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2004A&A...426L...1T 3 3 On the unpulsed radio emission from J0737-3039. TUROLLA R. and TREVES A.
2004A&A...426..631L 12 17 The parallax, mass and age of the PSR J2145-0750 binary system. LOEHMER O., KRAMER M., DRIEBE T., et al.
2004ApJ...605L..41M 2 3 23 X-ray emission from the double pulsar system J0737-3039. McLAUGHLIN M.A., CAMILO F., BURGAY M., et al.
2004ApJ...609L..17G 5 9 High-energy emission from the double pulsar system J0737-3039. GRANOT J. and MESZAROS P.
2004ApJ...609L..71R 4 3 41 Green Bank telescope measurement of the systemic velocity of the double pulsar binary J0737-3039 and implications for its formation. RANSOM S.M., KASPI V.M., RAMACHANDRAN R., et al.
2004ApJ...613L..53C 5 12 XMM-newton observation of the double pulsar system J0737-3039. CAMPANA S., POSSENTI A. and BURGAY M.
2004ApJ...613L..57M 4 3 41 The double pulsar system J0737-3039: modulation of the radio emission from B by radiation from A. McLAUGHLIN M.A., KRAMER M., LYNE A.G., et al.
2004ApJ...614L..53Z 1 4 19 A model for the flaring radio emission in the double pulsar system J0737-3039. ZHANG B. and LOEB A.
2004ApJ...616L.131M 5 3 50 The double pulsar system J0737-3039: modulation of A by B at eclipse. McLAUGHLIN M.A., LYNE A.G., LORIMER D.R., et al.
2004MNRAS.350L..61C 1 16 56 PSR J1829+2456: a relativistic binary pulsar. CHAMPION D.J., LORIMER D.R., McLAUGHLIN M.A., et al.
2004Natur.428..900L 3 4 Astrophysics: Jump-start for a neutron star. LORIMER D.
2004Natur.428..919J 2 4 32 The geometry of the double-pulsar system J0737-3039 from systematic intensity variations. JENET F.A. and RANSOM S.M.
2004Sci...303.1153L 29 5 443 A double-pulsar system: a rare laboratory for relativistic gravity and plasma physics. LYNE A.G., BURGAY M., KRAMER M., et al.
2004Sci...304..536L 5 48 827 The physics of neutron stars. LATTIMER J.M. and PRAKASH M.
2004Sci...304..547S 57 154 Pulsars in binary systems: probing binary stellar evolution and general relativity. STAIRS I.H.
2005ApJ...621L..41L 1 3 10 Effects of gravitational lensing in the double pulsar system J0737-3039. LAI D. and RAFIKOV R.R.
2005ApJ...621L..49M 78 T                   5 45 The mean pulse profile of
PSR J0737-3039A.
2005ApJ...623..392C 3 5 37 Probing the eclipse of J0737-3039A with scintillation. COLES W.A., McLAUGHLIN M.A., RICKETT B.J., et al.
2005ApJ...624L.113B 8 3 48 Long-term variations in the pulse emission from PSR J0737-3039B. BURGAY M., POSSENTI A., MANCHESTER R.N., et al.
2005ApJ...628L..49T 1 5 12 Is the bursting radio source GCRT J1745-3009 a double neutron star binary? TUROLLA R., POSSENTI A. and TREVES A.
2005ApJ...629L.113J 5 7 82 The mass of a millisecond pulsar. JACOBY B.A., HOTAN A., BAILES M., et al.
2005ApJ...629..979L 9 6 119 Constraining the equation of state with moment of inertia measurements. LATTIMER J.M. and SCHUTZ B.F.
2005ApJ...630..454M 1 3 9 Effects of rotation and relativistic charge flow on pulsar magnetospheric structure. MUSLIMOV A.G. and HARDING A.K.
2005ApJ...631..488R 3 3 21 Magnetospheric eclipses in the double-pulsar system PSR J0737-3039. RAFIKOV R.R. and GOLDREICH P.
2005ApJ...632.1054C 1 13 27 On the eccentricities and merger rates of double neutron star binaries and the creation of ``Double supernovae''. CHAURASIA H.K. and BAILES M.
2005ApJ...634L.101C 22 5 Radio emission from the double-pulsar system J0737-3039 revisited. CHATTERJEE S., GOSS W.M. and BRISKEN W.F.
2005ApJ...634.1223L 8 3 53 Magnetospheric eclipses in the double pulsar system PSR J0737-3039. LYUTIKOV M. and THOMPSON C.
2005MNRAS.361.1243P 12 3 74 The double pulsar J0737-3039: testing the neutron star equation of state. PODSIADLOWSKI P., DEWI J.D.M., LESAFFRE P., et al.
2005MNRAS.362.1078L 3 3 21 Orbital modulation of emission of the binary pulsar J0737-3039B. LYUTIKOV M.
