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1982PASP...94..560G 1 23 155 Cataclysmic variable candidates from the Palomar Green Survey. GREEN R.F., FERGUSON D.H., LIEBERT J., et al.
1984BAAS...16Q.505S 69 T                   1 1 0 Time resolved spectroscopy and photometry of a new eclipsing cataclysmic variable,
PG 1030+590.
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PG 1030+590, and V1315 Aql.
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1987IBVS.3058....1K viz 667 121 The 68th name-list of variable stars. KHOLOPOV P.N., SAMUS' N.N., KAZAROVETS E.V., et al.
1987SoSAO..56...51K 70 T                   1 0 Operative estimate of the eclipse period of
FBS 1031+59 with the BTA scanner.
1988ApJ...327..248S 54   K                 1 76 Photometric and spectroscopic observations of the eclipsing nova-like variable
PG 1030+590 (
DW Ursae Majoris).
1988ApJ...328..223C 5 19 Polarization of thermal radiation from accretion disks in dwarf novae. CHENG F.H., SHIELDS G.A., LIN D.N.C., et al.
1988MNRAS.233..513E 69 26 A statistical analysis of the emission line ratios in cataclysmic variables. ECHEVARRIA J.
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1988AcApS...8..251Z 1 1 4 Photoelectric observations of eclipsing nova-like variable PG 1030+590. ZHANG E.
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1990ApJ...361..235S 71 T                   1 7 45 The phase 0.5 absorption in V1315 Aquilae, SW Sextantis, and
DW Ursae Majoris.
1990ApJ...365..696G 4 13 A study of the eclipsing cataclysmic variable Lanning 90. GARNAVICH P.M., SZKODY P., MATEO M., et al.
1990IAUC.4971....0H 70 T                   1 2 ~
DW Ursae Majoris.
1990SSRv...52..203L 102 16 A catalogue of low-resolution IUE spectra of dwarf novae and nova-like stars LA DOUS C.
1991A&A...252..100L 83 79 New insights from a statistical analysis of IUE spectra of dwarf novae and nova-like stars. I. Inclination effects in lines and continua. LA DOUS C.
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1991AJ....102..683T 1 5 25 A spectroscopic study of the eclising cataclysmic binary star PG 0818+513: a puzzling novalike variable. THORSTENSEN J.R., DAVIS M.K. and RINGWALD F.A.
1991MNRAS.249..452H 14 47 Boundary-layer temperatures in high accretion rate cataclysmic variables. HOARE M.G. and DREW J.E.
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1991AISAO..31...15K 70 T                   1 1 0 Spectral variations of new cataclysmic variable FBS 1031+59 (PG 1030+59 =
DW UMa) with an orbital period.
1991QJRAS..32..449T 11 0 Astronomy centre, university of Sussex. TAYLER R.J.
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1992SoSAO..69...68S 71 T                   1 0 FBS 1031+59 (PG 1030+59=DW UMa)spectrum and photometry in the low brightness state. SOMOVA T.A., SOMOV N.N., BONNET-BIDAUD J.M., et al.
1993PASP..105..127D viz 819 152 A catalog and atlas of cataclysmic variables. DOWNES R.A. and SHARA M.M.
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2000IBVS.4880....1M 4 4 GSC 03822 01056, a new moderate amplitude variable star. MARTIN B.E.
2000IBVS.4929....1B 3 2 GSC 03822 01056 is a close eclipsing binary. BIRO I.B.
2000IBVS.4967....1B         O           48 18 CCD times of minima of eclipsing binary systems. BIRO I.B. and BORKOVITS T.
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2003AJ....126.2473H 112 T K                 10 36 Observations of the SW Sextantis star
DW Ursae Majoris with the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer.
2003ApJ...583..437A 117 T K                 2 39 The system parameters of
DW Ursae Majoris.
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2004A&A...416.1057S 133 T K A   O           10 18 Accretion disc evolution in
DW Ursae Majoris: A photometric study.
2004A&A...419.1035K         O           7 5 Detection of superhumps in the Z Camelopardalis-type dwarf nova AT Cnc at standstill. KOZHEVNIKOV V.P.
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DW UMa: confirmation of a hidden white dwarf and the ultraviolet counterpart to phase 0.5 absorption events.
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