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1992AJ....104..340L viz 16       D               1 529 4449 UBVRI photometric standard stars in the magnitude range 11.5 < V < 16.0 around the celestial equator. LANDOLT A.U.
2005PASP..117...37S viz 81 19 Faint BVRI photometric sequences in selected fields. SAHA A., DOLPHIN A.E., THIM F., et al.
2005AN....326..321B viz 310 29 Absolute magnitudes for late-type dwarf stars for Sloan photometry. BILIR S., KARAALI S. and TUNCEL S.
2006A&A...456..775D 6 10 Basaltic asteroids in the Near-Earth Objects population: a mineralogical analysis. DUFFARD R., DE LEON J., LICANDRO J., et al.
2007A&A...463.1197T 4 0 Photometric and spectroscopic observations of (132524) 2002 JF56: fly-by target of the New Horizons mission. TUBIANA C., DUFFARD R., BARRERA L., et al.
2007ApJ...662L..47H 12 7 P/2006 HR30 (Siding spring): a low-activity comet in near-earth space. HICKS M.D. and BAUER J.M.
2007AJ....134.1626C 37           X         1 9 4 Nuclear spectra of comet 28P Neujmin 1. CAMPINS H., LICANDRO J., PINILLA-ALONSO N., et al.
2008A&A...481..861L 76             C       1 9 22 Spectral properties of asteroids in cometary orbits. LICANDRO J., ALVAREZ-CANDAL A., DE LEON J., et al.
2008ApJ...682L..57M 39           X         1 6 12 A spectroscopically unique main-belt asteroid: 10537 (1991 RY16). MOSKOVITZ N.A., LAWRENCE S., JEDICKE R., et al.
2009AJ....137.4186L viz 15       D               1 597 289 UBVRI photometric standard stars around the celestial equator: updates and additions. LANDOLT A.U.
2009PASA...26...17J 15       D               1 33 12 Calibration of photometry from the Gemini Multi-Object Spectrograph on Gemini North. JORGENSEN I.
2010A&A...517A..23D 95       D       C       3 10 77 Observations, compositional, and physical characterization of near-Earth and Mars-crosser asteroids from a spectroscopic survey. DE LEON J., LICANDRO J., SERRA-RICART M., et al.
2011A&A...527A..42D viz 77           X         2 6 2 Photometric and spectroscopic observations of asteroid (21) Lutetia three months before the Rosetta fly-by. DE LEON J., DUFFARD R., LARA L.M., et al.
2013MNRAS.432..167H           X     *   3 10 12 CK Vul: evolving nebula and three curious background stars. HAJDUK M., VAN HOOF P.A.M. and ZIJLSTRA A.A.
2013A&A...555L...2D 40           X         1 4 9 Visible and near-infrared observations of asteroid 2012 DA14 during its closest approach of February 15, 2013. DE LEON J., ORTIZ J.L., PINILLA-ALONSO N., et al.
2014ApJ...789..151K viz 2           X     *   1 3 16 Physical properties of asteroids in comet-like orbits in infrared asteroid survey catalogs. KIM Y., ISHIGURO M. and USUI F.
2014A&A...568L...6P 136       D     X         4 1 5 The triple near-Earth asteroid (153591) 2001 SN263: an ultra-blue, primitive target for the Aster space mission. PERNA D., ALVAREZ-CANDAL A., FORNASIER S., et al.
2014PASJ...66...51K 16       D               1 14 8 Visible-wavelength spectroscopy of subkilometer-sized near-Earth asteroids with a low delta-ν. KURODA D., ISHIGURO M., TAKATO N., et al.
2015MNRAS.449.1614V 41           X         1 2 6 First EURONEAR NEA discoveries from La Palma using the INT. VADUVESCU O., HUDIN L., TUDOR V., et al.
2015A&A...584A.107B 79           X         2 2 3 (50000) Quaoar: Surface composition variability. BARUCCI M.A., DALLE ORE C.M., PERNA D., et al.
2016ApJ...818..153D viz 16       D               1 1874 9 Calibration of the MEarth photometric system: optical magnitudes and photometric metallicity estimates for 1802 nearby M-dwarfs. DITTMANN J.A., IRWIN J.M., CHARBONNEAU D., et al.
