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1993A&A...275L..29H 74 T                   3 43 SN 1993J : explosion of a massive cool supergiant with a small envelope nass ? HOEFLICH P., LANGER N. and DUSCHINGER M.
1993A&A...280L..11V 71 T                   6 19 Interstellar and intergalactic gas in th direction of SN 1993J in M 81. VLADILO G., CENTURION M., DE BOER K.S., et al.
1993A&A...280L..15D 72 T                   3 19 Intergalactic and galactic clouds on the line of sight to SN 1993J in M 81 seen in IUE spectra. DE BOER K.S., RODRIGUEZ-PASCUAL P., WAMSTEKER W., et al.
1993AJ....106.2243M 4 13 Resolved stars in nearby galaxies: ground-based photometry of M 81. MADORE B.F., FREEDMAN W.L. and LEE M.G.
1993ApJ...412L..29S 12 24 A ROSAT upper limit on X-ray emission from SN 1987A. SCHLEGEL E.M. and PETRE R.
1993ApJ...414L..21T 112 T K                 3 77 Spectropolarimetry of
SN 1993J in NGC 3031.
1993ApJ...414L.105H 42   K                 2 57 Type II supernovae from 8-10 solar mass asymptotic giant branch stars. HASHIMOTO M., IWAMOTO K. and NOMOTO K.
1993ApJ...415L.103F 111 T K                 9 197 The "type IIb" supernova 1993J in M 81 : a close relative of type Ib supernovae. FILIPPENKO A.V., MATHESON T. and HO L.C.
1993ApJ...416L..21B 110 T K                 2 36 Interpretation of the early spectra of
SN 1993J in M 81.
1993ApJ...417L..71W 110 T K                 4 64 Early observations of
SN 1993J in M 81 at McDonald Observatory.
1993ApJ...419L..73S 107 T K                 2 13 Hydrodynamical models for X-ray emissions from
SN 1993J in M 81.
1993MNRAS.264L..17P 73 T                   4 40 Ryle telescope observations of SN 1993J at 15 GHz: the first 115d. POOLEY G.G. and GREEN D.A.
1993AcApS..13..295Z 71 T                   1 0 UBVRI photometric observations of
supernova 1993J.
ZHOU X., ZHENG Z.-Y. and WU H.
1993AcApS..13..297H 71 T                   3 0 A study of the supernova SN 1993J. HU J.-Y., WANG L.-F., JIANG X.J., et al.
1993LAstr.107..242V 71 T                   2 0 La supernova 1993J dans M 81. VERDENET M.
1993AGAb....9..103Z 71 T                   2 0 ROSAT detects X rays from SN 1993J. ZIMMERMANN H.-U., LEWIN W., PREDEHL P., et al.
1993AGAb....9..166D 71 T                   3 0 Intergalactic and galactic clouds on the line of sight to SN 1993J in M 81. DE BOER K.S., BOMANS D.J., STEGERT J., et al.
1993BAAS...25..793B 8 ~ A search for UV absorption lines from low-redshift galaxies. BOWEN D.V., BLADES J.C. and PETTINI M.
1993BAAS...25..819F 5 ~ The spectroscopic and photometric evolution of type II supernovae. FILIPPENKO A.V.
1993BAAS...25..835D 71 T                   2 ~ BVRI synthetic aperture photometry of Supernova 1993J. DOSAJ A., et al.
1993BAAS...25.1243R 71 T                   1 0 UV and optical echelle observations of interstellar Mg and Na absorption toward SN 1993J. ROTH K.C., BOWEN D.V., BLADES J.C., et al.
1993BAAS...25.1244G 71 T                   2 ~ Early spectra of SN 1993J in M 81. GARNAVICH P.M. and ANN H.B.
1993BAAS...25.1244V 71 T                   2 ~ The early radio light curves for supernova 1993J in M 81. VAN DYK S.D., et al.
1993BAAS...25.1291W 71 T                   4 ~ Supernova 1993J - star of the 1990s. WEILER K.W.
1993BAAS...25.1326M 5 ~ High S/N observations of low-ionization gas through the galactic halo. MEYER D.M., ROTH K.C., SAVAGE B.D., et al.
1993BAAS...25Q1339V 71 T                   2 ~ An update on the radio emission from SN 1993J in M 81. VAN DYK S.D., WEILER K.W., SRAMEK R.A., et al.
