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1993A&A...276..382D 76 T                   2 43 Optical spectroscopy and photometry of the companion of the bright millisecond pulsar
1993ApJ...411L..83B 111 T K                 2 40 The optical counterpart of the bright nearby millisecond pulsar
PSR J0437-4715.
1993ApJS...88..529T viz 547 865 Catalog of 558 pulsars. TAYLOR J.H., MANCHESTER R.N. and LYNE A.G.
1993IAUC.5701....1B 71 T                   1 ~ PSR J0437-4715 BECKER W., TRUMPER J., BRAZIER K.T.S., et al.
1993Natur.361..589F 1 0 The new pulsar next door. FRUCHTER A.
1993Natur.361..613J 78 T                   6 170 Discovery of a very bright, nearby binary millisecond
1993Natur.364..579K 4 2 Questions of evolution. KULKARNI S.R. and THORSETT S.E.
1993Natur.364..603B 79 T                   2 71 Optical detection of the companion of the millisecond pulsar
1993Natur.365..528B 84 T                   2 104 Detection of pulsed X-rays from the binary millisecond pulsar
1993SciAm.269k..38V 9 0 X-ray binaries. VAN DEN HEUVEL E.P.J. and VAN PARADIJS J.
1994A&A...288..472B 106 T K                 2 5 SIGMA/GRANAT observations of the bright nearby millisecond pulsar
PSR J0437-4715.
1994A&A...289..763J 98 35 ROSAT PSPC observations of globular clusters. JOHNSTON H.M., VERBUNT F. and HASINGER G.
1994A&A...289..837P 39   K                 5 99 Model atmospheres and radiation of magnetic neutron stars: anisotropic thermal emission. PAVLOV G.G., SHIBANOV Y.A., VENTURA J., et al.
1994ApJ...421L..15C 38   K                 13 159 The magnetic fields, ages and original spin periods of millisecond pulsars. CAMILO F., THORSETT S.E. and KULKARNI S.R.
1994ApJ...428L..53T 1 8 46 Discovery of PSR J0108-1431: the closest known neutron star ? TAURIS T.M., NICASTRO L., JOHNSTON S., et al.
1994ApJ...428..713K 11 12 569 High-precision timing of millisecond pulsars. III. Long-term monitoring of PSRs B1885+09 and B1937+21. KASPI V.M., TAYLOR J.H. and RYBA M.F.
1994ApJ...433L..89B 3 11 A possible optical counterpart for the triple pulsar system PSR B1620-26. BAILYN C.D., RUBINSTEIN E.P., GIRARD T.M., et al.
1994ApJ...433..780U 1 6 30 Long-term evolution of crustal neutron star magnetic fields. URPIN V.A., CHANMUGAM G. and SANG Y.
1994ApJ...435..225F 10 4 Search for low-energy neutrinos from galactic gamma-ray sources. FUKUDA Y., HAYAKAWA T., INOUE K., et al.
1994ApJ...436L.153D 9 27 ROSAT observations of six millisecond pulsars. DANNER R., KULKARNI S.R. and THORSETT S.E.
1994PASP..106....1T 79 6 Astrophysics in 1993. TRIMBLE V. and LEONARD P.J.T.
1994ARA&A..32..591P 2 28 291 Binary and millisecond pulsars. PHINNEY E.S. and KULKARNI S.R.
1994BAAS...26..870E 71 T                   1 ~ Detection of the binary millisecond pulsar
J0437-4715 with the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer (EUVE).
1994MmSAI..65..237V 24 6 X-ray binaries and recycled pulsars. VAN DEN HEUVEL E.P.J. and BITZARAKI O.
1994MmSAI..65..301C 12 1 The formation and evolution of neutron star magnetic fields with implications for pulsars and X-ray binaries. CHANMUGAM G.
1994PASAu..11....1M 4 2 Pulsars - setting the standard. MANCHESTER R.N.
1994APh.....2..257J 2 4 Contribution to the local cosmic-ray flux from the Geminga supernova. JOHNSON P.A.
1994IAUCo.151..419B 4 ~ Detections of neutron stars in the extreme ultraviolet. BOWYER S.
1995A&A...297L..41V 26 101 The magnetic field strength versus orbital period relation for binary radio pulsars with low-mass companions: evidence for neutron-star formation by accretion-induced collapse? VAN DEN HEUVEL E.P.J. and BITZARAKI O.
1995A&A...298..528B 15 50 ROSAT observations of the radio and gamma-ray pulsar PSR 1706-44. BECKER W., BRAZIER K.T.S. and TRUEMPER J.
1995A&A...301..456C 1 3 17 Magnetic inverse Compton scattering above polar caps. CHANG H.-K.
1995ApJ...439..933L 1 21 86 Four new millisecond pulsars in the Galactic disk. LORIMER D.R., NICASTRO L., LYNE A.G., et al.
1995ApJ...440L..81B 128 T K                 1 87 The proper motion and wind nebula of the nearby millisecond pulsar
1995ApJ...441L..65M 45   K                 2 78 Polarization properties of two pulsars. MANCHESTER R.N. and JOHNSTON S.
1995ApJ...445..736S 27 100 Magnetic Compton-induced pair cascade model for gamma-ray pulsars. STURNER S.J., DERMER C.D. and MICHEL F.C.
