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1984BAAS...16.1005H 2 ~ A new and unusual gravitational lens. HUCHRA J., GORENSTEIN M., HORINE E., et al.
1985AJ.....90..691H 106 T                   2 302
2237+0305: a new and unusual gravitational lens.
1985AJ.....90.1399B 69 T                   2 6 A comment on the discovery of the QSO and
related galaxy
1985NewSc1439...20. 2 0 Astronomers discover nearest gravitational lens. :Anonymous
1985S&T....70..319T 1 2 12 Resolving the nearest gravitational lens. TYSON T. and GORENSTEIN M.
1986A&A...166...36K 27 3 329 Astrophysical applications of gravitational micro-lensing. KAYSER R., REFSDAL S. and STABELL R.
1986ApJ...300L..31S 3 2 27 Statistical gravitational lensing and quasar-galaxy associations. SCHNEIDER P.
1986Mercu..15...25G 4 0 A quasar/galaxy double image. A new look at the 1885 supernova in M 31. GREGORY S. and MORRISON N.D.
1986S&W....25..252K 4 0 Mikro-gravitationslinsen und ihre Bedeutung fur die Astrophysik. KAYSER R.
1987ApJ...315L..83D 9 8 Gravitational lenses and decay of dark matter. DEKEL A. and PIRAN T.
1987ApJ...321L..17D 1 11 53 Discovery of a probable binary quasar. DJORGOVSKI S., PERLEY R., MEYLAN G., et al.
1987ApJ...321..658B 9 5 182 Gravitational imaging by isolated elliptical potential wells. I. Cross sections. BLANDFORD R.D. and KOCHANEK C.S.
1987ApJ...321..676K 3 4 63 Gravitational imaging by isolated elliptical potential wells. II. Probability distributions. KOCHANEK C.S. and BLANDFORD R.D.
1987ApJ...321..706H 8 29 The triple radio source 0023+171 : a candidate for a dark gravitational lens. HEWITT J.N., TURNER E.L., LAWRENCE C.R., et al.
1987ApL....25..255P 5 0 Is gravitational lensing a local phenomenon caused by Pop III objects ? PADMANABHAN T. and CHITRE S.M.
1987Rech...18.1182B 10 0 Les mirages gravitationnels. BLANCHARD A., HAMMER F. and VANDERRIEST C.
1988A&A...194...54G 7 2 58 Gravitational micro-lensing as a clue to quasar structure. GRIEGER B., KAYSER R. and REFSDAL S.
1988AJ.....95.1331Y 74 T                   2 7 112 High-resolution imaging of the gravitational lens system candidate
1988AJ.....95.1619S 73 T                   2 8 120 High-resolution CCD imaging and derived gravitational lens models of
1988AJ.....96.1570K 76 T                   2 3 83 A model for the gravitational lens system
1988ApJ...332L..49D 73 T                   2 2 24 Spatially resolved spectroscopy of the gravitational lens system
1988BCFHT..19...14Y 70 T                   2 2 0 New insights on the gravitational lens system
1988BAAS...20..741B 70 T                   2 2 2 Spectroscopic observations of the gravitational lens system
1988Msngr..54...39M 9 4 UM 425 : a new gravitational lens candidate. MEYLAN G. and DJORGOVSKI S.
1988Natur.334..294T 3 2 Dark matter distortions. TYSON J.A.
1988RvPD...17...11D 4 0 Occultations d'etoiles par des petites planetes. DUMONT M.
1988S&W....27..164K 8 0 Koslische Gravitationslinsen und die Evolution der Quasare. KUHR H.
1989A&A...208L..15A 72 T                   2 2 23 Observations of the
Einstein Cross 2237+030 with the tiger integral field spectrograph.
1989AJ.....97.1283L 1 11 68 MG 1654+1346 : an Einstein ring image of a quasar radio lobe. LANGSTON G.I., SCHNEIDER D.P., CONNER S., et al.
1989AJ.....98.1989I 101 T                   2 2 248 Photometric variations in the
Q 2237+0305 system: first detection of a microlensing event.
1989ApJ...338L..49F 2 3 27 Evidence for Mg II lambda 2798 profile differences in the gravitationally lensed QSO 2237+0305A, B. FILIPPENKO A.V.
