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1906MNRAS..66..104B 43 1 The annular nebula in Lyra (M 57). BARNARD E.E.
1972ApJ...173L..99G 79 94 X-ray emission from rich clusters of galaxies. GURSKY H., SOLINGER A., KELLOGG E.M., et al.
1972ApJ...178..281G 143 336 The UHURU catalog of X-ray souces. GIACCONI R., MURRAY S., GURSKY H., et al.
1974PASP...86..981B 32 46 A spectroscopic survey of some high-latitude blue variables. BOND H.E. and TIFFT W.G.
1976ApJ...209L..17B 68 T                   1 5 12 Radio-optical candidates for the high-latitude X-ray sources 3U 1555+27 and
3U 1809+50.
1976ApJ...210..230M 18 11 Observations of high-latitude X-ray sources with the UHURU satellite. MURRAY S.S. and ULMER M.P.
1976IBVS.1184....1H 72 T                   1 1 20 Active., inactive State of
AM Her = 3U 1809+50.
1976IAUC.2984S...1C 68 T                   1 1 0
AM Her = 3U 1809+50.
1976MitVS...7..194H 68 T                   1 2 0 Long time optical behaviour of
AM Her = 3U 1809+50.
1977A&A....60...27H 1 5 38 Radio and optical observations in the fields of five unidentified X-ray sources at high latitudes. HARRIS D.E., BAHCALL N.A. and STROM R.G.
1977AJ.....82..665P 54 8 Henry Norris Russel prize lecture of the American Astronomical society fifty years of novae. PAYNE-GAPOSCHKIN C.H.
1977ApJ...211..859B 71 T                   1 2 38 The nature of
AM Herculis.
1977ApJ...212L.113S 71 T                   1 4 60
AM Herculis: a unique X-ray binary as revealed through the optical light curve.
1977ApJ...212L.117P 76 T                   1 1 42 On the binary nature of
AM Herculis.
1977ApJ...212L.121C 73 T                   1 2 56 A preliminary model for the X-ray binary
AM Her.
1977ApJ...212L.125T 106 T                   1 1 194 Discovery of a magnetic compact star in the
AM Herculis/3U 1809+50 system.
1977ApJ...213L..13C 80 T                   1 1 60 The remarkable system
AM Herculis/3U 1809+50.
1977ApJ...213L.115H 79 T                   1 1 55 The X-ray light curve of
AM Herculis.
1977ApJ...215..166O 72 T                   1 1 22 Multicolor photometry of
AM Herculis = 3U 1809+50.
1977ApJ...216L..35M 72 T                   1 1 24 Multicolor linear and circular polarization of
AM Herculis. I. A preliminary geometrical model.
1977ApJ...216L..45K 5 2 51 Extremely high circular polarization of AN Ursae Majoris. KRZEMINSKI W. and SERKOWSKI K.
1977ApJ...216L..71S 78 T                   1 1 52 OSO-8 X-ray observations of
AM Herculis.
1977ApJ...217..815S 71 T                   1 7 126 New observations and a slow rotator model of the X-ray binary
AM Herculis.
1977ApJ...218L..57S 2 3 34 Linear polarization in AM Herculis objects. STOCKMAN H.S.
1977ApJ...218L.121G 77 T                   1 1 46 Velocity curves for broad and sharp components observed in the emission lines from
AM Herculis.
1977MNRAS.179p...9F 68 T                   1 1 ~
AM Her: a highly magnetized accreting white dwarf.
1977MNRAS.180p..35B 68 T                   1 1 ~ High speed photometry of
AM Her.
1977PASP...89..374C 75 T                   1 1 36 The low-mass X-ray binary
AM Herculis.
1977PASP...89..618L 3 2 (ABSTRACT) VV Puppis: the day the accretion stopped. LIEBERT J., WOOLF N.J., STOCKMAN H.S., et al.
1977PASP...89..741G 7 10 Blue variables at high galactic latitude. GREENSTEIN J.L., ARP H.C. and SHECTMAN S.
1977AcA....27..429S 16 17 Theoretical UBV colours of accretion discs in cataclysmic variables. SCHWARZENBERG-CZERNY A. and ROZYCZKA M.
1977ATsir.948....5M 68 T                   1 1 2
AM Her the close binary system with magnetic dwarf the nearest U Gem star ?
1977IAUC.3054Q...1T 3 0 VV Puppis. TAPIA S.
1977MitVS...8...10H 68 T                   1 1 2 Long-time optical behaviour of
AM Her =3U 1809+50.
