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1979ApJ...233L..43W 74 T                   2 65 Multiple-mirror telescope observations of the twin QSOs 0957+561A,
1979Natur.279..381W 150 T                   2 821 0957+561 A,
B: twin quasistellar objects or gravitational lens?
1979Natur.282..271H 7 24 A compact group of QSOs with two appearing physically associated. HAZARD C., ARP H.C. and MORTON D.C.
1979Natur.282..561C 44 2 448 Flux variations of QSO 0957+561 A, B and image splitting by stars near the light path. CHANG K. and REFSDAL S.
1980AJ.....85.1555W 36 34 Optical polarimetry of quasi-stellar and BL Lac objects. WILLS D., WILLS B.J., BREGER M., et al.
1980ApJ...237..319W 1 11 68 Observations of Fe II ultraviolet lines in QSOs. WILLS B.J., NETZER H., UOMOTO A.K., et al.
1980ApJ...238....1W 3 2 34 Spectrophotometry of the double QSO 0957+561. WILLS B.J. and WILLS D.
1980ApJ...241..507Y 74 T                   7 239 The double quasar Q0957+561 A, B: a gravitational lens image formed by a galaxy at z=0.39. YOUNG P., GUNN J.E., KRISTIAN J., et al.
1980Natur.285..461G 68 T                   3 12 UV spectra of the twin QSOs 0957+561 A,
1980Sci...208..495G 70 T                   2 25 The
double quasar 0957+561 - Examination of the gravitational lens hypothesis using the very large array.
1980IUE2n......295G 68 T                   3 ~ IUE observations of the twin QSOs 0957+561 A,
1981ApJ...243L..57H 68 T                   2 6 VLBI obvservations of the
double quasar 0957+561.
1981ApJ...244..756Y 15 2 153 Q0957+561: effects of random stars on the gravitational lens. YOUNG P.
1981ApJ...249..415Y 4 2 48 The origin of a new absorption system discovered in both components of the double QSO Q0957+561. YOUNG P., SARGENT W.L.W., BOKSENBERG A., et al.
1981LicOB.824....1M 68 T                   3 0 Variability of the double quasar 0957+561A,
1982Natur.296..415G 69 T                   3 5 IUE o
bservations of varia
bility and differences in the UV spectra of dou
ble quasar 0957+561 a,
1983MmSAI..54..665S 6 4 Absorption-line studies of QSO pairs. SHAVER P.A. and ROBERTSON J.G.
1984A&A...138L..19F 72 T                   2 2 32 Determination of difference in light travel time for QSO 0957+561 A,
1984A&A...139..289C 3 5 3C 273 : a gravitationally lensed quasar ? CHITRE S.M., NARASIMHA D., NARLIKAR J.V., et al.
1984A&A...141..318B 73 T                   1 2 43 The Hubble parameter: an upper limit from QSO 0957+561A,
1984MNRAS.210...79N 72 T                   1 2 31 Gravitational lens model of the double QSO 0957+561 A,
B incorporating VL
BI features.
1984ARA&A..22..319B 191 769 Extragalactic radio jets. BRIDLE A.H. and PERLEY R.A.
1984Afz....20..351K 69 T                   1 2 2
Binary quasi-stellar object Q 0957+561 A,
B a close pair of galaxies.
1984BAAS...16..519H 69 T                   2 1 Radio flux monitoring of 0957+561A and
1985AJ.....90...30R 87 51 Alignment of radio and optical polarization with VLBI structure. RUSK R. and SEAQUIST E.R.
1985ApJ...289L...1F 104 T                   1 2 353 On model-dependent bounds on H 0 from gravitational images: application to Q 0957+561 A,
1985ApJ...289...18M 16 3 245 Relaxation and tidal stripping in rich clusters of galaxies. III. Growth of a massive central galaxy. MERRITT D.