2016A&A...586A.129M 17       D               1 7 8 Compositional study of asteroids in the Erigone collisional family using visible spectroscopy at the 10.4m GTC. MORATE D., DE LEON J., DE PRA M., et al.
2017A&A...599L...1P 6           X     *   1 3 20 Spectral and rotational properties of near-Earth asteroid (162173) Ryugu, target of the Hayabusa2 sample return mission. PERNA D., BARUCCI M.A., ISHIGURO M., et al.
2018A&A...610A..25M viz 16       D           *   1 7 2 Visible spectroscopy of the Sulamitis and Clarissa primitive families: a possible link to Erigone and Polana. MORATE D., DE LEON J., DE PRA M., et al.
2019A&A...627A.124P viz           X     *   2 44 ~ Near-Earth asteroids spectroscopic survey atIsaac Newton Telescope. POPESCU M., VADUVESCU O., DE LEON J., et al.
2019MNRAS.488.3866M 17       D           *   1 12 ~ Compositional characterization of V-type candidate asteroids identified using the MOVIS catalogue. MEDEIROS H., DE LEON J., LAZZARO D., et al.
2019A&A...630A.141M viz 42           X         1 9 ~ The last pieces of the primitive inner belt puzzle: Klio, Chaldaea, Chimaera, and Svea. MORATE D., DE LEON J., DE PRA M., et al.
2019AJ....158..196D viz 17       D               8 11 ~ Visible spectroscopy from the Mission Accessible Near-Earth Object Survey (MANOS): taxonomic dependence on asteroid size. DEVOGELE M., MOSKOVITZ N., THIROUIN A., et al.
2020ApJS..247...73M 17       D               2 11 ~ Twenty years of SpeX: accuracy limits of spectral slope measurements in Asteroid spectroscopy. MARSSET M., DEMEO F.E., BINZEL R.P., et al.
2020AJ....160..130L viz 17       D               2 186 ~ Near-infrared spectral characterization of solar-type stars in the northern hemisphere. LEWIN C.D., HOWELL E.S., VERVACK R.J., et al.
2020A&A...643A.107M       D           *   2 14 ~ Spectral characterisation of 14 V-type candidate asteroids from the MOVIS catalogue. MATLOVIC P., DE LEON J., MEDEIROS H., et al.
2020A&A...643A.117O 17       D           *   1 14 ~ Spin rates of V-type asteroids. OSZKIEWICZ D., TROIANSKYI V., FOHRING D., et al.
2022AJ....163..165M viz           X     *   1 11 10 The Debiased Compositional Distribution of MITHNEOS: Global Match between the Near-Earth and Main-belt Asteroid Populations, and Excess of D-type Near-Earth Objects. MARSSET M., DEMEO F.E., BURT B., et al.
2022A&A...664A.107T 45           X         1 14 4 Near-ultraviolet to visible spectroscopy of the Themis and Polana-Eulalia complex families. TATSUMI E., TINAUT-RUANO F., DE LEON J., et al.
2022A&A...665L...9A 179           X         4 34 ~ Athor asteroid family as the source of the EL enstatite meteorites. AVDELLIDOU C., DELBO M., MORBIDELLI A., et al.
2023A&A...669L..14T 93               F     1 21 ~ Asteroids' reflectance from Gaia DR3: Artificial reddening at near-UV wavelengths. TINAUT-RUANO F., TATSUMI E., TANGA P., et al.
2023ApJ...943..104Z 93           X         2 12 ~ GRB 080503: A Very Early Blue Kilonova and an Adjacent Nonthermal Radiation Component. ZHOU H., JIN Z.-P., COVINO S., et al.
2023A&A...670L..10D           X     *   1 2 1 Mini-moons from horseshoes: A physical characterization of 2022 NX1 with OSIRIS at the 10.4 m Gran Telescopio Canarias. DE LA FUENTE MARCOS R., DE LEON J., DE LA FUENTE MARCOS C., et al.
2023MNRAS.519.1677M 19       D               1 9 ~ Mineralogical analysis of 14 PHAs from ViNOS data. MORATE D., POPESCU M., LICANDRO J., et al.
2023A&A...674A..35G 112       D     X         3 28 10 Gaia Data Release 3 Reflectance spectra of Solar System small bodies. GAIA COLLABORATION, GALLUCCIO L., DELBO M., et al.

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