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1933ApJ....78...87M 417 175 Catalogue and bibliography of stars classes B and A whose spectra have bright hydrogen lines. MERRILL P.W. and BURWELL C.G.
1938CoPer...1...10H 591 33 A survey of stars with composite spectra. HYNEK J.A.
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1946AJ.....52...29P 39 0 Relation between components of binary stars. PAYNE-GAPOSCHKIN C. and GAPOSCHKIN S.
1950ApJ...111..484M 65 T                   1 7 34 Measurements in the combination spectra of RW Hydrae, BF Cygni and
CI Cygni.
1950PASP...62..211H 14 28 The spectra of five irregular variable stars. HERBIG G.H.
1950AnAp...13..134S 8 6 The shell spectrum of BD -14 1971 (PGC 1985) in 1947. SWINGS P.
1951AJ.....56..157M 21 0 Stellar and nebular spectroscopy. McLAUGHLIN D.B.
1951PASP...63....5B 27 0 Survey of the year's work at the Mount Wilson and Palomar Observatories. BOWEN I.S.
1952AJ.....57..177U 17 0 Reports. University of Michigan Observatories
1952ApJ...115..133H 9 19 Six peculiar H-alpha emission stars. HENIZE K.G.
1952PASP...64..228A 4 0 Nova-like variables with combination spectra. ALLER L.H.
1952AnAp...15....7G 8 5 Le spectre de la Nova (RT) Ser 1909 en 1950. GRANDJEAN J.
1953ApJ...118...27M 13 10 The red coronal line in the spectra of novae. McLAUGHLIN D.B.
1953PASP...65..185S 13 1 Notes on stellar spectra. STRUVE O.
1953AnAp...16...73B 6 1 Spectrophotometrie de T CrB de 1946 a 1952. BLOCH M. and TCHENG M.L.
1953PDAO....9..321A 66 T                   1 4 36 Spectrographic studies of the combination variables Z Andromedae, BF Cygni,
CI Cygni.
1953GCRV..C......0W viz 13       D               1 15125 750 General Catalogue of Stellar Radial Velocities WILSON R.E.
1954AJ.....59..321G 4 0 The emission spectrum of the magnetic variable AG Pegasi. GRANT G. and ALLER L.H.
1954AnAp...17....6T 65 T                   1 3 10 Les spectres de BF Cygni, AX Persei et
CI Cygni en 1952.
1955ApJ...122...62A 1 6 81 The spectrum of NGC 7027. ALLER L.H., BOWEN I.S. and MINKOWSKI R.
1955AnAp...18..354G 14 14 Le spectre de AX Per et ses variations. GAUZIT J.
1955AnAp...18..450T 4 0 Le spectre de Z Andromedae en 1952 et 1954-55. TCHENG M.L. and BLOCH M.
1956AJ.....61..330G 27 1 Reports of observatories GOLDBERG L.
1958AJ.....63..366G 14 0 The observatories of the University of Michigan. GOLDBERG L.
1958ApJ...127..160T 10 11 MWC 603, a high-velocity symbiotic star. TIFFT W.G. and GREENSTEIN J.L.
1958ApJ...127..625K 1 11 89 The binary system Nova T Coronae Borealis. KRAFT R.P.
1958Lie57..20..436M 5 0 Symbiosis in Astronomy : introductory report. MERRILL P.W.
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1968PASP...80..155I 5 8 An investigation into the mode of excitation of the symbiotic variables. ILOVAISKY S.A. and WALLERSTEIN G.
1968IBVS..254....1H 3 ~ New variable with symbiotic spectrum. HOFFLEIT D.
1968RA......7..241M 67 T                   1 9 ~ Nine Cygnus cloud variable stars,
VV 172-180.
1968RA......7..313M 201 ~ Ten new variable stars in the Cygnus cloud, VV 191-200. MILLER W.J.
1970PASP...82..135H 8 2 HV 13055 as a symbiotic variable. HODGE P.W. and WRIGHT F.W.
1971A&AS....4..265S 316 127 The light curve parameters of photoelectrically observed galactic Cepheids. SCHALTENBRAND R. and TAMMANN G.A.
1972A&A....17..385W 449 150 Characteristics of OH emission from infrared stars. WILSON W.J. and BARRETT A.H.
1972PASP...84..523S 49 108 Photometry of symbiotic and VV Cephei stars in the near infrared (with anote on MWC 56). SWINGS J.P. and ALLEN A.
