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1964AAHam...7..155W 67 T                   1 27 4 26 neue Bedeckungsveraenderliche (HBV 376-401) in der Umgebung des Kapteynschen Eichfeldes
SA 98 (Monoceros).
1964AAHam...7..203W 67 T                   1 22 0 Die delta Cephei und RR Lyrae Veraenderlichen im erweiteren Kapteyn-Feld
SA 98 (Monoceros).
1966AAHam...7..339W viz 39 1 Weitere 38 neue Veraenderliche (HBV 437-474) in der Umgebung des Kapteynschen Eichfeldes SA 98 (Monoceros). WACHMANN A.A.
1968AAHam...7..381W 67 T                   1 71 1 Beobachtungen von 71 bekannten Veraenderlichen in der Umgebung des Kapteynschen Eichfeldes
SA 98 (Monoceros).
1987A&A...180...94B 8 6 198 The mass density in our galaxy. BIENAYME O., ROBIN A.C. and CREZE M.
1996A&AS..120..357I viz 229 5 CCD sequences in the Shapley supercluster of galaxies. I. The LCO-Toronto telescope data. INFANTE L., SLEZAK E. and QUINTANA H.
1996AJ....111..480G 68 120 New Washington system CCD standard fields. GEISLER D.
1997A&A...325..585V 62 50 Obscured Asymptotic Giant Branch stars in the Magellanic Clouds. III. New IRAS counterparts. VAN LOON J.T., ZIJLSTRA A.A., WHITELOCK P.A., et al.
1997ApJ...490...11W 1 8 31 Measuring the angular correlation function for faint galaxies in high galactic latitude fields. WOODS D. and FAHLMAN G.G.
1997BaltA...6..141T 8 2 Snapshots of CCD fields in a study of the vertical distribution of stars. TSAY W.S., CHEN A., CHEN R., et al.
1998AJ....115..693J 1 20 84 VI photometry of nearby globular clusters: M3, M5, M13, and M92. JOHNSON J.A. and BOLTE M.
1998AJ....115..734S viz 867 77 UBVRI and H-alpha photometry of the young open cluster NGC 6231. SUNG H., BESSELL M.S. and LEE S.-W.
1998MNRAS.301..369D 1 16 64 Luminosity distributions within rich clusters - III. A comparative study of seven Abell/ACO clusters. DRIVER S.P., COUCH W.J. and PHILLIPPS S.
1999IBVS.4676....1S 73 T                   155 5 Identifications for Wachmann's variables in SA 98. SKIFF B.A.
1999Natur.398..394G 3 14 142 The effect of magnetic fields on gamma-ray bursts inferred from multi-wavelength observations of the burst of 23 January 1999. GALAMA T.J., BRIGGS M.S., WIJERS R.A.M., et al.
2000A&A...358..897D 15 17 Studies of binary star cluster candidates in the bar of the LMC. II. DIEBALL A. and GREBEL E.K.
2000A&A...363..159B 1 18 98 The anomalous Galactic globular cluster NGC 2808. Mosaic wide-field multi-band photometry. BEDIN L.R., PIOTTO G., ZOCCALI M., et al.
2000AJ....120.2550M 1 33 103 Exploring halo substructure with giant stars. I. Survey description and calibration of the photometric search technique. MAJEWSKI S.R., OSTHEIMER J.C., KUNKEL W.E., et al.
2000ApJ...534L..83P 6 9 181 New evidence for the complex structure of the red giant branch in ω Centauri. PANCINO E., FERRARO F.R., BELLAZZINI M., et al.
2000PASP..112..925S 4 33 399 Homogeneous photometry for star clusters and resolved galaxies. II. Photometric standard stars. (Research note). STETSON P.B.
2001A&A...378..996L 1         O           12 66 The optical afterglow of GRB 000911: Evidence for an associated supernova? LAZZATI D., COVINO S., GHISELLINI G., et al.
2001A&A...380..258O viz 5 7 Fundamental parameters for the eclipsing binary AzV 73 in the Small Magellanic Cloud. OSTROV P.G.
2001AJ....121..309C 73 T                   20 3 Constraining the local reddening distribution of Sa 98 by star counts. CHEN A.B.-C., MENDEZ R.A., TSAY W.-S., et al.
2001AJ....121.3075O 22 19 A comprehensive look at LH 72 in the context of the supergiant shell LMC 4. OLSEN K.A.G., KIM S. and BUSS J.F.
