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1979AJ.....84.1357L 70 T                   2 27 The pre-maximum light curve of the slow
nova Vulpeculae 1979.
1979IBVS.1608....1W 68 T                   1 4 Prediscovery lightcurve of novalike
object Kuwano in Vulpecula.
1979IBVS.1683....1M 68 T       O           3 7 Photoelectric observations of the
novalike object in Vulpeculae.
1979IAUC.3344....1K 4 1 20 Novalike object in Vulpecula. KOZAI Y.
1979IAUC.3348....1K 68 T                   1 ~ Novalike objet in Vulpecula (
Nova Vulpeculae 1979?).
1979IAUC.3350....1I 1 ~ Novalike object in Vulpecula. ISHIDA K., YAMASHITA Y. and NARIAI K.
1979IAUC.3350....1M 1 1 8 Novalike object in Vulpecula. MOCHNACKI S.
1979IAUC.3350....1S 1 ~ Novalike object in Vulpecula. SCHMIDT M. and GREEN R.
1979IAUC.3356....1S 2 ~ Novalike object in Vulpecula. STEPHENSON C.B.
1979S&T....58...11A 68 T                   1 3 2
Nova Vul 1979.
1979TokAB.262.2983H 4 10 Observations of a novalike object in Vulpecula. HONDA M., ISHIDA K., NOGUCHI T., et al.
1980A&A....83..261B 69 T                   4 11 Infrared observations of
Kuwano's novalike object.
1980IBVS.1805....1B 11 29 UBV-observations of some cataclysmic variables. BRUCH A.
1980IBVS.1835....1H 1 1 5 Spectroscopy of the nova-liKe object Kuwano (nova Vulpeculae 1979) in the year 1979. HRIC L., CHOCHOL D. and GRYGAR J.
1980IAUC.3471....1H 69 T                   1 ~ Novalike object in Vulpecula. HOLM A.V. and WU C.-C.
1980Natur.287...25C 3 7 A soft X-ray halo around SU UMa. CORDOVA F.A. and MASON K.O.
1980S&T....60..482R 3 0 X-ray halo around SU UMa. ROBINSON L.J.
1980TokAB.263.2993N 1 1 7 Photometric observations of Honda-Kuwano object in Vulpeculae. NAKAGIRI M. and YAMASHITA Y.
1981IBVS.1921....1K 777 28 65th Name-list of variable stars. KHOLOPOV P.N., SAMUS N.N., KUKARKINA N.P., et al.
1981IBVS.2042....1K 205 18 66th Name-list of variable stars. KHOLOPOV P.N., SAMUS N.N., KUKARKINA N.P., et al.
1981IBVS.2059....1C 71 T                   1 1 11
PU Vul (object Honda-Kuwano 1979) - 78.1 days period.
1981IAUC.3655....0H 69 T                   1 1 ~
PU Vulpeculae.
1982AnTok..19....8N 69 T                   1 2 5 Photometric observations of
PU Vulpeculae (Nova Vul 1979) in faint phases.
1982IBVS.2071....1P 69 T                   1 5 12 Photoelectric UBV observations of
PU Vul in 1981.
1982IBVS.2097....1K 70 T                   1 1 8 The optical variability of
PU Vul (Kuwano's object) in 1979-81.
1982PASJ...34..269Y 73 T                   1 1 23 Spectroscopic observations of
PU Vulpeculae (Nova Vul 1979).
1982SvA....26....1B 72 T                   1 15
Object Kuwano, a novalike (symbiotic?) binary with a red giant: photometry and polarimetry.
1982SvA....26....3G 71 T                   1 11 Objet Kuwano, a novalike (symbiotic?) binary with a red giant: spectroscopy. GERSHBERG R.E., KRASNOBABTSEV V.I., PETROV P.P., et al.
1982IAUCo..70..221B 69 T                   1 1 ~ The Kuwano peculiar object (
PU Vulpeculae).