1974A&AS...18..157F 3 14 An extended analysis of Fe V spectra and additional identifications of Fe VI. FAWCETT B.C. and HENRICHS H.F.
1974ApJ...187..651C 11 ~ On the problem of V1016 Cygni and the evolutionary stage of the symbiotic stars. CASSATELLA A., BARATTA G.B. and VIOTTI R.
1974MNRAS.167..319T 1 6 36 Spectroscopy of the eclipsing variable AR Pavonis. THACKERAY A.D. and HUTCHINGS J.B.
1974IBVS..863....1B 69 T                   1 1 7 On the light variations of
CI Cyg in 1973.
1974JRASC..68..112M 56 2 Variable star notes. MATTEI J.A.
1975IAUC.2804Q...1T 68 T                   1 1 0
CI Cygni.
1975JRASC..69..101M 48 1 Variable star notes. MATTEI J.A.
1975MitVS...6..193S 6 3 Photographische Beobachtungen von Veranderlichenauf Platten der Sonneberger Himmelsuberwachung. SPLITTGERBER E.
1975MitVS...6..201W 226 0 Beobachtungen der Nova Persei 1974. WENZEL W.
1976A&A....46...11A 121 72 A search for radio emission from stars. ALTENHOFF W.J., BRAES L.L.E., OLNON F.M., et al.
1976ApJS...30..491H 14       D               1 1947 210 Observations of southern emission-line stars. HENIZE K.G.
1976IBVS.1094....1T 68 T                   1 1 3 Photoelectric observations of
CI Cygni during the outburst of 1971 and 1973.
1976IBVS.1169....1B 69 T                   1 2 15 Observations of the symbiotic star
CI Cyg in 1975.
1977A&A....58..105W 171 22 Observations of radio stars at 10.6 GHz. WOODSWORTH A.W. and HUGHES V.A.
1977AJ.....82..665P 54 8 Henry Norris Russel prize lecture of the American Astronomical society fifty years of novae. PAYNE-GAPOSCHKIN C.H.
1977ApJ...217..140S 22 73 Infrared photometry of dwarf novae and possibly related objects. SZKODY P.
1977AN....298..121B 249 18 Beobachtungsergebnisse der Berliner Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur veranderliche Sterne e.V.(BAV). BRAUNE W., HUEBSCHER J. and MUNDRY E.
1977JBAA...87...88H 68 T                   1 1 0
CI Cyg.
1977PZP.....3...71M 68 T                   1 3 14 Observations of three symbiotic stars: Z Andromedae, AX Persei and
CI Cygni.
1978A&A....63..279A 5 7 Spectroscopic observations of stars and planetary nebulae with a multichannel analogue detector system. ADRIANZYK G., BAIETTO J.C., BERGER J.P., et al.
1979PASP...91..519B 13 10 A survey of symbiotic stars at 1612 MHz. BROCKA B.
1979ATsir1034....6T 68 T                   1 5 0 Photometry of symbiotic stars BF Cyg,
CI Cyg, CH Cyg, Z And, SS Lep.
1979AN....300..165B 191 19 Beobachtungsergebnisse der Berliner Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur Veranderliche Sterne eV.(BAV). BRAUNE W., HUEBSCHER J. and MUNDRY E.
1979IBVS.1602....1B 69 T                   1 1 9 Observations of
CI Cyg in 1977-78.
1979IzKry..59..133B 72 T                   1 1 22 About an eclipse in binary system of symbiotic star
CI Cyg.
1980AJ.....85..451C 32 28 A radio molecular maser line study of symbiotic stars. COHEN N.L. and GHIGO F.D.
1980PASP...92..479H 6 10 BI Crucis: a new symbiotic star. HENIZE K.G. and CARLSON E.D.
1980AcA....30..347M 68 T                   1 191 17 Interstellar extinction in the direction of
CI Cyg.
1980IBVS.1759....1G 68 T                   1 1 3 Spectroscopic observations of
CI Cygni in 1978 and 1979.
1980IBVS.1808....1B 68 T                   1 2 4 Observations of
CI Cyg in 1979.
1980IBVS.1871....1B 68 T                   1 3 2 The eclipse of
CI Cyg in 1980.
1980IBVS.1896....1H 68 T                   1 1 3 Photographic observations of 1980 eclipse of
CI Cyg.
1980JBAA...90..265H 9 4 Photoelectric and visual comparison star sequences -II. HOWARTH I.D. and BAILEY J.
