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2012ApJ...746...63C 1616 T K A S   X C       39 8 112
: a radio pulsar that mostly is not there.
2012ApJ...746L..24L 48           X         1 3 54 On the spin-down of intermittent pulsars. LI J., SPITKOVSKY A. and TCHEKHOVSKOY A.
2012ApJ...749....2K 52           X         1 4 108 Toward a realistic pulsar magnetosphere. KALAPOTHARAKOS C., KAZANAS D., HARDING A., et al.
2012MNRAS.423.3502J 39           X         1 5 8 Nulls, subpulse drift and mode switching in pulsars: the polar-cap surface. JONES P.B.
2012PASJ...64...56M 40           X         1 28 64 SGRs and AXPs as rotation-powered massive white dwarfs. MALHEIRO M., RUEDA J.A. and RUFFINI R.
2012ApJ...758..141L 380     A     X         10 4 72 Radio and X-ray observations of the intermittent pulsar J1832+0029. LORIMER D.R., LYNE A.G., McLAUGHLIN M.A., et al.
2013Sci...339..436H 7 8 122 Synchronous X-ray and radio mode switches: A rapid global transformation of the pulsar magnetosphere. HASSALL T.E., KARASTERGLOU A., HERMSEN W., et al.
2012MNRAS.427..114Y 41           X         1 5 20 On the pulse intensity modulation of PSRB0823+26. YOUNG N.J., STAPPERS B.W., WELTEVREDE P., et al.
2013MNRAS.429.2569Y 79           X         2 7 19 Long-term radio observations of the intermittent pulsar B1931+24. YOUNG N.J., STAPPERS B.W., LYNE A.G., et al.
2013MNRAS.431.2756J 39           X         1 15 13 An incomplete model of RRATs and of nulls mode changes and subpulses. JONES P.B.
2013A&A...555A.125M 195           X         5 4 4 Towards a theory of extremely intermittent pulsars. I. Does something orbit PSR B1931+24? MOTTEZ F., BONAZZOLA S. and HEYVAERTS J.
2013A&A...555A.126M 725     A   O X C       18 4 7 Towards a theory of extremely intermittent pulsars. II. Asteroids at a close distance. MOTTEZ F., BONAZZOLA S. and HEYVAERTS J.
2013ApJ...775...47C 94       D     X         3 25 21 Pulsar state switching from Markov transitions and stochastic resonance. CORDES J.M.
2014PASJ...66...14C 39           X         1 25 20 Magnetic dipole moment of soft gamma-ray repeaters and anomalous X-ray pulsars described as massive and magnetic white dwarfs. COELHO J.G. and MALHEIRO M.
2014ApJ...788...16L 356   K A D     X         10 3 15 Pulsar wind model for the spin-down behavior of intermittent pulsars. LI L., TONG H., YAN W.M., et al.
2014ApJ...789L..27S 40           X         1 4 10 The light curve and internal magnetic field of the mode-switching pulsar PSR B0943+10. STORCH N.I., HO W.C.G., LAI D., et al.
2014PASP..126..338R 370       D     X         10 6 ~ Predicting the braking indices of nulling and intermittent pulsars. RUSUL A., ZHENG X.-P. and ESAMDIN A.
2014MNRAS.445..320K 79           X         2 13 6 The three discrete nulling time-scales of PSR J1717-4054. KERR M., HOBBS G., SHANNON R.M., et al.
2014A&A...572A..52B 41           X         1 5 22 LOFAR observations of PSR B0943+10: profile evolution and discovery of a systematically changing profile delay in bright mode. BILOUS A.V., HESSELS J.W.T., KONDRATIEV V.I., et al.
2015RAA....15...28P 40           X         1 11 ~ Variations of the harmonic components of the X-ray pulse profile of PSR B1509-58. PRADHAN P., PAUL B., RAICHUR H., et al.
2015ApJ...807L..27M 40           X         1 9 11 Discovery of a spin-down state change in the LMC pulsar B0540-69. MARSHALL F.E., GUILLEMOT L., HARDING A.K., et al.
2015MNRAS.450.1420J 40           X         1 10 4 A multicomponent Langmuir-mode source for the observed pulsar coherent emission. JONES P.B.
2015MNRAS.450.2922N viz 16       D               1 517 56 The High Time Resolution Universe Pulsar Survey - XII. Galactic plane acceleration search and the discovery of 60 pulsars. NG C., CHAMPION D.J., BAILES M., et al.