1985ApJ...293..356R 10 28 The multiple images of the quasar 0957+561. ROBERTS D.H., GREENFIELD P.E., HEWITT J.N., et al.
1985ApJ...293..370G 1 11 57 The gravitationally lensed quasar 0957+561: VLA observations and mass models. GREENFIELD P.E., ROBERTS D.H. and BURKE B.F.
1985ApJ...298..732C 10 22 Two-point correlation function of QSO metal absorption systems from an inhomogeneous catalog of observations. CROTTS A.P.S.
1985MNRAS.215..639Z 2 9 The gravitational lens effect and the surface density of quasars nearforeground galaxies. ZUIDERWIJK E.J.
1985Natur.314..402G 2 1 Direct estimate of Hubble's constant from the double quasar. GASKELL C.M.
1986A&A...166L...5M 3 2 Consequences of gravitational lensing for gamma radiation from 3C 273. METCALFE L. and McBREEN B.
1986A&A...169....1B 3 15 187 Absorption line systems in QSO spectra : properties derived from observations and from photoionization models. BERGERON J. and STASINSKA G.
1986ApJ...300..209S 76 T                   1 2 61 CCD camera brightness monitoring of Q 0957+561 A,
1986ApJ...308..815N 180 180 Quasars measured by the Infrared Astronomical Satellite. NEUGEBAUER G., MILEY G.K., SOIFER B.T., et al.
1986MNRAS.222..787M 231 29 A search for QSOs in the fields of nearby galaxies - II. NGC 55, 253, 300 and 5364. MONK A.S., PENSTON M.V., PETTINI M., et al.
1986LAstr.100....3V 4 0 Les mirages gravitationnels : un outil de choix pour sonder l'univers. VANDERRIEST C.
1986ApL....25...99Z 2 1 An edge-on galaxy model for Q 0957+561. ZHENG W. and HUBBARD E.N.
1986Ap&SS.119..227F 2 0 Motion of quasar images by gravitational lens galaxies. FUJISHITA M.
1986Rech...17.1576K 3 0 Une lentille gravitationnelle invisible. KUNTH D.
1986S&W....25..252K 4 0 Mikro-gravitationslinsen und ihre Bedeutung fur die Astrophysik. KAYSER R.
1986NIA86......523U 14 ~ Observations of active galactic nuclei with IUE and comparison with X-ray data. ULRICH M.H.
1986NIA86......715G 2 ~ Ultraviolet light curve of the double quasar Q 0957+561, A, B and a determination of the Hubble constant. GONDHALEKAR P.M., WILSON R., DUPREE A.K., et al.
1987ApJ...320L..75M 6 22 z(abs)=z(em) absorption systems in quasar spectra : a correlation with radio and optical luminosity ? MOLLER P. and JAKOBSEN P.
1987ApJ...322..739L 1 40 162 An absorption-line survey of 32 QSOs at red wavelengths: properties of the Mg II absorbers. LANZETTA K.M., TURNSHEK D.A. and WOLFE A.M.
1987ApJS...64..667T 90 105 High-resolution spectra of 24 low-redshift QSOs: the properties of MgII absorption systems. TYTLER D., BOKSENBERG A., SARGENT W.L.W., et al.
1987ARA&A..25..425T 4 37 594 Existence and nature of dark matter in the universe. TRIMBLE V.
1987MitAG..70..210K 4 0 Mikro-Gravitationslinsen - ein neues Werkzeug der extragalaktischen Astronomie. KAYSER R.
1987PBeiO..10...46Z 1 0 The lens effect of gravitation dyon black hole. ZHOU Y.
1987Rech...18.1182B 10 0 Les mirages gravitationnels. BLANCHARD A., HAMMER F. and VANDERRIEST C.
1988A&A...198...49S 2 5 42 Observations of the new gravitational lens system UM 673 = Q 0142-100. SURDEJ J., MAGAIN P., SWINGS J.-P., et al.
