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1892AstAp..11..820C 4 0 Recent observations of Nova Aurigae, Sept. 8 to Oct. 13, 1892. CAMPBELL W.W.
1893AstAp..12...51V 9 0 Studies of the photographic spectrum of the planetary nebulae and of the new star. VON GOTHARD E.
1893AstAp..12..722C 7 0 Concerning the nature of Nova Aurigae's spectrum. CAMPBELL W.W.
1894AstAp..13..494C 6 0 Spectra of the great nebula in Orion and other well-known nebulae. CAMPBELL W.W.
1902ApJ....15..287H 3 0 Spectrographic measures of the velocities of gaseous nebulae. HARTMANN J.
1902ApJ....16...53W 5 0 A determination of the wave-lengths of the brighter nebular lines. WRIGHT W.H.
1902ApJ....16..234S 10 1 Determination of the intensity-ratios of the principal lines in the spectra of several gaseous nebulae. SCHEINER J. and WILSING J.
1903ApJ....18..218P 26 2 An application of the Crossley reflector of the Lick Observatory to the study of very faint spectra. PALMER H.K.
1917ApJ....46...24P 89 33 Photographs of nebulae with the 60-inch reflector 1911-1916. PEASE F.G.
1917ApJ....46..175P 16 0 Preliminary examination of the planetary nebulae for preferential motion. PERRINE C.D.
1918PLicO..13...55C 66 224 The planetary nebulae. CURTIS H.D.
1919ApJ....50..376L 43 0 Photographic effective wavelengths of nebulae and clusters. LUNDMARK K. and LINDBLAD B.
1925ApJ....61..389M 200 27 Discovery and observations of stars of class Be. MERRILL P.W., HUMASON M.L. and BURWELL C.G.
1930LicOB..15...86B 7 22 A spectrophotometric study of certain planetary nebulae. BERMAN L.
1941ApJ....93..236A 14 76 Physical processes in gaseous nebulae. XIV. Spectrophotometry of some typical planetary nebulae. ALLER L.H.
1941ApJ....94..436M 2 5 Physical processes in gaseous nebulae. XVII. Fluorescence in high-excitation planetaries. MENZEL D.H. and ALLER L.H.
1942ApJ....95..356W 1 9 157 The spectra of ten gaseous nebulae. WYSE A.B.
1945ApJ...102..239A 11 45 Physical processes in gaseous nebulae. XVIII. The chemical composition of the planetary nebulae. ALLER L.H. and MENZEL D.H.
1949ApJ...109...42A 11 84 Multiplet intensities for the nebular lines 4S-2D of O II. ALLER L.H., UFFORD C.W. and VAN VLECK J.H.
1953GCRV..C......0W viz 13       D               1 15129 835 General Catalogue of Stellar Radial Velocities WILSON R.E.
1954ApJ...120..261M 1 4 44 The structure of the Owl Nebula. MINKOWSKI R. and ALLER L.J.
1954ApJ...120..401A 69 T                   1 1 39 The composition of the planetary nebulae
NGC 7027.
1955ApJ...122...62A 66 T                   1 6 81 The spectrum of
NGC 7027.
1960ApJ...131..541O 19 51 Electron densities in planetary nebulae. OSTERBROCK D.E.
1960ApJ...132..677C 22 56 Hbeta and (OIII) fluxes from planetary nebulae. CAPRIOTTI E.R. and DAUB C.T.
1960MNRAS.121...76B 69 T                   1 1 27 The abundance of oxygen in the planetary nebula
NGC 7027.
1961ApJ...133....2O 9 31 Photometry and radiometry of gaseous nebulae. OSTERBROCK D.E. and STOCKHAUSEN R.E.
1961ApJ...133..471C 45 82 Hbeta and (OIII) fluxes from planetary nebulae. II. COLLINS G.W., DAUB C.T. and O'DELL C.R.
1962ApJ...135..371O 129 250 A distance scale for planetary nebulae based on emission-line fluxes. O'DELL C.R.
1963ApJ...138...62O 16 41 Balmer-line ratios in planetary nebulae. OSTERBROCK D.E., CAPRIOTTI E.R. and BAUTZ L.P.
1963ApJ...138.1013A 71 T                   1 1 39 The spectrum of
NGC 7027.
