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1970IBVS..448....1S 67 T                   1 5 10 A nova in the Large Magellanic Cloud,
BV 1261.
1971AJ.....76..768G 14 12 Novae in the Magellanic clouds during the 1970-1971 observing season. GRAHAM J.A. and ARAYA G.
1988PASP..100.1486V 28 10 The distribution of novae and supernova remnants in the Large Magellanic Cloud. VAN DEN BERGH S.
1990ApJ...360...63C 23 52 Distance of the Large Magellanic Cloud through the maximum magnitude versus rate of decline relation for novae. CAPACCIOLI M., DELLA VALLE M., D'ONOFRIO M., et al.
1990MNRAS.245p..28S 70 T                   1 7 ~ Recurrent nova in the Large Magellanic Cloud -
Nova LMC 1990 No 2.
1990IAUC.4964....0W 70 T                   1 1 ~ Nova in the Large Magellanic Cloud 1990 No 2. WILLIAMS R. and LILLER W.
1990IAUC.4975....0S 70 T                   1 1 1 Nova in the Large Magellanic Cloud
1990 No 2.
1991ApJ...370..193S 71 T                   5 28 Multiwavelength observations of nova LMC 1990
number 2 : the first extragalactic recurrent nova.
1991ApJ...376..721W 2 12 130 The evolution and classification of postoutburst novae spectra. WILLIAMS R.E., HAMUY M., PHILLIPS M.M., et al.
1992A&A...265...71G 7 13 The 1990 outburst of the recurrent nova V3890 Sgr observed with IUE. GONZALEZ-RIESTRA R.
1992AJ....104..725W 2 18 201 The formation of novae spectra. WILLIAMS R.E.
1992ApJ...389..695L 19 44 Type I supernovae and accretion-induced collapses from cataclysmic variables ? LIVIO M. and TRURAN J.W.
1992ApJ...391L..71S 4 4 67 A prediction of the gamma-ray flux from nova Herculis 1991. STARRFIELD S., SHORE S.N., SPARKS W.M., et al.
1992ApJ...393..307H 1 11 57 Spherically symmetric, expanding, non-LTE model atmospheres for novae during their early stages. HAUSCHILDT P.H., WEHRSE R., STARRFIELD S., et al.
1992ApJS...81..321S 9 30 The photometric period of the recurrent nova T Pyxidis SCHAEFER B.E., LANDOLT A.U., VOGT N., et al.
1992QJRAS..33..111F 91 3 South African Astronomical Observatory. Research. FEAST M.W.
1994ApJ...424..319K 3 4 56 Accretion onto a 1.4 solar mass white dwarf: classical nova, recurrent nova or supernova ? KOVETZ A. and PRIALNIK D.
1994ApJ...425..797L 27 101 On the interpretation and implications of nova abundances: an abundance of riches or an overabundance of enrichments. LIVIO M. and TRURAN J.W.
1995ApJ...452..704D 103 232 The calibration of novae as distance indicators. DELLA VALLE M. and LIVIO M.
1995Ap&SS.230...75S 9 11 Recurrent novae. SEKIGUCHI K.
1996ApJ...456..717S 1 11 49 On the interpretation of the ultraviolet spectra of symbiotic stars and recurrent novae. II. The 1985 outburst of RS Ophiuchi. SHORE S.N., KENYON S.J., STARRFIELD S., et al.
1996MmSAI..67..281F 7 3 The physics of mass ejection from novae. FRIEDJUNG M.
1999A&A...344..177A 1 9 49 Recurrent novae at quiescence: systems with giant secondaries. ANUPAMA G.C. and MIKOLAJEWSKA J.
1999PASJ...51..525K 1 7 29 Optically thick wind solutions for an extremely rapid light curve of recurrent novae. KATO M.
2001A&A...366..858K 1 10 30 The 2000 outburst of the recurrent nova CI Aquilae: optical spectroscopy. KISS L.L., THOMSON J.R., OGLOZA W., et al.
2001A&A...373..542O 102 80 X-ray emission from classical and recurrent novae observed with ROSAT. ORIO M., COVINGTON J. and OEGELMAN H.
2001AJ....121.1126V 12 19 Nuclear turnoff times for ONeMg novae determined using ultraviolet spectral evolution. VANLANDINGHAM K.M., SCHWARZ G.J., SHORE S.N., et al.
2001ApJ...558..323H 4 11 132 Recurrent novae as a progenitor system of type Ia supernovae. I. RS Ophiuchi subclass: systems with a red giant companion. HACHISU I. and KATO M.