1988AJ.....96.1215P 144 137 Long-term optical behavior of 144 compact extragalactic objects: 1969-1988. PICA A.J., SMITH A.G., WEBB J.R., et al.
1988ApJ...334...42G 3 4 49 VLBI observations of the gravitational lens system 0957+561: structure and relative magnification of the A and B images. GORENSTEIN M.V., COHEN N.L., SHAPIRO I.I., et al.
1988BAAS...20Q1001L 2 3 VLA measurement of the time delay in the gravitationally lensed double quasar 0957+561. LEHAR J., HEWITT J.N., ROBERTS D.H., et al.
1988Mercu..17...12W 6 ~ Quasars : a progress report. WEEDMAN D.
1988IAUS..129..201G 2 7 VLBI observations of the 0957+561 gravitational lens system. GORENSTEIN M.V., BONOMETTI R.J., COHEN N.L., et al.
1988IAUS..129..207F 1 3 Can we measure Ho with VLBI observations of gravitational images ? FALCO E.E., GORENSTEIN M.V. and SHAPIRO I.I.
1988IUE88...2..253B 1 ~ Gravitational lensing. BURKE B.F., DUPREE A.K., GONDHALEKAR P.M., et al.
1988IUE88...2..257A 70 T                   1 2 ~ Analysis of spatially resolved IUE spectra of 0957+561A,
B : a gravitationally lensed double quasar.
1989A&A...215....1V 8 4 134 The value of the time delay delta T (A,B) for the 'double' quasar 0957+561 from optical photometric monitoring. VANDERRIEST C., SCHNEIDER J., HERPE G., et al.
1989A&A...215...14C 10 7 No quasar clustering at z > 2. CHU Y. and ZHU X.
1989A&A...215..211L 4 15 Imagery with infrared arrays. I. Ground-based system and astronomicalperformances. LACOMBE F., TIPHENE D., ROUAN D., et al.
1989AJ.....97.1283L 1 11 68 MG 1654+1346 : an Einstein ring image of a quasar radio lobe. LANGSTON G.I., SCHNEIDER D.P., CONNER S., et al.
1989ApJ...338...44N 11 3 A Doppler interpretation for close pairs and compact groups of quasars. NARASIMHA D. and NARLIKAR J.V.
1989ApJ...340...90C 36 46 The evolution of low-ionization QSO absorption systems. CAULET A.
1989PAZh...15..654M 1 0 Optical ray deflection in the gravitation field of a massive disk. MINAKOV A.A.
1990AJ....100.1771S 7 2 56 The time delay in the twin QSO Q0957+561. SCHILD R.E.
1990ApJ...357..309K 4 1 16 Macro-and micromodels for gravitational lenses. KAYSER R.
1990MNRAS.246..545P 15 2 125 The Lyman-alpha forest at 6 km s-1 resolution. PETTINI M., HUNSTEAD R.W., SMITH L.J., et al.
1990BCFHT..22...14A 2 0 Spectrographie bidimensionnelle de 2 mirages gravitationnels avec SILFID. ANGONIN M.C., VANDERRIEST C. and SURDEJ J.
1990SoSAO..64..104S 70 T                   2 0 Electrophotometry of double quasar Q 0957+56A,
1990SoSAO..64..108V 1 0 On mutual coherence of the images formed by gravitational lenses. VERHOGLYADOVA O.P. and MANDZHOS A.V.
1991A&A...250...62R 11 1 47 Gravitational micro-lensing for large sources. REFSDAL S. and STABELL R.
1991AJ....101..813S 5 2 46 Microlensing in the Q 0957+561 gravitational mirage. SCHILD R.E. and SMITH R.C.
1991ApJS...77..203J viz 633 60 A catalog of absorption in the spectra of quasi-stellar objects. JUNKKARINEN V., HEWITT A. and BURBIDGE G.
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1991MNRAS.250...24Y 262 53 An inhomogeneous reference catalogue of identified intervening heavy element systems in spectra of QSOs. YORK D.G., YANNY B., CROTTS A., et al.