1963JO.....46...27C 25 17 Contribution a l'etude des nebuleuses planetaires grace a la camera electronique. CHOPINET M.
1964PASP...76..231K 2 2 The spectra of hydrogen and helium in two selected planetary nebulae. KALER J.B.
1965AJ.....70..674E 67 T                   1 29 5 Observations of the planetary nebula
NGC 7027 at 8000 Mc/sec.
1965ApJ...141..745M 12 24 Radio Observations of Planetary Nebulae. MENON T.K. and TERZIAN Y.
1965ApJ...141.1285O 7 12 Radio-frequence optical depths of planetary nebulae. OSTERBROCK D.E.
1965ApJ...142.1093O 9 29 Interaction of He I and Lyman alpha radiation. O'DELL C.R.
1965AZh....42..464V 27 14 Redetermination of absolute emission line intensities of 25 planetary nebulae. VORONTSOV-VELJAMINOV B.A., KOSTJAKOWA E.B., DOKUCHAJEVA O.D., et al.
1965BOTor..37..155I 103 0 The population assignement of planetary nebulae. IWANOSKA W. and KANTHAK J.
1965BOTT....4...26M 4 5 The determination of the electron density by the (S II) lines. MENDEZ M.E.
1965BAICz..16..221K 111 22 Hamburg Schmidt-camera survey of faint planetary nebulae. KOHOUTEK L.
1966ApJ...143..603G 2 10 12.8 micron emission from planetary nebulae. GOULD R.J.
1966ApJ...143..722K 28 46 Hydrogen and Helium spectra of gaseous nebulae. KALER J.B.
1966ApJ...144..291A 3 2 45 Spectrophotometric studies of gaseous nebulae. VII. The ring planetary NGC 7662. ALLER L.H., KALER J.B. and BOWEN I.S.
1966ApJ...145...84S 1 2 16 The origin of condition in planetary nebulae. SOFIA S.
1966ApJ...145..697O 1 8 59 Emission lines profiles in planetary nebulae. OSTERBROCK D.E., MILLER J.S. and WEEDMAN D.W.
1966MNRAS.132...15H 52 199 The ionization structure of planetary nebulae IV & V. HARMAN R.J. and SEATON M.J.
1966RZh.....3..328B 8 0 Distribution d'energie dans les noyaux de nebuleuses planetaires. BOGORODSKIJ D.F. and TURTSCHANINOWA E.W.
1967AJ.....72..305K 9 3 Central star temperatures of planetary nebulae by Stoy's method. KALER J.B.
1967ApJ...148..295S 5 9 Infrared continuum from H II region. STEIN W.A.
1967ApJ...148..429T 36 36 Measurements of the flux densities positions and angular widths of planetary nebulae at 10 and 21cm wavelengths. THOMPSON A.R., COLVIN R.S. and STANLEY G.J.
1967ApJ...148..927K 9 9 Electron temperatures of ionization nebulae derived from H-beta and radio flux densities. KOCH C.
1967ApJ...149L..97G 87 T                   1 1 121 Infrared observation of planetary nebula
NGC 7027.
1967ApJ...149..377H 12 15 Flux densities of planetary nebulae at 5 GHz. HUGUES M.P.
1967ApJ...149..383K 17 4 Efficiency of Bown fluorescence mechanisms. KALER J.B.
1967ApJ...149..495D 9 49 Infrared emission from planetary nebulae. DELMER T.N., GOULD R.J. and RAMSAY W.
1967ApJ...150...79C 9 21 Lyman-alpha radiation densities in planetary nebulae. CAPRIOTTI E.R.
1967ApJ...150...95C 9 14 Depopulation rate of the 2 3 S states of He in planetary nebulae. CAPRIOTTI E.R.
1967ApJ...150L.157M 15 1 95 New class of compact HII region associated with OH emission sources. MEZGER P.G., ALTENHOFF W., SCHRAML J., et al.
1967ApJ...150..715K 6 1 Radio recombination lines and anomalous Balmer line intensities. KALER J.B. and LEE P.D.
1967MNRAS.135..139D 92 25 Observations of planetary nebule at 3 microwave frequencies. DAVIES J.G., FERRIDAY R.J., HASLAM C.G.T., et al.
