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1906MNRAS..66..104B 43 1 The annular nebula in Lyra (M 57). BARNARD E.E.
1946AJ.....52...29P 39 0 Relation between components of binary stars. PAYNE-GAPOSCHKIN C. and GAPOSCHKIN S.
1949AJ.....54..128G 65 T                   1 1 4 The variable
AE Aquarii.
1951AJ.....56R..44M 65 T                   1 2 0
AE Aqr.
1954AJ.....59..326J 65 T                   1 1 0 The binary system
AE Aquarii.
1954ApJ...120..377J 67 T                   1 3 58 Spectroscopic observations of
AE Aquarii.
1954PASP...66....5J 19 6 Variable stars of low luminosity. JOY A.H.
1954AnAp...17..416L 66 T                   1 1 8 Observations photoelectriques de
AE Aqr.
1955PASP...67..337C 65 T                   1 1 2 An interpretation of
AE Aquarii.
1956AJ.....61...49H 8 47 A dynamical problem in binary systems and its bearing on stellar evolution. HUANG S.S.
1956ApJ...123...44C 66 T                   1 16 103 An interpretation of
AE Aquarii.
1956ApJ...124..317J 4 2 60 Radial velocity measures of SS Cygni at minimum light. JOY A.H.
1957AJ.....62..327W 3 4 Photoelectric observations of UX Monocerotis. WOOD F.B.
1957ApJ...126...23G 11 46 Studies of the white dwarfs. III. The recurrent nova WZ Sge as a probable white dwarf. GREENSTEIN J.L.
1958AJ.....63...49D 3 15 Recent observations of the companion of Mira. DEUTSCH A.J.
1958AJ.....63..361S 11 5 Lick Observatory SHANE C.D.
1958ApJ...127..625K 1 11 89 The binary system Nova T Coronae Borealis. KRAFT R.P.
1958AnAp...21....1S 5 9 Remarques sur le phenomene de nova (8). SCHATZMAN E.
1959ApJ...130...99G 3 3 70 The binary system nova DQ Herculis. I. The spectrum and radial velocity during the eclipse cycle. GREENSTEIN J.L. and KRAFT R.P.
1959ApJ...130..110K 2 5 71 The binary system nova DQ Herculis. II. An interpretation of the spectrum during the eclipse cycle. KRAFT R.P.
1959MNRAS.119..359S 12 0 Proceedings of Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope. STOY R.H.
1961AnAp...24..431Z 20 39 Observations et interpretation de l'etoile variable SS Cyg. ZUCKERMANN M.C.
1964ApJ...139..457K 1 23 249 Binary stars among cataclysmic variables. III. Ten old novae. KRAFT R.P.
1964ApJ...139..780I 3 10 A flare of T Coronae Borealis. IANNA P.A.
1965AJ.....70..581W 56 1 Reports of observatories, 1964-65. WAGMAN N.E.
1965ApJ...142.1041K 25 84 Binary stars among cataclysmic variables. VI. On the mean absolute magnitude of U Geminorum variables. KRAFT R.P. and LUYTEN W.J.
1966ApJ...143..121W 7 9 The peculiar star 17 Leportis. WIDING K.G.
1967PASP...79..283M 33 68 Nova and nova-like variables. MUMFORD G.S.
1967PASP...79..395K 8 26 On the structure and evolution of W Ursae Majoris stars. KRAFT R.P.
1967JO.....50..381E 86 0 Observations d'etoiles variables effectuees a l'Observatoire National d'Athenes en 1960-1962. ELIAS P.D.
1967MmRAS..70..111E 1 40 248 Contact binaries. II. EGGEN O.J.
1968IBVS..295....1L 67 T                   1 1 0 Autocorrelative and spectral analysis of the light variation of AE Aqr. LUKAZKAJA F.J.
1968JRASC..62..141M 42 5 Variables star notes. MAYALL M.W.
1969ApJ...158..429P 68 T                   1 1 10 Notes period and velocity curve of
AE Aquarii.