2001ApJ...546.1006B viz 1937 64 From the top to the bottom of the main sequence: a complete mass function of the young open cluster M35. BARRADO Y NAVASCUES D., STAUFFER J.R., BOUVIER J., et al.
2001BASI...29...53R viz 469 12 A study of the old galactic star cluster Berkeley 32. RICHTLER T. and SAGAR R.
2002A&A...395..813B viz 121 48 A substellar mass function for Alpha Persei. BARRADO Y NAVASCUES D., BOUVIER J., STAUFFER J.R., et al.
2002AJ....123.1528R viz 850 82 Circumstellar disk candidates identified in NGC 2264. REBULL L.M., MAKIDON R.B., STROM S.E., et al.
2002ApJ...575..779F 1 19 88 Deep CCD surface photometry of galaxy clusters. I. Methods and initial studies of intracluster starlight. FELDMEIER J.J., MIHOS J.C., MORRISON H.L., et al.
2003A&A...399...99C 20 6 Search for variable stars in the open cluster NGC 2539. CHOO K.J., KIM S.-L., YOON T.S., et al.
2003A&A...405..803C 42 37 Narrow band survey for intragroup light in the Leo HI cloud. Constraints on the galaxy background contamination in imaging surveys for intracluster planetary nebulae. CASTRO-RODRIGUEZ N., AGUERRI J.A.L., ARNABOLDI M., et al.
2003AJ....125...13F 30 50 A search for Lyα emitters at redshift 3.7. FUJITA S.S., AJIKI M., SHIOYA Y., et al.
2003AJ....125.1309C 1 48 158 Distance to the Large Magellanic Cloud: the RR Lyrae stars. CLEMENTINI G., GRATTON R., BRAGAGLIA A., et al.
2003AJ....126..803S 21 20 Wide-field stellar distributions around the remote young galactic globular clusters Palomar 3 and Palomar 4. SOHN Y.-J., PARK J.-H., REY S.-C., et al.
2003MNRAS.344..307L viz 63300 159 The Millennium Galaxy Catalogue: 16 ≤BMGC< 24 galaxy counts and the calibration of the local galaxy luminosity function. LISKE J., LEMON D.J., DRIVER S.P., et al.
2003MmSAI..74..884C 8 5 The Carina Project: absolute and relative calibrations. CORSI C.E., BONO G., WALKER A.R., et al.
2004A&A...417..945P viz 754 11 Parameter properties and stellar population of the old open cluster NGC 3960. PRISINZANO L., MICELA G., SCIORTINO S., et al.
2004AJ....128..224T viz 5 5 53 The stellar populations in the outer regions of M33. I. Metallicity distribution function. TIEDE G.P., SARAJEDINI A. and BARKER M.K.
2004ApJ...609..617F 1 20 77 Deep CCD surface photometry of galaxy clusters. II. Searching for intracluster starlight in Non-cD clusters. FELDMEIER J.J., MIHOS J.C., MORRISON H.L., et al.
2004ApJ...614L.109G 1 9 34 Surface brightness and stellar populations at the outer edge of the Large Magellanic Cloud: no stellar halo yet. GALLART C., STETSON P.B., HARDY E., et al.
2004MNRAS.347..101S viz 131 62 A high relative precision colour-magnitude diagram of M67. SANDQUIST E.L.
2004Obs...124..284S 11 2 Photometric observations and analysis of the dwarf, shallow-contact binary, V524 Monocerotis. SAMEC R. and LOFLIN T.
2005A&A...430..603D viz         O           13 20 Variable stars in the bar of the Large Magellanic Cloud: The photometric catalogue. DI FABRIZIO L., CLEMENTINI G., MAIO M., et al.
2005AJ....129..907B viz 249 89 The CIDA variability survey of Orion OB1. I. The low-mass population of Ori OB1a and 1b. BRICENO C., CALVET N., HERNANDEZ J., et al.
2005AJ....129.2924S 9 7 The uBVI photometric system. II. Standard stars. SIEGEL M.H. and BOND H.E.
2005ApJ...629..239B 3 12 92 NGC 300: an extremely faint, outer stellar disk observed to 10 scale lengths. BLAND-HAWTHORN J., VLAJIC M., FREEMAN K.C., et al.
2005MNRAS.358.1290P 20 34 Stellar contents of two young open clusters: NGC 663 and 654. PANDEY A.K., UPADHYAY K., OGURA K., et al.
2005PASP..117...37S viz 81 19 Faint BVRI photometric sequences in selected fields. SAHA A., DOLPHIN A.E., THIM F., et al.