1977S&T....53..340G 4 0 Some new developments in X-ray astronomy. GREEN L.C.
1977S&T....53..351L 68 T                   1 4 12 The story of
AM Her.
1977S&T....54..194M 68 T                   1 8 5 AN UMa another
AM Her ?
1977SvAL....3..182M 68 T                   1 1 2 The nature of the
AM Her system (3U 1809+50).
1977SSRv...20..687M 27 40 Sco X-1. MIYAMOTO S. and MATSUOKA M.
1978A&A....63L...1H 2 2 28 Detection of both soft and hard X-ray emission from SS Cygni with ANS. HEISE J., MEWE R., BRINKMAN A.C., et al.
1978A&A....67..441T 4 4 X-and gamma-ray bursts from magnetic reconnection in very short period binary systems. TREVES A.
1978A&A....68L...1G 69 T                   1 1 7
AM Her: new photometric results.
1978A&A....70L..65P 4 9 A model for VW Hydri. PAPALOIZOU J. and PRINGLE J.E.
1978A&A....70..327K 68 T                   1 1 2
AM Her : interpretation of the 1.2 mu M and 2.2 mu M light curves and model parameters for the system.
1978ApJ...219..597P 71 T                   1 3 59 Photometry of
AM Herculis: a slow optical pulsar ?
1978ApJ...220..261B 2 5 50 Soft X-ray results from the Wisconsin experiment on OSO-8. BUNNER A.N.
1978ApJ...222..263F 70 T                   1 2 23 The optical variability of the X-ray binary
AM Herculis.
1978ApJ...222..641C 69 T                   1 5 37 The remarkable system
AM Herculis/3U 1809+50. II. A single accretion column model.
1978ApJ...222..761E 37 36 26.3 MHz radio source survey. III. Correlation with extragalactic X-ray sources. ERICKSON W.C., MATTHEWS T.A. and VINER M.R.
1978ApJ...225..201L 4 3 65 On VV Puppis. LIEBERT J., STOCKMAN H.S., ANGEL J.R.P., et al.
1978ApJ...225..542P 72 T                   1 1 24 Correlated photometric and polarimetric phenomena in
AM Herculis.
1978ApJ...226L..17T 80 T                   1 1 63 New evidence on the nature of the S0ft X-ray source in
AM Herculis from HEAO 1.
1978ApJ...226..397P 74 T                   1 1 33 Joint infrared and visual monitoring of
AM Herculis.
1978ApJS...38..357F viz 380 657 The fourth UHURU catalog of X-ray sources. FORMAN W., JONES C., COMINSKY L., et al.
1978MNRAS.182..489C viz 119 295 The Ariel V SSI catalogue of high galactic latitude (|b|>10) X-ray sources. COOKE B.A., RICKETTS M.J., MACCACARO T., et al.
1978MNRAS.183p..73B 68 T                   1 1 ~ Photometry and polarimetry of
AM Herculis.
1978MNRAS.183..169W 12 21 X-ray source counts at high galactic latitude. WARWICK R.S. and PYE J.P.
1978PASP...90...61S 71 T                   1 1 17 Changes in
AM Herculis during maximum and minimum states.
1978PASP...90..458D 2 6 Polarization of AN Ursae Majoris. DOWNES R.A. and URBANSKI J.L.
1978Natur.271..334J 69 T                   1 2 12 Infrared light curves of
AM Her.
1978Natur.272...37C 6 17 Hard X-ray observations of white dwarf binary systems. COE M.J., ENGEL A.R. and QUENBY J.J.
1978SvAL....4...98A 68 T                   1 1 1 Narrow-band photoelectric observations of
AM Her.
1979ApJ...227L..21B 1 3 24 X-ray spectra of X Persei. BECKER R.H., BOLDT E.A., HOLT S.S., et al.
1979ApJ...227..197S 69 T                   1 3 24 High-speed circular polarimetry of
AM Herculis.
1979ApJ...229..652L 6 2 60 Circular polarimetry of an active VV Puppis: evidence for two accreting poles. LIEBERT J. and STOCKMAN H.S.
1979ApJ...230L..95R 81 T                   1 1 67 Ultraviolet observations of
AM Her with the IUE.
1979ApJ...230L.145M 10 34 X-ray observations of H 1908+050 (=SS 433?). MARSHALL F.E., SWANK J.H., BOLDT E.A., et al.