1993BAAS...25R1339R 71 T                   2 ~ VLBI observations of supernova 1993J in M81. RUPEN M., CONWAY J., BARTEL N., et al.
1993BAAS...25S1339L 71 T                   3 ~ Hard X-rays from
supernova 1993J.
1993BAAS...25Z1339H 71 T                   1 ~ Theoretical models of type II Supernova SN1993J. HSU J.J.L., PODSIADLOWSKI P., JOSS P.C., et al.
1993BAAS...25.1348F 71 T                   2 ~ Optical spectra of SN 1993J during the first week. FINN R.A., FESEN R.A., DARLING J.D., et al.
1993BAAS...25Q1348B 71 T                   2 ~ Spectral analysis of SN 1993J. BARON E., HAUSCHILDT P.H. and BRANCH D.
1993BAAS...25.1349G 71 T                   3 ~ The rise and fall and rise and final fall of supernova SN 1993J in M81. GUINAN E.F., MARSHALL J. and McCOOK G.P.
1993BAAS...25Q1349N 71 T                   1 ~ Models for optical and X-ray light curves of type II-b
supernova 1993J.
1993BAAS...25R1349H 71 T                   1 ~ Nebular phase synthetic spectra of SN 1993J. HOUCK J. and FRANSSON C.
1993C&E...280...13B 3 0 La Grande Ourse abrite une supernova. BRUNIER S.
1993ComAp..17..159T 29 0 Conference report : evolutionary links in the zoo of interacting binaries. TRIMBLE V.
1993ExA.....4....1I 1 2 12 The X-ray astronomy satellite "ASCA". INOUE H.
1993Gemin..40....1M 72 T                   1 6 Supernova 1993J. MEIKLE P., LEWIS J., MARTIN R., et al.
1993Gemin..41...15M 71 T                   1 0 Daytime observations of SN 1993J on GHRIL. MAHONEY T.J., SELBY M.J. and KIDGER M.R.
1993Gemin..42...25P 3 1 UES update. PETTINI M., WALTON N. and LIPMAN K.
1993IBVS.3905....1M 71 T                   2 3 BV photoelectric photometry of SN 1993J in NGC 3031 = M 81. MUNARI U., SOSTERO G., LEPARDO A., et al.
1993IAUC.5731....1R 76 T                   4 87 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. RIPERO J., GARCIA F., RODRIGUEZ D., et al.
1993IAUC.5733....1G 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. GOMEZ G.
1993IAUC.5736....1A 72 T                   2 14 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. ANDRILLAT Y.
1993IAUC.5737....1R 71 T                   3 9 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. RICHMOND M., VAN DRIEL W., FILIPPENKO A.V., et al.
1993IAUC.5738....1W 72 T                   3 12 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. WAMSTEKER W., RODRIGUEZ P.M., GONZALEZ R., et al.
1993IAUC.5739....1H 73 T                   2 16 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. HUMPHREYS R.M., ALDERING G.S., BRYIA C.O., et al.
1993IAUC.5740....1F 73 T                   2 18 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. FILIPPENKO A.V., MATHESON T., KIRSHNER R.P., et al.
1993IAUC.5741....1M 71 T                   3 5 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. MAGNIER E., LEWIN W., LUBIN L., et al.
1993IAUC.5742....1C 71 T                   9 12 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. CORWIN H.G., PORTER A.C., NEELY A.W., et al.
1993IAUC.5743....1S 71 T                   4 13 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. SRAMEK R.A., VAN DYK S.D., WEILER K.W., et al.
1993IAUC.5746....1B 71 T                   4 0 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. BALONEK T.J., TREMONTI C.A. and KOCH J.
1993IAUC.5747....1K 71 T                   3 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. KATO T. and HANZL D.
1993IAUC.5748....1Z 73 T                   2 20 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. ZIMMERMANN H.U., LEWIN W., MAGNIER E., et al.
1993IAUC.5750....1Z 71 T                   5 7 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. ZIMMERMANN H.U., LEWIN W., MAGNIER E., et al.
1993IAUC.5751....1F 72 T                   2 15 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. FESEN R., THORSTENSEN J., BENETTI S., et al.
1993IAUC.5752....1W 73 T                   2 19 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. WEILER K.W., SRAMEK R.A., VAN DYK S.D., et al.
1993IAUC.5753....1T 74 T                   2 25 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. TANAKA Y.
1993IAUC.5754....1B 71 T                   3 7 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. BALONEK T., SONNEBORN G., RODRIGUEZ P.M., et al.