1982IAUCo..70..297S 15 ~ Concluding remarks. SWINGS J.P.
1982IUE3r......203F 13 ~ A review of the ultraviolet results about symbiotic stars. FRIEDJUNG M. and VIOTTI R.
1983AcApS...3..247M 69 T                   1 1 1 A burst of
PU Vul on a small scale.
MEI B. and HAO X.-L.
1983AZh....60..324K 69 T                   1 6 4 The spectrum of
PU Vulpeculae (Nova-like Kuwano's object 1979) in August-September 1979.
1983AZh....60..746K 69 T                   1 10 10 The optical variability of
PU Vulpeculae (Nova-Like Kuwano's object 1979) in 1979-1982.
1983IBVS.2264....1P 69 T                   1 3 10 Photoelectric UBV observations of
PU Vul in 1982.
1983IBVS.2273....1H 69 T                   1 2 4 UBV and spectroscopic observations of
PU Vulpeculae.
1983IBVS.2291....1L 69 T                   1 1 3 Observations of
PU Vul.
LIU Z.-G., HAO X.-L. and MEI B.
1983IBVS.2446....1L 69 T                   1 1 0 The Hbeta emission of
PU Vul.
LIU Z.-L. and HAO X.-L.
1983IAUC.3859....0P 69 T                   1 1 ~
PU Vulpeculae.
1983MmSAI..54..493B 20 3 New results on symbiotic stars. BARATTA G.B. and VIOTTI R.
1983PAZh....9..486K 70 T                   1 1 5 Optical variability of
PU Vulpeculae (nova-like Kuwano's object 1979)in 1982.
1983PASJ...35..521Y 71 T                   1 1 13 Spectral change of
PU Vulpeculae (nova Vul 1979).
1984A&A...132L..12B 71 T                   1 2 23 Kuwano-Honda peculiar object (
PU Vul).
1984A&A...136....1I 70 T                   1 3 19 Spectral variation and the expanding envelope of
PU Vulpeculae.
1984CoSka..12..261C 69 T                   1 9 10 Photoelectric observations of the symbiotic stars CH Cyg, AG Dra, and peculiar object
PU Vul during the maximum of their activity in the years 1981-1982.
1984IBVS.2466....1L 69 T                   1 1 0 Weakening of H beta emission of
PU Vul.
LUI Z.-L. and HAO X.-L.
1984IBVS.2576....1L 69 T                   1 1 0 Spectroscopic observations of
PU Vul.
1984PAZh...10..284K 70 T                   1 1 4 Spectral observations of
PU Vulpeculae (nova-like Kuvano's object 1979) in 1981-1983.
1984PAZh...10..609K 69 T                   1 1 3 Optical variability of
PU Vulpeculae (novalike Kuwano's object 1979) in 1983.
1984PASAu...5..369A 145 216 A catalogue of symbiotic stars. ALLEN D.A.
1984IUE84......305F 69 T                   1 1 ~ New results on
PU Vul.
1985IzKry..72....3B 70 T                   1 2 7 The study of the Kuwano-Honda's peculiar object (
PU Vul).
1985PAZh...11..529M 70 T                   1 1 1 Dynamical model of the dusty envelope around symbiotic nova
PU Vul.
1986AJ.....91..563K 71 T                   1 5 31 Spectroscopic observations of
PU Vulpeculae.
1986PASP...98..561S 50 47 Normal supergiants and their imitations. I. Sodium as a mass indicator ? SASSELOV D.D.
1986Afz....24..265L 23 4 Characteristics of the cold components of symbiotic stars. LUUD L. and LEEDJAERV L.
1986CoKon..86..351G 70 T                   1 1 0 Kuwano-Honda's peculiar object (
PU Vul) and some problems of extremely slow novae.
1986CoKon..86..355C 70 T                   1 3 0 Peculiar slow nova-like object
PU Vul - facts and interpretation.