1969ApJ...158..589K 9 45 Binary stars among cataclysmic variables. XI. Photoelectric and spectroscopic observations of the dwarf nova Z Camelopardalis. KRAFT R.P., KRZEMINSKI W. and MUMFORD G.S.
1970ApJ...161..361S 1 2 12 The rate of mass exchange in DQ Herculis. STARRFIELD S.G.
1971A&AS....4..253P 57 24 Binaires spectroscopiques - 11eme catalogue complementaires. PEDOUSSAUT A. and GINESTET N.
1972PASP...84..671I 5 7 Spectroscopic observations of EZ Pegasi. IRVINE N.J.
1974MNSSA..33...21W 13 16 The space density of cataclysmic variable stars. WARNER B.
1977AJ.....82..665P 54 8 Henry Norris Russel prize lecture of the American Astronomical society fifty years of novae. PAYNE-GAPOSCHKIN C.H.
1977ApJ...217..140S 22 77 Infrared photometry of dwarf novae and possibly related objects. SZKODY P.
1978ApJ...219..597P 3 3 59 Photometry of AM Herculis: a slow optical pulsar ? PRIEDHORSKY W.C. and KRZEMINSKI W.
1978ApJ...224..167M 1 4 26 Extreme-ultraviolet observations of dwarf novae from Apollo-Soyuz. MARGON B., SZKODY P., BOWYER S., et al.
1978MNRAS.184p..79W 46 ~ Hard X-ray emission from dwarf novae. WATSON M.G., SHERRINGTON M.R. and JAMESON R.F.
1978PDAO...15..121B 973 284 Seventh catalogue of the orbital elements of spectroscopic binary systems. BATTEN A.H., FLETCHER J.M. and MANN P.J.
1979ApJ...234..978P 74 T                   7 217 Rapid oscillations in cataclysmic variables. III. An oblique rotator in
AE Aquari.
1979AcA....29..665T 2 19 193 On the influence of emission of gravitational waves on the evolution of low-mass close binary stars. TUTUKOV A.V. and YUNGELSON L.R.
1980ApJ...240L.133P 77 T                   1 2 90 33 second X-ray pulsations in
AE Aquarii.
1980MNRAS.190..801W 46 83 Comments on the evolution and origin of cataclysmic binaries. WHYTE C.A. and EGGLETON P.P.
1980MNRAS.191..559J 82 T                   1 1 73 The UV spectrum of
AE Aqr.
1980PASP...92..528F 69 T                   1 2 14 Period variations in spectroscopic binaries : SS Cyg and
AE Aqr.
1980BAAS...12...63W 3 9 Variable stars. WALKER M.F. and BELL M.
1980IUE80......495H 9 ~ Observations of cataclysmic variables with the IUE. HARTMANN L. and RAYMOND J.
1981A&A....95..138G 66 9 Classification of cosmic sources: a statistical approach. GIOVANNELLI F., CORADINI A., LASOTA J.P., et al.
1981A&A...104...24C 78 T                   1 1 49 Image tube spectroscopic studies of rapid variables. IV. Spectroscopic and photometric observations of
AE Aquarii.
1981ApJ...247..577S 1 10 76 IUE observations of eight dwarf novae : a study of the outburst cycle from 0.12 to 3.5 microns. SZKODY P.
1981ApJ...248..256W 1 6 33 Image-tube spectroscopic studies of rapid variables. III. Hydrogen bombs in SS Cygni. WALKER M.F.
1981ApJS...45..517P 1 35 209 Rapid oscillations in cataclysmic variables. VI. Periodicities in erupting dwarf novae. PATTERSON J.
1981MNRAS.197...31B 4 9 204 The distances of cataclysmic variables. BAILEY J.
1981PASP...93...68T 74 T                   1 1 25 Infrared observations of
AE Aquarii.
1981AcA....31..241S 18 26 Radiation from the discs in cataclysmic variables : the chromosphere. SCHWARZENBERG-CZERNY A.
1981IBVS.1911....1J 69 T                   1 1 3 Fast photometry of
AE Aqr.