2005JApA...26..293H 49 1 Collaborative research of open star clusters. HOJAEV A.S.
2006A&A...445..805F 91 67 WINGS: a WIde-field Nearby Galaxy-cluster Survey. I. Optical imaging. FASANO G., MARMO C., VARELA J., et al.
2006A&A...446L..17B 2 4 21 Two new candidate ultra-compact X-ray binaries. BASSA C.G., JONKER P.G., IN'T ZAND J.J.M., et al.
2006AJ....131..375W viz 197 48 Exploring halo substructure with giant stars. VIII. The extended structure of the Sculptor dwarf spheroidal galaxy. WESTFALL K.B., MAJEWSKI S.R., OSTHEIMER J.C., et al.
2006MNRAS.365..110P viz 7 4 CCD photometry of distant open clusters NGC 2425, Haffner 10 and Czernik 29. PIETRUKOWICZ P., KALUZNY J. and KRZEMINSKI W.
2006MNRAS.366.1493B 12 20 Photometric and spectroscopic study of the intermediate-age open cluster NGC 3960. BRAGAGLIA A., TOSI M., CARRETTA E., et al.
2006MNRAS.368..769E 12 11 The colour-magnitude relations of ClJ1226.9+3332, a massive cluster of galaxies at z = 0.89. ELLIS S.C., JONES L.R., DONOVAN D., et al.
2006A&A...458.1013M 35 15 An I-band calibration of surface brightness fluctuation measurements at blue colours. MIESKE S., HILKER M. and INFANTE L.
2006A&A...459..423B viz 4 18 177 The DART imaging and CaT survey of the Fornax dwarf spheroidal galaxy. BATTAGLIA G., TOLSTOY E., HELMI A., et al.
2006ARep...50..167G 12 3 Multicolor CCD photometry of six lenticular and spiral galaxies. Structure of the galaxies. GUSEV A.S.
2007ApJ...658..345H viz 4 7 62 The Magellanic bridge: the nearest purely tidal stellar population. HARRIS J.
2007A&A...464..573C viz 38           X         1 15 11 Photometry of the five marginally studied open clusters Collinder 74, Berkeley 27, Haffner 8, NGC 2509, and VdB-Hagen 4. CARRARO G. and COSTA E.
2007A&A...470..281S viz 189         O X C       4 94 19 A WFI survey in the Chamaeleon II dark cloud. SPEZZI L., ALCALA J.M., FRASCA A., et al.
2007MNRAS.378.1131C 38           X         1 35 40 Proper motion L and T dwarf candidate members of the Pleiades. CASEWELL S.L., DOBBIE P.D., HODGKIN S.T., et al.
2007MNRAS.379..159C 42 7 NGC 2236: a moderately metal-poor open cluster of Hyades-like age located beyond the Perseus spiral arm. CLARIA J.J., PIATTI A.E., PARISI M.C., et al.
2007A&A...471..499M viz 77           X         2 14 40 The lower mass function of the young open cluster Blanco 1: from 30 MJup to 3 M. MORAUX E., BOUVIER J., STAUFFER J.R., et al.
2007A&A...472..199F         O           12 6 Optical and infrared properties of V1647 Orionis during the 2003-2006 outburst. I. The reflection nebula. FEDELE D., VAN DEN ANCKER M.E., PETR-GOTZENS M.G., et al.
2007MNRAS.379.1237M viz 38           X         1 74 7 Champagne flow and triggered star formation in NGC 1893. MAHESWAR G., SHARMA S., BIMAN J.M., et al.
2007MNRAS.380.1141S 38           X         1 36 45 Star formation in young star cluster NGC1893. SHARMA S., PANDEY A.K., OJHA D.K., et al.
2007PASJ...59..547P 38           X         1 4 7 Stellar contents of two intermediate age clusters: NGC 1912 and NGC 1907. PANDEY A.K., SHARMA S., UPADHYAY K., et al.
2007MNRAS.380.1449R viz 38           X         1 94 9 A sample of mJy radio sources at 1.4 GHz in the Lynx and Hercules fields - I. Radio imaging, multicolour photometry and spectroscopy. RIGBY E.E., SNELLEN I.A.G. and BEST P.N.
2008A&A...482..349G 41           X         1 10 63 The performance of the blue prime focus large binocular camera at the large binocular telescope. GIALLONGO E., RAGAZZONI R., GRAZIAN A., et al.