1993IAUC.5755....1K 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. KING D.
1993IAUC.5756....1W 71 T                   3 2 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. WHEELER J.C. and CLOCCHIATTI A.
1993IAUC.5757....1L 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. LAWRENCE G.F. and PAULSON A.
1993IAUC.5758....1B 71 T                   2 7 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. BLAKESLEE J. and TONRY J.
1993IAUC.5759....1V 71 T                   4 7 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. VAN DYK S.D., WEILER K.W., RUPEN M.P., et al.
1993IAUC.5760....1F 71 T                   2 4 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. FILIPPENKO A.V. and MATHESON T.
1993IAUC.5761....1C 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. CENTURION M. and VLADILO G.
1993IAUC.5762....1S 71 T                   4 4 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. STROM R.G., BOONSTRA A.-J., BRAUN R., et al.
1993IAUC.5763....1P 71 T                   2 4 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. PHILLIPS J.A., KULKARNI S.R., MORBIDELLI L., et al.
1993IAUC.5765....1H 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. HANZL D., KULESZA B., MIKOLAJEWSKI M., et al.
1993IAUC.5766....1Z 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. ZIMMERMANN H.U., LEWIN W., MAGNIER E., et al.
1993IAUC.5767....1M 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. MORRISON L.V., ARGYLE R.W. and HELMER L.
1993IAUC.5768....1R 71 T                   2 4 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. RUPEN M.P., SRAMEK R.A., VAN DYK S.D., et al.
1993IAUC.5769....1T 71 T                   2 1 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. TWEEDY R., BALONEK T. and WELLS L.
1993IAUC.5770....1K 71 T                   2 0 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. KLOCHKOVA V. and PANCHUK V.
1993IAUC.5771....1T 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. TOMANEY A. and CROTTS A.
1993IAUC.5773....1P 72 T                   2 13 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. POOLEY G.G. and GREEN D.A.
1993IAUC.5774....1D 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. DUMONT M., MANDA A., REMIS J., et al.
1993IAUC.5775....1P 71 T                   4 7 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. PHILLIPS J.A. and KULKARNI S.R.
1993IAUC.5776....1V 72 T                   2 13 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. VAN DYK S.D., WEILER K.W., SRAMEK R.A., et al.
1993IAUC.5777....1H 72 T                   2 9 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. HU J.Y., LI Z.W., JIANG X.J., et al.
1993IAUC.5779....1P 71 T                   2 2 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. PORTER A.C., STOCKE J., PERLMAN E., et al.
1993IAUC.5780....1T 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. TRAMMELL S.R., HINES D.C. and WHEELER J.C.
1993IAUC.5782....1Z 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. ZHOU X.
1993IAUC.5783....1H 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. HU J.Y., WANG L.F. and JIANG X.J.
1993IAUC.5784....1R 71 T                   3 ~
Supernova 1993J, 3C 273 and 3C 279.
1993IAUC.5785....1M 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. MARCAIDE J.M., ROGERS A.E., ALBERDI A., et al.
1993IAUC.5787....1F 2 3 33 PSR 1823-13. FINLEY J.P. and OEGELMAN H.
1993IAUC.5788....1S 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. SCHNEIDER O., MIZSER A., GRANSLO B.H., et al.
1993IAUC.5795....1K 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. KIDGER M., MAHONEY T. and SELBY M.
1993IAUC.5796....1M 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. MIKUZ H., DINTINJANA B. and ZWITTER T.
1993IAUC.5799....1G 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. GREEN D.A. and POOLEY G.G.
1993IAUC.5809....1B 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. BENETTI S. and BARBON R.
1993IAUC.5816....1P 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. PRESSBERGER R. and MAITZEN H.M.
1993IAUC.5817....1T 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. TWEEDY R.W., BALONEK T.J., HINTZ E., et al.
1993IAUC.5820....1M 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. MARCAIDE J.M., ROGERS A.E.E., ALBERDI A., et al.
1993IAUC.5822....1M 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. MARTIN R.
1993IAUC.5828....1V 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. VAN DYK S.D., NGUYEN H.A., WEILER K.W., et al.
1993IAUC.5831....0M 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. MIKUZ H., DINTINJANA B. and ZWITTER T.
1993IAUC.5832....1P 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. PRESSBERGER R. and MAITZEN H.M.
1993IAUC.5844....1L 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. LAWRENCE G.F., PAULSON A., MASON C., et al.