1989ApJS...69....1H 1594 178 The first addition to the new optical catalog of quasi-stellar objects. HEWITT A. and BURBIDGE G.
1989Afz....30..399K 14 1 Binary quasars are true pairs ? KOMBERG B.V.
1989Ap&SS.157..263B 7 2 Extent of warm haloes around medium-redshift galaxies. BURBIDGE E.M., BARLOW T.A., COHEN R.D., et al.
1989Ap&SS.160..255M 3 3 Recent developments at Canada-France-Hawai telescope. McLAREN R.
1989BCFHT..20...15A 2 0 Observations avec TIGER et avec SPI du systeme gravitationnel 2237+030 (Croix d Einstein). ARNAUD J. and MONNET G.
1989Gemin..25....1W 2 0 Microlensing : the first detection. WEBSTER R., CORRIGAN R., IRWIN M., et al.
1989Msngr..58....5M 2 1 The first observations with the NTT. MELNICK J.
1989Natur.338..745K 73 T                   2 2 31 Detectability of gravitational microlensing in the quasar
QSO 2237+0305.
1989NewSc.123...51R 2 0 Stars that magnify quasars. REFSDAL S. and STABELL R.
1989Sci...245..824B 7 27 Gravitational lens optics. BLANDFORD R.D.
1989S&W....28...10S 3 0 Kleeblatt-Quasare. STICKEL M.
1990A&A...236..311W 20 2 164 Investigation of high amplification events in light curves of gravitationally lensed quasars. WITT H.J.
1990A&A...237...42S 7 2 62 Are the broad emission lines of quasars affected by gravitational microlensing ? SCHNEIDER P. and WAMBSGANSS J.
1990A&A...239...33A 363 65 Periodicity of quasar redshifts. ARP H., BI H.G., CHU Y., et al.
1990A&A...239..113B 4 11 Influence of microlensing on quasar statistics. BARTELMANN M. and SCHNEIDER P.
1990AJ.....99...45H 70 T                   7 13 Moderate-resolution spectroscopy of the lensed quasar
2237+0305: a search for Ca II absorption due to the interstellar medium in the foreground lensing galaxy.
1990ApJ...352..407W 79 T                   2 2 73 A microlensing model for
QSO 2237+0305.
1990ApJ...364...15K 2 8 69 New observations and gravitational lens models of the cloverleaf quasar H 1413+117. KAYSER R., SURDEJ J., CONDON J.J., et al.
1990ApJS...74..675B 864 48 Associations between quasi-stellar objects and galaxies. BURBIDGE G., HEWITT A., NARLIKAR J.V., et al.
1990Ap&SS.171..115G 2 2 The resolution of the compact core of quasars and active galaxies with the gravitational lens effect. GRIEGER B.
1990BAAS...22.1196D 70 T                   2 0 Spatially resolved spectroscopy of Ly-alpha and C IV in the gravitational lens
1990BAAS...22.1262C 70 T                   2 2 0 Microlensing in the Huchra lens
1990C&E...244...58L 8 0 Les mirages de l'espace-temps. LE FEVRE O.
1990C&E...250...27N 3 0 Maitriser la turbulence: une seconde approche. NIETO J.-L.
1990C&T...106..122E 8 0 Le telescope spatial .... reconfortant ! Quelques resultats de la camera pour objets faiblement lumineux. ESA
1990IAUC.5099....1P 70 T                   2 2 ~
QSO 2237+0305
1990S&T....79..596F 10 0 Dazzling views from Europe's NTT. FIENBERG R.T.
1990S&W....29..213S 2 0 Mikrolensing in einem Mehrfachquasar. STICKEL M.
1990PSci..151...10G 2 0 Un nouveau telescope. GOUGUENHEIM L.
1991A&A...243...33S 3 4 An observational search for gravitational micro-lensing. SAUST A.B.
1991A&A...252..508G 4 2 38 The deconvolution of the quasar structure from microlensing light curves. GRIEGER B., KAYSER R. and SCHRAMM T.