2008ApJ...677L.121S 43           X         1 1 11 Cometary activity at 25.7 AU: Hale-Bopp 11 years after perihelion. SZABO G.M., KISS L.L. and SARNECZKY K.
2008A&A...483..209Y viz 38           X         1 1355 8 A young double stellar cluster in an HII region, emerging from its parent molecular cloud. YUN J.L., DJUPVIK A.A., DELGADO A.J., et al.
2008MNRAS.386.2253K 15       D           *   1 15 8 Multiwavelength study of the transient X-ray binary IGR J01583+6713. KAUR R., PAUL B., KUMAR B., et al.
2009A&A...493...71C viz 131       D     X         4 13 16 Searching for spiral features in the outer Galactic disk. The field towards WR38 and WR38a. CARRARO G. and COSTA E.
2009A&A...493...79M viz 38           X         1 24 5 The open cluster Pismis 11 and the very luminous blue supergiant HD 80077. I. Physical parameters of the cluster. MARCO A. and NEGUERUELA I.
2009ApJ...694.1237M viz 38           X         1 19 4 The Cepheid distance to NGC 0247. MADORE B.F., FREEDMAN W.L., CATANZARITE J., et al.
2009ApJ...698.1989B viz 77           X         2 231 14 Spitzer/IRAC-MIPS survey of NGC 2451A and B: debris disks at 50-80 million years. BALOG Z., KISS L.L., VINKO J., et al.
2009MNRAS.395.2248D           X     *   1 46 35 A new detailed examination of white dwarfs in NGC 3532 and NGC 2287. DOBBIE P.D., NAPIWOTZKI R., BURLEIGH M.R., et al.
2009MNRAS.396..964C viz 38           X         1 487 35 Triggered star formation and evolution of T-Tauri stars in and around bright-rimmed clouds. CHAUHAN N., PANDEY A.K., OGURA K., et al.
2009ApJS..183..244N 42           X         1 11 89 Deep U band and R imaging of Goods-South: observations, data reduction and first results. NONINO M., DICKINSON M., ROSATI P., et al.
2009ApJS..183..261D viz 77           X         2 2645 29 A multi-color optical survey of the Orion nebula cluster. I. The catalog. DA RIO N., ROBBERTO M., SODERBLOM D.R., et al.
2009A&A...504..461F viz 399       D     X         11 440 123 Star and protoplanetary disk properties in Orion's suburbs. FANG M., VAN BOEKEL R., WANG W., et al.
2009A&A...505.1041G 38           X         1 8 9 Wide and deep near-UV (360 nm) galaxy counts and the extragalactic background light with the Large Binocular Camera. GRAZIAN A., MENCI N., GIALLONGO E., et al.
2009MNRAS.397.1073P viz           X     *   1 10 5 NGC2587: a sparse open cluster projected on to a populous star field. PIATTI A.E., CLARIA J.J. and AHUMADA A.V.
2010AJ....139..378L 170       D     X         5 14 5 A deep UBVRI CCD photometry of six open star clusters in the galactic anticenter region. LATA S., PANDEY A.K., KUMAR B., et al.
2009A&A...508.1313F viz 154           X C       3 212 18 REM near-IR and optical photometric monitoring of pre-main sequence stars in Orion. Rotation periods and starspot parameters. FRASCA A., COVINO E., SPEZZI L., et al.
2010PASP..122..288P viz 39           X         1 11 4 NGC 2309: a relatively young open cluster projected onto a random stellar concentration. PIATTI A.E., CLARIA J.J. and AHUMADA A.V.
2010MNRAS.402.1863C 170       D     X         5 13 2 Breaking the curtain: the old open cluster VdB-Hagen 67 in the background of the Vela molecular ridge. CARRARO G. and COSTA E.
2010A&A...512A..66J 77           X         2 47 8 Nainital Microlensing Survey - detection of short period cepheids in the disk of M31. JOSHI Y.C., NARASIMHA D., PANDEY A.K., et al.
2010ApJ...718..683C viz 210       D     X         6 12 29 The edge of the young Galactic disk. CARRARO G., VAZQUEZ R.A., COSTA E., et al.
2010AJ....140..954C 93       D     X         3 15 15 Photometric characterization of the galactic star cluster Trumpler 20. CARRARO G., COSTA E. and AHUMADA J.A.
2010AJ....140.1268T 39           X         1 25 18 Bright variable stars in NGC 6819: an open cluster in the Kepler field. TALAMANTES A., SANDQUIST E.L., CLEM J.L., et al.