1980IUE80......451S 20 ~ IUE observations of symbiotic stars. SAHADE J. and BRANDI E.
1980IUE80......459S 68 T                   1 2 ~ Ingress observations of the 1980 eclipse of the symbiotic star
CI Cygni.
1980IUE80......461L 7 ~ Ultraviolet spectroscopy of old novae and symbiotic stars. LAMBERT D.L., SLOVAK M.H., SHIELDS G.A., et al.
1981A&A....94..290I 70 T                   1 1 8 Spectrophotometric observations of
CI Cyg in 1979.
1981A&A...103L...3S 25 16 Line widths in peculiar emission line objects. SWINGS J.P. and ANDRILLAT Y.
1981A&AS...46..257F 70 T                   1 1 5 Observations spectroscopiques de
CI Cygni.
1981MNRAS.197..739A 18 46 X-ray observations of symbiotic stars. ALLEN D.A.
1981ATsir1192....7Y 69 T                   1 1 0 Dust in the envelope of
CI Cyg.
1981AN....302...53B 209 12 Beobachtungsergebnisse der Berliner Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur Veranderliche Sterne e.V.(BAV). BRAUNE W., HUEBSCHER J. and MUNDRY E.
1981IBVS.1945....1G 69 T                   1 1 2 Spectroscopic observations of
CI Cyg in 1980.
1981IBVS.1974....1B 70 T                   1 1 6 Eclipse in
CI Cyg binary-system in 1980.
1981IBVS.2041....1G 14 3 Spectroscopic observations of symbiotic stars in July and September 1981. GRAVINA R.
1981IBVS.2056....1G 69 T                   1 1 1 Photoelectric observations of
CI Cyg.
1981MitVS...9...67M 11 4 Photoelektrische Messungen von 11 Langsamen und unregelmassig Veranderlichen, nicht Roten Sternen. MEINUNGER I.
1981Natur.293...99A 2 1 Symbiotic stars. ALLEN D.
1981Obs...101..172W 34 29 Symbiotic stars as an old disk population. WALLERSTEIN G.
1981SvA....25..598T 69 T                   1 1 3 Photometry of symbiotic stars in the UBVRJHKLMN system.
CI Cyg.
1982A&A...106..109K 70 T                   1 3 18 The symbiotic star
CI Cygni: S-process episode or accretion event ?
1982A&A...112..341H 1 15 94 On the linearity of the SWP camera of the IUE: a correction algorithm. HOLM A., BOHLIN R.C., CASSATELLA A., et al.
1982A&A...116..210I 75 T                   1 1 31
CI Cyg : the stage of case C mass transfer.
1982ApJ...253L..77S 73 T                   1 1 22 Ultraviolet observations of the 1980 eclipse of the symbiotic star
CI Cygni.
1982ApJ...257..204K 1 6 31 IUE observations of the peculiar star RX Puppis. KAFATOS M., MICHALITSIANOS A.G. and FEIBELMAN W.A.
1982ApJ...262..282S 17 10 A search for magnetic fields in the symbiotic and VV Cephei variables. SLOVAK M.H.
1982PASP...94..137S 10 20 A polarization study of dwarf novae and nova-like objects. SZKODY P., MICHALSKY J.J. and STOKES G.M.
1982IBVS.2126....1B 69 T                   1 1 0 H alpha variations and the near infrared spectrum of
CI Cygni.
1982JAVSO..11...67S 69 T                   1 2 7 Periodogram studies of the light curves of
CI Cygni and AG Pegasi.
1982IAUCo..70....1S 14 ~ Fifty years of symbiotic stars. SAHADE J.
1982IAUCo..70...11B 5 ~ Introductory report on symbiotic stars. BOYARCHUK A.A.
1982IAUCo..70...27A 101 ~ Infrared studies of symbiotic stars. ALLEN D.A.
1982IAUCo..70...43E 5 ~ IR photometry of symbiotic stars at Calar Alto Observatory EIROA C., HEFELE H. and QIAN Z.-Y.
1982IAUCo..70...47A 10 ~ Near IR spectra of symbiotic stars. ANDRILLAT Y.
1982IAUCo..70...57A 7 ~ Photographic infrared spectra of symbiotic stars. ANDRILLAT Y. and HOUZIAUX L.
1982IAUCo..70...61C 20 ~ Properties of symbiotic stars from studies in the optical region. CIATTI F.