1968AJ.....73..223L 6 ~ Level population of hydrogen gaseous nebulae. LEE P.
1968AJ.....73..298K 639 89 Measurements of the flux density of discrete radio sources at centimeter wawelengths. I. Observations at 2695 MHz. (11.3cm). KELLERMANN K.I., PAULINY-TOTH I.I.K. and TYLER W.C.
1968AJ.....73..842M 8 1 52 Seyfert conference galaxy. I- Introductory remarks. MINKOWSKI R.
1968AJ.....73..953P 506 86 Measurements of the flux density and spectra of discrete sources at centimeter wavelengths. II. The observations at 5 GHz (6cm). PAULINY-TOTH I.I.K. and KELLERMANN K.I.
1968ApJ...151L..61S 67 T                   1 2 ~ Thermal emission by particles in
NGC 7027.
1968ApJ...151..187A 4 20 Spectrophotometric studies of gaseous nebulae. VIII. The irregular planetary nebula NGC 2440. ALLER L.H., CZYZAK S.J. and KALER J.B.
1968ApJ...151..497R 2 7 89 The helium triplet spectrum in expanded nebulae. I. The capture-cascade intensities. ROBBINS R.R.
1968ApJ...151..511R 2 11 135 The helium triplet spectrum in expanding nebuale. II. Self absorption. ROBBINS R.R.
1968ApJ...154...87V 12 23 The He I lambda 10830 line in planetary nebulae and the Orion nebula. VAUGHAN A.H.
1968ApJ...154..423H 3 1 20 Linear polarization at 2.07 cm. HOBBS R.W. and HOLLINGER J.P.
1968MNRAS.139..129S 3 4 82 Excitation of spectral lines in nebulae by resonant scattering of radiation from central stars. SEATON M.J.
1968PASP...80..155I 5 8 An investigation into the mode of excitation of the symbiotic variables. ILOVAISKY S.A. and WALLERSTEIN G.
1968PASP...80..314W 7 25 Electron densities in planetary nebulae from S II. WEEDMAN D.W.
1968PASP...80..689C 18 9 An investigation of the excitation conditions of (OI) and (NII) in planetary nebulae. CAMPBELL W.A.
1968AnAp...31..199V 20 8 Determination des masses des nebuleuses planetaires par leur flux radio. VAUCLAIR G.
1968ATsir.456....3K 16 0 Investigation of planetary nebulae spectra in near U.V. KOSTYAKOVA E.B.
1968ApL.....1..225L 6 8 Electronic temperature of gaseous nebulae from continuum to line ratios. LEE P.D.
1968ApL.....1..227K 11 15 Electron temperatures of gaseous nebulae from Balmer decrements. KALER J.B.
1968ApL.....2..101G 68 T                   1 1 11 Infrared emission of
NGC 7027.
1968CoPer..94..185C 9 0 Ly alpha radiation densities in planetary nebulae. CAPRIOTTI E.R.
1968IRA........109G 2 0 Emission line objects. GOULD R.J.
1968ZA.....68..366D 12 2 Absolute proper motions and space velocities of planetary nebulae. DE VEGT C.
1968IAUS...34...63A 9 2 Observations des nebuleuses planetaires dans l'infrarouge. ANDRILLAT Y.
1968IAUS...34...68A 11 12 Spectres de NGC 1976,6572, IC 418,4997 dans le proche infrarouge photographique. ANDRILLAT Y. and HOUZIAUX L.
1968IAUS...34...76G 67 T                   1 1 0 Infrared observations of the planetary nebula
NGC 7027.
1968IAUS...34...87T 66 32 Observations of planetary nebulae at radio wave-lengths. TERZIAN Y.
1968IAUS...34..106D 11 5 Radio observations of planetary nebulae. DAVIES J.G.
1968IAUS...34..108E 5 2 High resolution observations of 5 planetary nebulae. ELSMORE B.
1968IAUS...34..112T 68 5 Radio measurements of planetary nebulae. THOMPSON A.R.
1968IAUS...34..129S 1 3 22 Review of atomic collision processes. SEATON M.J.
1968IAUS...34..143G 18 1 110 Transition probabilities for forbidden lines. GARSTANG R.H.