1981MitAG..52..125R 7 0 On the evolutionary status of the secondaries of cataclysmic binaries. RITTER H.
1982AJ.....87..670O 27 68 A spectrophotometric survey of cataclysmic variable stars. OKE J.B. and WADE R.A.
1982AJ.....87.1558W 33 60 Analysis of cataclysmic variable star energy distributions. WADE R.A.
1982ApJ...255..585M 11 25 The colors of the pulsations and flickering of SY Cancri during outburst. MIDDLEDITCH J. and CORDOVA F.A.
1982ApJ...258..289L 5 4 117 Time-dependent accretion onto magnetized white dwarfs. LANGER S.H., CHANMUGAM G. and SHAVIV G.
1982ApJ...258..572P 6 22 The infrared light curve of U Geminorum. PANEK R.J. and EATON J.A.
1982ApJS...48..239K 1 20 103 X-ray and UV radiation from accreting degenerate dwarfs. II. KYLAFIS N.D. and LAMB D.Q.
1982MNRAS.198..889E 70 T                   1 3 20 The flicker spectrum of
AE Aquarii.
1982PASP...94..137S 10 20 A polarization study of dwarf novae and nova-like objects. SZKODY P., MICHALSKY J.J. and STOKES G.M.
1982PASP...94..916B 25 26 A spectroscopic study of the old nova HR Del. BRUCH A.
1982Ap&SS..86...91A 50 3 On the evolution of low mass binary systems. AMNUEL P.R. and GUSEINOV O.H.
1982SvAL....8..198T 32 22 The evolution of dwarf binaries. TUTUKOV A.V., FEDOROVA A.V. and YUNGEL'SON L.R.
1982IUE82......114L 17 ~ Binary stars: mass transfer and chemical composition. LAMBERT D.L.
1982IUE82......322M 51 ~ Bibliographical index of objects observed by IUE. MEAD J.M. and BOGGESS A.
1983A&A...123...33L 15 48 The formation of massive white dwarfs in cataclysimic binaries. LAW W.Y. and RITTER H.
1983A&AS...53...21V 41 24 Photoelectric UBV photometry of southern and equatorial dwarf novae. VOGT N.
1983ApJS...53..523W 69 237 Spectroscopy of cataclysmic variables. I. Observations. WILLIAMS G.
1983Ap&SS..89..169C 4 2 Radio observations of X-ray pulsators. COE J. and GAVIN G.J.
1983IBVS.2287....1B 24 13 Photometric observations of cataclysmic variables. BRUCH A.
1983MmSAI..54..467S 45 ~ IUE observations of cataclysmic variables. SELVELLI P.L. and HACK M.
1983MitAG..60..159R 10 11 Secular evolution of cataclysmic binaries. RITTER H.
1983RMxAA...8..109E 16 60 Are the secondary stars in cataclysmic variables main sequence stars ? ECHEVARRIA J.
1983S&W....22..278V 62 0 Zwergnovae : Beobachtungsergebnisse und ihre Interpretation. VOGT N.
1984A&A...135....1S 2 4 42 The 1051 s period of the interacting binary white dwarf AM CVn. SOLHEIM J.E., ROBINSON E.L., NATHER R.E., et al.
1984A&AS...56..441B 103 62 A catalogue of UBV colours of cataclysmic variables. BRUCH A.
1984A&AS...57..193V 43 18 Mass transfer in dwarf binaries : a compilation. VERBUNT F. and WADE R.A.
1984A&AS...57..385R 128 70 Catalogue of cataclysmic binaries, low-mass X-ray binaries and related objects. (Third edition). RITTER H.
1984A&AS...58..601P 346 13 Binaires spectroscopiques - 14e catalogue complementaire. PEDOUSSAUT A., GINESTET N. and CARQUILLAT J.M.
1984AJ.....89..389E 3 13 CoD -48 3636: an apparently bright, low-luminosity and high-temperature variable. EGGEN O.J. and NIEMELA V.S.