1987AJ.....93..938K 133 166 The cool components of symbiotic stars. I. Optical spectral types. KENYON S.J. and FERNANDEZ-CASTRO T.
1987PASP...99..606L 29 33 The rate of nova production in the galaxy. LILLER W. and MAYER B.
1987Ap&SS.131..487C 71 T                   1 1 7 Extremely slow nova
PU Vulpeculae - seven fat years after maximum.
1987ComAp..12...87L 12 10 Are classical novae and dwarf novae the same systems ? LIVIO M.
1987IAUC.4474....0M 70 T                   1 1 ~
PU Vulpeculae.
1987SSRv...45....1D 269 194 A reference catalogue and atlas of galactic novae. DUERBECK H.W.
1988A&A...197..161W 5 3 Optical spectroscopy of V1016 Cygni during 1983-1985. WALLERSTEIN G.
1988AJ.....96..337K 166 69 The cool components of symbiotic stars. II. Infrared photometry. KENYON S.J.
1988AZh....65..807E 2 1 8 Photometric and colorimetric change of eruptive stars at the stage of circumstellar dust envelope formation. PU Vul at the time of the deep minimum in 1980. EFIMOV Yu.S.
1988BICDS..34..127D 267 1 A reference catalogue of galactic novae. DUERBECK H.W.
1988IUEEN..29...45. 439 0 Merged log of IUE observations. :Anonymous
1988IAUC.4686....0P 1 ~ PU Vulpeculae. PEREIRA A., BARONI S. and BOATTINI A.
1988PZ.....22..818B 1 0 Investigation of peculiar object Kuwano-Honda (PU Vulpeculae). BELYAKINA T.S., BONDAR N.I., GERSHBERG R.E., et al.
1988PZ.....22..858Y 8 ~ The symbiotic stars. YUDIN B.F.
1988PZ.....22..878E 2 0 On the influence of dust grains dimensions on the peculiarities of behaviour of the light, colour and polarization of dust shell stars radiation. EFIMOV Yu.S.
1988TarOT..92...79Y 2 1 Polarization and photometric observations of dust-envelope stars. YEFIMOV Yu.S.
1989A&A...215...57I 71 T                   1 4 22 Recent spectral variation of the peculiar nova-like object
PU Vulpeculae.
1989A&A...223..119B 71 T                   1 3 17 The Kuwano-Honda's peculiar object (
PU Vulpeculae) in 1983-1986.
1989AJ.....97..476B 1 14 60 M 2-9: a planetary nebula with an eruptive nucleus ? BALICK B.
1989PASP..101..189W 6 10 Strange behavior by the eruptive symbiotic star V1329 Cygni. WALLERSTEIN G., SOLF J., MIKOLAJEWSKA J., et al.
1989IBVS.3364....1H 29 22 Call for a campaign of long-term photometry of symbiotic stars. HRIC L. and SKOPAL A.
1989IAUC.4782....0B 70 T                   1 1 ~
PU Vulpeculae.
1989IAUC.4824....0B 3 ~ Supernova 1989M in NGC 4579. BRYAN J., KATO T., BUNGE R.D., et al.
1989PAZh...15..519K 70 T                   1 1 2 The optical variability of
PU Vulpeculae (nova-like Kuwano's object 1979) - Does the star enter the stage of brightness fading ?
1990A&A...229..104B 8 16 The spectrum of the symbiotic nova HBV 475 in 1969 II. BARATTA G.B. and VIOTTI R.
1990ApJ...349..313S 109 111 The collective radio properties of symbiotic stars. SEAQUIST E.R. and TAYLOR A.R.
1990AZh....67...76G 2 3 Is epsilon Aurigae a one more white dwarf in the stage of a supergiant mimicry ? GERSHBERG R.E.
1990Ap&SS.174..321S 25 2 A discussion on the classification and evolution of symbiotic stars. SEAL P.