1968IAUS...34..155A 61 2 The determination of electron density electron temperature and central star temperature for a series of planetary nebulae. ARHIPOVA V.P. and KOSTJAKOVA E.B.
1968IAUS...34..159A 26 1 On the methods of correction for the interstellar reddening of planetary nebulae. ARHIPOVA V.P.
1968IAUS...34..185C 9 0 Ly-alpha radiation density in planetary nebulae. CAPRIOTTI E.R.
1968IAUS...34..209A 17 42 The chemical composition of planetary nebulae. ALLER L.H. and CZYZAK S.J.
1968IAUS...34..261O 6 0 Observations aspects of the evolution of planetary nebulae their central stars. O'DELL C.R.
1968IAUS...34..339A 65 53 Spectra of the central stars of planetary nebulae. ALLER L.H.
1968IAUS...34..448D 3 0 Radio emission. DAVIES J.G.
1968IAUS...34..456M 7 15 Structure. MINKOWSKI R.
1969AJ.....74..824H 1 5 Observations of radio sources at 4.3 mm wavelength. HOBBS R.W., CORBETT H.H. and SANTINI N.J.
1969ApJ...155L...3S 3 4 81 Circumstellar infrared emission from two peculiar objects - R Aquarii and R Coronae Borealis. STEIN W.A., GAUSTAD J.E., GILLETT F.C., et al.
1969ApJ...155L..97G 1 4 39 Detection of the 12.8 micron Ne+ emission line from the planetary nebula IC 418. GILLETT F.C. and STEIN W.A.
1969ApJ...155..359P 1 5 The (O III) temperature for one "filament" in the Cygnus Loop. PARKER R.A.R.
1969ApJ...155..469K 80 22 Survey of high-frequency radio radiation from planetary nebulae. KAFTAN-KASSIM M.A.
1969ApJ...155..475P 9 16 Reddening curves for planetary nebulae. PIPHER J.L. and TERZIAN Y.
1969ApJ...155..853L 1 2 16 Spectrophotometric studies of gaseous nebulae. XII. The symmetrical pla netary IC 3568. LEE P., ALLER L.H., CZYZAK S.J., et al.
1969ApJ...157L..37W 18 43 Infrared emission from planetary nebulae. WOOLF N.J.
1969ApJ...157L..41R 2 3 38 Radio observations of the nebulae K3-50 and NGC 6857. RUBIN R.H. and TURNER B.E.
1969ApJ...157.1201W 10 1 65 The bowen fluorescence mechanism in planetary nebulae and nuclei of Seyfert galaxies. WEYMANN R.J. and WILLIAMS R.E.
1969MNRAS.145...75V 2 11 Radiative excitation in planetary nebulae. VAN BLERKOM D.
1969PASP...81..488G 6 1 36 Magnetic-quadrupole radiation and solar coronal-de-excitation. GARSTANG R.H.
1969PASP...81..873K 1 4 Formation of planetary nebulae. KRISHNA SWAMY K.S. and STECHER T.P.
1969Afz.....5...83V 22 6 On the expansion of planetary nebulae. VITYAZEV V.V.
1969ATsir.522....1R 9 0 On the Balmer decrement of planetary nebulae. RUBLEV S.V.
1969ApL.....3...87T 67 T                   1 4 17
NGC 7027 and IC 418 at 9.5 mm.
1969ApL.....4..183N 5 1 31 Relative intensity of bowen lines. NOSSBAUMER H.
1969ApL.....4..195T 8 19 H 109 alpha line observations of 6 planetary nebulae DR 21 and IC 410. TERZIAN Y. and BALICK B.
1969CoLic..17..271C 30 0 Some problems concerning the collision excitation of forbidden lines in planetary nebulae. CZYZAK S.J., WALKER M.F. and ALLER L.H.
1969MSRSL..17...99S 7 5 Consideration of the forbidden lines of iron in the states from Fe 0 to Fe 6+. SWINGS P. and SWINGS J.P.
1969MSRSL..17..251F 5 3 Forbidden line radiation from gaseous nebulae. FLOWER D.R. and SEATON M.J.