1991AJ....102...34C 74 T                   2 8 145 Initial light curve of
1991AJ....102..454R 75 T                   2 2 41 Fifth image and photometric variability in 2237+0305 ("
Einstein cross").
1991AJ....102..864W 84 T                   2 2 116 Expected color variations of the gravitationally microlensed
QSO 2237+0305.
1991AJ....102.1939W 74 T                   2 2 36 Interpreting the light curve of
1991ApJ...369L..59C 71 T                   7 34 First results from the Faint Object Camera: images of the gravitational lens system
1991ApJ...373..354K 3 14 197 The implications of lenses for a galaxy structure. KOCHANEK C.S.
1991ApJ...376..430N 72 T                   7 66 Infrared and visible photometry of the gravitational lens system 2237+030. NADEAU D., YEE H.K.C., FORREST W.J., et al.
1991ApJ...378L...5N 3 3 37 Gravitational lensing, time delay, and regular diameter distance NARAYAN R.
1991ApJ...381L..39R 13 2 111 Microlensing and the structure of active galactic nucleus. RAUCH K.P. and BLANDFORD R.D.
1991ApJ...381..386Y 70 T                   4 15 Spatially resolved spectroscopy of Lyman-alpha and C IV in the gravitational lens
1991ApJ...382L...1D 3 7 Are quasar redshifts cosmological ? DAR A.
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1991MNRAS.251..649B 147 35 Interstellar Ca II in the galactic halo and in QSO absorption systems. BOWEN D.V.
1991MNRAS.253...99F 7 7 221 Gravitational lensing frequencies: galaxy cross-sections and selection effects. FUKUGITA M. and TURNER E.L.
1991AZh....68..236M 2 2 Mutual coherence properties of images of a quasar observed through a gravitational lens, microlensing by a double star. MANDZHOS A.V.
1991AGAb....6..118K 4 0 The Faint Object Camera's architecture and its discoveries. KROEGER H. and PAILER N.
1991Ast....19b..30T 6 0 Hubble opens new vasistas. TALCOTT R.
1991Gemin..34...24C 3 1 Subarcsecond imaging at the WHT auxiliary port. CHARLES P., NAYLOR T. and HEWETT P.
1991JRASC..85..208D 70 T                   2 0 A star-forming region in the gravitational lens
1991Natur.350..280K 2 0 Hubble's calibration error. KORHONEN T.
1991Natur.352..769P 9 3 113 The case for the relativistic hot Big Bang cosmology. PEEBLES P.J.E., SCHRAMM D.N., TURNER E.L., et al.
1991Natur.353..708D 3 0 Quasar redshifts. DAR A.
1991PAZh...17..331M 70 T                   2 2 An estimation of the gravitational lens
1991S&T....81..375S 5 0 Gravity is my telescope. SCHILD R.E.
1991S&W....30..101R 5 0 Erste Beobachtungen mit dem Hubble Space Telescope. ROSA M.
1991PCMP3.R....192S 7 0 Recent developments in gravitational lensing. SCHNEIDER P.
1992AJ....104..959R 80 T                   2 77 Hubble Space Telescope wide field camera imaging of the gravitational lens
1992AJ....104..968H 1 23 95 A gravitational lens candidate with an unusually red optical counterpart. HEWITT J.N., TURNER E.L., LAWRENCE C.R., et al.
1992ApJ...384....1K 2 9 90 Do the redshifts of gravitational lens galaxies rule out a large cosmological constant ? KOCHANEK C.S.
1992ApJ...386...19W 5 2 42 Probability distributions for the magnification of quasars due to microlensing. WAMBSGANSS J.
1992ApJ...386L..43F 72 T                   5 35 The central velocity dispersion of the lensing galaxy in the quadruple lens system Q 2237+0305. FOLTZ C.B., HEWETT P.C., WEBSTER R.L., et al.
1992ApJ...388...33K 21 4 Multiple quasars with large magnitude differences : extreme magnification by gravitational lenses ? KASSIOLA A. and KOVNER I.
1992ApJ...392..424W 2 2 22 Gravitational microlensing: the effect of a single lens and the impact of sparse sampling. WAMBSGANSS J.