1990IAUC.4944....0S 70 T                   1 1 ~
PU Vulpeculae.
1990JAVSO..19..135K 22 0 The BAV database of cataclysmic and eruptive variables. KORTH S.
1990VilOB..85...30L 231 10 Photoelectric photometry of 241 stars in the Vilnius system. LAZAUSKAITE R. and TAUTVAISIENE G.
1991A&A...245..575B 72 T                   1 2 9 The infrared spectrum of the eruptive star
PU Vulpeculae.
1991A&A...250..361G 71 T                   1 4 7
PU Vulpeculae at the time of spectral change in 1987.
1991A&AS...87..481M viz 457 78 Long-term photometry of variables at ESO. I. The first data catalogue (1982-1986). MANFROID J., STERKEN C., BRUCH A., et al.
1991AJ....101..587H 74 18 IRAS observations of classical novae. II. Modeling the detections. HARRISON T.E. and GEHRZ R.D.
1991ApJ...370..330E 30 53 A search for periodicities in the X-ray emission from cataclysmic variables. ERACLEOUS M., PATTERSON J. and HALPERN J.
1991ApJ...373..649F 34 17 Ultraviolet high-excitation Fe II fluorescence lines excited by O VI, C IV and HI resonance as seen in IUE spectra. FEIBELMAN W.A., BRUHWEILER F.C. and JOHANSSON S.
1991ApJ...382..290E 32 100 X-ray spectra of cataclysmic variables from the Einstein Observatory. ERACLEOUS M., HALPERN J. and PATTERSON J.
1991ApJS...76...55I 1 18 134 Single and binary star evolution. IBEN I.Jr
1991MNRAS.249..374I 18 36 A multi-frequency study of symbiotic stars - I. Near-simultaneous optical and radio observations. IVISON R.J., BODE M.F., ROBERTS J.A., et al.
1991MNRAS.252p..31T 71 T                   1 5 ~ Wolf-Rayet features observed in the spectrum of the symbiotic nova
PU Vulpeculae.
1991PASP..103..185W 8 7 Observation of Bowen fluorescence and other phenomena in five symbiotic stars. WALLERSTEIN G., SCHACHTER J., GARNAVICH P.M., et al.
1991CoSka..21..303H 50 30 Photometry of symbiotic stars - an international campaign. HRIC L., SKOPAL A., URBAN Z., et al.
1991IzKry..83...68B 3 0 Spectrophotometrical observations of epsilon Aurigae during the 1982-1984 eclipse within the range 2400-8015A. BONDAR' N.I., BOYARCHUK A.A., BURNASHEV V.I., et al.
1991PAZh...17..953B 9 4 Anew CCD-camera for astronomical observations. BERIOZIN V.Yu., ZUYEV A.G., KIRYAN G.V., et al.
1991PASJ...43..225K 71 T                   1 4 8 A spectroscopic study of
PU Vulpeculae.
1991PASJ...43..523K 73 T                   1 1 8 Weak-line to emission-line phase of
PU Vulpeculae.
1992A&A...257..163M 1 4 31 Studies of symbiotic stars. VI. The eclipsing symbiotic nova AS 338. MUNARI U.
1992A&A...259..525V 72 T                   7 36 PU Vulpeculae : the outburst of a symbiotic nova. VOGEL M. and NUSSBAUMER H.
1992A&AS...93..383M viz 89 103 UBVRI-JHKL photometric catalogue of symbiotic stars. MUNARI U., YUDIN B.F., TARANOVA O.G., et al.
1992AJ....104..262M 11 19 The ongoing outburst of the eclipsing symbiotic nova AS 296: the first 1200 days. MUNARI U., WHITELOCK P.A., GILMORE A.C., et al.
1992MNRAS.256..177M 18 66 On the nova-like eruptions of symbiotic binaries. MIKOLAJEWSKA J. and KENYON S.J.