1991AZh....68...22M 1 3 Mutual coherence properties of images of a quasar observed through a gravitational lens. General solution for adjoining images. MANDZHOS A.V.
1991S&T....82..423O 9 0 Observing at the limit. O'MEARA S.J.
1991S&W....30..422S 1 0 Gravitationslinse kontra Quasarpaar. STICKEL M.
1992A&A...255L..20H 1 1 5 Wavelet analysis of "double quasar" flux data. HJORTH P.G., VILLEMOES L.F., TEUBER J., et al.
1992ApJ...388...33K 21 4 Multiple quasars with large magnitude differences : extreme magnification by gravitational lenses ? KASSIOLA A. and KOVNER I.
1992ApJS...79....1T 161 256 Systematic QSO emission-line velocity shifts and new unbiased redshifts. TYTLER D. and FAN X.-M.
1992MNRAS.254p..27G 25 ~ Redshift measurements of the brightest cluster galaxies of the gravitational lens 0957+561. GARRETT M.A., WALSH D. and CARSWELL R.F.
1993A&AS...97...81M 3 1 13 Gamma-ray bursts from relativistic jets in cocooned active galactic nuclei and gravitational lensing tests of the cosmological origin. McBREEN B., PLUNKETT S. and METCALFE L.
1993ApJ...407...60T 107 T K                 2 15 Damped Lyman-alpha absorptino in Q 0957+561A, B. TURNSHEK D.A. and BOHLIN R.C.
1993ApJS...87..451H viz 14       D               7278 328 A revised and updated catalog of quasi-stellar objects. HEWITT A. and BURBIDGE G.
1993IrAJ...21..111M 1 0 Gamma-ray bursts, gravitational lensing and cosmology. McBREEN B., PLUNKETT S. and METCALFE L.
1993JAVSO..22...12W 5 0 Performance of commercial CCD cameras when coupled to small telescopes (3-12 inch). WALKER G.
1994A&A...286..775P 43   K                 2 66 Time delay controversy on QSO 0957+561 not yet decided. PELT J., HOFF W., KAYSER R., et al.
1994AJ....107..461B 272 24 Hubble Space Telescope faint object spectrograph quasar absorption system snapshot survey (ABSNAP). I. Astrometric optical positions and finding charts of 269 bright QSOs. BOWEN D.V., OSMER S.J., BLADES J.C., et al.
1994MNRAS.268..690K 3 10 Finding the lag between two irregularly observed random walk series. KOEN C.
1994MNRAS.270..457G 77 T                   2 49 Global VL
BI observations of the gravitational lens system 0957+561 A,
1994BSAO...37..150B 71 T                   2 0 Time delay for the gravitational lens Q0957+561 A,B. BESKIN G.M. and OKNYANSKIJ V.L.
1995A&A...304..341B 72 T                   2 11 The optical time delay in the double quasar Q 0957+561 A, B. BESKIN G.M. and OKNYANSKIJ V.L.
1995AJ....109.1970S 6 2 48 Twin QSO 0957+561 time delay dataset. SCHILD R. and THOMSON D.J.
1995AJ....110.2566C 1 2 12 VLBI observations of the gravitational lens system 0957+561. CAMPBELL R.M., LEHAR J., COREY B.E., et al.
1995ApJ...442...87D 2 6 The gravitational lens system Q 0957+561 in the ultraviolet. DOLAN J.F., MICHALITSIANOS A.G., THOMPSON R.W., et al.
1995ApJ...448L..65W 5 17 On the measurement of the Hubble constant in a local low-density universe. WU X.-P., DENG Z., ZOU Z., et al.
1995ApJ...455L...5K 5 2 43 An event in the light curve of 0957+561A and prediction of the 1996 image B light curve. KUNDIC T., COLLEY W.N., GOTT III J.R., et al.
