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1993ApJ...404..636B 2 6 64 Temporal variations of pulsar dispersion measures. BACKER D.C., HAMA S., VAN KOOK S., et al.
1993ApJ...410L..91F 112 T K                 3 76 A
new binary millisecond pulsar.
1993BAAS...25.1345C 71 T                   1 ~ Shapiro delay in the low mass binary millisecond pulsar
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1994ApJ...437L..39C 123 T K                 1 69 High-precision timing of
PSR J1713+0747 : Shapiro delay.
1994MNRAS.269..455J 1 6 43 Magnetic evolution of neutron stars in low-mass binary systems. JAHAN MIRI M. and BHATTACHARYA D.
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1995ApJ...439L...5K 37   K                 5 23 On possible implications of orbital parallaxes of wide orbit binary pulsars and their measurability. KOPEIKIN S.M.
1995ApJ...439..933L 1 21 86 Four new millisecond pulsars in the Galactic disk. LORIMER D.R., NICASTRO L., LYNE A.G., et al.
1995ApJ...446..543R 10 4 169 Ultra-low-frequency gravitational radiation from massive black hole binaries. RAJAGOPAL M. and ROMANI R.W.
1995ApJ...447..807F 56 56 EGRET high-energy gamma-ray pulsar studies. II. Individual millisecond pulsars. FIERRO J.M., ARZOUMANIAN Z., BAILES M., et al.
1995ApJ...452..323S 3 9 Assessing the environmental impact on PSR B1620-26 in M4. SIGURDSSON S.
1995ApJ...454..826F 26 43 A high galactic latitude pulsar survey of the Arecibo sky. FOSTER R.S., CADWELL B.J., WOLSZCZAN A., et al.
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1996A&A...315..432T 1 12 40 The origin of millisecond pulsar velocities. TAURIS T.M. and BAILES M.
1996A&A...315..453T 34 35 Aspects of mass transfer in X-ray binaries: a model for three classes of binary millisecond pulsars. TAURIS T.M.
1996ApJ...456L..33B 1 16 49 New method for obtaining binary pulsar distances and its implications for tests of general relativity. BELL J.F. and BAILES M.
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2005ApJ...620..405S 119 T K                 4 96 Masses, parallax, and relativistic timing of the
PSR J1713+0747 binary system.
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2006MNRAS.366.1520B 74 T                   3 5 The evolutionary status of the white dwarf companion of the binary pulsar
PSR J1713+0747.
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2006PASJ...58..153C 76 T                   1 5 Low-mass X-ray binary as the progenitor of
PSR J1713+0747.
CHEN W.C., LI X.D. and WANG Z.R.
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