1992MNRAS.258...95S 25 26 Infrared spectroscopy of symbiotic stars: carbon abundances and 12C/13C isotopic ratios. SCHILD H., BOYLE S.J. and SCHMID H.M.
1992MNRAS.259p..17H 35 ~ A near-infrared survey of old novae - I. The discovery of a candidate recurrent nova. HARRISON T.E.
1992AGAb....7..134O 71 T                   1 0 Abundances of the symbiotic nova PU Vul. OCH S. and DRECHSEL H.
1992BAAS...24.1286S 1 ~ On the 1980-81 deep light minimum of the symbiotic nova PU Vul. SION E.M.
1992BAAS...24R1286S 71 T                   1 ~ The onset of Wolf-rayet-like ouflow from the hot component in the symbiotic Nova PU Vul. SCHEIBLE M.P., READY C.J. and SION E.M.
1992CoSka..22..131S 71 T                   23 30 Photometry of symbiotic stars - an international campaign. III. Z And, EG And, R Aqr, UV Aur, TX CVn, T CrB, BF Cyg, CH Cyg, CI Cyg, V1016 Cyg, V1329 Cyg, AG Dra, CQ Dra (4 Dra), YY Her, V443 Her, SS Lep, RS Oph, AG Peg, AX Per, HM Sge, FG Ser (AS 296), PU Vul. SKOPAL A., HRIC L., URBAN Z., et al.
1992IBVS.3732....1A 4 6 Is V410 cassiopeiae a symbiotic star ? ANTIPIN S.V. and SHUGAROV S.Y.
1992JBAA..102...21I 28 0 Symbiotic stars in 1988-1989. ISLES J.E.
1992PASJ...44..543T 71 T                   4 7 Abrupt change of the H-alpha emission-line profile of PU Vulpeculae in 1989. TAMURA S., KANAMITSU O. and YAMASHITA Y.
1992IAUS..151..137K 22 9 Symbiotic binary stars. KENYON S.J.
1992BaltA...1..194B 19 8 Catalogue of population II A-F supergiants: UU Herculis and related stars. BARTKEVICIUS A.
1992BaltA...1..216B 154 4 Classification of population II supergiants and related stars in the Vilnius system. BARTKEVICIUS A., LAZAUSKAITE R. and TAUTVAISIENE G.
1993A&A...268..294W 13 6 Millimetre observations of old novae. WEIGHT A., EVANS A., ALBINSON J.S., et al.
1993A&AS..102...79S viz 475 61 Long-term photometry of variables at ESO. II. The second data catalogue (1986-1990) STERKEN C., MANFROID J., ANTON K., et al.
1993A&AS..102..401V viz 59 65 An atlas of high resolution line profiles of symbiotic stars. I. Coude echelle spectrometry of southern objects and a classification system of H-alpha line profile. VAN WINCKEL H., DUERBECK H.W. and SCHWARZ H.E.
1993AJ....106..298S 71 T                   1 1 On the thermonuclear origin for the 1980-81 deep light minimum of the symbiotic nova PU Vul. SION E.M.
1993AJ....106.2118S 73 T                   1 10 The onset of Wolf-Rayet wind outflow and the nature of the hot component in the symbiotic nova PU Vulpecula. SION E.M., SHORE S.N., READY C.J., et al.
1993ApJ...410..260S 104 78 A highly sensitive radio survey of symbiotic stars at 3.6 centimeters. SEAQUIST E.R., KROGULEC M. and TAYLOR A.R.
1993ApJ...416..355S 1 7 30 On the interpretation of the ultraviolet spectra of symbiotic stars and recurrent novae. I. SHORE S.N. and AUFDENBERG J.P.
1993PASP..105..127D viz 818 131 A catalog and atlas of cataclysmic variables. DOWNES R.A. and SHARA M.M.
1993PASP..105..859W 5 4 The spectrum of the symbiotic nova AS 296 (= FG Serpentis) from 1988 July to 1992 March. WALLERSTEIN G., GILROY K.K., WILLSON L.A., et al.