1984ApJ...285..252C 20 77 The rotational and orbital evolution of cataclysmic binaries containing magnetic white dwarfs. CHANMUGAM G. and RAY A.
1984ApJS...54..335I 79 4 1598 Supernovae of type I as end products of the evolution of binaries with components of moderate initial mass. IBEN I. and TUTUKOV A.
1984ApJS...54..443P 1 123 1036 The evolution of cataclysmic and low-mass X-ray binaries. PATTERSON J.
1984MNRAS.211..883K 3 6 93 The hard X-ray light-curves of accreting magnetized white dwarfs. KING A.R. and SHAVIV G.
1984Afz....21..289T 9 3 On the spectral types of cool components of U Gem type stars. TOVMASSIAN G.H.
1984Obs...104..259R 32 2 Can the activity of the secondary components explain the X-ray emission from cataclysmic variables ? RUCINSKI S.M.
1985ApJ...292..535P 1 67 280 X-ray emission from cataclysmic variables with accretion disks. I. Hard X-rays. PATTERSON J. and RAYMOND J.C.
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1985MNRAS.217p..23K 2 ~ The origin of the magnetic field distribution in accreting white dwarfs. KING A.R.
1985MNRAS.217..327B 28 71 The origin of the infrared light of cataclysmic variable stars. BERRIMAN G., SZKODY P. and CAPPS R.W.
1985AZh....62.1116P 7 3 Magnetic fields of accreting white dwarfs. POSTNOV K.A.
1985BAAS...17Z.589B 3 ~ Radio emission from DQ Her stars. BOOKBINDER J.A. and LAMB D.Q.
1985Natur.313..291K 1 4 18 The origin of soft X-ray pulsations in dwarf novae at outburst and the DQ Herculis phenomenon. KING A.R.
1986Ap&SS.118..271W 30 14 Rapid oscillations in cataclysmic variables. WARNER B.
1987A&A...188...89B 13 41 The anomalous ultraviolet spectrum of the AM Her star H 0538+608. BONNET-BIDAUD J.M. and MOUCHET M.
1987A&AS...68...41B 68 31 A compilation of distances to cataclysmic variable stars. BERRIMAN G.
1987A&AS...70..335R 115 60 Catalogue of cataclysmic binaries, low-mass X-ray binaries and related objects (fourth edition). RITTER H.
1987AJ.....93.1484M 267 27 A systematic search for long-term variability in a large sample of X-ray sources. MACCACARO T., GARILLI B. and MEREGHETTI S.
1987ApJ...316..275H 24 48 The evolution of magnetic cataclysmic variables. HAMEURY J.-M., KING A.R., LASOTA J.P., et al.
1987ApJ...323L.131B 72 T                   1 6 49 Discovery of radio emission from
AE Aquarii.
1987MNRAS.224..227J 1 3 On the flickering of hot spots in cataclysmic variables. JAMES J.F.
1987MNRAS.227...23W 183 480 Absolute magnitudes of cataclysmic variables. WARNER B.
1987AN....308..229A 4 5 On the mechanism of the "noisar" phenomenon in magnetic close binary systems. ANDRONOV I.L.
1987Ap&SS.130...53C 12 25 Radio emission from cataclysmic variables. CHANMUGAM G.
1987Ap&SS.131..549S 36 18 The period and magnetic field distributions of cataclysmic variables : implications for their evolution. SCHMIDT G.D. and LIEBERT J.
1987LNP87.291...72D 17 ~ Nonthermal phenomena in stellar coronae : evidence from radio observations. DULK G.A.
1987LNP87.291...95S 30 ~ Results of a southern radio survey of active chromosphere stars. STEWART R.T., SLEE O.B., NELSON G.J., et al.
1988AJ.....96.1420I 4 7 Millisecond optical photometry of the DQ Herculis objects. IMAMURA J.N. and STEIMAN-CAMERON T.Y.
1988ApJ...324..431B 43   K                 3 104 Radio flares from AE Aquarii : a low-power analog to Cygnus X-3 ? BASTIAN T.S., DULK G.A. and CHANMUGAM G.
