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2001IAUC.7738....2L 4 1 Possible nova in the Small Magellanic Cloud. LILLER W. and PEARCE A.
2001IAUC.7743....2D 2 1 Nova in the Small Magellanic Cloud 2001. DELLA VALLE M., SAVIANE I. and WILLIAMS R.
2001IAUC.7743....3J 73 T                   3 1 Nova in the Small Magellanic Cloud 2001. JENSEN E.L.N., ALLEN P., SCHWARZ G.J., et al.
2001IAUC.7744....3L 2 0 Nova in the Small Magellanic Cloud 2001. LILLER W.
2001IAUC.7744....4B 2 1 Nova in the Small Magellanic Cloud 2001. BOSCH G.L., BARBA R.H. and MORRELL N.I.
2004IBVS.5582....1L         O           17 4 Light curves for recent Magellanic cloud novae. LILLER W., SHIDA R.Y. and JONES A.F.
2005A&A...435.1031M 37   K                 24 9 Early decline spectra of nova SMC 2001 and nova LMC 2002. MASON E., DELLA VALLE M., GILMOZZI R., et al.
2006A&A...459..875E viz         O           14 22 Early spectral evolution of Nova Sagittarii 2004 (V5114 Sagittarii). EDEROCLITE A., MASON E., DELLA VALLE M., et al.
2008ApJ...685..451W 38           X         1 21 34 Transient heavy element absorption systems in novae: episodic mass ejection from the secondary star. WILLIAMS R., MASON E., DELLA VALLE M., et al.
2008A&A...492..787S 38           X         1 21 33 The secrets of T Pyxidis. II. A recurrent nova that will not become a SN Ia. SELVELLI P., CASSATELLA A., GILMOZZI R., et al.
2014MNRAS.444L..11M 40           X         1 17 6 OGLE-SMC-LPV-00861 (LIN 9): the first proven Z And outburst in a Magellanic symbiotic star. MISZALSKI B., MIKOLAJEWSKA J. and UDALSKI A.
2016ApJS..222....9M 16       D               1 36 10 OGLE atlas of classical novae. II. Magellanic Clouds. MROZ P., UDALSKI A., POLESKI R., et al.
2017MNRAS.472.1300W 84           X         2 23 2 Multiwavelength observations of the 2015 nova in the Local Group irregular dwarf galaxy IC 1613. WILLIAMS S.C., DARNLEY M.J. and HENZE M.

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