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2011CBET.2799....1M 39 T       O X         2 2 Supernova 2011fh in NGC 4806. MONARD L.A.G.
2011CBET.2799....2P 39 T       O X         2 2 Supernova 2011fh in NGC 4806. PRIETO J.L. and SETH K.
2015ApJ...807..169A viz 96       D       C       3 148 14 Search for early gamma-ray production in supernovae located in a dense circumstellar medium with the Fermi LAT. ACKERMANN M., ARCAVI I., BALDINI L., et al.
2017MNRAS.470.1881P 552       D     X         14 34 6 Point-source and diffuse high-energy neutrino emission from Type IIn supernovae. PETROPOULOU M., COENDERS S., VASILOPOULOS G., et al.
2018A&A...613A..35K 100       D     X         3 171 55 Constraints on core-collapse supernova progenitors from explosion site integral field spectroscopy. KUNCARAYAKTI H., ANDERSON J.P., GALBANY L., et al.
2019ApJS..241...38S viz 17       D               4 220 38 A comprehensive analysis of Spitzer supernovae. SZALAI T., ZSIROS S., FOX O.D., et al.
2022ApJ...928..138P 6886 T   A     X C       146 27 7 Unveiling the Nature of
SN 2011fh: A Young and Massive Star Gives Rise to a Luminous SN 2009ip-like Event.
2022A&A...662L..10R 93             C       1 14 6 SN 2021foa, a transitional event between a Type IIn (SN 2009ip-like) and a Type Ibn supernova. REGUITTI A., PASTORELLO A., PIGNATA G., et al.
2022ApJ...935L..33J 47           X         1 25 7 Hubble Space Telescope Imaging Reveals That SN 2015bh Is Much Fainter than Its Progenitor. JENCSON J.E., SAND D.J., ANDREWS J.E., et al.
2022A&A...666A..79F viz 93           X         2 18 6 SN 2019zrk, a bright SN 2009ip analog with a precursor. FRANSSON C., SOLLERMAN J., STROTJOHANN N.L., et al.
2022ApJ...939..105B 140       S   X         2 121 10 Seven Years of Coordinated Chandra-NuSTAR Observations of SN 2014C Unfold the Extreme Mass-loss History of Its Stellar Progenitor. BRETHAUER D., MARGUTTI R., MILISAVLJEVIC D., et al.

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