2001BASI...29..379S 8 0 A study of the local environment of novae in the Large Magellanic Cloud. SUBRAMANIAM A. and ANUPAMA G.C.
2002A&A...390..449S 38 15 The local stellar population of nova regions in the Large Magellanic Cloud. SUBRAMANIAM A. and ANUPAMA G.C.
2002A&A...391L...7K 13 15 Recurrent nova IM Normae. KATO T., YAMAOKA H., LILLER W., et al.
2002MmSAI..73..242F 12 0 Where are researches on novae and symbiotic stars going ? FRIEDJUNG M.
2003AJ....125.1507S 1 9 32 The early ultraviolet evolution of the ONeMg nova V382 Velorum 1999. SHORE S.N., SCHWARZ G., BOND H.E., et al.
2004IBVS.5582....1L         O           17 4 Light curves for recent Magellanic cloud novae. LILLER W., SHIDA R.Y. and JONES A.F.
2004PASJ...56S...1K 288 70 Variable Star Network : World center for transient object astronomy and variable stars. KATO T., UEMURA M., ISHIOKA R., et al.
2004BaltA..13..116F 8 1 Super-eddington winds of novae and other objects. FRIEDJUNG M.
2005A&A...435.1031M 24 9 Early decline spectra of nova SMC 2001 and nova LMC 2002. MASON E., DELLA VALLE M., GILMOZZI R., et al.
2003JAD.....9....3W 29 6 The CTIO nova survey: data. WILLIAMS R.E., HAMUY M., PHILLIPS M.M., et al.
2007A&A...464..885G viz 19 1 38 Balmer jump temperature determination in a large sample of low-metallicity HII regions. GUSEVA N.G., IZOTOV Y.I., PAPADEROS P., et al.
2007NewAR..51..524P 91 55 Progenitors of type Ia supernovae: Binary stars with white dwarf companions. PARTHASARATHY M., BRANCH D., JEFFERY D.J., et al.
2005JAVSO..33..207L 18 2 Large Magellanic Cloud novae 13 days after peak brightness. LILLER W. and SHIDA R.Y.
2012ApJ...755...95C 39           X         1 20 6 Effects of rotationally induced mixing in compact binary systems with low-mass secondaries and in single solar-type stars. CHATZOPOULOS E., ROBINSON E.L. and WHEELER J.C.
2012A&A...544A..26I viz 117           X         3 12 9 Spectroscopic observations of the recurrent nova CI Aquilae during the 2000 outburst. IIJIMA T.
2013AJ....145..117S 16       D               2 48 14 Photometric and spectroscopic properties of novae in the Large Magellanic Cloud. SHAFTER A.W.
2014A&A...562A..28D 79           X         2 8 11 The spectroscopic evolution of the recurrent nova T Pyxidis during its 2011 outburst. III. The ultraviolet development from iron curtain through the post-X-ray turnoff. DE GENNARO AQUINO I., SHORE S.N., SCHWARZ G.J., et al.
2014A&A...569A..84M 79           X         2 16 5 On the narrow emission line components of the LMC novae 2004 (YY Doradus) and 2009a. MASON E. and MUNARI U.
2014MNRAS.443..784M 477   K A D     X C F     11 27 13 Recurrent and symbiotic novae in data from the Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment. MROZ P., POLESKI R., UDALSKI A., et al.
2015AJ....149...95S viz 80           X         2 17 7 Pan-chromatic observations of the remarkable nova Large Magellanic Cloud 2012. SCHWARZ G.J., SHORE S.N., PAGE K.L., et al.
2015NewA...39...64T 80             C       1 15 ~ A search and modeling of peculiar narrow transient line components in novae spectra. TAKEDA L. and DIAZ M.
2016ApJS..222....9M 97       D     X         3 36 10 OGLE atlas of classical novae. II. Magellanic Clouds. MROZ P., UDALSKI A., POLESKI R., et al.
2016MNRAS.455L..57M 41           X         1 14 4 Flash-ionization of pre-existing circumstellar material around Nova Oph 2015. MUNARI U. and WALTER F.M.
2016ApJ...818..145B 41           X         1 16 15 Pan-chromatic observations of the recurrent nova LMC 2009a (LMC 1971b). BODE M.F., DARNLEY M.J., BEARDMORE A.P., et al.
2016IBVS.6162....1M 1 1 1 Photometric evolution of the 2016 outburst of recurrent Nova LMC 1968: the first three weeks. MUNARI U., WALTER F.M., HAMBSCH F.-J., et al.