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1995ApJ...450..757N 5 12 Millisecond pulsars: detectable sources of continuous gravitational waves? NEW K.C.B., CHANMUGAM G., JOHNSON W.W., et al.
1995ApJ...452L.121B 1 5 21 Optical observations of the binary millisecond pulsars J2145-0750 and J0034-0534. BELL J.F., KULKARNI S.R., BAILES M., et al.
1995ApJ...453..419L 25 80 A millisecond pulsar in a 6 hour orbit : PSR J0751+1807. LUNDGREN S.C., ZEPKA A.F. and CORDES J.M.
1995ApJ...454L.141V 6 23 Spectroscopy of the white dwarf companions of PSR 0655+64 and PSR 0820+02. VAN KERKWIJK M.H. and KULKARNI S.R.
1995ApJ...454..442E 37   K                 5 23 Extreme ultraviolet emission from the millisecond pulsar J0437-4715. EDELSTEIN J., FOSTER R.S. and BOWYER S.
1995MNRAS.273..122N 9 25 Scintillation velocities for four millisecond pulsars. NICASTRO L. and JOHNSTON S.
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1995MNRAS.275L..73G 14 40 The case for assciations between old pulsars and supernova remnants. GAENSLER B.M. and JOHNSTON S.
1995MNRAS.276..537S 8 25 Origin of the gamma-ray pulsars. SHIBATA S.
1995BAAS...27.1306H 71 T                   3 ~ An EUVE observation of the millisecond pulsar
1995BAAS...27.1322M 2 ~ The longest EUVE observation of a Seyfert galaxy : RX J0437.4-4711. MARSHALL H.L. and HALPERN J.P.
1995JApA...16..165B 16 13 Millisecond pulsar radiation properties. BACKER D.C.
1995JApA...16..233M 68 2 The population of binary and millisecond pulsars. MANCHESTER R.N.
1995JApA...16..255V 36 33 Scenarios for the formation of binary and millisecond pulsars - A critical assessment. VAN DEN HEUVEL E.P.J.
1995S&T....89d..19K 3 ~ Millisecond pulsars : timekeepers of the cosmos. KASPI V.M.
1996A&A...310..135Z 2 6 36 A study on pulsar inner-gap sparking comparing inverse Compton scattering and curvature radiation processes. ZHANG B. and QIAO G.J.
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1996A&AS..120C..69B 14 12 ROSAT observations of gamma-ray pulsars: Vela, PSR 1706-44 and PSR 1951+32. BECKER W. and TRUEMPER J.
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1996ApJ...456L..33B 1 16 49 New method for obtaining binary pulsar distances and its implications for tests of general relativity. BELL J.F. and BAILES M.
1996ApJ...456..305Z 31 25 Discovery of three radio pulsars from an X-ray-selected sample. ZEPKA A., CORDES J.M., WASSERMAN I., et al.
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1996ApJ...458L..33L 1 8 45 Optical studies of millisecond pulsar companions. LUNDGREN S.C., CORDES J.M., FOSTER R.S., et al.
1996ApJ...459L...9H 4 11 A possible X-ray detection of the binary millisecond pulsar J1012+5307. HALPERN J.P.
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1996ApJ...462..287B 4 1 14 A tighter constraint on post-newtonian gravity using millisecond pulsars. BELL J.F.
1996ApJ...462..908H 72 T                   6 29 Soft X-ray properties of the binary millisecond pulsar
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1996MNRAS.280..331M 75 T                   1 14 Observations of the millisecond pulsar
J0437-4715 at 76 MHz.
1996MNRAS.282L..33B 31 17 ROSAT observations of the binary millisecond pulsar PSR J0751+1807. BECKER W., TRUMPER J., LUNDGREN S.C., et al.
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1996BAAS...28Q.947P 71 T                   1 ~ Soft X-ray and EUV radiation from polar caps of the millisecond pulsar
PAVLOV G.G., et al.
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1997ApJ...478L..95S 111 T K                 4 55 The proper motion and parallax of
PSR J0437-4715.
1997ApJ...478..313Z 1 15 60 Three modes of pulsar inner gap. ZHANG B., QIAO G.J., LIN W.P., et al.
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1997ApJ...486.1019N 110 T K                 6 65 Mean pulse shape and polarization of
PSR J0437-4715.
1997ApJ...490L..91P 108 T K                 6 32 Mass-to-radius ratio for the millisecond pulsar
1997ApJ...491..296R 5 10 Magnetospheric scattering of pulsar surface radiation. RAJAGOPAL M. and ROMANI R.W.
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1998A&A...329..583Z 109 T K                 14 75 Soft X-rays from polar caps of the millisecond pulsar
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1998ApJ...493..873B 26 16 The neutron star-helium white dwarf population in the Galactic disk. BACKER D.C.
1998ApJ...498..365J 110 T K                 4 34 Radio pulse properties of the millisecond pulsar
PSR J0437-4715. I. Observations at 20 centimeters.
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1998ApJ...501..823V 108 T K                 7 13 Radio emission of
PSR J0437-4715 at 327 MHz.
1998ApJ...506..863T 23 46 Spectra of southern pulsars. TOSCANO M., BAILES M., MANCHESTER R.N., et al.
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1998MNRAS.301..469M 72 T                   6 3 A data analysis approach for detecting gravitational waves from
PSR 0437-4715.
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