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1992ApJ...395L..65R 111 T K                 2 40 Continuum and C III] microlensing in Q 2237+0305 and the quasar geometry. RACINE R.
1992ApJ...396L..65J 42   K                 2 62 Microlensed light curves for thin accretion disks around Schwarzschild and Kerr black holes. JAROSZYNSKI M., WAMBSGANSS J. and PACZYNSKI B.
1992ApJ...397..381K 2 2 16 Gravitational lenses in redshift surveys. KOCHANEK C.S.
1992ApJ...398L..21Y 106 T K                 4 12 Ly-alpha and C IV narrow-band imaging of the gravitational lens
1992ApJ...400..435K 78 66 Search for partial systemic Lyman edges in nearby quasars. KORATKAR A.P., KINNEY A.L. and BOHLIN R.C.
1992MNRAS.259p..31M 18 ~ Optical rings: a large number of gravitational lenses ? MIRALDA-ESCUDE J. and LEHAR J.
1992ARA&A..30..311B 3 25 323 Cosmological applications of gravitational lensing. BLANDFORD R.D. and NARAYAN R.
1992C&E...267...44L 71 T                   3 0
2237+0305 : la Croix d'Einstein.
1993A&A...268..350S 2 2 17 Moving microlensing caustics. SCHRAMM T., KAYSER R., CHANG K., et al.
1993A&A...268..501W 76 T                   2 42 Microlensing predictions for the Einstein Cross 2237+0305. WITT H.J., KAYSER R. and REFSDAL S.
1993A&A...274...96B 8 15 Gravitational imaging by elliptical galaxies: the effects of dark halos. BREIMER T.G. and SANDERS R.H.
1993A&A...278L...5R 4 2 34 Gravitational microlensing variability caused by small masses. REFSDAL S. and STABELL R.
1993A&A...279....1S 4 2 37 Upper bounds on the cosmological density of compact objects with sub-solar masses from the variability of QSOs. SCHNEIDER P.
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1993ApJ...407L..69A 11 16 Infrared imaging of MG 0414+0534: the red gravitational lens systems as lensed radio galaxies. ANNIS J. and LUPPINO G.A.
1993ApJ...409..537K 1 2 13 The velocity dispersion of the caustic network due to random motion of individual stars in the lensing galaxy. KUNDIC T., WITT H.J. and CHANG K.-G.
1993ApJS...87..451H viz 14       D               7278 308 A revised and updated catalog of quasi-stellar objects. HEWITT A. and BURBIDGE G.
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1993BCFHT..28...19N 2 0 Imagerie infrarouge au TCFH avec MONICA. NADEAU D., DOYON R. and ROWLANDS N.
1993BCFHT..29...22H 4 0 Optical identification of a new Eistein cross and discovery of the deflecting galaxy. HAMMER F. and RIGAUT F.
1993GriO...57i...2A 5 0 The dark tower. ALLEN D.
1993FA90..R.....65S 6 0 Gravitational lenses. SWINGS J.P.
1994A&A...282...11F 73 T                   2 18 Sub-arcsecond integral field spectroscopy of the Einstein Cross 2237+0305 : lensing and microlensing effects. FITTE C. and ADAM G.
1994A&A...288....1S 38   K                 2 20 Variability of microlensing light curves I. Autocorrelation method and the calculation of the correlated deflection probability. SEITZ C. and SCHNEIDER P.
1994A&A...288...19S 109 T K                 2 19 Variability of microlensing light curves II. Magnification fluctuations, autocorrelation functions, and applications to QSO 2237+0305. SEITZ C., WAMBSGANSS J. and SCHNEIDER P.
1994A&A...291..731J 36   K                 2 5 Microlensing of optically thin clouds in active galactic nuclei. JAROSZYNSKI M. and MARCK J.-A.
1994A&AS..103...33S 108 T K                 2 12 Determining the size of the emission line region in
Q 2237+031 from microlensing
1994A&AS..108..509T 36   K                 2 5 Rotate-And-Stare: A new method for PSF estimation. TEUBER J., OSTENSEN R., STABELL R., et al.
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1994AJ....107..466H 74 T                   2 24 Image restoration and photometric monitoring of the gravitational lens Q2237+0305. HOUDE M. and RACINE R.