1979ApJ...230..162H 3 10 Spectroscopic studies of V1500 (Nova) Cygni. III. The nebula and central binary system. HUTCHINGS J.B.
1979ApJ...230..176J 1 6 48 Synchronous rotation in magnetic X-ray binaries. JOSS P.C., KATZ J.I. and RAPPAPORT S.A.
1979ApJ...230..502Y 83 T                   1 1 76 Improved infrared observations of
AM Herculis.
1979ApJ...231L.131C 1 5 29 2A 0526-328: an X-ray-emitting cataclysmic variable. CHARLES P., THORSTENSEN J., BOWYER S., et al.
1979ApJ...232L..21H 2 2 27 Discovery of a soft X-ray flux from AN Ursae Majoris. HEARN D.R. and MARSHALL F.J.
1979ApJ...232L..27G 2 4 47 The optical identification of 2A 0311-227 with a new AM Herculis-type object. GRIFFITHS R.E., WARD M.J., BLADES J.C., et al.
1979ApJ...232L.117A 19 11 A search for coronal soft X-ray emission from cool stars with HEAO 1. AYRES T.R., LINSKY J.L., GARMIRE G., et al.
1979ApJ...234L.117L 9 6 279 X and UV radiation from accreting magnetic degenerate dwarfs. LAMB D.Q. and MASTERS A.R.
1979ApJ...234..978P 6 7 217 Rapid oscillations in cataclysmic variables. III. An oblique rotator in AE Aquari. PATTERSON J.
1979ApJ...234..997K 7 2 76 SS Cygni: the accretion disk in eruption and at minimum light. KIPLINGER A.L.
1979ApJS...40..657M 176 174 New hard X-ray sources observed with HEAO A-2. MARSHALL F.E., BOLDT E.A., HOLT S.S., et al.
1979ApJS...41..327A 467 26 A catalog of X-ray sources. AMNUEL P.R., GUSEINOV O.H. and RAKHAMINOV S.Y.
1979MNRAS.188..653K 4 5 107 Accretion on to highly magnetized white dwarfs. KING A.R. and LASOTA J.P.
1979ARA&A..17....9M 24 52 Infrared spectroscopy of stars. MERRILL K.M. and RIDGWAY S.T.
1979IBVS.1678....1M 68 T                   1 1 1 Comparison stars for
AM Her.
1979Natur.281...48W 2 2 27 Optical counterpart of 2A 0311-227. WILLIAMS G., JOHNS M., PRICE C., et al.
1979Natur.281..183D 2 8 A binary star model for SS 433. DE YOUNG D.S. and BURBIDGE G.
1979SvAL....5..177K 68 T                   1 2 1 Narrow-band photoelectric photometry of V1357 Cyg (Cyg X-1) and
AM Her (4U 1813+50).
1979SvAL....5..245K 68 T                   1 1 3 The rapid variability of
AM Her.
1980A&A....83..270T 69 T                   1 1 9 Ultraviolet observations of
AM Herculis.
1980AJ.....85..882S 69 T                   1 3 16 Infrared observations of polars:
AM Her, VV Pup and AN UMa.
1980ApJ...236..862S 70 T                   1 1 14 Simultaneous three-channel photometry of
AM Herculis: implications for the optical flickering mechanism.
1980ApJ...241.1070S 73 T                   1 1 28
AM Herculis: simultaneous X-ray, optical and near-IR coverage.
1980ApJ...241.1077P 71 T                   1 2 34 On the rapid variability of
AM Herculis.
1980MNRAS.190..801W 46 83 Comments on the evolution and origin of cataclysmic binaries. WHYTE C.A. and EGGLETON P.P.
1980ATsir1122....1A 68 T                   1 1 1 Improved period of
AM Herculis and its variations.
1980ATsir1142....5A 68 T                   1 1 1 On the light-curve of
AM Her and its variations.
1980Ap&SS..68..315A 35 2 X-ray sources in our galaxy. AMNUEL P.R. and GUSEINOV O.H.
1980IAUC.3500R...1P 68 T                   1 1 0
AM Herculis.
1980Natur.283..176M 4 5 Emission feature lam 3470 of VV Pup may be a cyclotron line. MITROFANOV I.G.
1980SvA....24...39B 68 T                   1 1 2 A study of the X-ray binary
AM Herculis. I.
1980SvA....24..702V 68 T                   1 1 0 A study of the X-ray binary
AM Herculis. II. Spectrophotometry at maximum light.