2016MNRAS.458.4456K 40           X         1 12 2 Rotation measure synthesis study and polarized properties of PSR J1745-2900 at 7 mm. KRAVCHENKO E.V., COTTON W.D., YUSEF-ZADEH F., et al.
2016ApJ...827...80H 242           X C       5 4 5 Twist-induced magnetosphere reconfiguration for intermittent pulsars. HUANG L., YU C. and TONG H.
2017ApJ...834...72L 59       D     X         2 9 24 Two long-term intermittent pulsars discovered in the PALFA survey. LYNE A.G., STAPPERS B.W., FREIRE P.C.C., et al.
2017MNRAS.468.1486D 41           X         1 14 3 A transient, flat spectrum radio pulsar near the Galactic Centre. DEXTER J., DEGENAAR N., KERR M., et al.
2018MNRAS.475.2375N 41           X         1 19 3 Detection of long nulls in PSR B1706-16, a pulsar with large timing irregularities. NAIDU A., JOSHI B.C., MANOHARAN P.K., et al.
2018MNRAS.475.5443S 16       D               1 14 2 Resolving discrete pulsar spin-down states with current and future instrumentation. SHAW B., STAPPERS B.W. and WELTEVREDE P.
2018ApJ...866..154G 41           X         1 11 1 The first glitch in a central compact object pulsar: 1E 1207.4-5209. GOTTHELF E.V. and HALPERN J.P.
2018MNRAS.480.3541J 41           X         1 11 ~ A bistable pulsar magnetosphere: nulls and mode changes. JONES P.B.
2018ApJ...869..134M 41           X         1 8 7 Hunting for radio emission from the intermittent pulsar J1107-5907 at low frequencies. MEYERS B.W., TREMBLAY S.E., BHAT N.D.R., et al.
2019ApJ...887L...7S viz 43           X         1 16 22 Strong excess Faraday rotation on the inside of the Sagittarius spiral arm. SHANAHAN R., LEMMER S.J., STIL J.M., et al.
2020MNRAS.492.5987J 43           X         1 12 ~ Complex emission patterns: fluctuations and bistability of polar-cap potentials. JONES P.B.
2020PASP..132c4201R 43     A D               2 9 ~ Second braking index of intermittent pulsar and nulling pulsar. RUSUL A., ZHENG X.-P., ESAMDIN A., et al.
2020ApJ...896L...7D 45           X         1 6 12 PSR J2030+4415's remarkable bow shock, PWN, and filament. DE VRIES M. and ROMANI R.W.
2020ApJ...897....8W 1107 T   A D S   X C       24 5 ~ Radio observations of two intermittent pulsars: PSRs J1832+0029 and
WANG S.Q., WANG J.B., HOBBS G., et al.
2020A&A...644A..73W viz 17       D               1 216 18 Jiamusi pulsar observations. III. Nulling of 20 pulsars. WANG P.F., HAN J.L., HAN L., et al.
2021MNRAS.501.2156D 44           X         1 11 ~ Circular polarization in radio pulsar PSR B1451-68: coherent mode transitions and intrabeam interference. DYKS J., WELTEVREDE P. and ILIE C.
2021ApJ...909...68R 235       D     X         6 6 ~ State-switching mechanism of intermittent pulsars. RUSUL A., ZHENG X.-P., ESAMDIN A., et al.
2021ApJ...917...67C 44           X         1 16 10 Radio detection of PSR J1813-1749 in HESS J1813-178 the most scattered pulsar known. CAMILO F., RANSOM S.M., HALPERN J.P., et al.
2022MNRAS.516.5084B 18       D               1 25 1 Pulsar death line revisited - II. 'The death valley'. BESKIN V.S. and ISTOMIN A.Y.
2023MNRAS.520.4801J 19       D               1 1267 4 The Thousand-Pulsar-Array programme on MeerKAT - XI. Application of the rotating vector model. JOHNSTON S., KRAMER M., KARASTERGIOU A., et al.
2023ApJ...950..166W 47           X         1 10 ~ Exploring the Individual Pulse Behavior of Pulsar J1701-3726 with Parkes. WANG H., WEN Z.G., DUAN X.F., et al.
2023ApJ...951...40R 93           X         2 12 ~ From the External to the Internal Dynamics of the Neutron Star: The Exotic Braking Indices of PSR B0540-69. RUSUL A. and ZHENG X.-P.

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