1982IAUCo..70...71O 23 ~ Spectra of individual symbiotic stars. OLIVERSEN N.A. and ANDERSON C.M.
1982IAUCo..70..103S 8 ~ Ultraviolet properties of the symbiotic stars. SLOVAK M.H. and LAMBERT D.L.
1982IAUCo..70..141M 69 T                   1 2 ~ UV eclipse observations of
CI Cyg.
1982IAUCo..70..145B 69 T                   1 5 ~ IUE observations of
CI Cygni during 1979-1981.
1982IAUCo..70..147M 69 T                   1 1 ~ The eclipse of
CI Cygni in 1980 on the objective prism spectra.
1982IAUCo..70..149F 69 T                   1 2 ~ Variation spectrale de
CI Cyg en 1975.
1982IAUCo..70..151H 69 T                   1 1 ~ Spectral variations of
CI Cyg between 1980 and 1981.
1982IAUCo..70..153O 69 T                   1 1 ~ Optical observations of
CI Cygni.
1982IAUCo..70..231P 6 ~ The symbiotics as binary stars. PLAVEC M.J.
1982IAUCo..70..253F 13 ~ Models for symbiotic stars in the light of the data. FRIEDJUNG M.
1982IAUCo..70..269K 8 ~ Symbiotic star UV emission and theoretical models. KAFATOS M.
1982IAUCo..70..275R 5 ~ The evolutionary status of symbiotic stars. RUDAK B.
1982IAUCo..70..297S 15 ~ Concluding remarks. SWINGS J.P.
1982IUE82.......89H 18 ~ IUE observations of symbiotic stars. HACK M.
1982IUE82......448S 5 ~ Low resolution ultraviolet and optical spectrophotometry of symbioticstars. SLOVAK M.H.
1982IUE82......486M 13 0 Optical light curves of some cataclysmic and symbiotic variables. MATTEI J.A.
1982IUE82......509S 69 T                   1 2 ~
CI Cygni since the 1980 eclipse.
1982IUE3r......203F 13 ~ A review of the ultraviolet results about symbiotic stars. FRIEDJUNG M. and VIOTTI R.
1983A&A...126..407F 7 32 Evidence for a warm wind from the red star in symbiotic binaries. FRIEDJUNG M., STENCEL R.E. and VIOTTI R.
1983AJ.....88..666K 79 95 Infrared spectroscopy of symbiotic stars and the nature of their cool components. KENYON S.J. and GALLAGHER J.S.
1983ApJ...268..250O 70 T                   1 4 24 Observational studies of the symbiotic stars. II. Emission-line relative intensity variations in
CI Cygni, BF Cygni, AX Persei, and V1016 Cygni.
1983ApJ...275L..65I 9 2 97 Carbon star formation and neutron-rich isotope formation in low-mass asymptotic giant branch stars. IBEN I.Jr
1983ApJ...275..271H 1 3 17 The 1982 ultraviolet eclipse of the symbiotic binary AR Pav. HUTCHINGS J.B., COWLEY A.P., AKE T.B., et al.
1983ApJS...53..573B 16 75 Spectrophotometric observations of symbiotic stars and related objects. BLAIR W.P., STENCEL R.E., FEIBELMAN W.A., et al.
1983AcA....33..403M 69 T                   1 11 14 A spectrophotometric study of
CI Cygni during the 1980 eclipse.
1983Ap&SS..89..387B 69 T                   1 2 4 Three colour photometric observations of the symbiotic eclipsing binary
CI Cygni.
1983IBVS.2355....1M 69 T                   1 1 1 Emission line intensity varations during the 1982 eclipse of
CI Cygni.
1983IBVS.2356....1M 69 T                   1 1 1 Dust cloud in the
CI Cygni system.
1983IzKry..68..108B 71 T                   1 1 11 The symbiotic eclipse-binary star
CI Cyg. A light curve analysis.
1983MmSAI..54..493B 20 3 New results on symbiotic stars. BARATTA G.B. and VIOTTI R.
1983PAZh....9..618T 5 3 Infrared excesses in symbiotic systems. TARANOVA O.G. and YUDIN B.F.
1984A&A...140...91C 71 T                   2 1 11 The symbiotic eclipsing binary
CI Cyg: an Algol symbiotic system.
1984A&AS...56...17S 21 31 IUE low dispersion observations of symbiotic objects. SAHADE J., BRANDI E. and FONTENLA J.M.