1993CoSka..23...73H 27 26 Photometry of symbiotic stars - an international campaign IV. HRIC L., SKOPAL A., URBAN Z., et al.
1993PZ.....23..113K 71 T                   1 1 Photoelectric UBV photometry of the nova-like variable star PU Vulpeculae in 1984-1988. KOLOTILOV E.A.
1993PNAOJ...3...93Y 71 T                   3 2 Spectroscopic observations of symbiotic stars AG Pegasi, CH Cygni and PU Vulpeculae. YAMASHITA Y. and NORIMOTO Y.
1994A&AS..103..201I viz 36 44 An atlas of high resolution line profiles of symbiotic stars. II. Echelle spectroscopy of northern sky objects IVISON R.J., BODE M.F. and MEABURN J.
1994A&AS..104...99K 129 T K A               5 8 The development of the symbiotic nova
PU Vulpeculae in the years 1984-1992.
1994MNRAS.268..213P 24 40 He I emission lines in symbiotic stars. PROGA D., MIKOLAJEWSKA J. and KENYON S.J.
1994MNRAS.271..875A 71 T                   9 14 Spectroscopic observations of PU Vulpeculae in the 3210-10950 A range during the nebular phase. ANDRILLAT Y. and HOUZIAUX L.
1994CoSka..24...31H 20 19 Photometry of symbiotic stars - an international campaign V. HRIC L., SKOPAL A., CHOCHOL D., et al.
1994IBVS.4019....1G 4 6 Observations of a symbiotic nova in Sagittarius. GREBEL E.K., DUERBECK H.W., GREINER J., et al.
1994IAUC.5960....1N 72 T                   1 3 PU Vulpeculae. NUSSBAUMER H. and VOGEL M.
1994IAUC.5969....0G 71 T                   1 ~ PU Vulpeculae. GARNAVICH P.
1994IAUC.6089....1G 71 T                   1 ~ PU Vulpeculae. GARNAVICH P.M. and TRAMMELL S.R.
1994PAZh...20..723A 7 ~ UBV observations of the symbiotic nova HM Sagittae. ARKHIPOVA V.P., DOKUCHAEVA O.D. and NOSKOVA R.I.
1994IAUCo.151..245G 71 T                   7 ~ PU Vul : 15 years of studies, important findings and remaining mysteries. GERSHBERG R.E.
1994IAUCo.151..255E 71 T                   1 ~ Spectral variability and photometric behaviour of the symbiotic Nova PU Vul in 1985-1994. EFIMOV Yu.S., GERSHBERG R.E., SAVANOV I.S., et al.
1994BaltA...3..410A 8 21 DY Per, a carbon star of the RCB type? ALKSNIS A.
1995A&A...293L..13N 3 4 43 Proof of a fast wind in the symbiotic nova AG Pegasi. NUSSBAUMER H., SCHMUTZ W. and VOGEL M.
1995A&A...297L..87M 1 8 27 The ROSAT spectrum of the symbiotic nova AG Pegasi: evidence for colliding winds. MUERSET U., JORDAN S. and WALDER R.
1995A&A...303..833S 29 17 A search for SiO maser emission from symbiotic Miras. SCHWARZ H.E., NYMAN L.-A., SEAQUIST E.R., et al.
1995A&AS..109..177W viz 2980 50 Radio continuum emission from stars: a catalogue update. WENDKER H.J.
1995A&AS..112..475A viz 76 34 An atlas of the infrared spectral region. I. The early type stars (O-G0). ANDRILLAT Y., JASCHEK C. and JASCHEK M.
1995ApJ...447..656Y 4 7 103 A model for the galactic population of symbiotic stars with white dwarf accretors. YUNGELSON L., LIVIO M., TUTUKOV A., et al.