1980SvAL....6...87V 5 10 A search for cyclotron lines in the optical spectra of novalike stars : preliminary results. VOIKHANSKAYA N.F. and MITROFANOV I.G.
1980IUE80......415H 54 ~ Highly-evolved stars. HEAP S.R.
1980IUE80......495H 9 ~ Observations of cataclysmic variables with the IUE. HARTMANN L. and RAYMOND J.
1980IUE80......501F 3 ~ Coordinated IUE, Einstein and optical observations of accreting degenerate dwarfs. FABBIANO G., STEINER J.E., HARTMANN L., et al.
1980IUE80......515C 68 T                   1 1 ~ Cyclotron emission from
AM Herculis.
1981A&A....95..138G 66 9 Classification of cosmic sources: a statistical approach. GIOVANNELLI F., CORADINI A., LASOTA J.P., et al.
1981A&A...102...31M 4 12 The ultraviolet spectrum of the X-ray source 2A 0526-33. MOUCHET M., BONNET-BIDAUD J.M., ILOVAISKY S.A., et al.
1981ApJ...243L..83P 3 4 77 Rapid oscillations in cataclysmic variables. V. H 2252-035 a single-side band X-ray and optical pulsar. PATTERSON J. and PRICE C.M.
1981ApJ...243L.157S 84 T                   1 1 78 A direct measurement of the magnetic field in
AM Herculis.
1981ApJ...243..567C 1 2 17 Spectroscopy of the magnetic cataclysmic variable 2A 0311-227. CRAMPTON D., HUTCHINGS J.B. and COWLEY A.P.
1981ApJ...243..911F 75 T                   1 3 93 Coordinated X-ray, ultraviolet and optical, observations of
AM Herculis, U Geminorum and SS Cygni.
1981ApJ...244L..85W 3 2 31 An 81 minute modulation of the X-ray flux from 2A 0311-22.7. WHITE N.E.
1981ApJ...244..569C 26 1 133 Polarized radiation from hot plasmas and applications to AM Herculis binaries. CHANMUGAM G. and DULK G.A.
1981ApJ...245..163V 183 548 Results from an extensive Einstein stellar survey. VAIANA G.S., CASSINELLI J.P., FABBIANO G., et al.
1981ApJ...245..183T 73 T                   1 2 42 Pointed soft X-ray observations of
AM Herculis from HEO 1.
1981ApJ...245..609C 1 17 110 X-ray observations of selected cataclysimic variable stars using the Einstein Observatory. CORDOVA F.A., MASON K.O. and NELSON J.E.
1981ApJ...245.1043Y 81 T                   1 1 60
AM Herculis: the magnetic maw uncloaks itself.
1981ApJ...246..223S 4 18 Simultaneous X-ray and optical observations of AN Ursae Majoris during a low state. SZKODY P., SCHMIDT E., CROSA L., et al.
1981ApJ...246..919L 81 T                   1 1 64 The 1980 low state of
AM Herculis.
1981ApJ...247L..35C 2 3 35 Discovery of a new X-ray emitting dwarf nova 1E 0643.0-1648. CHLEBOWSKI T., HALPERN J.P. and STEINER J.E.
1981ApJ...247..195H 73 T                   1 1 23 Optical spectroscopy of
AM Herculis: the 1980 low state.
1981ApJ...247..960Y 1 13 82 A quest for the red companion in six cataclysmic binaries. YOUNG P. and SCHNEIDER D.P.
1981ApJ...247..984C 70 T                   1 4 30 Changes in the high state of
AM Herculis: a simultaneaous X-ray, optical, polarimetric, and spectroscopic study.
1981ApJ...247..994W 5 3 83 A 5.57 hour modulation of the X-ray flux from 4U 1822-37. WHITE N.E., BECKER R.H., BOLDT E.A., et al.
1981ApJ...249..680H 2 4 43 Spectroscopy of 2A 0526-328 : a triple periodic cataclysmic variable. HUTCHINGS J.B., CRAMPTON D., COWLEY A.P., et al.
1981ApJ...250..723R 83 T                   1 1 73 The X-ray sxpectrum of
AM Herculis from 0.1 to 150 KEV.
1981ApJ...251..611R 7 3 119 MV Lyrae: spectrophotometric properties of minimum light: or on MV Lyrae off. ROBINSON E.L., BARKER E.S., COCHRAN A.L., et al.
1981MNRAS.194..187B 74 T                   1 1 28 Multicolor polarimetry of
AM Herculis.