1995AZh....72..457K 5 6 Red dwarves in the coronae of galaxies as MACHOs. KOMBERG B.V., KOMPANEETS D.A. and LUKASH V.I.
1996A&A...305...97P 53   K                 2 104 The light curve and the time delay of QSO 0957+561. PELT J., KAYSER R., REFSDAL S., et al.
1996ApJ...469...48W 4 7 On the possible variations of the Hubble constant with distance. WU X.-P., QIN B. and FANG L.
1996ApJ...470L..19O 72 T                   2 11 Optical photometry of quasar 0957+561A,
1996ApJS..105..369M viz 223 199 Galactic H I column densities toward quasars and active galactic nuclei. MURPHY E.M., LOCKMAN F.J., LAOR A., et al.
1996C&E...318...38A 13 0 Les quasars en quete d'identite. ALTER A. and TESTARD-VAILLANT P.
1996FCPh...17....1W 70 30 Gravitational lensing in the Universe. WU X.-P.
1997A&A...325..877R 2 4 25 Gravitational microlensing of large sources including shear term effects. REFSDAL S. and STABELL R.
1997AJ....113..521F 4 4 58 The mass distribution of the cluster 0957+561 from gravitational lensing. FISCHER P., BERNSTEIN G., RHEE G., et al.
1997AJ....114.2240H 7 15 High dynamic range VLA observations of the gravitationally lensed quasar 0957+561. HARVANEK M., STOCKE J.T., MORSE J.A., et al.
1997ApJ...474..598M 36   K                 6 15 Lyα absorption-line systems in the gravitational lens Q0957+561. MICHALITSIANOS A.G., DOLAN J.F., KAZANAS D., et al.
1997ApJ...477..568Z 1 6 28 The dust-to-gas ratio in the damped Lyα clouds toward the gravitationally lensed QSO 0957+561. ZUO L., BEAVER E.A., BURBIDGE E.M., et al.
1997ApJ...482...75K 102 T                   3 272 A robust determination of the time delay in 0957+561A,
B and a measurement of the global value of Hubble's constant.
1997ApJ...488L.121A 11 7 Low surface brightness radio structure in the field of gravitational lens 0957+561. AVRUCH I.M., COHEN A.S., LEHAR J., et al.
1997MNRAS.289..933P 2 3 20 The determination of time delays as an inverse problem - the case of the double quasar 0957+561. PIJPERS F.P.
1997MNRAS.292..148S 7 3 71 Non-parametric reconstruction of the galaxy lens in PG 1115+080. SAHA P. and WILLIAMS L.L.R.
1997Ap&SS.246..299O 2 ~ Variable radio echoes from a jet in QSO 0957+561. OKNYANSKIJ V.L.
1997A&G....38e..10W 11 7 The quest for the golden lens. WILLIAMS L.L.R. and SCHECHTER P.L.
1998A&A...335..379S 5 4 70 Limits on MACHOs from microlensing in the double quasar Q0957+561. SCHMIDT R. and WAMBSGANSS J.
1998A&A...336..829P 76 T                   4 58 Microlensing on different timescales in the lightcurves of QSO 0957+561 A,B. PELT J., SCHILD R., REFSDAL S., et al.
1998A&A...337..681P 1 3 12 Estimation of multiple time delays in complex gravitational lens systems. PELT J., HJORTH J., REFSDAL S., et al.
1998ApJ...496..177M 15 26 Hubble Space Telescope observations of the gravitationally lensed Cloverleaf broad absorption line QSO H1413+1143: spectroscopy of the Lyα forest and metal-line systems. MONIER E.M., TURNSHEK D.A. and LUPIE O.L.
1998ApJ...504..671K 15 4 186 Optical variability in active galactic nuclei: starbursts or disk instabilities? KAWAGUCHI T., MINESHIGE S., UMEMURA M., et al.
1998NewAR..42..101W 4 5 Microlensing constraints on MACHO masses from the double quasar Q0957+561. WAMBSGANSS J. and SCHMIDT R.