2010AJ....140.1719S 78           X         2 25 70 First results from the NOAO survey of the outer limits of the Magellanic clouds. SAHA A., OLSZEWSKI E.W., BRONDEL B., et al.
2010PASP..122..516P 39           X         1 9 8 Hogg 12 and NGC 3590: a new open cluster binary system candidate. PIATTI A.E., CLARIA J.J. and AHUMADA A.V.
2010A&A...523A..21G 39           X         1 15 20 The DAFT/FADA survey. I. Photometric redshifts along lines of sight to clusters in the z=[0.4,0.9] interval. GUENNOU L., ADAMI C., ULMER M.P., et al.
2011MNRAS.410..227C 39           X         1 53 12 Pre-main-sequence stars in the star-forming complex sh 2-284. CUSANO F., RIPEPI V., ALCALA J.M., et al.
2011A&A...527A..77P viz           X     *   2 1485 20 Star formation in the outer galaxy: membership and fundamental parameters of the young open cluster NGC 1893. PRISINZANO L., SANZ-FORCADA J., MICELA G., et al.
2011MNRAS.414..652Y           X     *   1 7 3 Optical photometric study of the open clusters koposov 12, koposov 53 and koposov 77. YADAV R.K.S., GLUSHKHOVA E.V., SARIYA D.P., et al.
2011ApJ...736...24B viz 40           X         1 11 35 The resolved stellar halo of NGC 253. BAILIN J., BELL E.F., CHAPPELL S.N., et al.
2011ApJ...736...76R 39           X         1 37 47 SN 2008in–Bridging the gap between normal and faint supernovae of type IIP. ROY R., KUMAR B., BENETTI S., et al.
2011ApJ...738..156O 55       D     X         2 24 26 Star formation activity in the galactic H II complex S255-S257. OJHA D.K., SAMAL M.R., PANDEY A.K., et al.
2011AJ....142..127C viz 55       D     X         2 13 13 A UBVI and uvbyCaHβ analysis of the intermediate-age open cluster, NGC 5822. CARRARO G., ANTHONY-TWAROG B.J., COSTA E., et al.
2011AJ....142..194S 39           X         1 38 6 Variable stars in the open cluster NGC 7142. SANDQUIST E.L., SERIO A.W. and SHETRONE M.
2011MNRAS.418.1346L 39           X         1 49 8 Photometric search for variable stars in the young open cluster Berkeley 59. LATA S., PANDEY A.K., MAHESWAR G., et al.
2012ApJ...744...94R 40           X         1 9 31 Weak-lensing results for the merging cluster A1758. RAGOZZINE B., CLOWE D., MARKEVITCH M., et al.
2012MNRAS.419.1271S           X     *   1 10 5 Magnetic activity and accretion on FU Tau A: clues from variability. SCHOLZ A., STELZER B., COSTIGAN G., et al.
2012MNRAS.420.2480Z           X     *   1 10 14 In the whirlpool's coils: tracing substructure from combined optical/X-ray data in the galaxy cluster A1300. ZIPARO F., BRAGLIA F.G., PIERINI D., et al.
2012NewA...17..160B viz 118           X C       2 21 2 Stellar contents and star formation in the young cluster Stock 18. BHATT H., SAGAR R. and PANDEY J.-C.
2012MNRAS.421.2251W 81           X         2 2 11 Ubercalibration of the Deep Lens Survey. WITTMAN D., RYAN R. and THORMAN P.
2012MNRAS.421.3325G viz 39           X         1 28 21 Discovery of two new Galactic candidate luminous blue variables with Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer. GVARAMADZE V.V., KNIAZEV A.Y., MIROSHNICHENKO A.S., et al.
2012AJ....143..107W viz 39           X         1 12 21 Very low mass stellar and substellar companions to solar-like stars from MARVELS. I. A low-mass ratio stellar companion to TYC 4110-01037-1 in a 79 day orbit. WISNIEWSKI J.P., GE J., CREPP J.R., et al.
2012ApJ...752...59H viz 39           X         1 987 40 The low-mass stellar population in L1641: evidence for environmental dependence of the stellar initial mass function. HSU W.-H., HARTMANN L., ALLEN L., et al.
2012MNRAS.424.1132D viz           X     *   1 11 8 The anticentre old open clusters Berkeley 27, Berkeley 34 and Berkeley 36: new additions to the BOCCE project. DONATI P., BRAGAGLIA A., CIGNONI M., et al.
