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2001MNRAS.322L..29C viz 20593 161 The 2dF QSO Redshift Survey - V. The 10k catalogue. CROOM S.M., SMITH R.J., BOYLE B.J., et al.
2004MNRAS.349.1397C viz 15       D               1 49427 420 The 2dF QSO Redshift Survey - XII. The spectroscopic catalogue and luminosity function. CROOM S.M., SMITH R.J., BOYLE B.J., et al.
2009MNRAS.399.1191C 15       D               1 90 112 Galaxy Zoo green peas: discovery of a class of compact extremely star-forming galaxies. CARDAMONE C., SCHAWINSKI K., SARZI M., et al.
2011ApJ...728..161I 77 99 Green pea galaxies and cohorts: luminous compact emission-line galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. IZOTOV Yu.I., GUSEVA N.G. and THUAN T.X.
2013ApJ...765...26S viz 16       D               1 301 11 Dissection of Hα emitters: low-z analogs of z > 4 star-forming galaxies. SHIM H. and CHARY R.-R.
2016A&A...591L...8S 85             C       1 5 23 The ionizing photon production efficiency of compact z ∼ 0.3 Lyman continuum leakers and comparison with high-redshift galaxies. SCHAERER D., IZOTOV Y.I., VERHAMME A., et al.
2016MNRAS.461.3683I 1119       D     X C F     26 12 77 Detection of high Lyman continuum leakage from four low-redshift compact star-forming galaxies. IZOTOV Y.I., SCHAERER D., THUAN T.X., et al.
2017A&A...597A..13V 85         O X         2 16 52 Lyman-α spectral properties of five newly discovered Lyman continuum emitters. VERHAMME A., ORLITOVA I., SCHAERER D., et al.
2017ApJ...838....4Y 16       D               1 31 9 Lyα and UV sizes of Green Pea galaxies. YANG H., MALHOTRA S., RHOADS J.E., et al.
2017ApJ...844..171Y viz 16       D               1 43 28 Lyα profile, dust, and prediction of Lyα escape fraction in Green Pea galaxies. YANG H., MALHOTRA S., GRONKE M., et al.
2017A&A...605A..67C 412           X C       9 22 16 Do galaxies that leak ionizing photons have extreme outflows? CHISHOLM J., ORLITOVA I., SCHAERER D., et al.
2017ApJ...851L...9J 16       D               1 33 3 Kinematics and optical depth in the Green Peas: suppressed superwinds in candidate LyC emitters. JASKOT A.E., OEY M.S., SCARLATA C., et al.
2018ApJ...855...96H 17       D               3 13 2 A close relationship between Lyα and Mg II in Green Pea galaxies. HENRY A., BERG D.A., SCARLATA C., et al.
2018A&A...616A..29G 811       D     X C F     18 19 6 Neutral gas properties of Lyman continuum emitting galaxies: Column densities and covering fractions from UV absorption lines. GAZAGNES S., CHISHOLM J., SCHAERER D., et al.
2019ApJ...885...57W 17       D               1 32 ~ A new technique for finding galaxies leaking Lyman-continuum radiation: [S II]-deficiency. WANG B., HECKMAN T.M., LEITHERER C., et al.
2020ApJ...893..134K 17       D               1 50 ~ The importance of star formation intensity in Lyα escape from Green Pea galaxies and Lyman Break Galaxy Analogs. KIM K., MALHOTRA S., RHOADS J.E., et al.
2020A&A...639A..85G 366       D     X C       8 26 ~ The origin of the escape of Lyman α and ionizing photons in Lyman continuum emitters. GAZAGNES S., CHISHOLM J., SCHAERER D., et al.
2020MNRAS.497.4293G 540       D     X C F     11 12 ~ Properties of five z ∼ 0.3-0.4 confirmed LyC leakers: VLT/XShooter observations. GUSEVA N.G., IZOTOV Y.I., SCHAERER D., et al.
2020MNRAS.498.2554C 104       D       C       2 11 ~ Optically thin spatially resolved Mg II emission maps the escape of ionizing photons. CHISHOLM J., PROCHASKA J.X., SCHAERER D., et al.
2020A&A...644A..21R 44           X         1 10 ~ Reconciling escape fractions and observed line emission in Lyman-continuum-leaking galaxies. RAMAMBASON L., SCHAERER D., STASINSKA G., et al.
2021ApJ...908...30K 18       D               1 24 ~ Radiation hydrodynamics of turbulent H II regions in molecular clouds: a physical origin of LyC leakage and the associated Lyα spectra. KAKIICHI K. and GRONKE M.
2021ApJ...914....2K 18       D               1 43 ~ The compact UV size of Green Pea galaxies as local analogs of high-redshift Lyα-emitters. KIM K.J., MALHOTRA S., RHOADS J.E., et al.
2022A&A...658L..11S 93         O   C       1 12 ~ Strong Lyman continuum emitting galaxies show intense C IV λ1550 emission. SCHAERER D., IZOTOV Y.I., WORSECK G., et al.
2022ApJ...933..202X 19       D               1 33 ~ Tracing Lyα and LyC Escape in Galaxies with Mg II Emission. XU X., HENRY A., HECKMAN T., et al.
2022MNRAS.515.2864I 140           X   F     2 26 ~ Lyman alpha and Lyman continuum emission of Mg II-selected star-forming galaxies. IZOTOV Y.I., CHISHOLM J., WORSECK G., et al.
2022A&A...663A..66M 19       D               1 22 ~ Predicting Lyman-continuum emission of galaxies using their physical and Lyman-alpha emission properties. MAJI M., VERHAMME A., ROSDAHL J., et al.
2022ApJ...940...31L 19       D               1 29 ~ On the Triggering of Extreme Starburst Events in Low-metallicity Galaxies: A Deep Search for Companions of Green Peas. LAUFMAN L., SCARLATA C., HAYES M., et al.

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