1999AJ....118...14B 1 12 61 Values of H0 from models of the gravitational lens 0957+561. BERNSTEIN G. and FISCHER P.
1999AJ....118.1435W viz 382 10 A study of quasar radio emission from the VLA FIRST survey. WADADEKAR Y. and KEMBHAVI A.
1999ApJ...510..576P 14 6 264 Metal abundances at z<1.5: fresh clues to the chemical enrichment history of damped Lyα systems. PETTINI M., ELLISON S.L., STEIDEL C.C., et al.
1999ApJ...514..598S 72 T                   5 13 A wavelet exploration of the Q0957+561A,B brightness record. SCHILD R.
1999ApJ...515..512T 18 28 Velocity dispersion of the gravitational lens 0957+561. TONRY J.L. and FRANX M.
1999ApJ...518..153C 73 T                   3 12 Precision photometry for Q0957+561 images A and B. COLLEY W.N. and SCHILD R.E.
1999ApJ...519L..31Y 1 4 16 Source size limitation from variabilities of a lensed quasar. YONEHARA A.
1999ApJ...520..479B 1 7 39 A reassessment of the data and models of the gravitational lens Q0957+561. BARKANA R., LEHAR J., FALCO E.E., et al.
1999ApJ...524..582C 1 4 16 New modeling of the lensing galaxy and cluster of Q0957+561: implications for the global value of the Hubble constant. CHAE K.-H.
1999ApJ...526...40S 73 T                   7 26 BVRI photometry of QSO 0957+561A, B: observations, new reduction method, and time delay. SERRA-RICART M., OSCOZ A., SANCHIS T., et al.
1999ApJ...527..498F 1 22 75 A determination of H0 with the CLASS gravitational lens B1608+656. I. Time delay measurements with the VLA. FASSNACHT C.D., PEARSON T.J., READHEAD A.C.S., et al.
1999Ap&SS.261..337P 2 ~ Measuring time delays for gravitationally lensed variable quasars. PIJPERS F.P.
1999Ap&SS.261..341G 5 ~ Gravitational lenses and the Hubble constant: present and future. GOICOECHEA L.J., MEDIAVILLA E., OSCOZ A., et al.
1999Ap&SS.263...47G 2 ~ Analysis of the difference light curve of the gravitational mirage QSO 0957+561. GIL-MERINO R., GOICOECHEA L.J., SERRA M., et al.
1999Sci...286.2493P 5 12 Gas-rich galaxy pair unveiled in the lensed quasar 0957+561. PLANESAS P., MARTIN-PINTADO J., NERI R., et al.
1999NewAR..43..519G 5 13 Wide-field VLBI imaging. GARRETT M.A., PORCAS R.W., PEDLAR A., et al.
2000A&A...360...10R 74 T                   4 30 Constraints on source and lens parameters from microlensing variability in QSO 0957+561 A,B. REFSDAL S., STABELL R., PELT J., et al.
2000A&A...362L..37W 75 T                   2 22 Microlensing results from APO monitoring of the double quasar Q0957+561A,B between 1995 and 1998. WAMBSGANSS J., SCHMIDT R.W., COLLEY W., et al.
2000ApJ...529...77I 15 7 An observational test of dark matter as cold fractal clouds. IRWIN J.A., WIDROW L.M. and ENGLISH J.
2000ApJ...531..635M 72 T                   5 3 Spectroscopy of the lens galaxy of Q0957+561A,B: implications of a possible central massive dark object. MEDIAVILLA E., SERRA-RICART M., OSCOZ A., et al.
2000ApJ...539..111D 20 5 Ultraviolet spectral variability and the Lyα forest in the lensed quasar Q0957+561. DOLAN J.F., MICHALITSIANOS A.G., NGUYEN Q.T., et al.