2012MNRAS.424.2486J           X     *   2 34 12 Optical and near-infrared survey of the stellar contents associated with the star-forming complex Sh2-252. JOSE J., PANDEY A.K., OGURA K., et al.
2012MNRAS.425.1567L 79           X C   *   3 4 5 Deep and wide photometry of the two open clusters NGC 1245 and NGC 2506: CCD observation and physical properties. LEE S.H., KANG Y.-W. and ANN H.B.
2012AJ....144..100P viz 1           X     *   1 7 15 A Washington photometric survey of the Large Magellanic Cloud field star population. PIATTI A.E., GEISLER D. and MATELUNA R.
2012PASJ...64...85H 39           X         1 10 5 V524 Monocerotis: A marginal contact binary with a cyclic period variation. HE J.-J., WANG J.-J. and QIAN S.-B.
2012A&A...545A..77R 16       D               3 68 57 A deep search for the host galaxies of gamma-ray bursts with no detected optical afterglow. ROSSI A., KLOSE S., FERRERO P., et al.
2012A&A...548A..82M 39           X         1 13 11 Chemical abundances in the old LMC globular cluster Hodge 11. MATELUNA R., GEISLER D., VILLANOVA S., et al.
2012PASJ...64..107S viz 39           X         1 15 5 Multiwavelength study of NGC 281 region. SHARMA S., PANDEY A.K., PANDEY J.C., et al.
2013ApJ...763...40K viz 40           X         1 10 16 Wide-field multiband photometry of globular cluster systems in the Fornax galaxy cluster. KIM H.-S., YOON S.-J., SOHN S.T., et al.
2012MNRAS.426.1884C           X     *   1 19 0 Stellar populations in the fields surrounding the LMC clusters NGC 2154 and NGC 1898. CHIOSI E., BAUME G., CARRARO G., et al.
2012MNRAS.427.1449L 16       D     X     *   3 59 12 Pre-main-sequence variable stars in young open cluster NGC 1893. LATA S., PANDEY A.K., CHEN W.P., et al.
2013ApJ...764..114H viz 40           X         1 152 27 Evidence for environmental dependence of the upper stellar initial mass function in Orion A. HSU W.-H., HARTMANN L., ALLEN L., et al.
2013ApJ...764..172P viz 40           X         1 59 20 Optical photometric and polarimetric investigation of NGC 1931. PANDEY A.K., ESWARAIAH C., SHARMA S., et al.
2013MNRAS.430.2154P           X     *   1 25 9 Study of photospheric, chromospheric and coronal activities of V1147 Tau. PATEL M.K., PANDEY J.C., SAVANOV I.S., et al.
2013MNRAS.432.1672L 40           X         1 12 5 Deep and wide photometry of two open clusters NGC 1245 and NGC 2506: dynamical evolution and halo. LEE S.H., KANG Y.-W. and ANN H.B.
2013A&A...555A.131P viz 79           X         2 104 11 A sample of relatively unstudied star clusters in the Large Magellanic Cloud: fundamental parameters determined from Washington photometry. PALMA T., CLARIA J.J., GEISLER D., et al.
2013MNRAS.434..194D viz 16       D     X     *   4 28 6 NGC 1252: a high altitude, metal poor open cluster remnant. DE LA FUENTE MARCOS R., DE LA FUENTE MARCOS C., MONI BIDIN C., et al.
2013A&A...556A..65E viz 159           X         4 13 13 A study of the starless dark cloud LDN 1570: distance, dust properties, and magnetic field geometry. ESWARAIAH C., MAHESWAR G., PANDEY A.K., et al.
2014MNRAS.437.1241D viz 40           X         1 15 13 NGC 1817, NGC 2141 and Berkeley 81: three BOCCE clusters of intermediate age. DONATI P., BECCARI G., BRAGAGLIA A., et al.
2014MNRAS.438.1067M 2           X     *   1 12 30 Spatially resolved LMC star formation history - I. Outside in evolution of the outer LMC disc. MESCHIN I., GALLART C., APARICIO A., et al.
2014MNRAS.441L..36C viz           X     *   1 33 7 NGC 4337: an overlooked old cluster in the inner disc of the Milky Way. CARRARO G., GIORGI E.E., COSTA E., et al.
2014A&A...566A..39C viz 177       D     X C       4 18 7 Updated properties of the old open cluster Melotte 66: Searching for multiple stellar populations. CARRARO G., DE SILVA G., MONACO L., et al.
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