1988MNRAS.233..513E 69 26 A statistical analysis of the emission line ratios in cataclysmic variables. ECHEVARRIA J.
1988MNRAS.234.1105N 118 35 A search for radio emission from X-ray binaries and related objects. NELSON R.F. and SPENCER R.E.
1988MNRAS.235..269M 41 3 495 Images of accretion discs - II. Doppler tomography. MARSH T.R. and HORNE K.
1988AcA....38..329C 16 8 On a polar nova Cygni 1975 (V1500 Cyg). CHLEBOWSKI T. and KALUZNY J.
1988ApL....27..247S 30 ~ Microwave spectra and polarization of active stars. SLEE O.B., STEWART R.T., NELSON G.J., et al.
1988BAAS...20.1099P 1 3 The optical and X-ray pulsations of AE Aquarii. PATTERSON J., BEUERMANN K. and AFRICANO J.
1988IAUC.4585....0H 1 ~ AE Aquarii. HORNE K. and McCRAY R.
1989A&A...214..113A 23 42 The X-ray source in the core of 47 Tucanae. AURIERE M., KOCH-MIRAMOND L. and ORTOLANI S.
1989A&AS...79..205V 73 T                   1 4 62 Five-colour optical photometry of
AE Aquarii.
1989AJ.....98.1354R 120 8 Faint H-alpha emission objects near the equatorial selected areas. ROBERTSON T.H. and JORDAN T.M.
1989MNRAS.237..715N 13 25 The magnetic moments of intermediate polars. NORTON A.J. and WATSON M.G.
1989MNRAS.237..835H 5 17 White dwarf masses and nova efficiency in magnetic cataclysmic variables. HAMEURY J.-M., KING A.R., LASOTA J.P., et al.
1989MNRAS.237..853N 1 15 107 Spin modulated X-ray emission from intermediate polars. NORTON A.J. and WATSON M.G.
1989CoKon..93..249R 5 0 New statistics on dwarf novae. RICHTER G.A.
1989RMxAA..17...15E 21 9 Spectrophotometry of cataclysmic variables with the Mepsicron system. ECHEVARRIA J., DIEGO F., MARTINEZ A., et al.
1989SSRv...49..425L 6 0 A catalogue of low-resolution IUE spectra of dwarf novae and nova-like stars. LA DOUS C.
1990A&AS...85.1179R viz 164 176 Catalogue of cataclysmic binaries, low-mass X-ray binaries and related objects (fifth edition). RITTER H.
1990ApJ...349..296B 12 22 H 0534-581 : a new intermediate polar ? BUCKLEY D.A.H. and TUOHY I.R.
1990ApJ...354..708S 1 6 43 V795 Herculis (PG 1711+336) : a new intermediate polar in the period gap. SHAFTER A.W., ROBINSON E.L., CRAMPTON D., et al.
1990ApJ...361..173P 12 19 On the nature of the X-ray pulsar near Lynds 1457. PATTERSON J. and HALPERN J.P.
1990CoSka..20....9S 20 3 Relation of intermediate polars to other cataclysmic binaries. SCHWARZENBERG-CZERNY A.
1990PASAu...8..283B 1 1 Two models for the radio spectra of stellar flares. BEARDWOOD R.J. and MELROSE D.B.
1990SSRv...52..203L 102 16 A catalogue of low-resolution IUE spectra of dwarf novae and nova-like stars LA DOUS C.
1991A&A...251...59B 72 T                   1 4 43 Multicolour photometry of the unusual cataclysmic variable
AE Aquarii.
1991A&A...252..100L 83 79 New insights from a statistical analysis of IUE spectra of dwarf novae and nova-like stars. I. Inclination effects in lines and continua. LA DOUS C.
1991ApJ...370..330E 30 53 A search for periodicities in the X-ray emission from cataclysmic variables. ERACLEOUS M., PATTERSON J. and HALPERN J.
1991ApJ...373..187C 2 6 55 Stationary accelerators around Keplerian disks of aligned magnetized objects: pair production and gamma-ray emission. CHENG K.S. and RUDERMAN M.