1995MNRAS.275..185K 74 T                   3 26 On the new minimum of the symbiotic nova PU Vulpeculae. KOLOTILOV E.A., MUNARI U. and YUDIN B.F.
1995PASP..107..541G 4 3 On the spectrum of Bl 3-14. GUTIERREZ-MORENO A. and MORENO H.
1995AN....316..213R 55 7 Observations of variable stars with the R Coronae Borealis phenomenon and other unique objects. ROSENBUSH A.E.
1995Ap&SS.224..367S 9 1 Circumstellar shocks : colliding stellar winds. STEVENS I.R.
1995BAAS...27.1399G 6 ~ Spectropolarimetry of AG Draconis and eight other symbiotic stars. GARNAVICH P.M. and TRAMMELL S.R.
1995CoSka..25...53S 72 T                   20 20 Photometry of symbiotic stars - an international campaign VI. Z And, EG And, V1413 Aql (AS 338), R Aqr, UV Aur, TX CVn, T CrB, BF Cyg, CH Cyg, V1016 Cyg, AG Dra, CQ Dra (4 Dra), YY Her, V443 Her, SS Lep, AG Peg, AX Per, PU Vul. SKOPAL A., HRIC L., CHOCHOL D., et al.
1995IBVS.4251....1A 73 T                   1 4 PU Vul during the brightness weakening of 1993-1994. ANDRILLAT Y. and HOUZIAUX L.
1995IzKry..89...59E 10 0 Polarimetry and photometry of carbon Mira V CrB. EFIMOV Yu.S.
1995PhR...250....2I 35 73 Planetary nebulae and their central stars - origin and evolution. IBEN I.
1996A&A...307..470N 110 T K                 3 20
PU Vulpeculae: an eclipsing symbiotic nova.
1996AJ....111.2090D 1 5 29 The hot component of RS Ophiuchi. DOBRZYCKA D., KENYON S.J., PROGA D., et al.
1996ApJS..105..145I 51 95 On the evolution of symbiotic stars and other binaries with accreting degenerate dwarfs. IBEN I.Jr and TUTUKOV A.V.
1996PASP..108...81H 72 T                   7 17 ROSAT observations of the symbiotic stars PU Vulpeculae and FG Serpentis, and the cataclysmic variable V Sagittae. HOARD D.W., WALLERSTEIN G. and WILLSON L.A.
1996Ap.....39...15P 8 1 9.6-year periodicity of symbiotic nova RT Ser (1909) during the outburst decay from 1940 to 1994. PAVLENKO E.P., BOCHKOV V.V. and VASIL'YANOVSKAYA O.P.
1996Ap&SS.238..125N 6 4 Symbiotic stars with Wolf-Rayet spectra as protoplanetary nebulae ? NUSSBAUMER H.
1996CoSka..26..121H 72 T                   10 2 Photometry of symbiotic stars - an international campaign VIIb. CQ Dra (4 Dra), YY Her, V 443 Her, BX Mon, AG Peg, AX Per, V 741 Per, FG Sge, QW Sge, PU Vul. HRIC L., SKOPAL A., URBAN Z., et al.
1996JAVSO..24...81G 72 T                   3 5 The period of the symbiotic nova PU Vulpeculae. GARNAVICH P.M.
1996LNP96.472..225B 217 ~ ROSAT observations of symbiotic binaries and related objects. BICKERT K.F., GREINER J. and STENCEL R.E.
1996LNP96.472..251M 16 ~ X-ray properties of symbiotic stars : I. The supersoft symbiotic novae RR Tel and SMC3 (=RX J0048.4-7332). MURSET U., JORDAN S. and WOLFF B.
1997A&A...319..201M 36   K                 35 85 X-ray properties of symbiotic stars. II. Systems with colliding winds. MUERSET U., WOLFF B. and JORDAN S.
1997ApJ...474L.131R 2 5 37 [Fe IV] in the Orion nebula. RUBIN R.H., DUFOUR R.J., FERLAND G.J., et al.
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