ...207..190S 10 16 Observed pulsations in dwarf novae at maximum. SZKODY P.
1976ApJ...210..416M 68 T                   1 3 9 T Aurigae, EX Hydrae,
U Geminorum: additional times of minima.
1976MNRAS.175..279R 1 9 69 On the masses and the evolution of cataclysmic binaries. RITTER H.
1976AcA....26..277S 72 T                   1 3 68 Eruptive binaries.6 Rediscussion of
U Gem.
1976ARA&A..14..119R 2 31 339 The structure of cataclysmic variables. ROBINSON E.L.
1976IBVS.1187....1A 2 2 Eclipse timing of cataclysmic variables. ARNOLD S., BERG R.A. and DUTHIE J.G.
1976JBAA...86..327I 68 T                   1 8 3
U Gem, 1956-69.
1976MmSAI..47..337K 4 0 UV observations and stellar evolution. KIPPENHAHN R.
1976Obs....96...49W 21 18 Stellar accretion disks. WARNER B.
1976IAUS...73...75P 42 4 856 Common envelope binaries. PACZYNSKI B.
1977A&A....58..105W 171 22 Observations of radio stars at 10.6 GHz. WOODSWORTH A.W. and HUGHES V.A.
1977A&A....60..431T 3 2 Constraints on the apsidal motion of some galactic X-ray sources. TANZI E.G. and TREVES A.
1977AJ.....82..593J 213 3 Proper motions of red stars at the North Galactic Pole. JONES B.F. and KLEMOLA A.R.
1977AJ.....82..665P 54 8 Henry Norris Russel prize lecture of the American Astronomical society fifty years of novae. PAYNE-GAPOSCHKIN C.H.
1977ApJ...212L.113S 3 4 60 AM Herculis: a unique X-ray binary as revealed through the optical light curve. SZKODY P. and BROWNLEE D.E.
1977ApJ...216..822P 43 2 438 A model of accretion disks in close binaries. PACZYNSKI B.
1977ApJ...218..801M 39 52 Observations of galactic X-ray sources by OSO-7. MARKERT T.H., CANIZARES C.R., CLARK G.W., et al.
1977MNRAS.178..195P 17 3 258 Soft X-ray emission from dwarf novae. PRINGLE J.E.
1977AcA....27..235T 1 5 44 The continuous radiation emitted by accretion discs in cataclysmic binaries: the dwarf nova SS Cyg during outburst and the old novae V603 Aql and RR Pic. TYLENDA R.
1977AcA....27..429S 16 17 Theoretical UBV colours of accretion discs in cataclysmic variables. SCHWARZENBERG-CZERNY A. and ROZYCZKA M.
1977AN....298..121B 249 18 Beobachtungsergebnisse der Berliner Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur veranderliche Sterne e.V.(BAV). BRAUNE W., HUEBSCHER J. and MUNDRY E.
1977IBVS.1321....1M 1 2 Eclipse timings of cataclysmic variables. MUMFORD G.S.
1977IBVS.1331....1M 2 2 A bright nova in the surroundings of the Andromeda nebula. MEINUNGER L.
1977JBAA...87..488H 5 0 Period-amplitude relationships for individual dwarf novae. HOWARTH I.D.
1977S&T....53..351L 4 12 The story of AM Her. LILLER W.
1977S&T....54..194M 8 5 AN UMa another AM Her ? MUMFORD G.S.
1978ApJ...226L.129M 72 T                   1 2 48 The discovery of low-energy X-ray emission from
U Geminorum.
1978ApJ...226L.133S 71 T                   1 2 36 Hard X-rays from
U Geminorum.
SWANK J.H., BOLDT E.A., HOLT S.S., et al.
1978MNRAS.182..595N 11 20 A search for oscillations in 11 dwarf novae during their outbursts. NEVO I. and SADEH D.
1978MNRAS.184p..79W 46 ~ Hard X-ray emission from dwarf novae. WATSON M.G., SHERRINGTON M.R. and JAMESON R.F.
1978ATsir.998....1S 2 7 New data on the interesting variable stars. SHAROV A.S. and KARIMOVA D.K.