2005MNRAS.362.1267H 75 T                   7 14
PSR J0737-3039A: baseband timing and polarimetry.
2005MNRAS.363L..71D 2 9 45 The spin period-eccentricity relation of double neutron stars: evidence for weak supernova kicks? DEWI J.D.M., PODSIADLOWSKI P. and POLS O.R.
2005MNRAS.363..929C 23 36 Arecibo timing and single-pulse observations of 17 pulsars. CHAMPION D.J., LORIMER D.R., McLAUGHLIN M.A., et al.
2005MNRAS.364..635B 76 T                   6 30 Constraints on the dense matter equation of state from the measurements of
PSR J0737-3039A moment of inertia and PSR J0751+1807 mass.
2005MNRAS.364..807C 10 7 The gravitational wave `probability event horizon' for double neutron star mergers. COWARD D.M., LILLEY M., HOWELL E.J., et al.
2005MNRAS.364.1397J 1 40 111 Evidence for alignment of the rotation and velocity vectors in pulsars. JOHNSTON S., HOBBS G., VIGELAND S., et al.
2005BASI...33..345J 3 0 Multifrequency observations of double pulsar J0737-3039 using GMRT. JOSHI B.C., McLAUGHLIN M.A., LYNE A.G., et al.
2005MmSAI..76..500P 10 0 Observations of radio pulsars. POSSENTI A.
2005PhRvL..94p1101D 2 3 15 Observing quantum vacuum lensing in a neutron star binary system. DUPAYS A., ROBILLIARD C., RIZZO C., et al.
2005PhRvL..94e1102P 7 3 42 Origin of the binary pulsar J0737-3039B. PIRAN T. and SHAVIV N.J.
2005PhRvL..95u1302D 6 3 36 Looking for light pseudoscalar bosons in the binary pulsar system J0737-3039. DUPAYS A., RIZZO C., RONCADELLI M., et al.
2005ChJAA...5..379G 22 4 Precession of the orbital plane of binary pulsars and significant variabilities. GONG B.-P.
2005ARep...49..295B 23 6 Evolution of the masses of neutron stars in binary systems. BOGOMAZOV A.I., ABUBEKEROV M.K., LIPUNOV V.M., et al.
2005ARep...49..446I 3 4 Gamma-ray bursts from a close pulsar binary system ? ISTOMIN Y.N.
2006A&A...456..295B 1 18 67 The masses of PSR J1911-5958A and its white dwarf companion. BASSA C.G., VAN KERKWIJK M.H., KOESTER D., et al.
2006ApJ...639.1007W 53 72 Neutron star kicks in isolated and binary pulsars: observational constraints and implications for kick mechanisms. WANG C., LAI D. and HAN J.L.
2006ApJ...640..428L 4 9 80 Arecibo Pulsar Survey using ALFA. II. The young, highly relativistic binary pulsar J1906+0746. LORIMER D.R., STAIRS I.H., FREIRE P.C., et al.
2006ApJ...641..438R 1 4 10 Effects of pulsar rotation on timing measurements of the double pulsar system J0737-3039. RAFIKOV R.R. and LAI D.
2006ApJ...646.1139K 1 6 15 X-ray emission from the double neutron star binary B1534+12: powered by the pulsar wind? KARGALTSEV O., PAVLOV G.G. and GARMIRE G.P.
2006MNRAS.366..137Z 3 8 60 The bottom magnetic field and magnetosphere evolution of neutron star in low-mass X-ray binary. ZHANG C.M. and KOJIMA Y.
2006MNRAS.368..283B 56 59 The Parkes High-Latitude pulsar survey. BURGAY M., JOSHI B.C., D'AMICO N., et al.
2006MNRAS.368..690L 7 7 105 Resonant cyclotron scattering and Comptonization in neutron star magnetospheres. LYUTIKOV M. and GAVRIIL F.P.
2006MNRAS.371.1395L 6 6 The induced turbulence effect on propagation of radio emission in pulsar magnetospheres. LUO Q. and MELROSE D.B.
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2006ARA&A..44...17G 5 31 316 The evolution and structure of pulsar wind nebulae. GAENSLER B.M. and SLANE P.O.
2006Sci...314...97K 32 5 323 Tests of general relativity from timing the double pulsar. KRAMER M., STAIRS I.H., MANCHESTER R.N., et al.
2006MNRAS.373L..50S 77 T                   8 33 The formation of the double pulsar
PSR J0737-3039A/B.
2007MNRAS.374..232Z 1 13 31 Measuring neutron star mass and radius with three mass-radius relations. ZHANG C.M., YIN H.X., KOJIMA Y., et al.
2007MNRAS.374..847R 3 3 Gravitational Faraday rotation in binary pulsar systems. RUGGIERO M.L. and TARTAGLIA A.