1993IAUC.5846....1M 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. MIKUZ H., DINTINJANA B. and ZWITTER T.
1993IAUC.5847....1W 71 T                   2 3 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. WANG L., HU J.Y., LI A.G., et al.
1993IAUC.5862....1Z 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. ZHOU X., LI Y. and YAN H.-J.
1993IAUC.5874....1G 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. GRANSLO B.H. and DAHLE H.
1993IAUC.5884....1P 71 T                   2 ~ Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. PHILLIPS J.A. and KULKARNI S.R.
1993IAUC.5899....1Z 71 T                   2 4 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. ZIMMERMANN H.-U., ASCHENBACH B., HASINGER G., et al.
1993IAUC.5914....1B 71 T                   2 6 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. BARTEL N., BIETENHOLZ M., RUPEN M., et al.
1993JApA...14...53R 74 T                   2 28 The bolometric light curve of SN 1993J and the nature of its progenitor. RAY A., SINGH K.P. and SUTARIA F.K.
1993JAVSO..22...96E 4 ~ Supernovae search. EVANS R.O.
1993JBAA..103..155H 71 T                   2 0 Supernova 1993J in NGC 3031. HURST G.M.
1993MmSAI..64..758V 71 T                   2 0 CA II and K I interstellar absorption in the direction of SN 1993J in M 81 VLADILO G. and CENTURION M.
1993Natur.362..585P 3 1 Supernova brightens the horizon. PEASE R.
1993Natur.363..668M 5 2 Supernovae can't be typecast. MURDIN P.
1993Natur.364..507N 89 T                   3 227 A type IIb model for
supernova 1993J.
1993Natur.364..509P 83 T                   4 206 The progenitor of
supernova 1993J : a stripped supergiant in a binary system ?
1993Natur.364..600S 75 T                   5 80 The unusual supernova SN 1993J in the galaxy M 81. SCHMIDT B.P., KIRSHNER R.P., EASTMAN R.G., et al.
1993Natur.364..677H 3 0 Being around at the death. HABING H. and MURDIN P.
1993Natur.365..232S 74 T                   4 60 Supernova 1993J as a spectroscopic link between type II and type Ib supernovae. SWARTZ D.A., CLOCCHIATTI A., BENJAMIN R., et al.
1993NewSc1870...14H 3 0 Supernova sends shockwaves through astronomy. HECHT J.
1993NewSc1874...17H 1 0 Supernova changes its spectral spots. HECHT J.
1993PASJ...45L..43T 72 T                   2 12 Optical spectra of the supernova 1993J in M 81. TANIGUCHI Y., MURYAMA T., SATO Y., et al.
1993PASJ...45L..59V 71 T                   8 13 BVRI photometry of SN 1993J in M 81. I. Period April 01-30 1993. VAN DRIEL W., YOSHIDA S., NAZKADA Y., et al.
1993PASJ...45L..63O 71 T                   5 4 A V-band light curve of SN 1993J during the first 50 days. OKYUDO M., KATO T., ISHIDA T., et al.
1993Rech..259.1210A 1 0 Souvent supernova varie ... ANON
1993S&T....86f..30F 19 0 A supernova with an identity crisis. FILIPPENKO A.V.
1993SSRv...66..425W 13 4 The evolution of massive stars to explosion. WHEELER J.C. and SWARTZ D.A.
1993SSRv...66..439P 71 T                   4 5 SN 1987A and SN 1993J: testing stellar evolution theory? PODSIADLOWSKI P.
1993S&W....32..584D 71 T                   2 0 Eine intergalaktische Wolke vor SN 1993J in M 81 ? DE BOER K.S.
1993S&W....32..668L 71 T                   1 0 Supernova 1993J : erste Modelle. LANGER N.
1993S&W....32..679B 71 T                   1 0 Supernova 1993J strahlt im Rontgenbereich. BUHRKE T.
1994A&A...281L..53B 74 T                   3 37 A model for
supernova 1993J.
1994A&A...281L..89U 73 T                   4 37 Type IIb supernova 1993J in M 81 : the explosion of a 4 solar mass star in a close binary system. UTROBIN V.
1994A&A...282..731P 1 36 183 Light curves of type II supernovae. II. The analysis. PATAT F., BARBON R., CAPPELLARO E., et al.
1994A&A...285L..13B 110 T K                 1 15 Narrow features in the early spectrum of
SN 1993J.