1978IAUC.3180Q...1M 68 T                   1 1 0
U Geminorum.
1978PDAO...15..121B 973 284 Seventh catalogue of the orbital elements of spectroscopic binary systems. BATTEN A.H., FLETCHER J.M. and MANN P.J.
1979AJ.....84..562W 80 T                   1 1 62 A spectrophotometric parallax for
U Geminorum.
1979ApJ...231L.131C 1 5 29 2A 0526-328: an X-ray-emitting cataclysmic variable. CHARLES P., THORSTENSEN J., BOWYER S., et al.
1979ApJS...39..461R 2 6 84 Quasi-periodic luminosity variations in dwarf novae. ROBINSON E.L. and NATHER R.E.
1979MNRAS.187..645B 4 3 70 The dwarf nova Z Chamaeleontis. I. Photometry. BAILEY J.
1979MNRAS.187..777P 23 2 234 X-ray emission from dwarf novae. PRINGLE J.E. and SAVONIJE G.J.
1979MNRAS.188..103C 4 19 The HEAO-A2 soft X-ray survey of cataclysmic variable stars: EX Hydrae during optical quiescence. CORDOVA F.A. and RIEGLER G.R.
1979MNRAS.188..653K 4 5 107 Accretion on to highly magnetized white dwarfs. KING A.R. and LASOTA J.P.
1979PASP...91...59S 69 T                   1 2 11 Spectra of the M dwarf companion in
U Geminorum.
1979AcA....29..665T 2 19 193 On the influence of emission of gravitational waves on the evolution of low-mass close binary stars. TUTUKOV A.V. and YUNGELSON L.R.
1979JBAA...89..265B 10 8 Photoelectric and visual comparison star sequences- I. BAILEY J. and HOWARTH I.D.
1979Natur.279..782C 5 1 Soft X-ray emission from the vicinity of the dwarf Nova AY Lyr. CORDOVA F.A. and GARMIRE G.P.
1979Natur.280..568M 5 12 Soft X-ray emission from the vicinity of MV Lyr. MASON K.O., KAHN S.M. and BOWYER C.S.
1980A&A....85..106V 2 4 54 Periodic and secular variations in the lightcurve of dwarf nova EX Hydrae. VOGT N., KRZEMINSKI W. and STERKEN C.
1980A&A....88...66V 1 16 120 The SU UMa stars, an important sub-group of dwarf novae. VOGT N.
1980A&A....91...25S 1 6 36 Photometry and polarimetry of VW Hydri during the October 1978 supermaximum. SCHOEMBS R. and VOGT N.
1980ApJ...235..945V 1 5 26 The dwarf nova BV Centauri: a spectroscopic binary. VOGT N. and BREYSACHER J.
1980MNRAS.190...87C 19 22 The HEAO-A2 soft X-ray survey of dwarf novae in outburst. CORDOVA F.A., NUGENT J.J., KLEIN S.R., et al.
1980MNRAS.190..801W 46 83 Comments on the evolution and origin of cataclysmic binaries. WHYTE C.A. and EGGLETON P.P.
1980MNRAS.193..793M 1 11 107 Theory and observations of the optical continuum and line spectra of accretion discs around white dwarfs. MAYO S.K., WICKRAMASINGHE D.T. and WHELAN J.A.J.
1980AcA....30..127P 82 T                   1 1 73 Disk accretion in
U Geminorum.
1980AcA....30..267S 4 14 Eruptive binaries. X. DQ Herculis. SMAK J.
1980IUE80......495H 9 ~ Observations of cataclysmic variables with the IUE. HARTMANN L. and RAYMOND J.
1980IUE80......501F 3 ~ Coordinated IUE, Einstein and optical observations of accreting degenerate dwarfs. FABBIANO G., STEINER J.E., HARTMANN L., et al.
1981A&A....95..138G 66 9 Classification of cosmic sources: a statistical approach. GIOVANNELLI F., CORADINI A., LASOTA J.P., et al.
1981ApJ...243L..27S 4 17 A model for dwarf novae as progenitors of type I SN. STARRFIELD S., TRURAN J.W. and SPARKS W.M.