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2000ApJ...542...74K 1 11 58 The host galaxy of the lensed quasar Q0957+561. KEETON C.R., FALCO E.E., IMPEY C.D., et al.
2000ApJ...544...98W 1 13 70 Analytic time delays and H0 estimates for gravitational lenses. WITT H.J., MAO S. and KEETON C.R.
2001ApJ...554..496T 2 8 69 Improvement of the spatial resolution of the ACIS using split-pixel events. TSUNEMI H., MORI K., MIYATA E., et al.
2001ApJ...561L..69I 2 4 29 BeppoSAX observation of NGC 3079. IYOMOTO N., FUKAZAWA Y., NAKAI N., et al.
2001MNRAS.322..397G 74 T                   4 14 Short time-scale fluctuations in the difference light curves of QSO 0957+561A,B: microlensing or noise? GIL-MERINO R., GOICOECHEA L.J., SERRA-RICART M., et al.
2001MNRAS.325.1527C 1 4 16 Evidence for accretion disc reprocessing in QSO 0957+561. COLLIER S.
2001Ap&SS.275..385S 73 T                   5 6 CCD photometry of QSO 0957+561 A & B for the period 1987-1992 using La Palma archive. SLAVCHEVA-MIHOVA L.S., OKNYANSKIJ V.L. and MIHOV B.M.
2001JApA...22..263B 180 2 Variability of extragalactic objects in relation to redshift, color, radio spectral index and absorption lines. BASU D.
2001S&T...102c..32P 13 0 The Universe through gravity's lens. PETERSEN C.C.
2001PASA...18..207W 7 20 Microlensing of quasars. WAMBSGANSS J.
2002A&A...381..757L viz 493 57 A new list of extra-galactic radio jets. LIU F.K. and ZHANG Y.H.
2002ApJ...565...96C 1 7 25 Constraining H0 from Chandra observations of Q0957+561. CHARTAS G., GUPTA V., GARMIRE G., et al.
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2002ApJ...573L...1O 6 7 A large brightness enhancement of the QSO 0957+561 a component. OSCOZ A., ALCALDE D., SERRA-RICART M., et al.
2002ApJ...576..107M 1 2 10 Approximation of light-ray deflection angle and gravitational lenses in the Schwarzschild metric. I. Derivation and quasar lens. MUTKA P.T. and MAHONEN P.H.
2002ApJS..140..143B viz 335 51 A uniform analysis of the Lyα forest at z = 0-5. III. Hubble Space Telescope faint object spectrograph spectral atlas. BECHTOLD J., DOBRZYCKI A., WILDEN B., et al.
2002MNRAS.334..905G 2 2 16 Multiple delays in QSO 0957+561: observational evidence and interpretation. GOICOECHEA L.J.
2002PABei..20..175H 35 0 Progress in study on Lyman-alpha forest (I): observations. HUANG K. and ZHOU H.
2002AAS...201.6704C 73 T                   2 0 The size, density, and mass of a damped Lyman α absorber from HIRES/Keck spectra of the lensed quasar 0957+561 A,
2003A&A...402..891O 10 20 New aperture photometry of QSO 0957+561: application to time delay and microlensing. OVALDSEN J.E., TEUBER J., SCHILD R.E., et al.
2003A&A...406..535Z viz 15       D               1 10289 80 The Hamburg/RASS Catalogue of optical identifications. Northern high-galactic latitude ROSAT Bright Source Catalogue X-ray sources. ZICKGRAF F.-J., ENGELS D., HAGEN H.-J., et al.
2003A&A...412..707R viz 829 11 A catalogue of absorption-line systems in QSO spectra. RYABINKOV A.I., KAMINKER A.D. and VARSHALOVICH D.A.
2003AJ....126...24H 1 2 6 Ultraviolet structure in the lensed QSO 0957+561. HUTCHINGS J.B.
2003AJ....126..689S 2 3 24 Microlensing of a ring model for quasar structure. SCHILD R. and VAKULIK V.
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