1984ApJ...279..252K 1 27 227 The nature of symbiotic stars. KENYON S.J. and WEBBINK R.F.
1984ApJ...284..202S 60 162 A radio survey of symbiotic stars. SEAQUIST E.R., TAYLOR A.R. and BUTTON S.
1984Ap&SS..99..101A 5 24 Symbiotic stars. ALLEN D.A.
1984IBVS.2485....1B 69 T                   1 1 3 The eclipse of the symbiotic eclipsing binary system
CI Cygni in 1982.
1984IzKry..69...30A 69 T                   1 2 2 Symbiotic eclipse-binary stars
CI Cyg and V1329 Cyg. THe light curves comparison.
1984PASAu...5..369A 145 216 A catalogue of symbiotic stars. ALLEN D.A.
1984SciAm.251g..70K 10 0 Symbiotic stars. KAFATOS M. and MICHALITSIANOS A.G.
1984IUE84......408K 5 ~ Physical models for the UV continua of symbiotic stars. KENYON S.J.
1985A&A...142..333S 16 22 Linear polarization of symbiotic stars. SCHULTE-LADBECK R.
1985PASP...97..268K 3 9 The 1984 eclipse of the symbiotic binary SY Muscae. KENYON S.J., MICHALITSIANOS A.G., LUTZ J.H., et al.
1985AcA....35...65M 69 T                   1 6 10 On the nature of
CI Cygni.
1985AZh....62..930I 12 3 Spectrophotometric observations of symbiotic stars. IPATOV A.P. and YUDIN B.F.
1985IBVS.2724....1M 10 5 Spectra of 10 symbiotic stars. MARTEL M.T. and GRAVINA R.
1985IBVS.2750....1M 25 11 UBV observations of symbiotic stars in July and October 1982. MARTEL M.T. and GRAVINA R.
1985IBVS.2812....1G 69 T                   1 1 1 Photometric and polarimetric variations of the symbiotic star
CI Cygni.
1985IBVS.2834....1G 69 T                   1 10 1 Photometry and spectrophotometry of symbiotic stars :
CI Cyg, Z And, V1016 Cyg, HM Sge, HBV 475.
1985PAZh...11...55T 4 4 The symbiotic star AS 296 : optical and infrared photometry in 1982-1983. TARANOVA O.G. and YUDIN B.F.
1985IAUS..111..385C 2 0 The influence of an outflowing gaseous stream on the determination of masses of semidetached binary systems. CHOCHOL D. and VITTONE A.
1986A&A...156..186M 2 5 The symbiotic star CH Cygni : end of active phase or eclipse phenomenon ? MIKOLAJEWSKI M. and BIERNIKOWICZ R.
1986A&AS...65...51I 8 9 Low resolution spectrophotometry of symbiotic stars. IPATOV A.P. and YUDIN B.F.
1986AJ.....91..563K 1 5 31 Spectroscopic observations of PU Vulpeculae. KENYON S.J.
1986AJ.....91.1400G 1 17 81 Spectroscopic orbits of symbiotic stars : preliminary results. GARCIA M.R.
1986Afz....24..265L 22 4 Characteristics of the cold components of symbiotic stars. LUUD L. and LEEDJAERV L.
1986ATsir1454....7T 70 T                   1 5 0 Infrared photometry of symbiotic stars
CI Cyg, BF Cyg, Z And, AX Per and V443 Her.
1986ATsir1471....4I 7 2 The hot components parameters of symbiotic stars. IPATOV A.P. and YUDIN B.F.
1986ATsir1473....7T 10 4 The search of periods of the infrared variability of symbiotic stars. TARANOVA O.G.
1986Ap&SS.121..225C 1 2 15 Nature of the symbiotic binary V1329 Cyg. CHOCHOL D. and VITTONE A.
1986IBVS.2933....1W 3 1 A possible nova in Cygnus. WAKUDA M. and HURUHATA M.
1986IAUC.4242....0K 2 ~ Probable nova in Cygnus. KOSAI H., WAKUDA M. and HURUHATA M.
1986SSRv...43..139D 72 21 Semidetached systems : evolutionary viewpoints and observational constraints. DE GREVE J.P.
1987AJ.....93..938K 132 166 The cool components of symbiotic stars. I. Optical spectral types. KENYON S.J. and FERNANDEZ-CASTRO T.
