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1979ApJ...234L...9T 14 5 366 X-ray studies of quasars with the Einstein Observatory. TANANBAUM H., AVNI Y., BRANDUARDI G., et al.
1986ApJ...308..815N 180 175 Quasars measured by the Infrared Astronomical Satellite. NEUGEBAUER G., MILEY G.K., SOIFER B.T., et al.
1991PASP..103...21H 24 3 Quasars in radio sources catalogs. HUTCHINGS J.B., DURAND D. and PAZDER J.
1992ApJ...395L..69J 4 14 A new hard X-ray source 15' away from 3C 273? JOURDAIN E., BASSANI L., ROQUES J.P., et al.
1993A&AS...97..113G 2 7 Identification of the sigma source near 3C 273 : a new class of AGN ? GRINDLAY J.E.
1993ApJS...87..451H viz 14       D               7278 308 A revised and updated catalog of quasi-stellar objects. HEWITT A. and BURBIDGE G.
1994IAUS..159...63C 6 4 Review of Granat observations of AGNS. CHURAZOV E., GILFANOV M., FINOGUENOV A., et al.
1995ApJ...447..103D 66 101 Two classes of gamma-ray emitting active galactic nuclei. DERMER C.D. and GEHRELS N.
1996A&A...305..699P 18 3 The X-ray sky around 3C 273. PFLUEGER B., OTTERBEIN K. and STAUBERT R.
1996MNRAS.278..465L 3 3 ROSAT observations of the SIGMA sources GRS 1227+025 near 3C 273. LEACH C.M. and McHARDY I.M.
1998A&A...330..108Y viz 848 129 Broad band energy distribution of ROSAT detected quasars. II. Radio-quiet objects. YUAN W., BRINKMANN W., SIEBERT J., et al.
2005ApJ...618..852G 15 2 EXITE2 observation of the SIGMA source GRS 1227+025. GRINDLAY J.E., CHOU Y., BLOSER P.F., et al.
2006A&A...455..773V viz 108223 545 A catalogue of quasars and active nuclei: 12th edition. VERON-CETTY M.-P. and VERON P.
2009AJ....138..845O viz 15       D               3 237 4 Photometric observations of selected, optically bright quasars for Space Interferometry Mission and other future celestial reference frames. OJHA R., ZACHARIAS N., HENNESSY G.S., et al.
2010A&A...518A..10V viz 15       D               1 168912 373 A catalogue of quasars and active nuclei: 13th edition. VERON-CETTY M.-P. and VERON P.
2011A&A...527A.126P viz 15       D               16 16769 48 Cross-correlation of the 2XMMi catalogue with Data Release 7 of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. PINEAU F.-X., MOTCH C., CARRERA F., et al.
2013PASA...30....4F viz 16       D               1 447 4 Optical Corrections to the Veron-Cetty and Veron Quasar Catalogue. FLESCH E.

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