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1997ApJ...483L..91F 1 6 22 Radio monitoring of the 1997 January 11 gamma-ray burst. FRAIL D.A., KULKARNI S.R., COSTA E., et al.
1997ApJ...487L...5S 1 5 20 BIMA observations of gamma-ray bursters GRB 970111 and GRB 970228. SMITH I.A., GRUENDL R.A., LIANG E.P., et al.
1997IAUC.6539Q...1B 5 ~ GRB 970111. BUTLER R.C., PIRO L., COSTA E., et al.
1997IAUC.6545Q...1F 3 ~ GRB 970111. FRAIL D.A., KULKARNI S.R., NICASTRO L., et al.
1997IAUC.6559R...1K 4 ~ GRB 970111. KULKARNI S.R., METZGER M.R., FRAIL D.A., et al.
1997IAUC.6567R...1F 6 ~ GRB 970111. FRONTERA F., COSTA E., PIRO L., et al.
1998A&A...332L..29F 1 8 38 BeppoSAX follow-up search for the X-ray afterglow of GRB970111. FEROCI M., ANTONELLI L.A., GUAINAZZI M., et al.
1998A&A...339..719G 14 15 An optical study of the GRB 970111 field beginning 19 hours after the gamma-ray burst. GOROSABEL J., CASTRO-TIRADO A.J., WOLF C., et al.
1999MmSAI..70..933P 4 0 Search for optical counterparts of GRB sources at the Bologna Astronomical Observatory. PICCIONI A., BARTOLINI C., GUARNIERI A., et al.
2000A&A...362..799G viz 181 58 The BeppoSAX 2-10keV survey. GIOMMI P., PERRI M. and FIORE F.
2001A&A...370..900V viz 69 19 The BeppoSAX High Energy Large Area Survey. IV. On the soft X-ray properties of the hard X-ray-selected HELLAS sources. VIGNALI C., COMASTRI A., FIORE F., et al.
2001MNRAS.327..771F viz 148 54 The BeppoSAX High Energy Large Area Survey (HELLAS) - II. Number counts and X-ray spectral properties. FIORE F., GIOMMI P., VIGNALI C., et al.
2003MNRAS.342..575C viz 150 11 The BeppoSAX High Energy Large Area Survey (HELLAS) - VI. The radio properties. CILIEGI P., VIGNALI C., COMASTRI A., et al.

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