1981ApJ...243..911F 75 T                   1 3 93 Coordinated X-ray, ultraviolet and optical, observations of AM Herculis,
U Geminorum and SS Cygni.
1981ApJ...245..163V 183 548 Results from an extensive Einstein stellar survey. VAIANA G.S., CASSINELLI J.P., FABBIANO G., et al.
1981ApJ...245..609C 1 17 110 X-ray observations of selected cataclysimic variable stars using the Einstein Observatory. CORDOVA F.A., MASON K.O. and NELSON J.E.
1981ApJ...246..215W 81 T                   1 1 63 Radial velocity observations of the secondary star in
U Geminorum.
1981ApJ...248..684S 87 T                   1 91 Time-resolved spectroscopy of cataclysmic variables:
U Geminorum.
1981ApJ...249..673S 2 5 64 A radial-velocity study of the dwarf nova RU Peg. STOVER R.J.
1981ApJS...45..517P 1 35 209 Rapid oscillations in cataclysmic variables. VI. Periodicities in erupting dwarf novae. PATTERSON J.
1981MNRAS.195..505F 73 T                   1 2 44 Infrared and optical light curves of UX Ursae Majoris and
U Geminorum.
1981MNRAS.197...31B 4 9 204 The distances of cataclysmic variables. BAILEY J.
1981PASP...93..456S 4 12 Stephanian's star: the energy distribution reveals a nontypical cataclysmic variable. SZKODY P.
1981AcA....31..241S 18 26 Radiation from the discs in cataclysmic variables : the chromosphere. SCHWARZENBERG-CZERNY A.
1981AcA....31..267T 6 2 63 Viscous boundary layer and hard X-rays from dwarf novae. TYLENDA R.
1981AcA....31..395S 4 6 148 On the emission lines from rotating gaseous disks. SMAK J.
1981MitAG..52..125R 7 0 On the evolutionary status of the secondaries of cataclysmic binaries. RITTER H.
1981Natur.292..810P 19 17 Distinguishing between a white dwarf and a neutron star in an X-ray binary. PATTERSON J.
1981PZ.....21..465K 60 3 On the classification of variable stars. KHOLOPOV P.N.
1982A&A...110..281W 4 12 New evidence of strong UV radiation in TT Ari. WARGAU W., DRECHSEL H., RAHE J., et al.
1982A&A...114L..11B 8 19 PS 74: the discovery of a new SU UMa type dwarf nova with high orbital inclination. BARWIG H., HUNGER K., KUDRITZKI R.P., et al.
1982A&AS...48..383V 115 75 An atlas of southern and equatorial dwarf novae. VOGT N. and BATESON F.M.
1982AJ.....87..670O 27 68 A spectrophotometric survey of cataclysmic variable stars. OKE J.B. and WADE R.A.
1982AJ.....87.1558W 33 60 Analysis of cataclysmic variable star energy distributions. WADE R.A.
1982ApJ...252L..35H 1 7 41 Ultraviolet spectrum variability of UX Ursae Majoris. HOLM A.V., PANEK R.J. and SCHIFFER F.H.
1982ApJ...252..681H 7 34 A first look at the eclipsing cataclysmic variable Lanning 10. HORNE K., LANNING H.H. and GOMER R.H.
1982ApJ...253..485P 1 88 623 A complete X-ray sample of the high-latitude (b)-20 sky from HEAO 1 A-2: log N-log S and luminosity functions. PICCINOTTI G., MUSHOTZKY R.F., BOLDT E.A., et al.
1982ApJ...258..240R 8 4 Ultraviolet spectra of the X-ray transient A 0538-66. RAYMOND J.C.
1982ApJ...258..289L 5 4 117 Time-dependent accretion onto magnetized white dwarfs. LANGER S.H., CHANMUGAM G. and SHAVIV G.
1982ApJ...258..572P 69 T                   1 6 22 The infrared light curve of
U Geminorum.
1982ApJ...262L..53F 21 65 The mystery of the missing boundary layer. FERLAND G.J., LANGER S.H., MacDONALD J., et al.
1982ApJ...262..244W 70 T                   1 5 29 Ultraviolet light curves of the dwarf novae
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