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2007MNRAS.377.1006Z 1 9 33 The superorbital variability and triple nature of the X-ray source 4U 1820-303. ZDZIARSKI A.A., WEN L. and GIERLINSKI M.
2007PhR...442...75K 6 5 66 Formation of double compact objects. KALOGERA V., BELCZYNSKI K., KIM C., et al.
2007MNRAS.377.1663G 2 4 17 The energy loss of a rotating magnetized neutron star. GUREVICH A.V. and ISTOMIN Y.N.
2007MNRAS.379.1217L 1 3 10 Age constraints in the double pulsar system J0737-3039. LORIMER D.R., FREIRE P.C.C., STAIRS I.H., et al.
2007A&A...473..523V viz 33 50 Determination of the mass of the neutron star in SMC X-1, LMC X-4, and Cen X-3 with VLT/UVES. VAN DER MEER A., KAPER L., VAN KERKWIJK M.H., et al.
2007MNRAS.381.1190L 2 6 28 On generation of Crab giant pulses. LYUTIKOV M.
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2007ApJ...670.1301C 60   K A               2 11 15 Pulsed X-ray emission from pulsar A in the double pulsar system J0737-3039. CHATTERJEE S., GAENSLER B.M., MELATOS A., et al.
2008ApJ...679..664P 7 12 PSR J0737-3039: interacting pulsars in X-rays. PELLIZZONI A., TIENGO A., DE LUCA A., et al.
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2009NewA...14...37B 4 5 Members of the double pulsar system PSR J0737-3039: Neutron stars or strange stars? BAGCHI M., DEY J., KONAR S., et al.
2009NewA...14...40I 1 4 13 Prospects for measuring the moment of inertia of pulsar J0737-3039A. IORIO L.
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2008PABei..26..214Y 20 0 Progress in the research of quark star. YUE Y.-L., XU F., LAI X.-Y., et al.
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2010AcA....60..149U 12 15 Observational tests of neutron star relativistic mean field equations of state. URBANEC M., BETAK E. and STUCHLIK Z.
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2010ApJ...721.1193P 4 7 56 The evolution of PSR J0737-3039B and a model for relativistic spin precession. PERERA B.B.P., McLAUGHLIN M.A., KRAMER M., et al.
2010ApJ...721.1689W 1 11 39 Constraints on natal kicks in galactic double neutron star systems. WONG T.-W., WILLEMS B. and KALOGERA V.
2010NewAR..54..135L 5 1 The double pulsar system J0737-3039. LYNE A.G.
2010NewAR..54..140V 13 8 High space velocities of single radio pulsars versus low orbital eccentricities and masses of double neutron stars: Evidence for two different neutron star formation mechanisms. VAN DEN HEUVEL E.P.J.
2010NewAR..54..145D 3 1 Current perspective on the formation of the double pulsar J0737-3039. DEWI J.D.M.
2010NewAR..54..152M 7 0 Magnetospheric interactions and emission properties in the double pulsar system. MANCHESTER R.N.
2010NewAR..54..158L 3 2 Eclipses and orbital modulations in binary pulsar PSR J0737-3039. LYUTIKOV M.
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2011MNRAS.415.1849P 40           X         1 8 16 Prospects of observing continuous gravitational waves from known pulsars. PITKIN M.
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2009PhR...480....1A 114           X         2 2 155 Chern-Simons modified general relativity. ALEXANDER S. and YUNES N.
2010JApA...31..105N 8 11 Extracting information from the gravitational redshift of compact rotating objects. NUNEZ P.D. and NOWAKOWSKI M.
2012ApJ...744...34V 39           X         1 21 40 Modeling phase-aligned gamma-ray and radio millisecond pulsar light curves. VENTER C., JOHNSON T.J. and HARDING A.K.
2012ApJ...749...84F 1388   K A     X C       35 12 5 Constraining the optical emission from the double pulsar system J0737-3039. FERRARO F.R., MIGNANI R.P., PALLANCA C., et al.
2012PASA...29...42G 78             C       1 16 22 Science at very high angular resolution with the Square Kilometre Array. GODFREY L.E.H., BIGNALL H., TINGAY S., et al.
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2013MNRAS.431..292E 551           X C       13 26 14 A coherent acceleration search of the Parkes multibeam pulsar survey - techniques and the discovery and timing of 16 pulsars. EATOUGH R.P., KRAMER M., LYNE A.G., et al.
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2013ApJ...768..169G 1835 T K A     X C       45 3 16 Fermi LAT pulsed detection of
PSR J0737-3039A in the double pulsar system.
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2014ApJ...783L..22D 40   K                 1 6 4 Hubble Space Telescope detection of the double pulsar system J0737-3039 in the far-ultraviolet. DURANT M., KARGALTSEV O. and PAVLOV G.G.
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2014ApJ...787...51P 357 T   A D S   X C       7 8 7 Realistic modeling of the pulse profile of
PSR J0737-3039A.
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