2016ApJ...833..149D viz 42           X         1 34 49 M31N 2008-12a - the remarkable recurrent nova in M31: panchromatic observations of the 2015 eruption. DARNLEY M.J., HENZE M., BODE M.F., et al.
2016ATel.8578....1M 83 T         X         1 2 5 OGLE-2016-NOVA-01: the 2016 eruption of recurrent nova
LMCN 1968-12a.
2016ATel.8586....1D 166 T         X         3 1 4 Spectroscopic follow-up of the recurrent nova
LMCN 1968-12a.
2016ATel.8587....1D 163 T         X         3 5 5 Swift observations of the early development of the 2016 eruption of the recurrent nova
LMCN 1968-12a (
DARNLEY M.J., KUIN N.P.M., PAGE K.L., et al.
2016A&A...596A..49B viz 16       D               4 1818 2 A database of synthetic photometry in the GALEX ultraviolet bands for the stellar sources observed with the International Ultraviolet Explorer. BEITIA-ANTERO L. and GOMEZ DE CASTRO A.I.
2017ApJ...838..153K 42           X         1 5 8 A self-consistent model for a full cycle of recurrent novae-wind mass-loss rate and X-ray luminosity. KATO M., SAIO H. and HACHISU I.
2017ApJ...839..109S 41           X         1 13 9 A Hubble Space Telescope survey for novae in M87. II. Snuffing out the Maximum Magnitude-Rate of Decline relation for novae as a non-standard candle and a prediction of the existence of ultrafast novae. SHARA M.M., DOYLE T., LAUER T.R., et al.
2016ATel.8615....1P 122 T         X         2 4 2 Super-soft X-ray emission on day 6.4 from nova LMC
N1968-12a strongly suggests a very high mass white dwarf.
2016ATel.8616....1D 125 T         X         2 1 3 Faulkes Telescope South observations 8.3 days after the 2016 eruption of the recurrent nova
LMCN 1968-12a.
2016ATel.8626....1K 122 T         X         2 2 1 BVRI photometry of the recurrent nova
LMCN 1968-12a during the 2016 eruption with the SARA-CT telescope.
KAUR A., HILLWIG T.C., KEEL W.C., et al.
2017ApJ...847...35D 413       S   X C       8 7 7 No neon, but jets in the remarkable recurrent nova M31N 2008-12a? - Hubble Space Telescope spectroscopy of the 2015 eruption. DARNLEY M.J., HOUNSELL R., GODON P., et al.
2018ApJ...857...68H viz 42           X         1 16 4 Breaking the habit: the peculiar 2016 eruption of the unique recurrent nova M31N 2008-12a. HENZE M., DARNLEY M.J., WILLIAMS S.C., et al.
2016ATel.9828....1W 41           X         1 4 ~ Spectroscopic classification of M33N 2016-12a (AT2016irp) as a classical nova. WILLIAMS S.C. and DARNLEY M.J.
2020MNRAS.491..655K viz 2176 T K A D S   X C       48 15 ~ The 2016 January eruption of recurrent Nova
LMC 1968.
KUIN N.P.M., PAGE K.L., MROZ P., et al.
2020MNRAS.492L..40A viz 17       D               1 1220 ~ Disentangling cataclysmic variables in Gaia's HR diagram. ABRIL J., SCHMIDTOBREICK L., EDEROCLITE A., et al.
2017ATel10042....1W 82           X         2 4 ~ Classification of M31N 2017-01e as a He/N nova. WILLIAMS S.C. and DARNLEY M.J.
2020ATel13731....1P 261 T         X         5 1 ~ Swift observations of super-soft X-rays from the 2020 eruption of
LMC 1968
2021ApJ...910..120K viz 90           X         2 5 ~ Classical novae masquerading as dwarf novae? Outburst properties of cataclysmic variables with ASAS-SN. KAWASH A., CHOMIUK L., STRADER J., et al.
2021A&A...649A..28M 90           X         2 14 ~ The aftermath of nova Centauri 2013 (V1369 Centauri). MASON E., SHORE S.N., DRAKE J., et al.
2020PASJ...72...82K 505     A S   X C       10 19 ~ Supersoft X-ray phases of recurrent novae as an indicator of their white dwarf masses. KATO M. and HACHISU I.
2022MNRAS.514.1557P 47           X         1 11 ~ The 2021 outburst of the recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi observed in X-rays by the Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory: a comparative study. PAGE K.L., BEARDMORE A.P., OSBORNE J.P., et al.

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