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1987MNRAS.227...23W 183 397 Absolute magnitudes of cataclysmic variables. WARNER B.
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1995PASP..107..324H viz 676 70 Secondary photometric standards for northern nova-like cataclysmic variables. HENDEN A.A. and HONEYCUTT R.K.
1995IBVS.4232....1M 73 T                   4 28 CI Aql: a new short-period eclipsing binary. MENNICKENT R.E. and HONEYCUTT R.K.
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1997PASP..109..345D viz 1017 120 A catalog and atlas of cataclysmic variables-second edition. DOWNES R., WEBBINK R.F. and SHARA M.M.
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2000IBVS.4904....1W 76 T       O           1 10 CI Aquilae in 1917. WILLIAMS D.B.
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2000IAUC.7409Q...1T 1 ~ Probable nova in Aquila. TAKAMIZAWA K., KATO T., YAMAMOTO M., et al.
2000IAUC.7411Q...1Y 73 T                   1 ~ CI Aquilae = probable nova in Aquila. YAMAOKA H., AYANI K., SHIRAKAMI K., et al.
2000IAUC.7417S...1L 73 T                   1 ~ CI Aquilae. LILLER W.
2000IAUC.7426R...1W 73 T                   1 ~ CI Aquilae. WILSON J.C., DUNSCOMBE K.R., JESACHER M.O., et al.
2000IAUC.7436T...1B 73 T                   1 ~ CI Aquilae. BARANSKY A., PEARCE A. and YOSHIDA S.
2000IAUC.7444S...1H 73 T                   2 ~ CI Aquilae. HANZL D.
2000IAUC.7482S...1L 73 T                   1 ~ CI Aquilae. LEHKY M.
2000IAUC.7490R...1M 73 T                   1 ~ CI Aquilae. MAZUK S., RUDY R.J., LYNCH D.K., et al.
2000IAUC.7528R...1M 73 T                   1 ~ CI Aquilae. MATSUMOTO K. and KATO T.
2000AAS...197..905L 73 T                   5 ~ 0.8 - 2.5 µ m spectroscopy of five recent novae or novae-like objects: V4642 (Nova Sgr 2000), CI Aql, V1493 Aql (Nova Aql 1999 #1), V1494 Aql (Nova Aql 1999 #2) and V4444 Sgr (Nova Sgr 1999). LYNCH D.K., RUDY R.J., VENTURINI C.C., et al.
2001A&A...366..858K 111 T K                 10 30 The 2000 outburst of the recurrent nova CI Aquilae: optical spectroscopy. KISS L.L., THOMSON J.R., OGLOZA W., et al.
2001A&A...377L...5A 9 4 NOVA Sco 2001 (V1178 SCO). ANDERSEN M. and KIMESWENGER S.
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2001ApJ...553L.161H 115 T K                 2 31 Prediction of the supersoft X-ray phase, helium enrichment, and turnoff time in the 2000 outburst of the recurrent nova
CI Aquilae.
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2001IAUC.7621....2S 74 T                   1 3 CI Aquilae. SCHAEFER B.E.
2001IAUC.7687....4S 73 T                   1 0 CI Aquilae. SCHAEFER B.E.
2001IAUC.7750....2S 76 T                   1 10 CI Aquilae. SCHAEFER B.E.
2001JAVSO..30..152S 2 ~ Do recurrent novae become type Ia supernovae ? SCHAEFER B.E.
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2002A&A...384..982K 8 9 Nova Cygni 2001/2 = V2275 Cyg. KISS L.L., GOGH N., VINKO J., et al.
2002A&A...391L...7K 13 15 Recurrent nova IM Normae. KATO T., YAMAOKA H., LILLER W., et al.
2002ApJ...578L..59G 111 T K                 5 15 Chandra observations of the recurrent nova
CI Aquilae after its 2000 April outburst.
2002BAVSR..51...23L         O           23 0 Aus der Sektion Eruptive: ein Ruckblick auf das Jahr 2001. LANGE T.
2003A&A...397..951L 111 T K                 12 17 Modelling the recurrent nova
CI Aql in quiescence.