1991ApJ...374..298R 109 T K                 1 2 31 The pulse-timing and emission-line orbits of the white dwarf in the cataclysmic variable
AE Aquarii.
1991ApJ...375..600C 33 20 The formation and detection of strongly magnetic white dwarf binaries in globular clusters. CHANMUGAM G., RAY A. and SINGH K.P.
1991ApJ...378..286D 112 T K                 1 1 27 The unusual X-ray pulse timing of
AE Aquarii.
1991ApJ...378..674K 2 10 91 Spin evolution and magnetic fields in cataclysmic variables. KING A.R. and LASOTA J.-P.
1991ApJ...382..290E 32 100 X-ray spectra of cataclysmic variables from the Einstein Observatory. ERACLEOUS M., HALPERN J. and PATTERSON J.
1991MNRAS.248..370W 16 54 White-dwarf rotational equilibria in magnetic cataclysmic variable stars. WARNER B. and WICKRAMASINGHE D.T.
1991MNRAS.252..386W 13 14 Magnetic moment distribution of magnetic cataclysmic variables. WU K. and WICKRAMASINGHE D.T.
1991BAAS...23.1325E 70 T                   1 1 0 The orbital and rotational variability of
AE Aqr.
1991MmSAI..62..321B 4 3 Observational aspects of stellar radio flares. BOOKBINDER J.A.
1992A&A...266..237B 2 15 155 Flickering in cataclysmic variables: its properties and origins. BRUCH A.
1992ApJ...401..325M 115 T K                 2 74 AE Aquarii: an emitter of pulsed TeV gamma rays resembling optical emission during flares. MEINTJES P.J., RAUBENHEIMER B.C., DE JAGER O.C., et al.
1992ApJS...80..257E 823 245 The Einstein Slew Survey. ELVIS M., PLUMMER D., SCHACHTER J., et al.
1992MNRAS.254..427O 14 30 Disc oscillation model for quasi-periodic light variations in cataclysmic. OKUDA T., ONO K., TABATA M., et al.
1992MNRAS.259..695M 71 T                   3 5 The pulsations of AE Aqr : spin or beat ? MARSH T.R.
1992PASP..104..780W 12 0 Studying cataclysmic variables with the Hubble Space Telescope. WOOD J.H.
1992BAAS...24..772W 71 T                   1 ~ Optical spectrophotometry of oscillations and flickering in AE Aqr. WELSH W.F. and HORNE K.
1992PASAu..10...27E 5 2 The CANGAROO project: very high energy gamma-ray astronomy at Woomera. EDWARDS P.G., GREGORY A.G., PATTERSON J.R., et al.
1992SSRv...59..315W 32 93 TeV radiation from galactic sources. WEEKES T.C.
1993A&A...268L...1D 74 T                   1 13 Short optical bursts and acceleration to TeV energies in AE Aquarii. DE JAGER O.C. and MEINTJES P.J.
1993A&A...268..624B 24 63 Lyman-alpha emission in spectra of Herbig Ae stars. An indication of accretion ? BLONDEL P.F.C., TALAVERA A. and TJIN A DJIE H.R.E.
1993AJ....106.1191R 12 15 Near-infrared spectra of cataclysmic variables. RAMSEYER T.F., DINERSTEIN H.L., LESTER D.F., et al.
1993ApJ...406..229W 108 T K                 4 38 Optical spectrophotometry of oscillations and flickering in AE Aquarii. WELSH W.F., HORNE K. and OKE J.B.
1993ApJ...406..692A 109 T K                 3 41 The spectrum and variability of radio emission from AE Aquarii. ABADA-SIMON M., LECACHEUX A., BASTIAN T.S., et al.
1993ApJ...410L..39W 117 T K                 1 47 On the location of the oscillations in AE Aquarii. WELSH W.F., HORNE K. and GOMER R.
1993PASP..105...59P 13 24 Rapid oscillations in cataclysmic variables. IX. BG Canis Majoris (=3A 0729+103). PATTERSON J. and THOMAS G.