1969MSRSL..17..285V 7 0 Study of forbidden lines in planetary nebulae spectra. VORONTSOV-VELJAMINOV B.A. and KOSTJAKOVA E.B.
1969MSRSL..17..391O 1 1 11 Forbidden lines in galaxy, quasars. OSTERBROCK D.E.
1969Natur.224..752F 4 7 Infrared., microwave astronomie. FELDMAN P.A., REES M.J. and WERNER M.W.
1969S&T....37..282A 8 5 The planetary nebulae. I. ALLER H.L.
1969S&T....38...13A 7 0 The planetary nebulae. III. ALLER L.H.
1969S&T....38..306A 15 0 The planetary nebulae. VII. ALLER H.L.
1969SSRv....2..191W 1 0 Infrared Astron. WEBBINK R.F. and JEFFERS W.Q.
1970A&A.....8..171R 254 34 Radio observations planetary nebulae and possible planetary nebulae. RUBIN R.H.
1970A&A.....9..325V 8 2 On the population of the 2/3.s level of He in planetary nebulae. VAN RENSBERGEN W. and WUYTS J.
1970ApJ...159..263M 2 6 100 Internal dust in gaseous nebulae. MATHIS J.S.
1970ApJ...159..817G 5 22 Infrared studies of galactic nebulae - I - NGC 6523, 6572, and BD +30 3639. GILLETT F.C. and STEIN W.A.
1970ApJ...160..363T 6 9 Attempt to detect neutral hydrogen in planetary nebulae. THOMPSON A.R. and COLVIN R.S.
1970ApJ...160..573B 1 7 74 Cosmic sources of infrared radiation. BURBIDGE G.R. and STEIN W.A.
1970ApJ...160..887K 213 121 Chemical abundances and the parameters of planetary nebulae. KALER J.B.
1970ApJ...160..915O 1 3 24 The planetary nebula BD +30 3639. O'DELL C.R. and TERZIAN Y.
1970ApJ...160..921K 12 65 Some furbidden line intensity ratios in gaseous nebulae. KRUEGER T.K., ALLER L.H. and CZYZAK S.J.
1970ApJ...161L..51P 3 12 He 1 lambda 10830 in gaseous nebulae. PERSSON S.E.
1970ApJ...161L..91N 1 3 35 Infrared observations of the nebula K 3-50. NEUGEBAUER G. and GARMIRE G.
1970ApJ...161L.185R 67 T                   1 4 12 Detection of 10.5 micron line emission from
NGC 7027.
1970ApJ...162...33K 1 3 32 Axially symmetric model planetary nebulae. KIRKPATRICK R.C.
1970ApJ...162..507R 67 T                   1 2 0 Profile of He I 10830 in
NGC 7027 and Orion Nebula.
1970MNRAS.148..367S 3 11 221 Electron density in planetary nebulae. SARAPH H.E. and SEATON M.J.
1970MNRAS.150..359T 60 15 Further radio observations of planetary nebulae. THOMASSON P. and DAVIES J.G.
1970PASP...82..666B 1 0 Planetary nebulae prime-focus or coude. BERGSTRALH J.T.
1970AnWie..29..161M 2 1 Spectra evolution of Nova Vulpeculae 1968-1. MAMMANO A. and ROSINO L.
1970AISAO...2...67R 1 0 On the theory of Balmer decrement of planetary nebulae. RUBLEV S.N.
1970AZh....47..989K 18 1 The investigation of planetary nebulae in the near of ultraviolet region. KOSTJAKOVA E.B.
1970ApL.....5...81B 4 13 Total transition probability for the bowen levels 03. BERRY H.G., BICKEL W.S., MARTINSON I., et al.
1970ApL.....5..151G 68 T                   1 1 7 Recombination lines in
NGC 7027.
1970ApL.....5..197T 12 6 Search for interst. No at radio frequencies. TURNER B.E., HEILES C.F. and SCHARLEMANN R.
1970ApL.....6...11H 3 16 Microwave observations of the planetary nebulA K 3-50. HIGGS L.A.
1970ApL.....6...17M 69 T                   1 1 12 A small radio component in
NGC 7027.
1970ApL.....6..189W 69 T                   1 1 16 Observations of
NGC 7027 at 5 GHz.