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2003ApJ...584.1008H 113 T K                 4 30 Revised analysis of the supersoft X-ray phase, helium enrichment, and turnoff time in the 2000 outburst of the recurrent nova
CI Aquilae.
2003ApJ...588.1003H 113 T K                 5 32 A new clue to the transition mechanism between optical high and low states of the supersoft X-ray source RX J0513.9-6951, implied by the recurrent nova
CI Aquilae 2000 outburst model.
2003ApJ...590..445H 4 4 48 RX J0513.9-6951: the first example of accretion wind evolution, a key evolutionary process to type Ia supernovae. HACHISU I. and KATO M.
2003ApJ...598..527H 2 6 40 A limit cycle model for long-term optical variations of V Sagittae: the second example of accretion wind evolution. HACHISU I. and KATO M.
2003MNRAS.339.1006M 111 T K                 10 9
CI Aquilae: a recurrent nova with an unusually long plateau phase.
2003MNRAS.343..313W 6 14 High-speed photometry of the recurrent nova IM Normae. WOUDT P.A. and WARNER B.
2003IBVS.5454....1M 74 T       O           4 1 Optical spectrum of
CI Aql in the plateau phase.
2003MmSAI..74..476I 15 0 Spectroscopic monitoring of classical and recurrent novae at Asiago Observatory. IIJIMA T.
2004AJ....127.1089L 37   K                 6 17 Time development of recurrent nova
CI Aquilae's 2000 outburst between 0.8 and 2.5 microns.
LYNCH D.K., WILSON J.C., RUDY R.J., et al.
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2004AAS...205.1921R 5 0 Searching for past outbursts of recurrent novae. ROBINSON P.B. and CLAYTON G.C.
2005ApJ...620..938O 10 11 Chandra observations of the recurrent nova IM Normae. ORIO M., TEPEDELENLIOGLU E., STARRFIELD S., et al.
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2005AN....326..656J 74 T                   9 0 Time resolved spectroscopy of
CI Aql.
2006AJ....132..433K 16 4 Low- and medium-dispersion spectropolarimetry of nova V475 Scuti (Nova Scuti 2003): discovery of an asymmetric high-velocity wind in a moderately fast nova. KAWABATA K.S., OHYAMA Y., EBIZUKA N., et al.
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2007AstBu..62..125G           X         23 12 Photometric and spectroscopic study of Nova Cassiopeiae 1995 (V723 Cas). GORANSKIJ V.P., KATYSHEVA N.A., KUSAKIN A.V., et al.
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2009ApJ...705.1056B 38           X         1 17 22 Optical and X-ray observations of M31N 2007-12b: an extragalactic recurrent nova with a detected progenitor? BODE M.F., DARNLEY M.J., SHAFTER A.W., et al.
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2011ApJS..197...31S viz 132       D     X         4 76 95 Swift X-ray observations of classical novae. II. The super soft source sample. SCHWARZ G.J., NESS J.-U., OSBORNE J.P., et al.
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2012A&A...544A..26I viz 1622 T K A S   X C       39 12 9 Spectroscopic observations of the recurrent nova
CI Aquilae during the 2000 outburst.
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2012MmSAI..83..446G 39           X         1 32 5 The golden age of cataclysmic variables and related objects: a review. GIOVANNELLI F. and SABAU-GRAZIATI L.
2013MNRAS.433.1588S 2165 T K A D S   X C       53 4 11
CI Aql: a Type Ia supernova progenitor ?
2013MNRAS.433.2657R 39           X         1 15 9 Nova KT Eri 2009: infrared studies of a very fast and small amplitude He/N nova. RAJ A., BANERJEE D.P.K. and ASHOK N.M.
2013ApJ...773...55S viz 79           X         2 23 20 The 2011 eruption of the recurrent nova T Pyxidis: the discovery, the pre-eruption rise, the pre-eruption orbital period, and the reason for the long delay. SCHAEFER B.E., LANDOLT A.U., LINNOLT M., et al.
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CI Aquilae.
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CI Aql: implications for white dwarf mass evolution.
SION E.M., WILSON R.E., GODON P., et al.
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