1994A&A...291..425V 107 T K                 11 20 Interstellar and intergalactic gas towards SN1993J in M81: a study of optical and 21cm spectra. VLADILO G., CENTURION M., DE BOER K.S., et al.
1994A&AS..106..523R 9 24 Far UV imaging of M 81 and comparison to other spiral tracers. REICHEN M., KAUFMAN M., BLECHA A., et al.
1994AJ....107..662A 83 T                   4 206 SN 1993J: the optical properties of its progenitor. ALDERING G., HUMPHREYS R.M. and RICHMOND M.
1994AJ....107.1022R viz 74 T                   15 214 UBVRI photometry of SN 1993J in M 81: the first 120 days. RICHMOND M.W., TREFFERS R.R., FILIPPENKO A.V., et al.
1994AJ....107.1453B viz 71 T                   6 20 Light curves of SN 1993J from the Keck Northeast Consortium. BENSON P.J., HERBST W., SALZER J.J., et al.
1994AJ....108.1002G 71 T                   10 14 Early spectra of supernova 1993J in M 81. GARNAVICH P.M. and ANN H.B.
1994AJ....108.1008H 1 7 39 The early spectral evolution of nova Cassiopeiae 1993. HAUSCHILDT P.H., STARRFIELD S., SHORE S.N., et al.
1994AJ....108.1893S 20 15 X-ray emission from the historical supernovae in the spiral galaxy NGC 6946: SN 1980K and SN 1968D recovered? SCHLEGEL E.M.
1994AJ....108.2220F 73 T                   10 86 The peculiar type II supernova 1993J in M81: transition to the nebular phase. FILIPPENKO A.V., MATHESON T. and BARTH A.J.
1994ApJ...420L..71B 72 T                   6 28 Interstellar and intergalactic magnesium and sodium absorption toward SN 1993J. BOWEN D.V., ROTH K.C., BLADES J.C., et al.
1994ApJ...420..341S 115 T K                 4 132 Theoretical light curves of type IIb
supernova 1993J.
1994ApJ...421L..23R 1 6 36 Relic radio emission in 3C 388. ROETTIGER K., BURNS J.O., CLARKE D.A., et al.
1994ApJ...424L..25M 107 T K                 10 23 Radio-size estimates of
SN 1993J.
1994ApJ...426..334B 118 T K                 1 47 Modeling and interpretation of the optical and HST UV spectrum of
SN 1993J.
1994ApJ...429..300W 129 T K                 3 273
SN 1993J : a type IIb supernova.
1994ApJ...430...53P 63 68 Luminosity-line-width relations and the extragalactic distance scale. II. A comparison with types Ia and II supernovae. PIERCE M.J.
1994ApJ...431L..95L 111 T K                 2 35 Hard X-rays from
SN 1993J.
1994ApJ...432L.115V 123 T K                 2 135
SN 1993J : the early radio emission and evidence for a changing presupernova mass-loss rate.
1994ApJ...432L.119S 6 2 53 Axisymmetric neutrino radiation and the mechanism of supernova explosions. SHIMIZU T., YAMADA S. and SATO K.
1994ApJ...434L..19S 1 15 99 SN 1991T: reflections of past glory. SCHMIDT B.P., KIRSHNER R.P., LEIBUNDGUT B., et al.
1994ApJ...436L.135W 37   K                 9 42 SN 1994I in M51 and the nature of type Ibc supernovae. WHEELER J.C., HARKNESS R.P., CLOCCHIATTI A., et al.
1994ApJS...92..219V viz 289 11 A catalog of recent supernovae. VAN DEN BERGH S.
1994ApJS...92..351G 55 23 The Compton gamma ray observatory. GEHRELS N., CHIPMAN E. and KNIFFEN D.
1994MNRAS.266L..27L 73 T                   7 81 Optical observations of
supernova 1993J from La Palma - I. Days 2 to 125.
1994MNRAS.266L..61S 74 T                   4 61 Clumping and large-scale anisotropy in
supernova 1993J.
1994PASP..106....1T 79 6 Astrophysics in 1993. TRIMBLE V. and LEONARD P.J.T.
1994PASP..106..156D 71 T                   34 6 Magnitudes and colors of SN 1993J comparison stars. DE VAUCOULEURS G., CORWIN H.G. and SKIFF B.A.
1994LAstr.108..260M 12 0 Bilan des decouvertes de 1993. MERLIN J.-C.
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