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1990BAAS...22.1195J 70 T                   1 0 VLBI images of
1830-211 : a probable Einstein ring.
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1991Natur.352..132J 83 T                   1 2 107 An unusually strong Einstein ring in the radio source
PKS 1830-211.
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1992MNRAS.257..240D 70 T                   28 23 A search for the optical/IR counterpart of the probable Einstein ring source
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1992ARA&A..30..311B 4 25 410 Cosmological applications of gravitational lensing. BLANDFORD R.D. and NARAYAN R.
1993ApJ...407...46N 121 T K                 1 62
PKS 1830-211 as a gravitationally lensed system.
1993BAAS...25Z1307M 2 ~ A search for HI absorption against gravitational lenses. McMAHON P.M., MOORE C., HEWITT J.N., et al.
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PKS 1830-211.
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PKS 1830-211.
1996ApJ...472L...5L 109 T K                 6 52
PKS 1830-211: a possible compound gravitational lens.
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PKS 1830-211.
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PKS 1830-211.
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PKS 1830-211 and B0218+357: submillimeter CO, C I, and H20 data.
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PKS 1830-211.
1998ApJ...500..129W 113 T K                 5 85 The complex molecular absorption line system at z = 0.886 toward
PKS 1830-211.
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PKS 1830-211.
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PKS 1830-211.
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1999ApJ...514L..57L 112 T K                 4 54 The redshift of the gravitationally lensed radio source
PKS 1830-211.
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PKS 1830-211.
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PKS 1830-211.
JIN C., GARRETT M.A., NAIR S., et al.
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PKS 1830-211
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PKS 1830-211.
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PKS 1830-211: OH and H I at z = 0.89 and the first MeerKAT UHF spectrum.
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PKS 1830-211.
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PKS 1830-211 and a flare of TXS 0646-176.
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PKS 1830-211.
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PKS 1830-211.
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PKS 1830-211.
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PKS 1830-211 during the GeV gamma-ray outburst observed by the Fermi LAT.
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PKS 1830-211 detected with the Medicina radio telescope at 8.3 GHz and 25.4 GHz.
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PKS1830-211 detected by AGILE.
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PKS 1830-211, a gravitationally lensed system.
BUSON S., GOKUS A., WILMS J., et al.
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PKS 1830-211.
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PKS 1830-211.
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PKS 1830-211: Variability of the quasar and of its foreground molecular absorption monitored with ALMA.
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PKS 1830-211 and within star-forming regions of the Milky Way.
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PKS 1830-211 during the 2019 γ-ray flare.
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PKS 1830-211.
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2021PASA...38....3N 44           X         1 17 ~ Unexpected circular radio objects at high Galactic latitude. NORRIS R.P., INTEMA H.T., KAPINSKA A.D., et al.

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