1993PASP..105..127D viz 819 152 A catalog and atlas of cataclysmic variables. DOWNES R.A. and SHARA M.M.
1993AGAb....9...39S 4 5 Secular evolution of cataclysmic binaries with moderately evolved secondaries. SINGER R., KOLB U. and RITTER H.
1993AGAb....9...44E 71 T                   1 0 The UV pulsations of AE Aquarii as observed with the HST. ERACLEOUS M., HORNE K., ROBINSON E.L., et al.
1993BAAS...25.1380E 71 T                   1 ~ Hubble Space Telescope observations of the flaring activity of the cataclysmic variable AE Aquarii. ERACLEOUS M., SAIZAR P., HORNE K., et al.
1993RMxAA..26..109E 71 T                   1 0 High resolution time-resolved ucles spectroscopy of AE Aqr. ECHEVARRIA J., DIEGO F., MILLS D., et al.
1993SAAOC..15...78K viz 432 2 UBV photometry of HD stars in the fields of selected cataclysmic variables. KILKENNY D., BARRETT P.E., MARANG F., et al.
1993FA90..R.....38W 22 0 TEV gamma ray source. WEEKES T.C.
1993BaltA...2..389O 3 3 A third world view of, and approach to, some WET problems. O'DONOGHUE D.
1994A&A...281..108R 1 3 17 Spectroscopic detection of the spin pulse in GK Persei. REINSCH K.
1994A&A...282..493R 73 T                   3 31 Spin-phase resolved optical spectroscopy of AE Aquarii. REINSCH K. and BEUERMANN K.
1994A&AS..104...79B 179 112 A catalogue of UBV colours of cataclysmic variables. BRUCH A. and ENGEL A.
1994AJ....108.2207B 44 17 A microwave survey of magnetic cataclysmic variables. BEASLEY A.J., BASTIAN T.S., BALL L., et al.
1994AJ....108.2338H viz 297 62 Photographic astrometry of binary and proper-motion stars. VIII. HEINTZ W.D.
1994ApJ...433..313E 112 T K                 4 83 The ultraviolet pulsations of the cataclysmic variable AE Aquarii as observed with the Hubble Space Telescope. ERACLEOUS M., HORNE K., ROBINSON E.L., et al.
1994ApJ...434..292M 123 T K                 1 64 Simultaneous optical and TeV gamma-ray observations of the cataclysmic variable AE Aquarii. MEINTJES P.J., DE JAGER O.C., RAUBENHEIMER B.C., et al.
1994ApJS...90..775D 39   K                 3 37 Evidence for particle acceleration in a magnetized white dwarf from radio and gamma-ray observations. DE JAGER O.C.
1994MNRAS.267..577D 86 T                   2 125 The discovery of a brake on the white dwarf in AE Aquarii. DE JAGER O.C., MEINTJES P.J., O'DONOGHUE D., et al.
1994MNRAS.269..779P 20 24 A 5-GHz radio survey of magnetic cataclysmic variables. PAVELIN P.E., SPENCER R.E. and DAVIS R.J.
1994PASP..106..209P 7 18 515 The DQ Herculis stars. PATTERSON J.
1994IBVS.3996....1B 71 T                   2 2 AE Aquarii in 1993: cessation of the 33s oscillations? BRUCH A., BESKROVNAYA N., IKHSANOV N., et al.
1994MmSAI..65..173R 9 14 Secular evolution of compact binaries : tema con variazioni. RITTER H.
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1994RMxAA..28..125E 27 4 On the mass transfer-orbital period relation cataclysmic variables. ECHEVARRIA J.
1994RMxAA..29...54P 15 1 The clumpy accretion in Herbig Ae/Be stars. PEREZ M. and THE P.S.
1994SSRv...67....1L 17 25 Observations and theory of cataclysmic variables : on progress and problems in understanding dwarf novae and nova-like stars. LA DOUS C.
1994SSRv...67..241U 19 12 The AM CVn systems : a bibliographic search for clues to their cataclysmic nature. ULLA A.
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