1970ApL.....7...42W 67 T                   1 1 0 Radio structure of
NGC 7027.
1970TriP..418....0H 9 0 Abbondanza dell'elio nelle stelle., problema degli isotopi. HACK M.
1970S&T....39...15A 8 2 The planetary nebulae. IX. ALLER L.H.
1970S&T....39..368A 5 2 The planetary nebulae. XIII. ALLER L.H.
1970SoSht.166...31A 38 0 Methode of corrected interstellar reddening of planetary nebulae. ARKHIPOVA V.P.
1970TrSht..40...57V 166 3 Catalogue of the abs. int. of the emission lines in spectra planetary nebulae. VORONTSOV-VELYAMINOV B.A.
1970PN70.........1G 50 0 Basic observational data. GURZADIAN G.A.
1970PN70........44G 8 0 The origin of emission lines. GURZADIAN G.A.
1970PN70........74G 19 0 Astrophys. Methods of determin. the dist. of nebulae. GURZADIAN G.A.
1970PN70........80G 50 0 Temperatures of nuclei, electron temperatures, electron concentrations. GURZADIAN G.A.
1970PN70.......141G 21 0 The continuous spectrum of planetary nebulae. GURZADIAN G.A.
1971A&A....10..159H 67 T                   1 1 4 Stark broadening and radio recombination lines in
NGC 7027.
1971A&A....10..161G 166 117 The morphological classification of symmetrical nebulae. GREIG W.E.
1971A&A....11..482P 83 11 A search for OH emission from infrared objects at 1612 MHz. PASCHENKO M., SLYSH V., STRUKOV I., et al.
1971A&A....14...78P 5 6 Temperature and density in gaseous nebulae. II. PERINOTTO M.
1971AJ.....76..193S 35 25 On the distances of planetary nebulae. SMITH H.
1971AJ.....76..537F 2 3 36 Radio-sources: 3.3 mm flux and variability measures. FOGARTY W.G., EPSTEIN E.E., MONTGOMERY J.W., et al.
1971ApJ...164L..29H 7 19 Infrared line emission from planetary nebulae. HOLZ J.Z., GEBALLE T.R. and RANK D.M.
1971ApJ...165L...9H 11 2 137 Far infrared emission from H II region. HARPER D.A. and LOW F.J.
1971ApJ...165L.101M 69 T                   1 2 25 Photoelectric measurements of high Balmer lines in
NGC 7027 and 7662.
1971ApJ...166..563C 2 1 14 The formation of condensation in planetary nebulae. I. CAPRIOTTI E.R.
1971ApJ...167...77M 7 21 M 17 and Taurus A: 3.4-millimeter contout maps and integrated fluxes. MONTGOMERY J.W., EPSTEIN E.E., OLIVER J.P., et al.
1971ApJ...167...85H 13 7 Search for 3.5-millimeter continuum radiation from infrared stars, and related objects. HOBBS R.W. and MARIONNI P.
1971ApJ...167..223P 4 5 121 Optical studies of Cassiopeia A. IV. Physical conditions in the gaseous remnant. PEIMBERT M. and VAN DEN BERGH S.
1971ApJ...168..413P 2 13 157 Planetary nebulae. III. Chemical abundances. PEIMBERT M. and TORRES-PEIMBERT S.
1971ApJ...168..423K 1 5 The dynamics and infrared radiation of young, dust-filled planetary nebulae. KOVACH W.S.
1971ApJ...169L..77R 12 12 Reduced Helium abundance nebulae. ROBBINS R.R., DALTABUIT E. and COX D.P.
1971ApJ...169..199K 67 T                   1 1 4 Line intensities in
NGC 7027.
1971ApJS...22..319C 609 455 Distances and distribution of planetary nebulae. CAHN J.H. and KALER J.B.
1971MNRAS.153..315H 121 32 A survey of microwave radiation from planetary nebulae. HIGGS L.A.
1971MNRAS.153..471B 97 2 1173 Calculation of level population for low levels of hydrogen ions in gaseous nebulae. BROCKLEHURST M.
1971PASP...83..166H 4 4 Measurement of strong planetary nebulae at short cm wavelengths. HOBBS R.W. and WAAK J.A.
