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1984IBVS.2465....1L 70 T                   1 1 8 Narrow band photometry of
FG Vir.
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FG Virginis.
1990IBVS.3426....1G 70 T                   1 3 4
FG Vir, additional photoelectric observations.
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1994A&A...287...95M 108 T K                 8 37 Simultaneous intensive photometry and high resolution spectroscopy of δ Scuti stars I. Mode typing of
HD 106384 = FG Virginis.
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FG Vir.
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1998BaltA...7..243S 108 T K                 5 0 Photometry of the delta Scuti star
FG Vir during the 1995 multi-site campaign.
1998BaltA...7..349S 36   K                 1 0 ``the world of delta Scuti stars'', A computer animated movie about nonradial pulsation and delta Scuti stars. SCHMALWIESER A.W.
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FG Virginis. IV. Mode identifications and pulsation modelling.
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FG Virginis.
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FG Virginis
: A high number of axisymmetric modes.
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FG Virginis.
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FG Vir. V. The 2002 photometric multisite campaign.
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FG Virginis
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FG Vir.
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FG Virginis.
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FG Vir.
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