1987ApJ...319..407F 130 43 The (C III lambda1909 /Si III lambda1892) ratio as a diagnostic for planetary nebulae and symbiotic stars. FEIBELMAN W.A. and ALLER L.H.
1987ATsir1504....3K 70 T                   1 1 0 Polarimetry of
CI Cygni.
1987AZh....64..867T 8 1 The spectral classification of the cool components of symbiotic stars. TARANOVA O.G. and YUDIN B.F.
1987Ap&SS.131..713M 3 11 Periodic variatons in the symbiotic star spectra. MIKOLAJEWSKA J.
1987Ap&SS.135..143Y 10 5 The nature of classical symbiotic stars. YUDIN B.F.
1987IBVS.3096....1M 11 1 Identification of variable stars in Sagittarius. MOREL M.
1987IzKry..76...40B 70 T                   1 1 1 Symbiotic eclipsing binary star
CI Cyg. The cold component variability.
1987IzKry..76...51B 6 2 U - B and B - V diagram for hydrogen gas with 10 6 cm-3 electron density. BELYAKINA T.S. and MINIKULOV N.H.
1987MmSAI..58..147V 14 0 The dwarf component of symbiotic binaries. VIOTTI R.
1987PAZh...13..423T 70 T                   1 1 2 On the nature of the infrared variablity of
CI Cygni.
1987IAUS..122..481I 2 0 A non-eclipsing binary model of the symbiotic star AG Dra. IIJIMA T.
1987PN86.......163V 9 ~ Formation and structure of nebulae around symbiotic objects based on radio to X-rays observations (A review). VIOTTI R.
1988A&A...190L...5B 2 5 The infrared spectrum of the symbiotic star CI Cyg at phase 0.5. BENSAMMAR S., FRIEDJUNG M., LETOURNEUR N., et al.
1988A&A...198..179N 36 88 Relative C, N, O abundances in red giants, planetary nebulae, novae and symbiotic stars. NUSSBAUMER H., SCHILD H., SCHMID H.M., et al.
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1988AJ.....96..337K 165 69 The cool components of symbiotic stars. II. Infrared photometry. KENYON S.J.
1988MNRAS.234.1005M 6 10 S 147 : a K-type symbiotic star in the LMC. MORGAN D.H. and ALLEN D.A.
1988AcA....38...37M 3 4 Symbiotic binaries : II. Optical emission line behaviour in BF Cygni. MIKOLAJEWSKA J. and IIJIMA T.
1988PZ.....22..858Y 8 ~ The symbiotic stars. YUDIN B.F.
1988PZ.....22..862K 3 0 Polarimetric and photometric observations of symbiotic stars. KHUDYAKOVA T.N.
1988PZ.....22..866M 1 0 CI Cygni from 1957 till 1975. MANDEL O.E.
1988IUE88...2...27S 133 ~ IUE and stars with composite spectra. STICKLAND D.J.
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1989AJ.....97..194K 1 4 20 Spectroscopic orbits for symbiotic stars. II. TX Canum Venaticorum. KENYON S.J. and GARCIA M.R.
1989AJ.....98..297W 15 27 The slow nova V1819 Cygni (nova Cygni 1986). WHITNEY B.A. and CLAYTON G.C.
1989ApJ...340L..73T 70 T                   1 4 11 Radio emission from symbiotic variables :
CI Cygni, Z Andromedae, and EG Andromedae - temporal variability as clues to the nature of symbiotics.
1989ApJ...341..299L 13 40 Accretion onto hot white dwarfs in relation to symbiotic novae. LIVIO M., PRIALNIK D. and REGEV O.
1989Afz....31..309L 15 2 Characteristics of the components of symbiotic stars from model calculations. LEEDJAERV L.
1989IBVS.3364....1H 28 22 Call for a campaign of long-term photometry of symbiotic stars. HRIC L. and SKOPAL A.
1989TarOT.107.1926K 70 T                   1 1 ~ Photometry and polarimetry of
CI Cygni.
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1990CoSka..20...83L 5 2 Photoelectric observations of selected symbiotic stars. LUTHARDT R.
1990IBVS.3516....1F 4 2 Are the Algol-type stars V 438 Centauri, V 1156 C6 Cygni and V 929 Ophiuchi surrounded by accretion discs ? a call for observations. FRIEDEMANN C. and LOWE M.
1990JAVSO..19..135K 22 0 The BAV database of cataclysmic and eruptive variables. KORTH S.
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