1981MNRAS.197..893M 140 144 The Ariel V (3A) catalogue of X-ray sources. II. Sources at high galactic latitude (|b| > 10 deg). McHARDY I.M., LAWRENCE A., PYE J.P., et al.
1981PASP...93...71P 71 T                   1 1 13 Spectrophotometry of
AM Herculis at minimum.
1981IzKry..64...55S 2 ~ Polarimetric observations of polar AN UMa. SHAKHOVSKOY N.M.
1981MitAG..52..125R 7 0 On the evolutionary status of the secondaries of cataclysmic binaries. RITTER H.
1981Natur.290..119C 3 11 UV observations of X-ray sources 2A 0311-227 and 2A 0526-328. COE M.J.
1981PZ.....21..465K 60 3 On the classification of variable stars. KHOLOPOV P.N.
1982A&A...110..281W 4 12 New evidence of strong UV radiation in TT Ari. WARGAU W., DRECHSEL H., RAHE J., et al.
1982AJ.....87..419D 100 64 U.S. Naval Observatory parallaxes of faint stars. List VI. DAHN C.C., HARRINGTON R.S., RIEPE B.Y., et al.
1982AJ.....87..655S 1 5 28 Photometric and spectroscopic observations of the optical counterpart of H 2215-086. SHAFTER A.W. and TARGAN D.M.
1982ApJ...252..269Y 4 8 2A 0311-227 (EF Eri): radial velocities of two emission line components. YOUNG P., SCHNEIDER D.P., SARGENT W.L.W., et al.
1982ApJ...252..681H 7 34 A first look at the eclipsing cataclysmic variable Lanning 10. HORNE K., LANNING H.H. and GOMER R.H.
1982ApJ...252..690H 4 11 The complex emission-line structure in the magnetic white dwarf binary 2A 0311-227 (EF Eri). HUTCHINGS J.B., COWLEY A.P., CRAMPTON D., et al.
1982ApJ...253..485P 1 88 623 A complete X-ray sample of the high-latitude (b)-20 sky from HEAO 1 A-2: log N-log S and luminosity functions. PICCINOTTI G., MUSHOTZKY R.F., BOLDT E.A., et al.
1982ApJ...254..232L 1 5 29 The 1979 minimum state of AN Ursae Majoris. LIEBERT J., TAPIA S., BOND H.E., et al.
1982ApJ...255L.107C 4 2 43 Radio emission from AM Herculis-type binaries. CHANMUGAM G. and DULK G.A.
1982ApJ...257L..71M 1 8 56 Two-second variability in AM Herculis binaries. MIDDLEDITCH J.
1982ApJ...257..686S 75 T                   1 1 30 The low state of
AM Her : observations from 0.12 to 10 microns.
1982ApJ...258..289L 5 4 117 Time-dependent accretion onto magnetized white dwarfs. LANGER S.H., CHANMUGAM G. and SHAVIV G.
1982ApJ...259..730C 1 3 17 Time-resolved spectroscopy of VV Puppis. COWLEY A.P., CRAMPTON D. and HUTCHINGS J.B.
1982ApJ...261..625J 1 4 27 H1409-45 : a recurrent soft X-ray transient. JENSEN K.A., NOUSEK J.A. and NUGENT J.J.
1982ApJ...262..709F 72 T                   1 1 15 X-ray observations of
AM Hercules in its low state.
1982ApJS...48..239K 1 20 103 X-ray and UV radiation from accreting degenerate dwarfs. II. KYLAFIS N.D. and LAMB D.Q.
1982MNRAS.198...71M 5 4 119 The polarization properties of magnetic accretion columns. MEGGITT S.M.A. and WICKRAMASINGHE D.T.
1982MNRAS.200p..23E 2 ~ Spectrophotometry of PG 1550+191 at red wavelengths. ECHEVARRIA J., JONES D.H.P. and COSTERO R.
1982MNRAS.200.1039W 4 7 2A 0526-328, an optical and X-ray study of a cataclysmic variable. WATTS D.J., HILL P.W. and THOMAS R.M.
1982MNRAS.201..265B 5 7 X-ray and optical measurements of the cataclysmic variable CH UMa. BECKER R.H., WILSON A.S., PRAVDO S.H., et al.
1982ATsir1223....1A 69 T                   1 1 2 Comparison stars for
AM Herculis.
1982ATsir1225....5A 69 T                   1 1 4 On the period change of
AM Herculis.
1982Ap&SS..82....3A 471 20 Second catalogue of X-ray sources. AMNUEL P.R., GUSEINOV O.H. and RAKHAMINOV S.Y.