1971ATsir.623....5K 16 0 The absolute energy distribution in the Balmer continuum spectral regions of 16 planetary nebulae. KOSTYAKOVA E.B.
1971AZh....48.1122K 16 2 Infrared emission from the planetary nebula 2 : observation some planetary nebula in 1.0-2.5 microns region. KROMOV G.S. and MOROZ V.I.
1971ApL.....8...79R 67 T                   1 6 12 Radio recombination line in
NGC 7027.
1971Ap&SS..10..383G 13 6 On the spectrum of a gaseous nebula of pure hydrogen. GEROLA H., SALEM M. and PANAGIA N.
1971Ap&SS..11..309H 142 1 A review of radio observation of planetary nebulae. HECKATHORN J.
1971BOTT....6...21P 1 12 108 Photoelectric photometry. PEIMBERT M. and TORRES-PEIMBERT S.
1971BOTT....6...29P 1 12 116 Electric temperature, electric density. PEIMBERT M.
1971BOTT....6...97P 3 13 (SiI) and (OI) line intensity in gaseous nebulae nuclei of galaxy. PEIMBERT M.
1971BAAS....3..417G 1 0 Balmer lines intensity near serie limit in gaseous nebulae. GOAD L.E.
1971BAAS....3..471T 3 ~ Radio recombination lines from planetary nebulae. TERZIAN Y.
1971IzPul.187....4D 139 2 Statistical investigation of the motions, distribution of planetary nebulae. DEUTSCH A.N.
1971NBSSP.353..161A 4 ~ Chemical composition typical planetary nebulae. ALLER L.H.
1971PAB.....1....1H 443 52 Catalog of radio observations of planetary nebulae, related optical data. HIGGS L.A.
1971Obs....91..110K 2 0 Thermal emission from the grains in the planetary nebula BD +30 3639. KRISHNA SWAMY K.S.
1971PASAu...2...14H 24 1 Galactic infrared astronomy. HYLAND A.R.
1971SvA....14..794K 15 0 Investigation of planetary nebulae in the near ultraviolet region of the spectrum. KOSTYAKOVA E.B.
1972A&A....20..237K 16 59 Brightness and polarization structure of four supernova remnants 3C 58, IC 443, W 28 and W 44 at 2.8 centimeter wavelength. KUNDU M.R. and VELUSAMY T.
1972AJ.....77..350T 16 7 Expected infrared spectra from planetary nebulae. TERZIAN Y. and SANDERS O.
1972AJ.....77..810B 59 38 Measurements of the integral Stockes parameters of compact radio sources. BERGE G.L. and SEIELSTAD G.A.
1972ApJ...171...55D 10 17 The population of He triplet states in gaseous nebulae. DRAKE G.W.F. and ROBBINS R.R.
1972ApJ...172..367G 33 65 Infrared studies of galactic nebulae continuum and line radiation from planetary nebulae. GILLETT F.C., MERRILL K.M. and STEIN W.A.
1972ApJ...172..593M 130 T                   1 1 379 The recombination spectrum of the planetary nebula
NGC 7027.
1972ApJ...173..601K 13 21 Excitation of nebular spectrum lines. KALER J.B.
1972ApJ...175L.105J 13 1 Identification of the 100 micron source no 15. JOHNSON H.M.
1972ApJ...175..117G 2 6 High N-Balmer transition gaseous nebulae. GOAD L.E., GOLDBERG L. and GREENSTEIN J.L.
1972ApJ...175..699W 1 16 107 Observations of planetary nebulae at 1,65 to 3.4 micron. WILLNER S.P., BECKLIN E.E. and VISVANATHAN N.
1972ApJ...176..127H 18 46 Bowen fluorescence mechanism in planetary nebulae. HARRINGTON J.P.
1972ApJ...176..381K 1 6 58 A consistent model of planetary nebulae NGC 7662. KIRKPATRICK R.C.
1972ApJ...178..667F 9 25 Studies of small H II regions. I. Infrared photometry of Sharpless 138, 152, and 270. FROGEL J.A. and PERSSON S.E.
1972MNRAS.157...97L 12 5 The emission spectrum of the ion CIV, polarization of CIV. LEIBOWITZ E.M.
1972ATsir.697....4K 67 T                   1 1 0 Spectrum of
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