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2007ApJS..172...46S viz 15       D               2 3647 280 The VLA-COSMOS survey. II. Source catalog of the large project. SCHINNERER E., SMOLCIC V., CARILLI C.L., et al.
2010ApJS..188..384S viz 15       D               1 2870 184 The VLA-COSMOS survey. IV. Deep data and joint catalog. SCHINNERER E., SARGENT M.T., BONDI M., et al.
2012ApJ...760..128M viz 15       D               1 235 51 Lyα emission from high-redshift sources in COSMOS. MALLERY R.P., MOBASHER B., CAPAK P., et al.
2013ApJS..206....8M viz 16       D               1 208367 332 A public Ks-selected catalog in the COSMOS/ULTRAVISTA field: photometry, photometric redshifts, and stellar population parameters. MUZZIN A., MARCHESINI D., STEFANON M., et al.
2013A&A...556A..55I viz 16       D               1 259207 819 Mass assembly in quiescent and star-forming galaxies since z ≃ 4 from UltraVISTA. ILBERT O., McCRACKEN H.J., LE FEVRE O., et al.
2015A&A...576A.127S 652       D     X C       16 9 34 Physical properties of z > 4 submillimeter galaxies in the COSMOS field. SMOLCIC V., KARIM A., MIETTINEN O., et al.
2015A&A...582A..90Y 95       D     X         3 59 6 The spectral energy distribution of galaxies at z > 2.5: Implications from the Herschel/SPIRE color-color diagram. YUAN F.-T., BUAT V., BURGARELLA D., et al.
2015ApJ...815...57U viz 16       D               1 306 7 A correlation between Lyα spectral line profile and rest-frame UV morphology. U V., HEMMATI S., DARVISH B., et al.
2017A&A...597A...4S 544       D     X C       13 46 13 (Sub)millimetre interferometric imaging of a sample of COSMOS/AzTEC submillimetre galaxies. III. Environments. SMOLCIC V., MIETTINEN O., TOMICIC N., et al.
2017ApJ...850..180J 83           X         2 19 47 Dynamical characterization of galaxies at z ∼ 4-6 via tilted ring fitting to ALMA [C II] observations. JONES G.C., CARILLI C.L., SHAO Y., et al.
2017A&A...608A..15B viz 260       D     X C       6 148 62 An ALMA survey of submillimeter galaxies in the COSMOS field: Multiwavelength counterparts and redshift distribution. BRISBIN D., MIETTINEN O., ARAVENA M., et al.
2018ApJ...856..121G 969       D     X C       23 10 62 Starburst to quiescent from HST/ALMA: stars and dust unveil minor mergers in submillimeter galaxies at z ∼ 4.5. GOMEZ-GUIJARRO C., TOFT S., KARIM A., et al.
2018ApJ...858...77H viz 16       D               1 7945 125 The DEIMOS 10k spectroscopic survey catalog of the COSMOS field. HASINGER G., CAPAK P., SALVATO M., et al.
2018A&A...615A..25J 82           X         2 12 9 Molecular gas in AzTEC/C159: a star-forming disk galaxy 1.3 Gyr after the Big Bang. JIMENEZ-ANDRADE E.F., MAGNELLI B., KARIM A., et al.
2018ApJ...869....4D viz 16       D               1 65 9 The far-infrared emission of the first massive galaxies. DE ROSSI M.E., RIEKE G.H., SHIVAEI I., et al.
2019ApJS..244...40L viz 17       D               1 660 51 Automated mining of the ALMA archive in the COSMOS field (A3COSMOS). I. Robust ALMA continuum photometry catalogs and stellar mass and star formation properties for ∼700 galaxies at z = 0.5-6. LIU D., LANG P., MAGNELLI B., et al.
2020ApJ...890..171J 85           X         2 10 ~ The redshift and star formation mode of AzTEC2: a pair of massive galaxies at z = 4.63. JIMENEZ-ANDRADE E.F., ZAVALA J.A., MAGNELLI B., et al.
2021A&A...647A.194F 50           X         1 5 32 Fast rotating and low-turbulence discs at z ≃ 4.5: Dynamical evidence of their evolution into local early-type galaxies. FRATERNALI F., KARIM A., MAGNELLI B., et al.
2022ApJ...925...34C viz 18       D               1 208670 12 Diagnosing DASH: A Catalog of Structural Properties for the COSMOS-DASH Survey. CUTLER S.E., WHITAKER K.E., MOWLA L.A., et al.
2022ApJS..259...20H viz 18       D               1 1042 83 GOLDRUSH. IV. Luminosity Functions and Clustering Revealed with ∼4,000,000 Galaxies at z ∼ 2-7: Galaxy-AGN Transition, Star Formation Efficiency, and Implication for Evolution at z > 10. HARIKANE Y., ONO Y., OUCHI M., et al.

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