1982Ap&SS..86...91A 50 3 On the evolution of low mass binary systems. AMNUEL P.R. and GUSEINOV O.H.
1982IBVS.2226....1G 69 T                   1 1 3 Some remarks on the close binary X-ray source
AM Her.
1982IzKry..65..143E 69 T                   1 1 1 Polarimetry and photometry of the polar
AM Herculis.
1982S&T....64..414R 4 0 A tangled skein emission lines of EF Eri. ROBINSON L.J.
1982IUE82......530B 9 ~ A search for cataclysmic binaries containing strongly magnetic white dwarfs. BOND H.E. and CHANMUGAM G.
1982IUE3r......221C 4 ~ Far UV observations of MV Lyrae in two different states. CHIAPPETTI L., MARASCHI L., TANZI E.G., et al.
1982IUE3r......497H 13 ~ Exotic stellar objects : research directions for the proposed satellite Magellan. HACK M.
1983ApJ...264L..61P 2 4 47 H 2215-086: king of the DQ Herculis stars. PATTERSON J. and STEINER J.E.
1983ApJ...264..262L 1 6 44 Two hot, low-field magnetic DA white dwarfs. LIEBERT J., SCHMIDT G.D., GREEN R.F., et al.
1983ApJ...267..691W 9 23 Stellar contributions to the hard X-ray galactic ridge. WORRALL D.M. and MARSHALL F.E.
1983ApJ...269..107M viz 10 6 311 The soft X-ray diffuse background. McCAMMON D., BURROWS D.N., SANDERS W.T., et al.
1983ApJ...272L..55E 1 3 15 Stimulated emission and the flat Balmer decrements of cataclysmic variable stars. ELITZUR M., FERLAND G.J., MATHEWS W.G., et al.
1983ApJ...273..249D 70 T                   1 6 52 Radio emission from
AM Herculis : the quiescent component and an outburst.
1983ApJ...274L..71L 1 6 56 Synchronization of magnetic stars in binary systems. LAMB F.K., ALY J.J., COOK M.C., et al.
1983ApJS...51....1N 118 78 HEAO A-2 soft X-ray source catalog. NUGENT J.J., JENSEN K.A., NOUSEK J.A., et al.
1983ApJS...53..523W 69 237 Spectroscopy of cataclysmic variables. I. Observations. WILLIAMS G.
1983MNRAS.202..183F 2 2 29 Column accretion on to white dwarfs. FRANK J., KING A.R. and LASOTA J.P.
1983MNRAS.205.1031C 9 1 45 Magnetic coupling in AM Herculis binaries. CAMPBELL C.G.
1983PASP...95..509S 17 13 A multiwavelength study of the short-period cataclysmic variable V442 Ophiuchi. SZKODY P. and SHAFTER A.W.
1983AcA....33..127D 2 0 The limits to the cross-section for magnetic monopole creation obtained from the persistence of the magnetic field of white dwarfs. DRUKIER A.K.
1983ATsir1272....3T 69 T                   1 1 0 Two colour observations of
AM Herculis.
1983BAAS...15.1005I 4 0 The X-ray properties of the AM Her objects. IMAMURA J.N.
1983IAUC.3759....0V 69 T                   1 1 ~
AM Herculis.
1983IAUC.3892....0M 69 T                   1 1 ~
AM Herculis.
1983MitAG..60..159R 10 11 Secular evolution of cataclysmic binaries. RITTER H.
1983MitVS...9..138G 69 T                   1 1 2 Zum Helligkeitsverhalten des polars
AM Herculis.
1983MitVS...9..180G 69 T                   1 1 1 Einzelbeobachtungen an
AM Her.
1983RMxAA...8..109E 16 60 Are the secondary stars in cataclysmic variables main sequence stars ? ECHEVARRIA J.
1983S&W....22..278V 62 0 Zwergnovae : Beobachtungsergebnisse und ihre Interpretation. VOGT N.
1984A&A...134..328F 4 1 20 Column accretion onto white dwarfs: non-local electron transport and the soft X-ray excess. FRANK J. and KING A.R.
1984A&AS...57..385R 128 70 Catalogue of cataclysmic binaries, low-mass X-ray binaries and related objects. (Third edition). RITTER H.
1984A&AS...58..601P 346 13 Binaires spectroscopiques - 14e catalogue complementaire. PEDOUSSAUT A., GINESTET N. and CARQUILLAT J.M.
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AM Herculis
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AM Herculis
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