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1994ApJ...429...66W 113 T K                 2 51 Interpretation of microlensing events in Q 2237+0305. WITT H.J. and MAO S.
1994ApJ...432...52L 18 2 151 Collapse of primordial gas clouds and the formation of quasar black holes. LOEB A. and RASIO F.A.
1994MNRAS.268..135C 1 3 16 Constraints on the size of the emitting region in an active galactic nucleus. CZERNY B., JAROSZYNSKI M. and CZERNY M.
1994MNRAS.269..538W 1 4 25 Evolutionary synthesis of the energetics and mass loss of starburst stellar clusters : starbursts and active galactic nuclei. WILLIAMS R.J.R. and PERRY J.J.
1994BASI...22..227C 32 0 Sizing up to universe with cosmic illusions. CHITRE S.M.
1994RPPh...57..117R 47 94 Thermometry below 1 K. REFSDAL S. and SURDEJ J.
1994ARBei..25....1S 38 ~ The joint optical monitoring programme of quasars (JOMPQ). SCHRAMM K.-J., BIAN Y.-L., BORGEEST U., et al.
1994IAUS..159..261C 3 11 Emission of accretion disks. CZERNY B.
1994IAUS..159..344B 3 1 Free-free emission and the Big Blue Bump. BARVAINIS R.
1995AJ....110.1471W 2 2 14 Improper motions in lensed QSOs. WILLIAMS L.L.R. and SAHA P.
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1995ApJ...450...19W 1 5 28 Gravitational microlensing by random motion of stars: analysis of light curves. WAMBSGANSS J. and KUNDIC T.
1995ApJ...450L..41B 6 5 104 A gravitational lens solution for the IRAS galaxy FSC 10214+4724. BROADHURST T. and LEHAR J.
1995ApJ...453L...5R 72 T                   15 49 New "Einstein cross" gravitational lens candidates in Hubble Space Telescope WFPC2 survey images. RATNATUNGA K.U., OSTRANDER E.J., GRIFFITHS R.E., et al.
1995ApJ...455...37G 1 3 14 Microlensing search of 10exp6 quasars. GOULD A.
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1996AJ....112...62T viz 227 6 A study of quasar absorption-line systems with IRAS. TANNER A.M., BECHTOLD J., WALKER C.E., et al.
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1996ApJ...457..529B 2 5 42 Gravitational lensing of quasi-stellar objects by their damped Ly alpha absorbers. BARTELMANN M. and LOEB A.
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1998A&A...335..379S 5 4 70 Limits on MACHOs from microlensing in the double quasar Q0957+561. SCHMIDT R. and WAMBSGANSS J.
1998A&A...336..829P 4 4 58 Microlensing on different timescales in the lightcurves of QSO 0957+561 A,B. PELT J., SCHILD R., REFSDAL S., et al.
1998A&A...339..701B 108 T K                 7 20 Three photometric methods tested on ground-based data of
Q 2237+0305.
1998A&A...339..729J 16 18 Redshift estimate of a gravitational lens from the observed reddening of a multiply imaged quasar. JEAN C. and SURDEJ J.
1998ApJ...493..523P 3 3 Probing the mass fraction of MACHOs in extragalactic halos. PERNA R. and LOEB A.
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1998ApJ...495..609C 109 T K                 6 23 A realistic grid of models for the gravitationally lensed
Einstein Cross (Q2237+0305) and its relation to observational constraints.
1998ApJ...499..577L 1 13 42 The far-field Hubble constant. LAUER T.R., TONRY J.L., POSTMAN M., et al.
1998ApJ...501L..41Y 112 T K                 3 41 An X-ray microlensing test of AU-scale accretion disk structure in
1998ApJ...501..478L 4 2 25 Quasar image shifts resulting from gravitational microlensing. LEWIS G.F. and IBATA R.A.
1998ApJ...503L..27M 109 T K                 8 35 Two-dimensional spectroscopy reveals an arc of extended emission in the gravitational lens system
1998MNRAS.295..488S 78 T                   4 78 Weighing a galaxy bar in the lens Q2237+0305. SCHMIDT R., WEBSTER R.L. and LEWIS G.F.
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